Neora Review: Are They Conquering New Territory Of Skincare With Company Rebranding?

Ever thought of making money with products that you are using on a day to day basis?

Perhaps making a living with these products?

I am referring to skincare products.

Today, I wanna share a review about a specific MLM company that specializes in the skincare and wellness industry known as Neora.

You might be here searching for more information about how does it work to make money with them.

In this comprehensive review, I will be discussing the viability of building a business with them.

More importantly, are they worth your time, effort, and money.
So without further ado, Let's dive right in.

Neora Review Summary

Company: Neora

Founder: Jeff Olson

Price: Various business kit offered

Basic kit - $49.95

Starter kit - $500

Builder kit - $750

Premium kit - $1000

Rating: 60/100


Despite being victimized by the uncertainties of several lawsuits and complaints filed against them, these bad circumstances did not stop Neora from progressing and grow as a solid MLM company.

Their recent growth is simply astonishing with revolutionary products showcased to the world.

On top of that, the effectiveness of their products is highly praisable.

If you are here seeking an opportunity to earn money with a skincare company, Neora could be one of your shortlisted candidates.

If you are here merely to search for legitimate ways to make money, then I highly suggest you check out affiliate marketing.

A business concept that is capable of securing your long term success when implemented correctly. 

What Is Neora?

Neora is a skincare based MLM company founded in 2011 in Texas, The United States of America.

With several years of expertise under their belt, they are growing strong as a company that focuses primarily on anti-aging and skincare products.

This company was originally founded under the name of Nerium International.

With some severe lawsuits issues and the controversial change of active ingredients in their flagship skincare products, they have decided to change their name as Neora to begin their journey sailing into the deeper ocean of MLM world.

At the time of writing, Nerium International is now Neora and they have since reestablished their glory under new leadership and rebranding.

What Does Neora Offer?

As a company that has plentiful expertise in the skincare industry, understandably, they are providing an all rounder skincare products that address the imperfection of beautiful skin.

Here, I will be showing you two of their flagship products in the anti-aging and wellness category.

This is their flagship anti-aging product known as the Age IQ night and day combo.

An innovative product that addresses the aging signs.

An anti-aging product that is suitable for people from all walks of life with various skin and aging conditions.

This revolutionary product combines nature and science, so with Age IQ, you can expect to experience the best of both worlds for a sensational feel of being ageless.

I have been exaggerating, it doesn't make you ageless, but it certainly helps in reducing and maintaining a good balance of minimizing visible aging signs on our face.

Next, let's take a look at another product of theirs.

This one is called Wellness Chews for sleep.

I am sure most of us have at least experienced the helplessness of sleepless nights.

Some of us might be even experiencing this sleeping disorder regularly due to various reasons.

Even worse, how about feeling tired yet unable to sleep at night?

This is a common illness that is jeopardizing our health slowly.

With this product, it claimed to be capable of addressing all.kind of sleeping disorders once and for all.

Another phenomenal product exclusively brought to you by Neora.

I have just shown you an overview of the product types that Neora offer.

Next, let's dive right into their business world.

Neora's Compensation Plan

Neora offer a pretty lucrative business opportunity for people who are passionate about growing a skincare business. 

Before you can represent them to enter the battlefield, you are required to purchase their business kit in various variations.

These business kits prices range from under $50 to as high as $1000.

Depending on your budget and needs, purchasing any type of these kit will grant you a Neora membership.

As a member, you are also called an independent distributor or representative.

Here are all types of business kit offered.

The basic kit priced at $49.95

The starter kit priced at $500

The builder kit priced at $750

The premium kit priced at $1000

Every business kit comes with standard presentation and marketing materials to ease your exploration into the wild world of the mass market.

As you can see, the price of these kits increases gradually.

You get to decide what type of products you wanna buy for your sales exploration.

As soon as you become their distributor, you are good to go with enough enumeration to enter the battlefield.

"So how am I going to generate profit"?

Well, you asked a good question.

With Neora, they offer numerous ways of compensation.
First and foremost, it's arguably the most typical compensation structure widely known in the MLM world.

The Retail Profit 
Whenever you carry Neora products and present them to your prospective customers, when sales and conversion occur you will earn the retail profit.

You buy their product at the distributor price and market them at retail price. The gap difference is retail profit.

The amount of profit receivable can go as high as 50%.

That is a pretty lucrative profit, way surpassing some of the major big players within the MLM world.

The Quick Start Bonus 
When you first joined, you are eligible to receive this bonus within your first month.

When you successfully recruit 3 new members directly under your hierarchy, you get to earn a one-off $150 bonus.

This amount is payable once and exclusively for new Neora representative.

The Personal Sales Bonus 
Well, this is one of the major bonuses that could potentially make some cash for you.

Whenever your sales volume hits the $300 mark, you are given consent to receive this bonus.

The payable amount increases as your sales volume increases.

They both coexist tightly to generate a handsome bonus for you.

Here is the summary of the receivable bonus percentage based on the various sales achievements.

- $300 to $1500, 5% receivable amount

- $1500 to $3000, 10% receivable amount

- Above $3000, 25% receivable amount

The First Order Bonus 
There is always the " first time" in pretty much everything that we do in life.

With Neora, they reward you for your effort in achieving the first sales by your first customer.

Any purchased amount make by your first customer will reward you a pretty handsome 20% bonus, based on the amount of purchase.

Another big motivation to make you strive for that very first time. Lol.

They also offer a plethora of ranking hierarchies, team development bonus, power bonus as well as other bits of compensation.

For the easiness and smoothness of this content, I will be showing you a comprehensive video presentation of their compensation plan in its full entirety.

So go grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's begin sailing into their business world.

The Pros - What I like About Neora

Product effectiveness

You have made aware that Neora focus on skincare and anti-aging products.

So, how is their product effectiveness?

Well, it's a relatively subjective answer because everybody needs vary.

Also, our expectations are different from each other.

Despite that, I showing a rough scenario and the benchmark of effectiveness by another satisfied consumer of their flagship product.

Let's take a look at the real testimonial of product satisfaction and its effectiveness.

Their business model is based on helping people

In my opinion, this is the real deal.

For example, their revolutionary products that address sleeping disorders.

Now, countless people in the world are suffering the difficulty to sleep despite being extremely tired.

I am one of the victims that tiredness couldn't even get me to sleep soundly at night.

I am having sleeping disorders issues occasionally.

Now, they invented products that ease our pain and suffering, a good trait that contributes to the world.

I mean, it's extreme suffering.

If you too are one of the sufferers, I am pretty sure you feel exactly how painful it is.

Think about it sleepless nights while yawning frequently in the day.

It makes us look unpresentable while jeopardizing personal image at the same time.

It's embarrassing to a certain degree as well.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to be in that position.

The solution is to rectify sleepless nights once and for all.

So rethink again, the huge part that Neora is helping us.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Neora

Pretty new MLM company

In my opinion, MLM companies need establishments of market traction as well as consumers' acceptance.

It's not easily accomplishable within a short period of time.

Unless some magical miracles happen, which I am sorry to say, it doesn't work this way.

Time is needed to build trust and traction.

Neora is still a relatively new MLM company with less than a decade of business operations and experience.

Currently, they are doing great, timely, I am sure they will scale up slowly and steadily.

But then, it's still difficult for them to compete with some of the big players within the skincare arena.

The previous encounter of issues and flaws

Now, image is extremely important to build trustworthiness within the business world.

Sadly, Neora have previous issues that could potentially harm their reputation and brand image to a certain extent.

You and I know that a trustworthy company gains trust and consumers' acceptance.

Even though they have clean up the mess and rebrand themselves and growing strong rapidly, that doesn't change the fact of their previous issues such as the FTC complaints and multiple lawsuits against them.

I am not here to give additional comments as I am a person who respect the dignity of any business endeavors wholeheartedly.

This is just merely an illustration of one of the cons based on my personal opinion.

My Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, Neora's business implementation is based on the conventional MLM hierarchy placement structure.

Meaning that, for you to thrive and excel with them, it's inevitable to make recruitment as the main core of your business moving forward.

You will be in a position seeing yourself doing face to face selling, recruiting as well as endless presentations.

If these are the tasks you love and enjoy, then building a solid and successful business with them is accomplishable with time, effort, hard work, and dedication.

If none of the above sparks your interest, or partially or even one part of it that you hate and dislike doing, then there's an alternative of making money.

I do recommend affiliate marketing, a business concept that allows me to work whenever and wherever I want. 

This unique business concept also enables you to earn luxuriously for the long term passively.

You can get started with your passion and hobby and build a website discussing, blogging about the topic that you enjoy, there are lots of individuals with the same passion as yours in the world.

These audiences will come to you themselves thus eliminating the cumbersomeness and ineffectiveness of traditional face to face selling.

And then you also have the luxury of promoting products and services that are already gaining market traction and consumer acceptance.

Imagine the vast potential for profitability.

It all begins with the implementation of affiliate marketing concept, website, and content creation.

You can then connect with your highly relevant audience helping them to solve specific issues and problems by sharing product recommendations.

As a result, you earn commissions from your participating merchants within the industry that you pursue also known as a niche.

This is the pathway I pursue to enable myself to work from the comfort of my own home with full flexibility and the freedom of time.

It makes a pretty good income by the way!

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Neora, feel free to leave me comments below.

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