NeVetica Review: An MLM Company That Selflessly Cares For Your Pets

They say the best companion in life is your pets.

You might agree or you might disagree.

It's a highly debatable subject.

I am sort of standing with the side on those who agreed.

Why is that?

You asked.

Well, I will skip the long narrative story on some other time.

Here are the three reasons.

Firstly, pets are cute.

Secondly, pets are adorable.

And thirdly, pets are not as complicated as humans.

Is today’s post related to pets?

You asked again.

Predictably and understandably, yeah, exactly, my friends!

So maybe you are on the same channel.

Your love and compassion for pets have brought you to discover this company known as NeVetica.

Perhaps you are looking for top-notch healthcare products for your pet while earning some money at the same time.

Today I will walk you through NeVetica comprehensively.

I will be addressing the viability of building a business with NeVetica and its state of legitimacy.

So are you ready?

Let get started.

NeVetica Review Summary

Company: NeVetica

Founder: Dr. Lance London

Price: $199 to $475

Rating: 60/100


As one of the very first MLM companies that serve the pet industry, NeVetica has been showcasing its authoritative status distinctively.

Its top-notch products that address various concerns about pet healthcare and well-being are highly applaudable.

Business-wise, it does offer a lucrative opportunity for you to showcase your talent with full scalability.

In summary, my double thumbs up to NeVetica for accomplishing so much.

In my opinion, the best has yet to come.

Based on its progression, I am certain that it’s going to achieve the highest success peak in the highly lucrative pet industry.

What Is NeVetica?

A brilliant idea was sparked in 2016 for the creation of NeVetica by Dr. Lance London.

Boldly, he steered his company into the world of pets healthcare industry.

The idea to create NeVetica wasn’t just a random opinionated driven decision.

It was the bonding between the lovely pet named Rocky with Dr. Lance.

For more than 17 years, Rocky has formed a good bonding with his master and then the discovery of Rocky been illed with stroke breaks Dr. Lance’s heart completely.

Since then, he was determined to invest resources and energy in the research on pet’s healthcare and wellbeing.

The unfailing love and compassion for Rocky have led to the phenomenal success and growth of NeVetica.

Today, Nevetica is arguably one of the best pet companies that thrive within the pet industry.

Currently, NeVetica is serving the pet industry hugely addressing various concerns such as pet’s healthcare, hygiene, and emotion.

Besides manufacturing world-class products for your beloved pets, NeVetica also takes care of your pet’s emotions and mood.

Yeah, that’s right my friends!

Your pets deserve to live healthily and happily.

Basically, Nevetica takes care of everything related to pets.

You can even send your pets for an assessment completely free.

What Does NeVetica Offer?

You have just being briefed on the overview of NeVetica.

In this section, I will be walking you through the products side of this amazing company.

As a company that is landscaping the pet industry, Nevetica offers some awesome products for your beloved pets.

These products are categorized into the following categories:

- The nutrition

- The oral care

- The home goods

- The hygiene

Let’s take a look at one of its flagship product known as the Multivitamin.

NeVetica Multivitamin flagship product

Now, don’t get mistakenly confused.

This multivitamin is not the usual product sold in the pharmacies.

The multivitamin I am talking about here is formulated specifically for your pets.

A multivitamin dietary supplement that contains essential minerals for your pets.

You may ask, “do my pets need vitamin supplements?”

Yeah, they do.

Your pets need the additional boost of immunity and minerals that are missing in daily diets.

The multivitamin brought to you by NeVetica is capable of empowering your pet’s health with all the supplemental nutrients and minerals.

Next, here’s another awesome product by NeVetica.

It’s called waterless shampoo.

NeVetica waterless shampoo flagship product

Your pets deserve to smell awesomely good.

By showering your pets, it’s also a way of making sure they are clean and hygienic.

Now, the bathing process could be tedious and time-consuming.

Thankfully, this waterless shampoo has come into salvation.

It’s formulated with natural lavender oil which helps your pets to smell fragrantly good.

On top of that, the infused lavender also has healing effects to heal your pets that are bruised on the skin’s surface.

Even better, this pet’s shampoo is conveniently handy to use.

Simply spray it on your pets, no rinsing is required.

Next, here’s another fabulous product for your pet.

Commercially known as Digestive Support, this product is uniquely formulated to boost your pet's digestion to a whole new level.

NeVetica digestive support flagship product

Here’s the thing my friends, you will never know the food that your pets consume is free of harmful bacteria that could potentially jeopardize smooth digestion.

These harmful bacterias could unwantedly penetrate the stomach and colon of your pets.

That’s why NeVetica has you covered completely in this aspect.

The aloe vera and rosemary extract also aid in the digestion flawlessly.

Next, let’s proceed to the business side of NeVetica.

NeVetica's Compensation Plan

NeVetica offers an opportunity to build a thriving business alongside taking care of your pets.

If you are an MLM lover, then you will surely know that the business side of any MLM company is daunting and complicated to a huge extent.

It’s no different with NeVetica.

Predictably and unmistakably, the NeVetica compensation plan is relatively complicated.

That being said, there are two main ways of earning with NeVetica which I will explain below.

The Retail Bonus

As an independent associate representing NeVetica, you will be permitted to purchase any of its products at the distributor price, then you sell it to your customers at the retail price.

The price difference is your retail commission.

There are no limitations on how much you can earn, as long as you can sell and promote its products effectively.

Next, it’s another fundamental way of wealth creation with NeVetica.

The residual bonus

This part of the compensation is relatively tricky as it's the heavyweight side of earning.

When you successfully recruit anyone to join NeVetica under your hierarchy placement also known as downline, various bonuses will be unlocked based on your achievement and your team's achievement.

Besides, your main source of income comes from the effectiveness of recruiting active members who are capable of replicating your success.

In simpler saying, you need to recruit as many people as you can to join under your tree, then you educate them to do the steps similarly.

This entire recruitment process will go endlessly into multiple levels deep.

That’s when you reap the reward of the residual income.

It's a gigantic amount of money if you can recruit people who can recruit and delivers sales result persuasively.

These two fundamental ways of earning are sufficient enough to empower your journey to massive wealth and richness.

If you would like to discover the entire compensation in more detail, here's the video that explains the entire compensation comprehensively.

Next, let’s proceed to discover how you can become a part of NeVetica family members.

How to join NeVetica?

NeVetica doesn’t show the eligibility of joining them publicly, you are advised to go through your sponsor, or go through the company directly.

That being said, here’s the researched information on how you can join NeVetica officially.

Various product packages have been offered for you to purchase.

Once you purchase any of the offered packages, you are then an official associate consented to represent NeVetica to exploits your talent in the wealth creation journey.

Here are the packages that you could potentially purchase to join forces with NeVetica.

The Business Builder Pack

This is the basic entry-level product package priced at $199.

It contains some of the chosen products plus all the essential tools to kick start your marketing journey.

The Product Pack

This is the premium business starter pack priced at $475.

It has all the products offers by NeVetica as well as the essentials tool to ease your life as NeVetica's associates.

which package should I buy?

You asked.

Well, it all depends on yourself and the level of trust towards NeVetica and your self-confidence in this endeavor.

If you are determined to make this journey a success, opting for the product pack is much more valuable.

If you are doubtful, then choosing the business builder pack is much more viable.

You get to test out the product acceptance rate before venturing in full gear.

The Pros - What I like About NeVetica

The per industry is highly lucrative

If you are wondering how gigantic is the pet industry cluelessly, well, according to petbizmarketer, the pet industry has reached a staggering 86 billion dollars alone in 2017. 

It’s estimated to surpass the 90 billion mark to reach 96 billion dollars.

That’s a phenomenally mind-blowing fact.

So why is the pet industry so insanely popular?

You asked.

Well, there’s an untold truth about the ultimate bonding relationship between humans and pets.

It’s destined such since ancient civilization.

Besides, pets such as dogs and cats are highly respected animals.

There are laws in various countries that punish the pet owners for ill-treating their pets.

Brilliantly ventured into the pets arena, NeVetica has been outlining a path to richness for all of its associates.

The opportunity to earn massively is pretty much predictable.

Expert in this industry

Speaking of expertise and experience, even though NeVetica has been around for just a couple of years, but then it does knows the pets industry fairly well and in-depth.

Let’s not forget that the founder himself has an unbreakable relationship with his beloved pet Rocky for near to two decades.

This sort of vast experience is sufficient to steer the direction of NeVetica positively.

A compassion that combined with profitability

I mentioned above that the pet industry is relatively massive and lucrative.

Now, the compassion and love for pets have enabled NeVetica to progress with flying colors.

For example, this company is providing a free assessment for your pets.

That’s a good trait that deserves a round of applause.

Top-notch products

Never underestimate the quality and genuineness possess by NeVetica.

Just when you are about to predict that NeVetica products are identical to those found in the pet shop, you are wrong my friends.

Every pets product manufactured by NeVetica is scientifically researched.

Besides, the ingredient formulations are endorsed by veterinarians and biologists before mass production.

The Cons - What I Dislike About NeVetica

If you want to excel, then bothering friends and family members is unavoidable

Let’s face it, this is one of the easiest and fundamental ways to speed up the earning process with NeVetica.

That's the core culture embedded within any MLM companies.

It's great that approaching these people are more comfortable and less stressful, but there’s a downside for it.

Friendships and relationships that could potentially turn sour and ruined.

That’s the moment you will start pondering why it all happened.

You wanna trigger a reverse gear but then, it’s impossible to restore the good old days with them anymore.

Friendships and relationships could be salvageable with time.

Only time will tell.

This is the biggest cons and risk when you decided to go full gear with any MLM company.

Expensive start-up cost

The only way you can join the exclusive club of NeVetica is by purchasing any of the offered products.

In my opinion, it’s beyond the threshold of acceptable price.

So if you are serious about joining NeVetica, be prepared to come out with at least $199 for the business builder kit.

My Final Thoughts

If you are here seeking the viability of building a business with NeVetica, then you won’t be disappointed empty-handed.

Its compensation bonuses are among the best within the industry.

Also, its venture into the pet niche market means that there’s room for growth to maximize profitability.

That being said, fundamentally, you need to conquer the skill of persuasiveness to stand a chance to taste success.

Activities such as face to face selling and presentation are going to be an integral part of your journey.

If you don’t fancy selling and recruiting, then there’s an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

I do recommend affiliate marketing

A unique business model that enables you to build an empire online through website and content creation.

One of the best parts about affiliate marketing is its flexibility of partnering with any established merchants that are already conquering consumers' acceptance and market traction.

Besides, you don’t have to approach people endlessly to see the result.

Interested people will be coming to you instead.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to NeVetica, feel free to leave me comments below.

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