Onehope Wine Review: An MLM Company That Redefines The Wine Industry Remarkably Well

If you are a big fan of wine, then chances are, you have been approached by representatives of various wine companies showcasing their respective uniqueness.

Maybe your love for wine has led to the discovery of Onehope Wine?

Or if you are here looking for the viability of building a business with this unique company, then this article is written specifically for you.

Today, I will be reviewing and walking you through a relatively well known and unique MLM company known as Onehope Wine.

I will be covering the basic aspect of Onehope Wine, its legitimacy as well as the viability of building a buisness with this company.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Onehope Wine Review Summary

Company: Onehope Wine

Founder: Ms. Tiffany Wojtkiewicz

Price: The business builder kit - $198
The 6-pack business starter kit - $248
The 12-pack business starter kit - $298

All the business kits offered are inclusive of the annual membership fees of $99.

The membership fee is renewable annually.

Rating: 80/100


Undeniably, Onehope Wine is one of the few MLM companies that is offering genuine values in terms of overall performance.

It has solid products that will lead wine lovers asking for more.

In terms of product priceyness, appreciatively, Onehope Wine doesn't disappoint its independent representatives or consumers with its affordable wide variety of wines.

Overall, it's a fairly trustworthy and good MLM company that's uniquely distinguishable from the rest of the MLM players.

If you are determined to build yourself a name within the wine industry, then surely, Onehope Wine will not disappoint in every aspect.

Overall, Onehope Wine is performing positively.

What Is Onehope Wine?

Onehope Wine is one of the few uniquely distinguishable MLM company specializes in the expertise of the wine industry.

It was founded with a mission to provide a platform for individuals from all walks of life to build a business within the wine industry.

As a company that excels in wine manufacturing, Onehope Wine has been going the extra milestone to strive for even bigger success and acclamation.

For example, it has its own proprietary wine production facility called the Estate 8.

It's a phenomenal architecture construction that will enhance the wine manufacturing process to a whole new dimension.

Let's take a look below the visual illustration of this phenomenal wine production facility.

Incredibly stunning right?

Before I proceed to the next section, here's a brief introduction of Onehope Wine by its president and co-founder, Ms. Tiffany Wojtkiewicz.

What Does This Company Offer?

Essentially, Onehope Wine offers a variety of wines such as the red, white and sparkling wines.

When it comes to wine quality control. Onehope Wine doesn't just know a thing or two about wines.

It's a company that knows everything about wines inside and out. In fact, there's a dedicated winemaking team in the entire manufacturing journey.

Let's take a look at one of the wine products offered. 

Onehope California Red Blend red wine product illustration

This product is one of the flagship red wine offered by Onehope Wine. it's uniquely blended with berries and cocoa for the best taste sensation.

Next. here's another example of the white wine offered.

Onehope California Brut Sparkling white wine product illustration

This unique sparkling white wine is the combination of green apple, pineapple, and citrus.

Every sip of this specialties blend is going to boost your wine tasting experience to an unimaginable level!

Onehope Wine also offers mixed packs based on different hand-picked wine combinations.

Here's an example of its award-winning pack that packed with some of the world's finest wines.

Onehope mixed pack with award-winning wine combination

Adequately priced at $165, this combination of wines are specially handpicked to boost your wine tasting sensation.

Besides, these wines are also endorsed by the wine experts!

So, if you are a lover of wine and couldn't resist every sip of tastefully yet sensationally triggers your desire for wine even more, then, you won't be disappointed.

Onehope Wine's Compensation Plan

Conventionally, MLM companies have been notoriously famous for their complex compensation plans.

The complexity could be very daunting and misleading to a huge extent.

I'm not a huge fan of this part of the MLM implementations but that's just the way it is. Nothing more could be done or complaint about.

By the way, I have no issue with Onehope Wine adopting a complex compensation plan as it's also one of the players within the MLM world.

It's just that I'm personally confused and clueless about the level of complexity.

Here, I will summarize the main components of how you will be compensated with Onehope Wine.

The retail commission

This is the most fundamental type of compensation not only for Onehope Wine but also for most of the MLM players out there.

As an independent associate representing Onehope Wine, you are consented to promote Onehope Wine's products directly to your prospective customers.

When sales occur, you will be reaping the difference between the retail and distributor price.

Do take note that this is an independent effort meaning that you are dealing with your customers independently.

One of the best practical approaches is to host a specific wine party to attract all wine lovers.

This is one of the fundamental ways of promoting Onehope Wine products efficiently.

So whenever you successfully convinced someone to buy any of Onehope Wine's wines, then you will be receiving a retail commission from 20% to as high as 25%.

The reapable retail commission is also highly dependant on your achievement ranking which is also an essential way to boost earning.

The residual commission

Now, this is the part where it gets interesting.

The majority of people who ventured into MLM endeavors are attracted by the residual commission.

The lucrativeness is beyond words can describe as you have the luxury of leveraging the power of teamwork.

You kickstart your journey by recruiting new associates to join under your network.

Your newly recruited associates will be trained to do the work exactly like you.

And the cycle goes on and on until multiple levels deep.

One thing to keep in mind though is that this part of the journey progression is a marathon, a long term strategy that could unlock unlimited income potential if you implement it correctly and strategically.

Also, make sure your recruits are capable of doing recruitments as well as skillful in convincing ability.

It looks tough and challenging but then this is the part that triggers unlimited earning potential to be unlocked.

Step by step, as you and your team progress, various achievement rankings will be unlocked along the journey.

Here's an illustration of the potential achievable network progression.

Onehope residual bonus illustration

The visual appearance looks complex to a huge extent, no one could really grasp the clear picture at first sight.

That being said, with time and some recruitment practices, you will get the hang of it relatively quick and easy.

How To Join Onehope Wine?

Before you can officially become one of its independent representatives, you are given several options to kickstart your journey with Onehope Wine.

Here are the starter packs offered.

The business builder kit priced at $198

This is the entry-level business kit offered.

It has all the essential tools to kickstart your journey with Onehope Wine.

Do take note that this package does not include any products.

The 6-pack business starter kit priced at $248

This is the medium level business kit offered.

It has all the essential business tools plus a collection of 6 products to ease your journey.

The 12-pack business starter kit priced at $298

This is the highest flagship and premium business opportunity offered.

It has 12 collections of products plus all the essentials business tools.

Every business kits offered are inclusive of a $50 business credit.

Also, there's a $99 representative registration fee included with all the business kits.

This registration fee is renewable annually.

The Pros - What I like About Onehope Wine

Unique niche market

One of the best aspects of Onehope Wine is its unique niche market.

This scenario clearly distinguishes Onehope Wine from the rest of the MLM players.

For example, you can see that most of the MLM companies are venturing into the wellness and skincare industries.

It's a brilliant decision of Onehope Wine to venture into the wine industry.

Besides, the wine industry is growing at a high pace.

According to Statista, the wine industry is expected to grow positively with an annual growth of 3.7%.

On top of that, the revenues generated in this industry amounted to $385 million at the time of writing.

It's only the second quarter of the year and you can surely predict its growth and expandability moving forward.

Big contribution to humanity and nature

Whenever any MLM companies contribute to the welfare of the local community, poverty victims as well as taking care of the environment, there's certainly a sign of deep gratitude and appreciation.

I'm one of the countless individuals who hail those MLM companies that give back to the world in terms of various aspects of impacting lives and caring for mother nature.

Onehope Wine is certainly one of the few MLM companies that selflessly care through its Onehope foundation.

In my opinion, I consider this a very good trait. Just imagine how lives and society could be potentially transformed.

Here's a video that shows how Onehope Wine is impacting lives at the global level.

Inexpensive products

It's no surprise that most of the MLM companies out there are offering relatively expensive products.

With Onehope Wine, it's the exact opposite scenario.

For example, its California red wine is retailed at $25.

A price tag that is deemed acceptable compared to other commercial wines in the market.

Also, not forgetting that when you purchase wines from Onehope Wine, you are also helping the company to contribute back to society. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Onehope Wine

Complex compensation plans

Generally, MLM companies adopt complex compensations that could potentially trigger uncertainties.

With Onehope Wine, it's no different. I've shown you its massive complex residual bonus compensation structures earlier.

This is the part that is relatively misleading to a huge extent.

It certainly tales a little while before you can fully grasp the compensation part with ease.

Bothering friends and family members

Here's the thing my friends, the last thing you want to accomplish in your MLM journey is to approach all your close friends and family members.

Trust me, I've been through that stage and it's disastrously unforgiving.

Relationships could turn sour and friendships could be ruined completely.

My Final Thoughts

Onehope Wine is thriving and excelling in its own league.

If you are here seeking for a way to generate a side income to supplement living expenses, Onehope Wine is certainly capable of achieving your goals.

In fact, this is one of the few MLM companies that I endorse to my readers.

Onehope Wine is completely legitimate to build yourself a name within the wine industry.

If you are passionate about meeting people, socializing with strangers, or if you are proficient in communication and persuasive skills, then Onehope Wine could be the best candidate to fulfill your dreams.

If none of the daunting face to face presentations triggers your interest, then there's an alternative of wealth generation in the online world.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model combined with website and content creation.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Onehope Wine, feel free to leave me comments below.

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