Is Pinecone Research A Scam? Privatized Membership With Limited Earnings

Hello all and welcome to my Pinecone Research review.

Sometimes when we look for surveys in the survey paying arena, it is quite common to see the strict rules that they set before they grant you into their inner community.

They want to make sure you are those members that they need simply due to these surveys programs are partnering with their top class rated market research companies that use their every ability to market their product campaign.

To all my fellow friends, today I am going to review a program by the name of Pinecone Research, that shows their superior standards and by no means just any typical survey paying sites.

They have invariably set the arena’s benchmark as one of the stiff challenger and the arena’s strongest.

So I will start taking you through the important information that you will need about this program.

Pinecone Research Review Summary

Program: Pinecone Research

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


The Pinecone Research approach is extremely simple, it is whereby they are very particular on who are those members that they want, not who they need.

It does not mean that you can just simply walk in, you have to be invited by them before you can register to take income surveys.

This program is a privileged private member paid survey site where you need to be invited to join their inner private club.

The exclusive private invitations can be attained after they review your application and tag you as fit and qualified.

Some of the members have even waited for 6 months or more to get an invite code to join their inner club.

With such strict conditions, it is, therefore, a proud way to earn with them if you are one of their inner circle club member.

They pay their members above expectations as none of the others can offer such pay rates.

They go according to what their partners demand so even if you are already a private member you might also get thrown out of the window if they think you are no longer fit to be with them. 

Somewhere down the road get prepared of this scenario as nothing is taken for granted despite your ratings with the program.

What Is Pinecone Research?

The powerful act of the program is in the strong ties and collaborations with top-notch research companies that together they create breaking achievements one after one.

The program was based in the biggest metropolitan New York City and it is currently managed by Nielsen Research Group.

Their areas of expertise are in the market researching industry when they initiate a powerful product campaign and case studies.

The standards are so outstanding that they even give free products and pay you just by receiving the campaign’s products.

Most of their targets are based on locations so if you happen to stay anywhere near places that they have strong markets in, you are in an excellent position to earn some really good bucks with them.

They even take a step further by making sure they need only the best available survey takers, even the best still occasionally kicked out of their system.

This pioneered their strategies as the program that does not literally needs you.

They do this for every reason to be up among the usual standard with their marketing partners that they create longer terms of business relations.

Every member that is already in their club needs to get their profile examined and get validated.

The program’s policy is unlike the other program that do not really go into much detailed regarding profile verification.

They set a rule that members must use a real mailing address and a real life picture of your identity.

Surely not everyone is comfortable with this but hey things are serious in this program as they are serious to know who you are and so if you are also serious to earn some good paying surveys you have to go according to their requirement.

You wait for the airmail to arrive and this could take up to 10 days and then you proof your profile identification back to them.

This is not a joke as they really are solid decent surveys paying entity.

What Does Pinecone Research Offer?

Well my friends, in this section I will walk you through the specifics registration and how a private member can proceed to start their surveys.

In the above section, I have briefly explained how the verification works and now you are good to go after your profile got verified.

Been a fully privatize program means that you will need them more than they need you as their panelists of partnerships with these advertisers are so well documented that there are certain guidelines that follow suits with the types of surveys.

The very first thing that you will need to do is filling up the comprehensive profile information, chosen or not chosen to qualify to take a survey is heavily depended on your locations and your skills and qualifications when you are doing your profile creation so make sure that you have all the ingredients in your profile portfolio.

They have their own dedicated and well trained human resources panel that will examine your applications and when they qualify you, then you are good to go.

Every survey takes no more than 20 minutes to accomplish and it is usually in the time frame of 15 minutes at the least.

These surveys are not so complex like the other ordinary survey programs which are the core reason why they invite you before you are qualified.

Pinecone Research signup page

They are the real pioneer when it comes to platform technology and their advanced surveys software to will keep track of your progress in real time.

What they offer here is you can actually pause and continue as the questions and answers in the case study will automatically be saved inside your profile, hence making sure your work will always be updated whenever you have the mood to continue.

You can still apply for surveys even if you are unfit as the program’s own team of panelists will review your application.

How terrible as it may look, it is for certain that, it won’t be out of luck every single time.

Been thrown out of the program will only happen once their qualified panel team detected that you don’t fit in their survey qualifications after some time.

Pinecone Research unavailable tasks

You are looking good if you see this below as this will mean you are a fully qualified member and you are officially a qualified applicant.

Pinecone Research available surveys

Another prime offer that the program has is somewhat extraordinary, in terms of paying members to use free products.

You see every now and then when a partner of theirs are seeking new strategies to market their new products they will give free product samples, this could be any household products, cosmetics, fashion, from common to unique.

This type of sampling campaign is rare but they happen once they got the call from their partners. 

Pinecone Research market survey and evaluation

How Do You Earn With Pinecone Research?

Now my friends right now this moment I will explain to you more about the options that you have got, to earn with this program and how they pay their members.

The program maintains a robust record at disbursing the surveys at a much bigger pay rate than the industry ordinary standard set.

The remuneration for completing a survey study is 3 to 5 United States Dollar, with some a little more than the 5 USD,

With this solid rate, you would imagine that you could get a decent income monthly.

This had got to do again, on your qualifications as a whole, as the program shortlisted members at a one by one basis.

They take their time to approve applications so to make sure they just had the best applicants and best possible of quality pools of survey takers.

Even though the qualifications are not that elementary but members do get more rewards as a result.

In their private world, every 100 points earned is equal to 1 USD.

The points that you have collected and earned can be exchanged for cash payments or exchanging the many categories of gift cards they had with these bonded partners.

Some of the more attractive ones are physical cards for automotive incentives, or digital cards for food vouchers, music, games, sports, and personal care.

Pinecone Research task categories

If you choose to be paid via cash, you first have to verify your account like what I explained earlier.

You will also need to wait for their air mail “check” to arrive at your doorstep and the check amount is $3, once you cash out the check amount, then only you will be qualified to withdraw using this method.

This goes the same for Paypal payments as cash out is only happening once you have got the air mail 3 bucks check and as well as your profile is fully verified.

This is the rules for Know Your Customer, it’s making sense as you are now requesting payments from the program.

Payments via cash preference are in the additive of 3 USD, 5 USD, 10 USD, and 15 USD.

Pinecone Research payment options

There is real solid proof of payments to members from this program, and as a fully qualified applicant, the realistic income target can be estimated at about 100 US Dollar.

It is not that a lot from some perspective, but the thing here is they pay you the money and these surveys are not those that deliberately challenging and testing your skills to cross the limits.

These are less complex yet they pay you the above norm market rate.

Pinecone Research successful paid amount

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The Pros - What I like About Pinecone Research

The obvious pros regarding Pinecone Research are they pay their members the slightly above market rate, as no way you will get this rate in any other survey programs.

Been a private inner club means they will only pay the best to the best-qualified applicant.

The program also offers an innovative way to save your survey work in the event you pause and decide to continue doing at a later time.

This ensures your smooth completion as they don’t implement dateline of when you must submit your surveys as long as you complete them as soon as possible.

The program is a private member club, purely by VIP invitation only, so it’s easy to take notice of the number of members in the private club itself.

With fewer members means a real quality based of members so the chances of scattering for offers are less likely to happen as you are on equal terms with the other applicants, so less competition.

Also worth noting is the plus point about you will not be kicked out when doing the surveys unlike the other below par programs that kick you out after you are on your way to complete a survey, say like you are already in your 30th minutes or so doing the survey, this is frustrating and unfair ethics.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Pinecone Research

Let’s walk through a few of the ugly side regarding this private survey program.

First thing of all about their ugly side is they do not offer many surveys so that will mean members earnings are very limited.

You are very prone to pursuing a few of these case studies surveys to do at max.

What’s more terrible is that you came this far to get your profile verified to finally be getting limited studies it’s very disturbing and frustrating.

Pinecone Research lack of survey availability
Member feedback of doubtful moment with Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research flawed tasks

The complicated process of waiting for their panel team to review your application is very frustrating as you had spent most of your time doing the verification and get your application approved to finally knowing you still will have chances of getting kicked out of the private club in due course.

They abandon your membership in the private club when you are no longer needed.

Instead of just keeping you in their database they think you are a waste of resources so they don’t want you to exist in the club anymore.

They somehow already explained about this in their club membership details terms.

Pinecone Research terms

This did not bring any optimism to members who are investing effort and ambition to do the work.

Member feedback waiting for months without available tasks

Is Pinecone Research A Scam?

My friends, now that we have come to the section where I will tell you if this private club program is a scam or not.

Pinecone has been well above the arena’s standard, not touched by its competitors at any recent times.

They are very sensitive in regards to what sort of members that they want in or out of their member's club.

The program study and review every applicant extensively, they are serving a purpose to remain protecting the best interests of their partners and advertisers.

They have every reasoning to be choosy and strict on who to keep at maintaining the absolute best in this arena.

More importantly, is we had every proof that they pay to their members at a much higher market rate and they even will need members to wait for their airmail check to make sure you are the applicant that they want.

Combining all of their strategies in place in their everyday operation, it is therefore quite obvious and sensible to conclude that the program is not a scam.

They have done the best things from past to now and thus far has been keeping with their usual high-quality business standard.

My Final Thoughts

It is kind of easy to point out that the program is keeping its door from the outside world despite they had every chance to expand their market and overall business with their partners.

The number of survey studies is likely to happen at most 5 to 10, and they are heavily monitored and reviewed.

This might not suit your usual interest of wanting a more and better-paying income as you are again limited to how many that are going to be available to you.

And to constantly be remained in this exclusive private club you have to be reminded of are you important to them because today you might matter to them and the next day you are worthless and you don’t matter to them anymore.

Is this the place where you think you could build a lasting and long term plan with the program of this sort where you have reminded yourself every day to bring your excellence just to get remained seated.

You need to stay sharp and remained focus or you will get booted from their club.

You do need to get reviewed and your application may also mean that you are not qualified.

All these troubles for only to get inside and to earn the sub-par income.

I would certainly not be doing this as smart people will always come out with solutions of better opportunities with equal or better qualities, so you and me, we are all smart decision makers, so we must also show them that we also do not need them just as much as they are choosy on us.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Pinecone Research, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Pinecone Research, feel free to leave me comments below.

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