Plexus Worldwide Review: Can You Earn Lucratively With A Weight Loss MLM?

The fat that accumulates in our body is a stubborn thing.

No matter how hard we tried and how determined we are to shed off that excess fat, it just doesn't seem to be obedient.

I am sure everyone has their own unique stories about their weight loss journey.

Ultimately, we want to look great physically without those fats that make us ugly and unpresentable.

Today, I will be reviewing an MLM company specifically tackle the weight loss concerns known as Plexus Worldwide.

Before I proceed, let me confess to you with full transparency that I am not one of their associates, nor am I their consumer.

This review content is written purely based on my factual research and conveyed with my personal touch and opinion.

So without further ado, let's get started. 

Plexus Worldwide Review Summary

Company: Plexus Worldwide

Founder: Tarl Robinson

Price: $39.95 - New member registration fee (Renews annually)

$99 - Welcome pack

$199 - Welcome pack

Welcome packs are optional. However, you need to purchase at least one to have some products to sell to your customers.

Rating: 75/100


As one of the bold MLM companies that tackle the weight loss and diet industry, Plexus Worldwide didn't disappoint themselves as well as consumers.

They provide a platform for ordinary people to pursue a dream business in the MLM world.

On top of that, their products are phenomenal.

Their genuineness is out of doubt and they deserve to get a closer look.

If you are here seeking to build an MLM business, they fit well to be your candidate.

What Is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is an MLM company that specializes in weight loss, dietary supplements, and personal care industries.

As a company that has expertise in the research and development in weight loss management for more than a decade.

Today, they are still learning and advancing their reach to even greater market segment within the industry. 

Within several years of business operations, their ability to gain massive market traction is applausable.

So what makes them uniquely different from their competitors?

Well, it has everything to do with their phenomenal and highly acclaimed weight loss products.

Besides manufacturing top-notch consumer products, they also offer a platform to earn with their ambassadorship opportunity.

What Does Plexus Worldwide Offer?

Plexus Worldwide's core business is primarily focused on the weight loss industry.

Besides, they also have products in the following category:

- Personal care

- Skincare

- Dietary supplements

Let's take a look at their phenomenal flagship product.

Here is their second to none Plexus Slim. 

A revolutionary innovation of pinky drinks.

It's not just those strawberry smoothies that you can easily DIY at home.

Nah, this product is deemed their most powerful and critically acclaimed flagship product that is shaping their market traction to a whole new dimension.

Now, what exactly is this product?

Well, Plexus Slim can increase your gut's health, therefore increasing your glucose metabolism and overall wellness.

It's most suitable for people who are looking to lose weight and improve their overall well-being in general.

So here's the thing, my friends, having a healthy gut is a big deal.

The glucose ingredient of this product is capable to tame down those stubborn little bacteria that live in your gut.

Yeah, that's right.

With Plexus Slim, the bacteria found in your guts can be tamed down completely to become good and beneficial bacteria.

Thus, it boosts weight loss effectively.

You will no longer feel bloated and by the way, it detoxifies your body as well by expelling the excessive waste that accumulated in your bowel.

This phenomenal product is boosting weight loss and helps in maintaining healthy weight management as a whole.

Let's take a look here to listen for yourself the phenomenal benefits of Plexus Slim.

How To Join Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide provide an opportunity for anyone passionate about controlling diet, staying fit and the love to spread the vast benefits of their products.

To join Plexus Worldwide, you are required to pay a $39.95 new starter membership fee.

This amount is renewable annually.

Once you have registered as a new member, you are now one of their independent representatives known as ambassador.

They offer multiple ways of business growth with the advancement in ranking through their various ambassadorship level.

I will discuss this in just a moment.

Now, you might ask, "Is that all I need to pay to be able to start making money with them"?

Yeah, that's the entry requirement, when you pay the $39.95, you are then granted access to purchase their entire arsenal of products all at the distribution price exclusively.

As a new ambassador, they offer a myriad of welcome packs for you to purchase to begin your journey.

These welcome packs are purchasable based on your budget levels and needs.

There are no limits or a threshold that you must abide by.

You are free to purchase as many types of combinations as you wish.

They offer two pricing options for their welcome packs priced at $99 and $199 respectively.

Let's take a look at some of their welcome packs offers.

Here are some of their entry-level welcome packs priced at $99.

Here are some of their flagship welcome packs priced at $199.

When you become their ambassador and have purchased any type of welcome kits, you are good to begin your journey right away.

A journey to the wondrous world of the weight loss wonderland.

Plexus Worldwide's Compensation Plan

Now, here's the main course of this review content.

I will be illustrating to you how you can make money with them! So stay tuned my dear friends.

They offer a plethora of compensations for their beloved ambassadors.

Let's dive right into the money part!

The Retail Profits 

This is one of the most elusive compensation plans that could potentially make you lots of money.

It's all based on your achievement and effort.

As an independent ambassador representing Plexus Worldwide, you have the exclusivity of purchasing any of their products and market them to your customers at the retail price.

Thus reaping the gap of the difference in between.

The reapable profits start with 15% up to as high as 25% depending upon your PV qualifications.

By the way, PV stands for points volume, it's an abbreviation that I will be using throughout this review.

PV is the unique point calculation within the MLM world.

When you become a new ambassador, and when you purchase any of their welcome packs, you are eligible to reap a 15% retail profit straight away.

As you grow your business and progress through multiple tiers of hierarchies, you will be reaping a higher retail profit set at 25%.

To reach this level, all you need to do is achieve an accumulated sales volume of 500 PV and above.

For example, with every successful new ambassador recruits who purchase a welcome pack of $199, you will be receiving a personal reward of 100 PV.

Achieve five of this recruitment, your receivable retail profits will be upgraded to 25%.

Pretty awesome right?

Let's do some maths here.

Say you share the awesomeness of Plexus Worldwide to five friends and colleagues, they join as ambassadors under your hierarchy.

Each one of them purchases a welcome pack priced at $199.

Instantaneously, your retail profits will be upgraded to 25%.

By the way, it's relatively easy to recruit five of these individuals to experience the awesomeness of Plexus Worldwide.

Think about it, is there anyone who dislikes looking good without those excessive fats bouncing around various parts of their body?

So you get the idea of the potential massive earning opportunities.

Back here, so five new ambassadors recruited grant you 25% retail profits.

Say you purchase another 10 welcome packs priced at $199.

$199 multiply by 10 = $1990

1 percent of $1990 is $19.99.

25 percent sums up to $497.5.

As you can see, your earning could be very lucrative once you have been upgraded to the 25 % tier.

Now, you are thinking that 25 % isn't as attractive as some of the major players in the MLM world offer.

That is correct indeed.

MLM companies have a different compensation plan that is uniquely theirs.

That 25% might not be as lucrative as others comparable MLM players but then Plexus Worldwide add the spice to your earning which I will be addressing next.

The Overriding Retail Bonus 

Besides the pretty straightforward single-tier personal retail bonus, they also reward you additional bonus known as the overriding bonus.

Whenever your recruits make product purchase on their end, you will be rewarded for their effort.

The rewardable percentage is 5%.

Now, before you start scratching your head asking " What, only 5 %"?

I heard you and I can understand your feeling.

Even though it's only 5% but then try to visualize this scenario from another perspective.

The 5% overriding bonus could add up relatively quickly as the numbers grow.

Let's imagine if you have active downlines of aggressive and productive ambassadors, the earnable PV could add up pretty quickly.

When that happens, you will be laughing to the bank, my dear friends!

Say your team could generate a total of 20000 PV monthly.

Even with 5%, you will be earning a handsome $1000 overriding bonus every single month as long as they stay progressive.

Earning additional bonus reward passively and completely from your downlines' effort?

How wonderful is that?

For you to reap massively in this part of the bonus, the numbers game is the vital part.

The more downlines who stay active sharing and promoting the awesomeness of Plexus Worldwide, the more you will be earning this overriding bonus endlessly from your team of ambassadors!

The 10 Levels Of Ambassadorship Ranking

As a qualified ambassador representing Plexus Worldwide, you are given consent to grow your business freely by recruiting even more ambassadors under your hierarchy.

When you can become a recruiting expert, different levels of ambassador ranking unlocks as you progress through.

Below, I list down the 10 levels of ambassadorship rank and the requirement to earn them.

The most fundamental and entry-level rank.

When you pay the annual membership fee of $39.95 to join their big family, and by purchasing a welcome pack of $199 value, you are rewarded with this title straight away.

An ambassador is eligible to earn their plexus points on the single-tier level.

I will be explaining about the plexus points in the next part. So stay tuned.

Senior ambassador
You must recruit two new ambassadors to reach this rank.

The earnable plexus point is from tier one to tier three.

Silver ambassador
Recruit three new ambassadors to reach this rank.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier five.

Gold ambassador
Recruit three ambassadors to unlock this rank.

Additionally, you need to have at least 100 plexus points in your hierarchy to reach this rank.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier five.

Senior gold ambassador
Recruit three ambassadors to reach this rank.

Additionally, your team needs to have a total of 250 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier six.

Ruby ambassador
Recruit four ambassadors to reach this rank.

Additionally, your team needs to have a minimum of 500 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier six.

Senior Ruby ambassador
Recruit five ambassadors to join your team to unlock this rank.

Your entire team also needs to have at least 750 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier seven.

Emerald ambassador
Recruit six ambassadors to unlock this level.

Additionally, your team also needs to have at least 1500 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable points are from tier one to tier seven.

Sapphire ambassador
Recruit six ambassadors to unlock this level.

Additionally, your team also needs to have at least 3000 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier seven.

Diamond ambassador
Recruit seven ambassadors to unlock this level.

Your team needs to have at least 4500 plexus points to unlock this level.

The earnable plexus points are from tier one to tier seven.

Here, I summarize the key takeaway of the various ranking structures implemented by Plexus Worldwide.

- Recruitment is a vital part of unlocking higher rankings. 

- The earnable plexus points are capped at tier 7.

- Teamwork is the key to unlocks higher rankings.

The Plexus Points

This is their internal rewarding points that boost up even higher earning potentials for ambassadors.

Every qualified ambassador representing Plexus Worldwide is eligible to take part in the multiple levels of plexus points pool.

Depending on your ranking, the receivable plexus points vary.

The accumulated plexus points are distributed across their entire network of ambassadors globally.

Achievement Bonus 

Every ambassador is entitled to receive a one-time achievement bonus.

The receivable amount varies based on different ranking.

The Triple B Bonus known as the business building bonus

When you recruit a new ambassador to join your team, he or she is allowed to purchase welcome packs valued at $199.

Every successful welcome pack purchased will reward you and your uplines with $50 shared as deep as 4 levels.

Before we proceed to the next part, let's grasp a better understanding of their in-depth compensation plan.

The Pros - What I like About Plexus Worldwide

Phenomenal flagship products

Plexus Worldwide have an arsenal of flagship products under their brand.

Every product has been clinically tested to serve its effectiveness and healthcare benefits.

On top of that, they have various combinations of welcome packs to serve different needs.

One of the fastest-growing MLM company

Plexus Worldwide is undoubtedly growing rapidly in terms of business growth and global consumer acquisition.

With more than 700 thousand independent ambassadors worldwide, source, they are establishing themselves as one of the major influential MLM giants that are contributing to humanity in one way or another.

People are succeeding at the highest level and achieving phenomenal sales results as a result of the quality products that Plexus Worldwide manufacture. 

An opportunity to earn luxuriously

The diet and weight loss industry are one of the most lucrative and evergreen industry to tap into.

According to businesswire, they are worth a staggering $72 billion!

With such statistic, this shows even bigger growth potential in the foreseeable future.

Before we proceed further, let's take a look at the current trend of the diet and weight loss industry extracted directly from Google Trends.

As you can see, these two industries are showing a positive pace and even reached peak dominance at one point.

The illustrations here show that these are the 2 viable industries with lots of growth potential. 

60-day money-back guarantee

As soon as you become one of their ambassadors, you are eligible for their 60 days money-back guarantee policy.

If you are not getting the expected result or if you are experiencing any negative effects or if any of their products disappoint you for various reasons, there's this money-back guarantee securing you as consumers.

As long as you abide by their refund policy, you are good to go.

One of their professional representatives will assist with the entire process of refund.

The opportunity to try before joining

As a company that emphasizes on consumer's satisfaction, they grant ambassador to purchase sample products for their prospective customers.

Reasonably priced for your potential customers to try before they join or purchase products for the long term.

In my opinion, this marketing implementation creates an opportunity to seize your potential customers or even potential ambassadors to join your team working alongside you.

People love to try before they become a real purchasing customer. That's the mentality for most people.

Besides the opportunity to acquire potential customers this implementation also provides an opportunity for products and personal branding buildup and awareness.

Multiple wins for you as an ambassador.

A pretty fabulous marketing implementation.

Let's take a look at their sample products at a reduced price.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Plexus Worldwide

Weight loss and diet are a pretty saturated niche market

The weight loss and diet industries are not particularly newbie-friendly, in my opinion.

There are countless of established products in the market that are already tackling specific audiences.

If you are passionate about building a business with Plexus Worldwide, a deeper understanding of audience and product marketability is required.

Only by identifying your unique audience, you have a chance to tap into these lucrative evergreen industries.

Direct competition from fellow ambassadors

As a company that is well established, Plexus Worldwide have been acquiring lots of ambassadors to be their associates.

This scenario translates to the competition within Plexus networks of representing ambassadors.

For you to thrive and succeed with them, you need to implement a unique approach to acquire your team of ambassadors as well as customers who are willing to buy from you instead of your colleagues. 

My Final Thoughts

Plexus Worldwide provide a platform and opportunity to build and grow a thriving business within the diet and weight loss industry.

That being said, for you to thrive and excel, it's inevitable that you need to master face to face selling and presentations.

That's the toughest part that disappoints most of the wannabe MLM seekers.

Besides, you also need to be in a position to accept rejection frequently.

If you can conquer these, then building a sustainable business with them is certainly a wise decision.

If you are reluctant to do face to face selling or product presentation, there's an alternative to build a solid business as well.

Personally, I highly recommend affiliate marketing

A business concept that allows you to build an online business based on your passion and hobby.

On top of that, you get to promote products that are already gaining market traction and good consumers' acceptance rate.

The best part is you don't have to do any of the sales stuff nor do you need to be afraid of product demo and presentation.

None of these are necessary in the world of affiliate marketing, people that interested will come to you themselves without the need to pester or even begging them to come to you.

These are the fundamental awesomeness of affiliate marketing.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Plexus Worldwide, feel free to leave me comments below.

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