Is Points2Shop A Scam? A Total Waste Of Time With Uncertainties Of Getting Paid

Hello all and welcome to my Points2Shop review.

Every single day there are more and more internet folks who come online and start looking for ways to earn an income.

They literally spend hours searching, experimenting from site to site, and industry to industry.

If you are a person that spend countless hours to find online income opportunities, there is very much a chance that you like been rewarded for what you have done, or you want to get paid for your time and efforts spent. 

The company that I am going to review to you my friends today is a ‘get paid to’ program by the name of Points2Shop.

The name itself is quite common but it stays to the points that it is a reward type of programs offered.

What is going on here is members of Points2Shop will get rewarded for doing tasks that are in their member's area.

So without further delaying, let’s begin the review about this program.

Points2Shop Review Summary

Program: Points2Shop

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


In today’s world, isn’t it wonderfully true that most people buy things and shop online?

With such huge market and demand, certainly, we will think of companies out there with certain sort of programs that reward members when they had collected points and then they either can use these reward points and kick start their shopping of millions of products all through online.

With that said, Points2Shop is a program that caters for these rewards to shop. 

You basically can shop at the Amazon Merchandise Marketplaces.

The program was founded back in the year 2007, that was more than 1 decade ago, and it’s still doing all right at this present day.

There are already a massive amount of members in their membership inside their community exclusive club.

One of the few reasons why they can grow to this big with many years of background experiences is the program catered the needs of the majority, hence a win-win situation.

Consumers can use the points earned to shop or earning cash while the advertisers can also use the program to enhance and market their products.

You might think now that is a wow, so let us go on to find out more about this program.

What Is Points2Shop?

Points2shop is one of the industry’s leading ‘get paid to’ program because unlike the others, the program offers options for members to either earn and cash out the real cash or points-based rewards where you can use those points for shopping online.

There are many things that you can do to earn the reward points inside their exclusive member's club.

Each task will specify the rewards given to you after completion.

With the standard type of GPT program, I am sure you also want to know how quickly you can start to earn with them.

Because their program has lasted for many years and not forgetting you are the newer batch of potential member, that can be a tough thing given the big competition of other members who also wanted to earn some income.

Stay tuned folks as I will later explain how much you could possibly and arguably earn with this program.

So with such big competition if you are not prepared you might be one of the victims to drop out.

Now, without further delay, I will explain to you about what are the things that this members club has on their table to offer to you.

What Does Points2Shop Offer?

Hey folks, in this section let us examine further about what the club has got to offer.

Again, when we look at any GPT program, the first thing that strikes us is always surveys tasks.

This program has multiple tasks, with the uniqueness that they offer to its exclusive club members.

Once you have registered, in the member's area you will find the tasks that are currently on offer where you can join and complete to start earning points.

I will start by giving you a diagram from the program itself to illustrate the various tasks offered.

How to earn with Points2Shop

Points2Shop have multiple selections as you can see from the above diagram.

It covers from the main-line tasks that are quite heavy to the more relaxed and entertaining type of task-reward offers.

First, the program rewards you by just playing video games.

By competing with fellow players, whoever that won takes all the points for that round.

How many rounds you can play are depending on the contesting players.

Besides this, you will also get rewarded the ‘quick points’ for watching videos.

This easily can be a product that an advertiser wants you to watch.

These really are some quick and easy to earn points, as they can take you just a few minutes max to complete the tasks.

Next up they have various task offers.

When speaking of this, I would say it does require more time and effort and some of these need you to sign up and join a free trial membership or a credit card enrollment before you get rewarded.

I am sure folks like you are well aware that these days people tend to download mobile apps that they need, and with that said this program is no exception as they also offer members to download an app and then get the reward to you.

It’s a way to market their app awareness and ultimately promote products or offering services that benefit all.

Last but not least is the various surveys that you can participate, worth noting that this type of task will reward more points than the rest of the tasks.

How Do You Earn With Points2Shop?

In this section my friends all, I will explain what are the ways that you can earn with this program.

If you would ask me I will honestly tell you all that it is relatively straight forward and easy kick start earning when you are ready as a club member.

As a member, you are qualified to do their main tasks, which is the paid survey.

Once you have done so, you then choose whether you prefer to be rewarded as points based or cash based.

If you opt to get paid using the world’s leading payment system the Paypal, you first have to register your Paypal to link it to your member's area account, because the program pays member’s cashout via Paypal.

The number of points collected and earned fully depends on the amount of work that you have successfully done.
If you opt for points based then the program will reward you in points.

Let’s take a look at the below picture to show you much clearer of what you can do with the points that you had collected.

You can literally spend and shop at the large marketplaces they offer.

Points2Shop marketplace

The above picture is exactly what you see in your member's area, these will further boost your desire to earn even more points as you can use them at so many categories with millions of products.

Apart from all the reward methods, Points2Shop also have a total of 7 different levels, they called it the Points2Shop Honor Levels.

How it works is when you achieve certain levels, for example, the gold levels, your member's area will then unlocked the feature of auto withdrawal every 24 hours.

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The Pros - What I like About Points2Shop

I will start first by laying out some of their advantages as an exclusive club which enables members to earn rewards.

The obvious thing that strives for their huge popularity worldwide is the sign-up process, and then the next minute or so you are already on your way to start taking offers to complete.

This program is indeed providing a platform for folks to earn some extra cash or shopping vouchers.

This is something I liked about this members club and it is also considered a strong area in the business side of the program, as what they are offering stick to the successful concept of quick registration, fun, and earning at the same time.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Points2Shop

With all due respect, even though they might be giving folks a chance to earn extra income, there are certain things that are not going right with this company, this normally will further lead to a potential red flag.

First of all, let me reveal how they operate within their system.

The idea for a company like Points2Shop is to attract big advertisers.

When they come in they earn the mega advertising bucks, this is when members start to take notice of their brands or the products that they are offering as an advertiser.

There are already many cases where after a member completes the big offer they will suddenly be banned and get kicked out for no reason.

It happens also when a withdrawal is requested but no payment to the Paypal account.

These bad experiences once again raised a red flag.

Member complain of been banned

Here is another one example of getting banned after offer completion.

Getting banned after task completion

Most tend to agree that even though they might be a large program that existed for many years, but it no longer served its purposes and not the good program as once it was.

Points2Shop decrease in value complaint

Another example of yet another complaints with another unwanted ban without clarifications from the program’s admin. 

The difficulty of making a withdrawal with Points2Shop
Member complain of the dishonesty issues with Points2Shop

I will conclude their ugly side by saying it is just not worth it at all to join them even though it is fast sign up.

There are just too many complaints and negativities regarding the program and there is no sign of changing and in fact it is getting worse and worse, that could lead to a potential closure at some points.

Is Points2Shop A Scam?

I have to say to you, my friends, that based on my research about the complains that is flowing all around the review forums and other places are really crazy.

There are too many of them to the extent that they stop processing bulk withdrawals.

A company that only honors selective withdrawals are a real no-no as you never going to know if you are the next victim or not and to make things worse you already spent so much time completing their offers even tougher surveys or other heavy tasks.

All of these are really time-consuming but if we are paid promptly that’s fair but it isn’t the case over here.

I conclude that this program, Points2Shop, is a potential scam and I fully suggest you take full caution of it.

It might not scam now but they are starting to have a bigger picture emerging towards the day that they scam all of its members.

My Final Thoughts

If we just take a moment to think rationally, the program is really rewarding small yet requires huge time and effort.

It is likely only for those of us that are looking for quick cash, maybe for a burger meal.

The fact here is they are delaying the big withdrawals, and pay only selectively.

I certainly will not recommend this program to any of you not just because of the other member’s complains but also they had signs of scamming, in signs of red flags shown, as there could be even more if we examine further.

The program is just not worth the time as it could also not paying your small and pitiful withdrawals.

In the end, you cannot even buy a Starbucks coffee with the withdrawal if you ever received it.

Besides, doing something with your effort in hope of getting paid an income with nightmares and uncertainties of getting banned as they like or as they wish is yet another big red flag of why this program is not worthy to even get started.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Points2Shop, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Points2Shop, feel free to leave me comments below.

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