Powur Review: A Unique Solar Power MLM Company Reviewed

You have probably heard of the significance of solar power in landscaping a better environmental atmosphere for the sustainable energy industry.

Perhaps you are here to reap a piece of the pie through a company that offers such business opportunities.

Maybe your neighbor just installed a solar power panel recently and it sparked your curiosity?

Maybe the tiredness of worrying about the ever-increasing electric bills is affecting you mentally?

Maybe you are here seeking the truth to the legitimacy of a company named Powur.

This post will be written to address all the above-mentioned scenarios.

Even if you are here seeking information about Powur, this review has you covered as well.

Today, I will be discussing Powur comprehensively so that you can be well informed of what this company is offering as a whole.

So without further ado, let's get right into it.

Powur Review Summary

Company: Powur

Founder: Jonathan Budd

Price: The advocate membership - $99
The advisor membership - $299
The advisor pro membership - $299 plus an additional $29 website and training materials fee.
(Renewable monthly)

Rating: 60/100


Powur is a relatively unique company the adopts the MLM business model.

It doesn't have physical products for its consultants to share and promote.

Instead, it offers a way to build a business with the installation of the solar panel.

Whenever you successfully recommend a quality lead and when a conversion happens, you will be compensated.

It's very similar to the retail bonus or better known as face to face direct sales bonuses.

As far as compensation is concerned, Powur does offer a fairly lucrative compensation for its consultants.

For example, its $200 and $500 installation bonuses are deemed acceptable and satisfying.

In terms of the viability of establishing a business with Powur, well, the usual daunting MLM complication is still inescapable.

You will find yourself in a position of doing face to face presentations constantly.

What Is Powur?

Based in the state of California in the United States Of America, Powur is a relatively unique MLM company that offers the installation of solar panels for households.

Normally, you will see companies venture into the wellness, cosmetics as well as the fitness arenas.

With Powur, you will be treated with a slightly different main course if you visualize the various MLM players with a 5-star buffet treat.

Besides offering solar panels for consumers, it also provides an opportunity to earn with its MLM business implementations.

I will elaborate on this in the latter part of the review.

Now, what makes Powur so uniquely different and distinguishable from the rest of the commercial solar power merchants?

Well, this is quite an interesting question given the fact that there are lots of other companies that offer solar panels competing against one another.

The main awesomeness lies in its competency of direct partnering with the major solar panels manufacturers.

So whenever there are demands for solar panels installation, Powur has the capability of getting the job done efficiently.

Essentially, it acts as the middle company that bridges and connects the consumers and solar panels distributors.

This scenario translates to increased efficiency to maximize profitability while maintaining customer satisfaction at the same time.

A brilliant idea by its founder cum entrepreneur Jonathan Budd.

Since its creation back in 2014, Powur has been doing a tremendous job of forming a concrete partnership with some of the most reputable solar energy companies in the United States.

For example, it has a partnership with SolarCity, the child company of the Tesla Inc, an unbreakable partnership that deemed necessary given the fact that the solar energy industry is booming with unprecedented growth.

According to Forbes, the solar energy is supplying 1.5% of the total electricity in the United States.

That's a promising statistic suggesting exponential growth in this specific industry.

What Does Powur Offer?

Unlike other MLM companies that offer products in their respective industries, Powur does not offer any tangible products.

That's why it's a relatively unique company with MLM at its core.

Consultants representing Powur are free to share the awesomeness of the solar panels to their prospective customers specifically the homeowners.

Interested customers will receive a quotation prepared by Powur, when mutual agreements have been reached, then the installation procedure will be arranged by Powur's partners who are consented to do the job.

Solar panel illustration blog post image

Powur's Compensation Plan

As far as compensations are concerned, Powur does offer pretty fabulous compensation at its core.

Expectedly, numerous achievements ranking will also be unlocked as you make your progression.

I will list down these rankings together with the requirements of the achievements individually in just a moment.

Next, let's take a look at how you will be compensated with Powur.

The solar panels installation bonus

This bonus is comparable with the typical retail bonus from other MLM companies.

Instead of getting compensated with a retail bonus, you will be paid for solar panels installation with Powur.

Whenever you successfully recommended a prospective homeowner to install a solar panel, you will be paid $200 for your effort.

This bonus has the flexibility of income scalability.

Meaning that it doesn't limit you on the numbers of qualified leads, $200 will be paid every time you convinced someone to install a solar panel.

Additionally, as a new consultant, when you successfully recommend 3 homeowners to install solar panels within the first 60 days, a one time $75 will be rewarded to you.

This bonus is also called the fast start bonus.

It's a token of appreciation welcoming you on board with your first 3 successful sales.

The residual bonus

The residual bonus known as the 20 years residual bonus will unlock specific rewards based on the level of progression and achievements.

Here's an illustration that shows you the various reapable bonuses.

Powur 20 years residual bonus compensation plan

Next, let's proceed to the various rankings I mentioned earlier.

The qualified partner

Remember I told you just now about the fast start bonus?

When you successfully introduce 3 prospective homeowners to install solar panels, you will be rewarded with the qualified partner ranking.

The senior partner

Earn this status with 5 successful solar panel installations.
Additionally, your team of networks or your downlines are required to achieve 25 installations.

The national Powur partner

Similarly, the fundamental requirement for this ranking is also the successful solar panels installations.

This raking requires 10 installations, your networks must also achieve 75 installations.

The game changer

This ranking requires 15 solar panels installations.
Your team must also achieve 75 installations.

The national game changer

An upgraded version of the previous ranking, this enhanced ranking requires you to maintain the 15 solar panels installations.

Next, your downlines need to achieve 100 installations.

The hero

Not the Hero song by Mariah Carey, rather this is the highest-ranking offered.

To reach this incredible milestone, all you need to do is to maintain 15 personal solar panels installations.

Then, your downlines must achieve 300 installations cumulatively.

If you are keen to discover the entire compensation offered by Powur, here's the video that explains precisely.

How To Join Powur?

There are joining fees involved in every MLM business opportunity.

It's no different with Powur.

Before you are officially a certified consultant representing Powur, there's a fee requirement known as activation fee.

Here are the summarized activation fees based on specific consultant memberships.

The advocate membership

This entry-level consultant membership requires a $99 activation fee.

Once you are in, the reapable commission for every solar panel installation will be increased to $500.

Additionally, you will also be rewarded for every successful appointment regardless of confirmed installations.

The advisor membership

Pretty straightforward, this membership requires an activation fee of $299.

The rest of the benefits are similar to the Advocate membership.

The advisor pro membership

This is the enhanced advisor membership.

The activation fee is the same which is $299.

Additionally, you need to pay the extra $29 fee which is renewable monthly.

This fee will unlock a personalized website as well as marketing training to maximize your success rate.

The Pros - What I like About Powur

Unique niche market

The decision to tap into the sustainable energy industry is highly acclaimable.

As I've mentioned at the beginning of my post, solar energy technology is powering a positive percentage of every household in the United States.

This is a fairly promising scenario where massive growth potential is expected to shape humanity while conserving the environment to a higher magnitude.

The potentiality of electric bill savings

Here's the thing, my friends, we are living in the 21st century.

It means that minimizing expenditure on electricity is going to be prioritized in modern families.

With Powur's contribution, just imagine and visualize the amount of money that could be potentially saved.

Substituting the energy demand to solar panels also means greener earth and lesser pollution.

Unique compensations

Powur certainly offers an opportunity to earn lucratively.

As I've outlined above, the potential compensations that you are going to reap will be very rewarding and satisfying.

Visualize it for a moment, then you will know exactly what I mean.

Also, when combined with the residual compensation part, income could be exponentially increased in the long term.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Powur

Pricey solar panels installation

The lucrative installation compensation part suggests that the actual solar panel installation fee is going to spark affordability concern.

Even though a solar panel could save you money for the long term, but then the fee to install a single solar panel averaged between $10000 to as high as $24000.

Now, if your household does not consume electricity insanely, then replacing with a solar panel does seem like an unnecessary investment.

MLM low success rate

Even though Powur does offer a relatively unique MLM structure, but that doesn't mean that it's flawless.

MLM has flaws on its own specifically the low success rate.

Most of the MLM representatives lose money, only the minority thrives with MLM.

So is it the scenario of combating against the odds or pursuing the impossible?

You will have to decide that diligently.

Friendships and relationships could turn sour

Wanna know what's the last thing you need to avoid with MLM endeavors?

Well, it's the action of bothering your friends and family members with MLM products and opportunities.

The situation could turn ugly to a huge extent.

My Final Thoughts

If you are here seeking to earn an income to supplement your living expenses, Powur has you covered completely.

If you desire to earn lucratively with Powur, you are well taken care of as well.

As long as you follow its training on how to be an efficient marketer and negotiator that converts.

Even though you don't need to promote a physical product directly with Powur, but then you certainly need to equip yourself with the necessary expertise skill such as the art of communication skills and persuasiveness.

If you are not comfortable with meeting people in persons or face to face presentations, then there's an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

An online business based on an affiliate marketing concept combined with a blog and content creation.

Look, if you are skeptical about online business, it's understandable.

The reality of earning even a dime on the internet has been doubted let alone making a consistent income right?

But then, it's not entirely the truth.

Earning an income on the internet is possible and certainly achievable.

It's way beyond just earning an income, you are building yourself an online asset that will grow and flourish.

An online business that will enable you to establish a solid foundation for long term success.

An online business that will generate passive income when implemented correctly.

It's all made possible with affiliate marketing combined with a blog and content creation.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Powur, feel free to leave me comments below.

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