Is Quick Rewards A Scam? The Longest And Oldest Paying GPT

Hello all and welcome to my Quick Rewards review.

With so many program owners trying to extract a piece of the pie in the huge demanding market of GPT, there is no way one can be better if not doing something that can bring wow factors and attention be it a good part on attractive or the bad ways of sending program’s image.

Sometimes, you will also come across a program which looks so terrible overall that it immediately creates a bad image of suspicion.

As I said above, this type of program use the bad ways to bring attention to the public world in hope that they can be the program that catches their interest.

This does not really mean they are bad and it also will not be certain that they can deliver as promised as from the look of it.

It does not serve the demand well and it brings confusion to make a decision because it looks old fashion, yet they are still paying their members but then again it just ticks your mind is it true that they are paying with this high suspicion from the website layout to other key areas.

The program that I am going to talk about today is called Quick Rewards, and they are the oldest and the extreme old fashion GPT site that claimed to be a well-handled program to have survived through the years.

So without further delaying, I will start telling you my friends, what is this program all about.

Quick Rewards Review Summary

Program: Quick Rewards

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


The concept behind Quick Rewards is not so similar to the other GPT sites as with Quick Rewards, they want you to focus on the 3 quick secondary membership offers after you have registered with their main membership.

The program’s website and layout is very old fashion and from the first look it will immediately give you a straight head down, bad impression as you simply will create an immediate suspicious about them.

From the program’s main page information, it just looks like they get the site sets up in just less than a day.

They are also using the slightly below par partnership with certain advertisers as they are closing doors to selection because quality partners will not want them, however, they are still able to deliver the payments as claimed in their website.

And because of the way they run this GPT site with so many suspicions, it is no surprise the site is anonymous meaning you cannot find more detailed information regarding their membership counts and their website traffic ranks.

It is one of the rare GPT programs that will stop you from proceeding further straight away without any hesitation until you get some facts about them but it will still affect your decision.

What Is Quick Rewards?

Quick Rewards is operating in ghost mode and because of this, it can easily create confusion about their authenticity and how true they will pay their members from doing tasks.

Quick Rewards has been in business for the last 16 years and until today they are still a complete ghost site where nothing can be traced about their web tracking.

Even when you think there are like no activity or progression going on with this site as it looks dull and a dead town, they are still able to offer some main tasks that members can do and then get rewarded.

Meaning to say how quiet this program might be, they are still operating the ideas of a GPT site and claim to deliver results to their members.

They have to do this because there’s huge competition in this arena that they are up against the best as some of them are the big players that can certainly wipe them clean if they are not performing and make their members happy to stay.

Not because they are so underrated but it is because they are running for a decade of years and with this approach makes people start thinking they might be the real deal to earn some bucks.

One of the reasons people might already notice this site is because they think it is much easier to earn because of less competition from members as this program is not one of the popular names out there.

So let us study further are they really worth to be treated a good program and do they stand by their claims to be a well paying GPT site.

What Does Quick Rewards Offer?

In this section I consider it to be very useful and so I will explain in more details about what’s the difference in this GPT site and what are their main offer for members as it will be slightly different to the main areas.

Before all else, just by going into the GPT site itself will show you the absolute simplicity and how it will make you think this is a not so good program.

The website design is done in a way that it does look to be amateur and suspicious with first sight.

Ways to earn with Quick Rewards

Unlike the usual GPT standard, Quick Rewards does not offer a welcome bonus or they normally called this a quick free dollars so this might give you first disappointment.

After you have registered and upon logging in, there’s also no emphasis on the importance of completing your user profiles,

The user interface looks like extremely basic web design that you might immediately wonder will they pay or not?

The confirmation email will take up to 48 hours and after you receive this email there’s a link you clicked on which will validate or activate your membership with them.

They will first and foremost ask you to choose the options that you prefer and these are the main areas of the tasks offered to you.

Quick Rewards available tasks

The targeted surveys are depending on the basis of your interests and what are your abilities in doing these product opinion studies.

Anyway, they will evaluate and upon approving, you will receive the surveys daily from the minimum of 1 to a few surveys.

Quick Rewards surveys availability

As you can see from these diagrams above extracted directly from their website, the 3 key areas, apart from targeted surveys, are the reading emails and paid shopping.

Right now, I am going to explain each of the 3 categories so you can have a clearer picture for each of them.

Quick Rewards cashback rewards

This subprogram is basically called a cashback reward program where you can shop within their 50 or more featured merchandise and for each transaction that is completed.

The selected merchant will pay to you certain percentage of cash back, and it could range from 4 to 25 percent depending on the type of products or the price of the products that you have bought.

Featured products will certainly give you more cash back to encourage you to spend more and refer others to buy as well because just like you, they will also be getting a decent percentage of cashback.

Get paid for opinions with Quick Rewards

For paid targeted surveys, I do not think it needs further clarification as you are well aware of how the system and how it works to prevent tricks or get disqualified.

In this category, you do not need to spend a dime yet you are contributing your voice and opinions to their partnered advertisers.

These people need people like you who they called it potential end buyer of certain products and they want smart consumers like you to evaluate their campaign or case studies.

This in turn linked up the program’s platform direct to you so in here you could get anywhere between 1 to a few surveys daily and the details vary from a product’s needs, for example, products selling price and targeted market, or selective audiences.

They will want to sell these products only to people who appreciate and know what they are buying so by doing this, they get to push their market without having to sacrifice too much of their marketing resources.

This is a smart tactic by big players in the industry, one finest example is Apple Inc that sells the iPhone.

As you can fairly observe, they launch only their upgraded of iPhone 10 which is the iPhone 10S after they know what sort of targeted audiences and also they already knew what are the ingredients that needed to enhance their market and to which group of users, all these in their marketing strategies.

Earning money with Quick Rewards

This section of their version in this GPT site area is nothing unusual as these are tiny little pieces here or there that will eventually be added up to your overall amount in your account.

These include playing games, watching selective videos, or reading paid emails.

Worth taking some of the daily offers are a one-off basis meaning once you are done it is done, and it will not have the same kind again.

The program might as well provides new ideas for taking new offers so you have to make sure you are keeping alert of their offers.

How Do You Earn With Quick Rewards?

This particular section is the most important part of the review because here I am going to tell you exactly how much you will be getting my friends, from your daily involvement into this program by putting sweat and effort into it.

First again, the main part which you can earn is from their paid surveys, and one good thing regarding this is they do it differently because they give you emails and by the side of these emails you will see how much every survey is worth the price.

In paid targeted surveys, there’s a high possibility that you will be kicked out in the midst of cracking your mind doing the case studies, or you might also get disqualified before you hit the submit button.

Some of these elements are purely luck based so you just have to live with it without getting too emotional or frustration because once you are into this arena you might as well recognize the name of the game is the name of the hidden tricks.

Earning money with Quick Rewards

Each completed and approved survey will get you anywhere from 20 US Cents to 2 or 3 US Dollars all depending on the product campaign type of complexities you are involved in.

Other than surveys, they do have the videos games for game players and also pay you a reward for watching videos.

Again, the earning potential here is not much as you are getting cents to tiny dollars.

Quick Rewards earning potential

So after the above subsection of income, you are also rewarded for every paid to click emails.

Here, they will want you to get notice of the brands that they are advertising with their partners as simple as that and you are paid between 1 to 2 US Cents per qualified email clicked.

In the world of Quick Rewards, they pay members using their internal reward based system called Quick Rewards Points and another way is Quick Rewards Cash.

For Quick Rewards Points, you can accumulate your earned points and cashed out to their featured merchandise’s gift card and then you can use this card to buy any product listed on their merchant list.

It will take about 10 working days to get the gift cards sent to you so you will need to have patience that test your mood for waiting.

Another preferred method is, of course, the Quick Rewards Cash, where your earned points are sent to your Paypal account.

It will eventually take a maximum of 3 working days for the actual USD cash to be sent to your Paypal in actual US Dollars.

Before I forget, in this GPT site, every Quick Rewards Points that you have earned will be credited to you in 24 to 48 hours after they are verified by their own marketing department.

If could well means tasks that you have done might not earn you in points if they are not approved.

Such a terrible thing for members but they do not care because it is terrible for members but it is amazing for their own benefits.

Every 100 points earned in Quick Rewards Points is equal to 1 US Cent, so this is how they calculate their internal points rewards.

The minimum amount needed to activate transfer to your verified Paypal account is 10 US Dollars, or 100,000 Quick Rewards Points.

Now, here is the most important part, that is how much you are going to earn using their platform to do tasks.

As you can read from my various explanation regarding all the main types of tasks and their respective rewards, there are really not much that you can expect to earn with Quick Rewards, not because they use tricks but because they have a poor reward ratio points.

For every task and once it is all been added up you will still not be earning anywhere near 3 figure US Dollars.

With that said, it is likely to earn here and there and once added it might just probably only rewards you somewhere 30 to 60 US Dollars, some are getting lower than this amount.

Getting paid with Quick Rewards

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The Pros - What I like About Quick Rewards

From the outer glance, Quick Rewards look simple and suspicious whether or not they are paying their members or how quickly they pay.

Here, I am going to explain what are the things that are worth to give them credits as they seem to be on top of their game especially in the financial paying side.

Yes, they process payments daily so you are sure to get your US Dollars to your Paypal without delays, and within their time stated terms.

And to top things up, the cashback reward program which they offered are also directly paid to your Paypal account, and again another plus side because it has no delays as well.

Things that are looking good is indeed they stay to their honesty by paying members as per the time agreed without holding or delaying.

Furthermore, they take financial security to a step further by paying only to a verified Paypal account.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Quick Rewards

As with most GPT sites, the main inefficiency came in the form of regular kicked out while doing a survey case study.

What would happen here is after you have taken your effort and sweat to almost complete a survey, they will suddenly show you an error message that you cannot proceed further to complete them.

I am sure it is one of the programming code tactics used because their partners don’t really need a 100 percent completed case study.

They would love to have as many compiled as possible meaning every detail regardless of completion percentage counts to their overall marketing targets.

Member complain about the values of Quick Rewards

Besides this obvious negativity and ugly side in their daily program, there’s also numerous complains that they will use their member’s emails and spam their email with a lot of advertisements, or their partners offers without telling them first before they register.

Spamming member’s email without consent is unethical.

One could argue this is not a big deal as it can all be filtered to spam folders but this speaks about their integrity and bad business ethics in how they carry out their products advertising.

This little negativity will bring a huge impact on their overall reputation.

Member complain about receiving too many emails
Member complain about Quick Rewards seems spammy

Is Quick Rewards A Scam?

If you would ask me if this GPT site is good, I would say it is only good if it comes to the way they can efficiently handle their financial side of the business, meaning they pay members according to their time terms, and no more or no less than that.

This is excellent because that is exactly what members need from them because, at the end of the day, they are already tired with waiting for payments simply due to not all programs pay as fast as they would claim to pay.

Other than this, if you are opting for a reward gift card I would say this is bad because they take like more than 10 days to send the cards to you.

Not many people prefer just hard US Dollar cash as they will be some who want only gift cards as their chosen rewards.

So it really depends on how and where your needs are and then you can make a fairer decision.

To tell you straight to the point, Quick Rewards is not a scam at all by any means.

And just because from our very first impression we all would have thought this is not the place to earn some bucks but it all turns out we were wrong and they are paying and also they are already in this arena for more than 11 years in a row.

So this teaches us in any sort of program in the GPT arena, there’s nothing to be taken for granted.

Just because they had some bad reviews and comments regarding their program on the technology platform and web design does not mean they are old enough to have forgotten the importance of paying members.

My Final Thoughts

Still the truth in any of this GPT site is they will use their hidden tricks to their own preferences to gain benefits not only for themselves but also to their working partners.

It is just a matter of how much they will use this thing to indirectly wasting much of your sweat and time to carry out the tasks especially their main targeted surveys.

From the program’s perspective, a member’s only main concern is whether do they pay and do they pay quickly or not, so they have it all covered which is every reason this GPT site is still racking the members and increasing their overall success as the oldest old fashion paying GPT site.

They just literally don’t care about what the others are doing, they would only like to do things their own ways.

They have strategically mistaken that there are also a bunch of members who also don’t care about US Dollars but they care about how they are been treated in this program.

So with this said the tricks won’t apply to them as they will already know before they walked into this program.

These folks are no brainers as they are seasonal GPT seekers and they know every trick and the games played in this arena.

Paying or not paying, to me this is still not the main thing as the main important thing is there is just a total limitation of how much you can earn, and no matter how hard you tried, the income just cannot increase.

It means Quick Rewards is only good to those that want to earn some pocket money to spend for hanging out with their lovers watching movies or buying a few popcorns and that’s it.

There is just no dream target to be found here.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Quick Rewards, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Quick Rewards, feel free to leave me comments below.

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