Scentsy Review: Can You Earn Lucratively With A Fragrance Company?

Believe it or not, the candles industry is still growing rapidly and the demand for various candles is high despite we are living in the modern age.

Have you heard of Scentsy?

Maybe you have just tried their products or attended their home party hosted by one of their associates.

Or perhaps you are curiously wanted to discover is Scentsy the real deal.

Well, in this review, I will be showcasing you the viability of building a business with them, their state of legitimacy and trustworthiness.

By the end of this review, you are going to be equipped with the necessary information to decide for yourself whether to join them or otherwise.

So without further ado. Let's get started.

Scentsy Review Summary

Company: Scentsy

Founder: Heidi and Orville Thompson

Price: $99 - One-time registration fee

Additional product purchase based on your personal preferences and budget

$10 monthly personal website maintenance fee after the third month

Rating: 60/100


As one of the big players within the scent and fragrance industry, Scentsy have been establishing themselves a good name and trustworthiness.

Unshakable by their previous encountering of lawsuits against them, they are growing and progressing positively in a bright direction.

Product wise, they deserve to be honored in the hall of fame for their product specialness and uniqueness.

As far as the business opportunity is concerned, it’s relatively mixed.

If you are passionate about approaching people and do face to face presentation, then Scentsy certainly fit right to be your shortlisted candidate to thrive.

If you are uncomfortable about any of the face to face social moments for product presentation, then there’s an alternative to earn a living online known as the affiliate marketing business model.

Either way of your choice, both are capable of securing you a fundamental platform to progress positively.

What Is Scentsy?

Profoundly founded by a pair of lovely couple Heidi and Orville Thompson, till today, Scentsy have been around for 15 years.

Yeah, that’s right, since their inception into the scent and fragrance industry in 2004, it has been a wonderful 15 years of journey ventured.

Not many MLM companies can stand the test of time for such duration, so they deserve big acclaim.

Now, as far as fame and reputation are concerned, they have a mix of both.

A well-known business establishment as well as some nasty lawsuits on their back.

Nonetheless, the lawsuit issues weren’t that alarming, as that's the nature of the cruelness of the business world.

You see, here’s the thing my friends, we as a human compete and strive for victory and perfection, it’s the same within the business world.

Since Scentsy has been established as one of the best and emerging MLM players within the scent industry, prying eyes are on them, and it’s pretty the norm now.

Besides this particular encountering of lawsuits make against them, they are pretty much a steadily and healthily progressing MLM company.

What Does Scentsy Offer?

As an MLM company that operates within the scent fragrance arena, and as the name suggests, Scentsy offer products related to scent and fragrances primarily.

The examples are candles, diffusers, varieties of fragrances, and essential oils.

Besides these flagship products, Scentsy also offer other essential products for household and personal care.

Some examples are the dishwasher, hand lotion, and shower creams.

These products are not manufactured to represent Scentsy at the top level, rather, they are some sort like supporting products providing the best shopping experience for the consumers.

Here are the complete product ranges categorized accordingly.

The scent

First and foremost, their flagship products that represent their branding fall into this category.

Varieties of products are available to consumers for the best scent and fragrance experience.

The fragrance system

This category has wide arrays of the complete combination of scents plus fragrances products.

Examples are warmers, diffuser plus oil, and essential oils.

The unplugged

This category offers portable and convenient fragrance products.

Examples are the famous scent paks, room sprays, and car bars.

The laundry and clean

As the name suggests, this category contains the scent products for your household needs.

Products examples are laundry liquid and bathroom cleanser.

The body

This part has products for your shower needs.

Varieties of products are available to boost your bathing experience making sure it’s an enjoyable experience.

The kids

This category caters to your kids.

Varieties of products are manufactured to boost the fragrance experience for your kids.

Some examples are the blankie buddies and the Scentsy sidekick.

The pets

This category is for your lovely pets.

Fragrances products specifically manufactured to make your pets smell good.

Examples are the dog deodorizing spray and shampoo.

The Scentsy collection

Now, this category is kind of special and unique.

This category caters to collection lovers. 

Specifically and uniquely crafted to satisfy your crave for special seasonal collections.

Examples of products are the Star Wars Scentsy buddies and the Disney frozen Scentsy bars.

The specials

This category is uniquely catered to consumers who are seeking for a special promotion.

Some examples are the monthly Scentsy bundles and the clearance products.

My personal favorite Scentsy's products are undoubtedly their collection.

Let’s take a look at one of the examples below.

Scentsy collection box interior

This is its physical look as a whole exteriorly.

Here’s the interior look.

A complete package of various scent products.

How To Earn With Scentsy? + Scentsy's Compensation Plan

Typically, any MLM companies offer an opportunity to earn lucratively through their unique compensation plan.

It’s not any different with Scentsy.

Before we dive into the unique compensation part, here are the summarized ways of making money with them.

Retail profit

This is the most fundamental earning part. As part of the big family and associate of theirs, you are eligible to reap profit by promoting products directly to your prospecting customers.

The difference between the cost and the retail price is the reapable profits.

This part is relatively straightforward.

Recruitment bonuses

Scentsy adopt the conventional hierarchy placement for a new associate.

Whenever you successfully recruit someone to join directly under your tree, and whenever pairing occurs, recruitment bonus unlocks.

Recurring bonuses

This is the part that makes Scentsy unique.

Recurring bonuses will be unlocked when you and your recruits actively recruiting new members.

The power of a team will unlock various bonuses resulting in recurring bonuses.

This is also the part that makes Scentsy uniquely different.
Individually, your effort and hard work could generate income for you.

With a team of network, a fountain of wealthy will be unlocked as the power of teamwork will prevail.

If you are given a chance to ask some of the top earners within this industry, they will be telling you their phenomenal success is achievable thanks to a team of a network.

It’s certainly not achieved based on individual's effort.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

If you have been hanging around within MLM world, you certainly know for sure that these companies' compensation plan is relatively complicated.

It’s no different with Scentsy.

Typically, there are various rankings for you to achieve to reap bonuses.

To simplified the smoothness of the entire compensation plan presentation part, it’s ideal to discover everything in a thorough video.

Here’s the video content that clearly explains everything about the Scentsy compensation plan.

Are you ready to dive right into the compensation part?
Here we go.

How was that, my friends?

What a ride, isn’t it?

How to join Scentsy?

Regardless of your decision to join Scentsy, this company adopts a relatively simplified approach of accepting new members.

There's a one-time payable fee of $99 to obtain that private badge to enter their big family.

Often time, other MLM companies will require you to pay the new associate registration fee plus the product purchase.

It’s part of their recruitment sales funnel process.

Now, that’s one good thing about Scentsy in this regard.
That’s the one time fixed new associate registration fee.

Besides the $99, optionally, you can purchase any products based on your personal preference to kick start your business.

Here are the summaries of the process of joining Scentsy: 

- One time payment of $99 

- Additional product purchase of your choice.

- Website maintenance fee of $10 monthly after the third month.

As a new associate of Scentsy known as a consultant, you will be given a ready-made and optimize website to promote your business right away.

The Pros - What I like About Scentsy

Unique niche market

With so many MLM players these days and more are joining in the party, it’s relatively common to see most of the players are venturing into the healthcare industry.

This scenario has become the norm.

Now with Scentsy, it’s a completely different approach.

They are venturing into the scent and the fragrance industry.

That’s relatively unique, in my opinion.

Wanna know how unique is this industry and its trend?
Let’s discover together.

The scent industry market trend

As you can see, it’s progressing positively without any downtrend.

It’s also rising upwards steadily.

That's the uniqueness of the scent industry at a glance.

They have been here for almost two decades

Let’s illustrate with an example of gaming in this perspective.

Say you are playing a trending game, and when you take a look at the leaderboard's top rankings, you will be seeing IGNs that have been around for some time.

It’s weird to see new faces dominating the ranking, it’s very rare.

The IGNs that are dominating the top spots are those players that have been around In the game for some time.

By the way, IGN stands for in-game nickname.

My points here are simple and precise.

It takes time to gain traction, trust, acceptance.

Scentsy pass this test completely.

As an MLM company that has been around for almost two decades.

They know exactly how the rule of the game within this industry.

Unique products

The products offered by Scentsy are relatively unique.

For example, their flagship products completely bypassed the need for fire to lights up candles.

These are not flammable products that could potentially cause unnecessary accidents happening.

Additionally, their design innovation has been positively shaping the industry.

Take a look at their unique collection, they are collaborating with big names such as Walt Disney.

This sort of business partnership takes lots of trust and reputation to be accomplished.

That’s a big achievement worthy of big applause.

On top of that, they took their product design and innovation to a whole new level with an unmatched winning design.

Let’s take a look to witness the gorgeousness of their products.

Scentsy beautiful design example 1
Scentsy beautiful design 2
Scentsy beautiful design examples 3

Amazingly beautiful.

Aren’t they?

One time none renewable consultant fee

As a new recruit into their big family, you are only required to pay a one time $99.

This is the amount needed to enable you to kick-start your scent and fragrance business right away.

Normally, you don’t get to see this flexibility given by other MLM players.

Most of the MLM companies require their members to pay for product packages upon signing up.

An all in one business kit

Simplicity is the way to go in today's complex world.

The startup fee you pay consists of all the essential tools to kick start your journey instantaneously.

Even better, it has plenty of sample packs for you to distribute to your friends, family members, and prospecting customers.

Here’s the thing my friends, consumers are smart these days.

Sample packs certainly ease your marketing journey.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Scentsy

Endless recruiting

Here’s the cruel fact. For you to smell and taste success with Scentsy, recruitment is part of the game.

Like it or not, that’s the essentiality of progressing with them to achieve significant results.

Not only that, you will find yourself in a position of doing face to face presentations constantly.

Relatively expensive product

I have just illustrated above that the fragrance industry is uniquely stand out from the crowd.

However, there are still plenty of similar products available on the market that are relatively cheaper than Scentsy.

This scenario creates an even more challenging path in your journey.

Bothering your friends and family members could drive you crazy

Admit it or not, that is part of the game.

For you to maximize productivity and reap profits and make money, contacting your fellow friends and family members is an inescapable task.

Now, I am sure no one like this, to be completely honest.

You don’t want to be in a position to ruin friendship and relationship.

That’s one of my biggest concerns about MLM business implementation.

I am sure it’s also one of your concerns too.

My Final Thoughts

Even though Scentsy genuineness is out of doubt, but it’s also an inevitable fact that achieving success with them is extremely difficult.

You have to be comfortable in doing face to face selling and presentations.

Besides, you need to be mentally prepared for any rejection.

Even worse, friendship could be ruined as a result of your constant push for sales and signups.

This scenario ain’t a good approach to working smart.

Even if you are good and skillful at marketing and persuasiveness, there’s always a better solution and option to maximize productivity and profitability.

Personally, I do recommend the alternative of the affiliate marketing business model. 

With affiliate marketing, you can trash the cumbersomeness and unproductiveness of unpredictable face to face selling and presentation.

This is the path that I ventured that enables me the flexibility of working whenever and wherever I want.

On top of that, you own the luxury of a business working for you day in and day out flawlessly.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Scentsy, feel free to leave me comments below.

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