Stemtech Review: An MLM Company That Contributes Hugely To Stem Cells Industry

Your doctor or physician may have told you that there are trillions and trillions of cells in the human bodies.

These cells are responsible for keeping humans in a good wellness state as well as maintaining a balanced immunity in the body.

Today, I will be reviewing a unique MLM company known as Stemtech.

Regardless of whether you are here seeking for the awesomeness of its products, or you are keen to tap into this unique stem cells market, this review has you covered.

I will discuss its state of legitimacy, compensation plan, the pros and cons, as well as the viability of building a business with Stemtech.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Stemtech Review Summary

Company: Stemtech

Founder: Ray C. Carter, Jr.

Price: Business kit - $35

RCM Wellness Pack - $199

RCM Business Pack - $399

Team Builder Pack - $320

Purchasable products based on personal budget and preference

Rating: 80/100


Arguably one of the best MLM companies in the wellness niche market, Stemtech is surpassing its competitors by a big margin.

From the company's trustworthiness to product innovation to business implementation, the team behind this company is doing a terrific job keeping it on the positive momentum.

It also has a relatively acceptable and lucrative compensation for its business partners.

Overall, Stemtech is a pretty flawless and genuine company with acclaimable values.

What Is Stemtech?

Uniquely founded by Ray C. Carter, Jr. in 2005, Stemtech has been around for more than a decade, 15 years and moving forward to be exact.

It's a relatively well known MLM company that specializes in the expertise in stem cell biology innovation.

Today, with vast experience in the field of stem cell innovation and research, Stemtech has been contributing to the healthcare industry hugely.

Its significance can be observed with the marvelous milestone achieved chronologically since its creation.

For example, in 2012, Stemtech witnessed the award ceremony of the Nobel Prize winner in the field of stem cell research. 

The Nobel prize recognition further strengthened Stemtech to strive for greater height in the research and development of stem cells.

In 2014, a marvelous breakthrough has been accomplished with its worldwide expansion to other parts of the globe.

Today, Stemtech has business operations in The United States, Canada, Africa, the Asia Pacific region such as the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

What Does Stemtech Offer?

Stemtech offers products that are scientifically and innovatively researched.

Its flagship products are none other than the trio combination of The "RCM".

Let's discover these products individually.

The Stemrelease3

Stemtech Stemrelease3 flagship product image

This revolutionary product has the ingredients to release, produce stem cells to boost wellness to a whole new level.

The healthy adult stem cells that exist in your body will make sure you are well protected against any unwelcome diseases, sicknesses that will prevent you from living healthily.

The Stemflo

Stemtech Stemflo flagship product image

This is the second flagship product under Stemtech's "RCM" product series.

It has ingredients that will reduce oxidation in the body significantly.

Besides, it also acts as a supplement to boost the smoothness of blood circulation.

The Migrastem

Stemtech Migrastem flagship product image

The last product in the "RCM".

Named as "Migrastem", this is the dietary supplement product that consists of natural superfoods such as the reishi mushroom.

The reishi mushroom also known as lingzhi or ganoderma lucidum, is responsible to boost wellbeing, immunity, and detoxification to a whole new level.

Besides, it also has other powerful natural superfoods to strengthen healthcare effectiveness.

For example, the maca is known for its strong source of amino acid.

A natural superfood that enhances the vitality and energizes the body while maintaining good immunity at the same time.

It's highly recommended to consume the combination of the three products together to maximize wellness effectiveness.

Besides stem cell dietary supplements, Stemtech also manufactures stem cell-based skincare products.

As I 've mentioned earlier, the human body has trillions of cells, even scientists don't quite grasp the exact amount of cells in our body.

It's way beyond the capacity of our brains to comprehend.

Hence, understandably, stem cell enhancement will also be beneficial to our skin.

Next, let's take a look at Stemtech's skincare products.

The Dermastem

Stemtech Dermastem skincare product

This is one of the skincare products manufactured by Stemtech.

It's a laboratory tested product that will boost the elasticities, radiance, and youthfulness of the skin's texture.

The advance scientific formulation also means that it's capable of reducing common skin concerns such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness as well as dark spot.

Constant usage will enhance skin gorgeousness to a whole new dimension.

The Dermastem Lift

Stemtech Dermastem Lift skincare product image

Visible fine lines, wrinkles, or even scar marks are some of the skin's concerns for modern people.

Thankfully, the Dermastem Lift has you covered completely.

Its advance formulation in skincare technology can effectively remove fine lines, wrinkles scars as well as dryness instantly within a few minutes of application.

Even better, this product also moisturizes your skin deeply for up to 24 hours.

Now, with the Dermastem Lift, you don't have to worry about the tiniest flaw in your facial appearance for those important events.

Interestingly, Stemtech also offers product outside of the stem cell arena.

Here's the next product that addresses the radiation from smartphones.

The D-Fuze

Stemtech D-Fuze product image

We know that smartphones are a necessity and we use it most of the time.

Now, the big issue arises when the radiation from these devices can cause harm to our bodies.

The D-Fuze by Stemtech tackles this concern precisely.

It's a piece of a sophisticated material that you can stick and adhere to the back of your smartphones.

When the D-Fuze has adhered properly, the protection against harmful radiation begins right away.

A phenomenal product brought to you exclusively by Stemtech!

Next, let's discover a product that addresses oral hygiene.

The Orastem

Stemtech Orastem product image

I'm sure most of us have encountered embarrassment moments with bad breath.

It causes a certain level of unattractiveness.

Even though there are lots of commercial oral hygiene products in the market, none come even close to the Orastem.

A specially formulated anti-bad breath product that eradicates bacterias that causes bad breath.

Besides, it goes one step ahead with its innovative gum and teeth care ingredients.

Stemtech's Compensation Plan

Stemtech adopts a fairly straightforward and simplified compensation plan unlike most of the MLM players.

It refers to its independent representatives as the independent business partners.

The status of your partnership also highly dependant on your income level.

Different category of income earners has been categorized according to your income ability.

For example, Stemtech has categorized its business partners into individuals who are entrepreneurs, working adults, stay at home moms so on and so forth.

When you have successfully become one of the business partners, you can represent Stemtech to recruit and promote its awesome products uninterruptedly.

Here are the summarized ways of how you will be compensated with Stemtech.

The Team Builder Bonus

This is the compensation plan for an eligible business partner who successfully recruited at least a new partner who purchases a team builder business pack.

Additionally, up to $200 bonuses will be paid to you every time you recruited new partners who purchase a team builder business kit.

Also, if your personal team progression is promising, multiple bonuses will also be unlocked based on achievements.

The Prosperity Bonus

This is the term similar to the residual bonuses by other MLM companies.

Predictably, there are various rankings of achievements within the compensation structure of Stemtech.

Every time you successfully conquered a specific rank, an additional bonus will be unlocked.

The higher you are able to climb, the more lucrative bonuses will be unlocked.

Makes complete sense right?

Here's the visual illustration of the various achievable rankings with specific bonuses.

Stemtech prosperity bonus compensation plan

The prosperity bonus is the income part that will enable you to earn lucratively.

As you can see, there are various achievable rankings as well as the multiple levels of hierarchy deepness.

You will be compensated anywhere from 7% up to 10% based on your achievement and progression.

There's also the infinity bonus which rewards a handsome 3% of the total achievement values.

These are the main essential ways to earn with Stemtech.

To ease the smoothness of the compensation plan presentation, here's the complete video walkthrough comprehensively explained.

How to join Stemtech?

Before you are eligible to represent Stemtech to kickstart your business journey, you are required to invest a certain sum of money to be one of its business partners.

The sums of money vary based on your personal preference and budget level.

Here are the core partnership packages offered.

The business kit priced at $35

The entry-level package that unlocks Stemtech's partnership eligibility.

This business kit also includes some of the basic marketing materials.

The RCM wellness pack priced at $199

This is the second partnership package offered.

It unlocks Stemtech's membership plus everything that also comes with the business kit.

Additionally, this package also gives you adequate product packs from the RCM product series.

The RCM business pack priced at $399

this is the more premium type of partnership package.

It comes with the essential product packs from the RCM product series, marketing tools, personalized websites, and the complete shopping cart.

Besides, it also unlocks the eligibility of reaping the team builder bonuses.

The team builder pack priced at $320

This is also one of the premium partnership packages.

It includes everything from the RCM business pack plus some additional RCM product packs.

The RCM business pack and the team builder pack are the two flagship partnership packages to maximize the effectiveness of your business journey with Stemtech.

The Pros - What I like About Stemtech

Distinctive market

Stemtech's business ventures into the stem cell industry is setting the benchmark for fabulous healthcare achievement.

It's unprecedentedly surpassing most of the MLM companies that focus on the broad wellness market.

Fabulous company progression

For more than 15 years, Stemtech has been shaping the landscape of the stem cell industry.

From product innovation to the company's positive growth, it's undoubtedly one of the best MLM company that is contributing to the healthcare industry extensively.

Scientific backed products

Stemtech is manufacturing top-notch products unmistakenly.
It goes a step further with the science-backed product quality assurance.

For example, the Stemflo product is backed by science completely.

As a result of this, massive confidence and acceptance could be potentially established.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Stemtech

MLM low success rate

It's not surprising to know that the majority of the MLM representatives are losing money instead of generating profit.

So despite the awesomeness of Stemtech from many different perspectives, its decision to adopt MLM implementation means good income potential could be potentially jeopardized.

Product expensiveness

Stemtech's products are relatively expensive compared to any similar commercial products.

In my opinion, that's the unforgiving part of any MLM companies' products.

Inescapably, Stemtech also belongs to the same category of MLM companies that offers expensive products.

For example, the Stemflo Advanced is retailed at $65.95 which sparks an affordability issue for business partners to promote effectively.

Friendships and relationships could be potentially destroyed

Here's the thing my friends, friendships and relationships are priceless, immeasurable with monetary form in my opinion.

If you have been through any MLM endeavors, I'm sure you have encountered the scenario where your uplines requested you to list down the whole list of contacts and family members.

It's still subconsciously familiar, right?

Well, if you keep on bothering your close friends or family members as your prospecting customers, then things could turn ugly.

My Final Thoughts

If you are here looking for the viability of building a business with Stemtech, well, you won't be disappointed.

Building a solid business with Stemtech is made possible with its unbreakable genuineness, fabulous products, niche-specific market as well as its overall business structure.

The last missing puzzle is yourself. If you can conquer this part, then Stemtech could be the MLM platform to build a solid business scalable for long term success.

However, one aspect of excelling with MLM has to be your skill and ability to master the art of persuasiveness which by the way, it's not learnable in a short period.

It takes time to sharpen your skill set and gain experience as you progress.

Also, face to face selling and recruiting will be a big part of your daily routine if you are serious to make this a success.

If you are not a big fan of face to face promotion or meeting strangers which could potentially lead to massive rejection, then I highly recommend you check out an alternative solution to build your unique asset online.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model.

This is the proven business model that has changed ordinary people to earn extraordinary income radically.

The best part of all is that you can finally put a full stop to rejection confrontation and daunting face to face recruitment.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Stemtech, feel free to leave me comments below.

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