Is A Scam? This Ain’t A SuperLane To Earn An Income

Hello all and welcome to my review.

As the competition gets very high in the arena of GPT, many GPT sites will do whatever it takes to convince members to join them and that will also include giving offerings that had never been seen before.

Because the key concept here is that they must be attracting the right audiences which will link up to their platform with their partners.

These partners are companies that will be paying them the big bucks in returns, so in other words, they have to do everything to make the bonding with their advertisers lasts for a long time.

With that said, today I am going to talk about a GPT site that will give special reward offerings in terms of contests and prizes to their members so let’s see if they are really a good GPT site that worth your time spent in their digital platform. Review Summary


Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


The GPT arena as in general works well only if these GPT sites which claim to have the best digital platform can have the ability to attract good partners and advertisers.

Because’s income revenues are from these partnership advertisers and with that in mind, the site has gone a step further by bringing the membership to a worldwide audience.

Not very often can we see any GPT sites that are opening to worldwide membership because they generally will only focus on the North America markets, and with, they are different as they look for better advertisers from other regions to bond a strong partnership with them.

That’s simple to understand approach because wants to target as many different members from different regions and by doing so, it creates multiple benefits and brings a wider results-based performance.

In other terms, these partnerships can also be described as partners or sponsors simply due to they are those that bringing the cash flows into the everyday operation of this GPT site.

What Is

Every GPT site claims to be something different with others and each will be quick to point out their plus points and their benefits so with it is no different.

Because this GPT site will be doing all it could to make members believe and once they had the confidence with them, this is when they can start to bring results to their partners as in another term, these advertisers are the only reason why they are even here. membership is wide open to the rest of the world besides their targeted regional market, which is the United Kingdom.

That’s because they are based in the UK, and to date, there’s not much information regarding this GPT’s stats in paying their members.

The site looks relatively straight forward and it also brings certain contests with prizes to some of their big earner members.

When I mention big earners, they are in terms of this GPT site and by no means, you can earn a good amount with them. is making every effort to bring more advertisers into their platform, which I had explained earlier, and by doing this, members from around the world can have a much better chance of getting tasks, namely paid surveys sourced to them.

What Does Offer?

The idea of how this GPT site works and what they are offering is rather straight to the point.

Meaning you join them for free as a member, you complete the surveys, and then you get paid rewards for doing them.

With, they are also one of the more GPT sites that only mainly focusing on paid targeted surveys.

That’s the easy reason because they are paid by their advertisers and when there are no any needs for other areas of tasks offers, they do not have to create this tasks as no one will pay them.

After you have registered, you will need to fill up your residential address because without your address been verified, they will not pay you any money so this is considered an extreme disadvantage for members.

Especially for those members that will not receive too many surveys offers in the locations that they reside.

The main area that they are offering is none other than the paid targeted surveys, they called them daily surveys.

To qualify for a survey, you have to make sure you have verified all your information and that includes your mailing address.

Unlike other GPT sites that are so quick to give you welcome free money, do not care about that simply because they do not see a need to reward members for free.

So once you have entered the member's area, there’s a button where you can click and it showed you their main categories of offers.

For their main daily surveys, they are in big banner sections and it clearly shows who are their partners, that wanted your opinions for their market research campaigns.

Next, also have their own version of paid offerings which they called them the paid walls.

What this means is that you simply have to go and join one of their many partners and if they are right for you, you can start to earn using their platforms as well.

Worth noting that the rewards will not come unless these third-party offering sites had approved your task submissions.

It also means that most of the time, your completed work will show as PENDING until further notice.

It kind of gives you lots of frustrations but when you are dealing with third parties, it is how they play their games.

So this basically rounded up what are the offers that they had because if you ever notice, they are trying to expand their program by using third parties survey sites and they are also directly reporting to their main advertisers.

It is like a group of like-minded sites pull together their resources and each helping one another to get the work done. At the end of the day, it is the end market research results that count so this is a good target plan.

How Do You Earn With

Now my friends, in this section I will talk about what are the methods you can earn with

This will be the most important part of the review because what it matters is to get to know more how much and how honest the program can pay you any income from your effort working with them.

Like I already explained earlier, the main source of earnings came from the daily paid surveys. In each and every survey done, it clearly shows you how much you are been paid.

It is really not that much that you could get paid in terms of their pay rate, it is way below standards.

Now, if you take a deeper notice, you will start seeing lots of banners in different third party survey sites and you are right, those are their friends of survey sites that aim for the same mission as them, and they work together towards bringing the overall results to their respective partners.

Been the GPT program that mainly focusing on paid surveys, it is easy to find that they have collaborated with some of the other paid survey companies within their regions and just by joining up with them, you will receive $5 credit to the third party surveys sites that you joined.

So this is also one of the ways you can earn with them because some of these sites will also give a free registration welcome bonus as well as other areas of work offers.

What you see is only one of the many selections as they are doing all they could to expand their universe to get the best optimum results because again, at the end of the day they all serve the same bosses.

And finally, you could also be winning prizes from their contests so this could well be one of the more exciting ways to get some income.

But the catch here is that they will only reward the main prizes to the top earners within their membership, and by top earners what I mean is in the range that is acceptable in the GPT site.

In the world of, they reward their members using their own version of the reward points system, called the SuperPay Points.

Every point earned is equal to 1 cent, and yes they are paying in the United States Dollar and not in Great Britain Pound.

They have multiple options for members to request their hard-earned points into cash or reward based gift cards, and well you guessed it right my friends, these options are Payza, Paypal, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

In this GPT program, there’s really not much that you could earn, and based on your observations you ought to realize that they do not pay well for their main paid survey tasks so after added here and there you could possible earned a very limited income, way below 10 USD or if you are lucky in the range of 20 USD.

Of course the earnings wise, everyone is different because it heavily depended on many factors including your locations and the type of advertisers that came knocking your door.

So the final word regarding this GPT site’s earning is very below standard and with that said, it is really not something that most who have wanted but again this is GPT arena where in general terms, the earnings are all extremely limited.

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The Pros - What I like About

Now all I see from this GPT site is they are not really worthy of anything be it your time or effort.

The only thing that I managed to find good about them is they really had put every effort to source the advertiser’s campaign and then provide them to their members.

That’s a great effort because not many programs take such initiatives since we all know that it is extremely challenging to gain trust on partners that want to pay you big budget for their marketing campaigns so this speaks a lot about how initiative they are.

Even with this, not many members can be in any of the other regions that will have a chance to take their tasks because still, the main source from most of their advertisers came from the United States so meaning it lowers your potential earnings even further.

This is also another reason why these GPT sites had no good things, it’s just that I personally will appreciate their effort to bringing new markets for different members from other sides of the world.

The Cons - What I Dislike About

Now, we will look at what are the bad things that are showing up with, or I will call it their ugly truth.

As we all know it by now that the GPT arena is full of dark tactics and tricks so it is no different with

Not only they will use every trick to hold your payments but they will make you wait forever and it could end up your payments are voided if they decided to ban you for being a good member.

What it does is simple as the bad guys, they will appreciate and keep, but the good guys they do not want and they will kick you out for no reasons.

Because been a good guy means you are very determined to earn quite a lot and their intention is not to pay you this much of income so they will surely apply all sort of tricks to members of this kind.

One of the relevant examples is when members start to accumulate with all their efforts to certain points, let say $60 or more in their account, somehow they will start to realize all sort of problems arise and that they will not be getting paid any of that money collected at all.

Some of the common dark tricks are further need your identity for no reason such as demand your actual face verification ID to be sent to them for verification.

Demand for further verification of any kind inside your membership.

Demand for your financial account details used inside their platform, holding your completed tasks as PENDING and they do not intend to pay anything at all just keep on playing the delay games, and keep on putting pending until you get frustrated and you fired them and walked away just like that with all your efforts wasted, and many more.

Is A Scam?

Now my friends, you surely wanted to know is a scam or not after reading this review up until this point.

I wouldn’t say this site is a scam because they put quite extensive efforts in maintaining the bond between advertisers.

As long as they have a new flow of budget invested in their platform by a partnership relation, chances are very high that they will continue to stick around in this GPT arena.

With that said, they might also from time to time play the dark tactics to screw you up and to hold on to your payments so that’s no guarantee in anything inside this program that you could be paid for your every effort, so you better be warned.

From my own assessment about, they are doing this selectively, meaning they don’t screw most of the members.

But they will choose who to screw and normally those that victimized are those that are determined to keep on racking up their overall account balance or those that are quick to complete all the tasks.

And they had left no rooms for the program but to start screwing them even though they had done everything according to their terms and conditions.

It is no surprise for any of these GPT sites, so work the same, as long as you are comfortable in the way they do things, it is not much of an issue but I would recommend to stay alert about them.

My Final Thoughts

Now look my friends, are you really bothered to put in so much of an effort, to verify your account, payment system account linked to this GPT site.

And also to provide your real residential address just to earn some dollars and be in risk of getting banned or getting screwed without getting payments or suffering all of their tricks on you?

You might even need to submit your face ID in order to get paid as they are putting it difficult on you because you are determined to earn a lot from them but they dislike your approach.

Think for a moment why do they even need your face ID or other legal documents as they are just a nowhere land of a typical GPT site.

So this speaks a lot about what kind of a program they are doing behind to bring troubles to earners.

From the start they are already not welcoming folks that are good in accumulating points that will later be exchanged to real money.

And this is also the only reason why they trick members as though they appreciate you and start to show you all the hopes of reaching the sky, like the prizes money from their contests in amount of over 200 USD will be given to folks like you who are so determined, and then, in the end, screwed it all up by playing the delaying games.

Even if let say they do not play these dark tactics, is it even worth to spend time with this GPT site just to earn that little amount and submit your full verification, and this to me is a no way thing because like I said this is just a typical GPT site.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to, feel free to leave me comments below.

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