Is Survey Junkie A Scam? You Will Be Earning 10 To 20 USD At Most

Hello all and welcome to my Survey Junkie review.

Been the oldest survey program normally brings hope and excitement blood flows as every single day, more and more people who suffered to earn money regardless of what they had tried and still failed, came searching to earn little or extra dollars here or there.

What they started is nowhere but using Google to search for work at home income opportunities but the type of program will need enrollment fees which most of them cannot afford, looking at how severe their pains and suffers struggling in everyday life.

So what makes them a choice is they will somehow come to the arena called get paid surveys, to voice their opinions, that is similar to get paid to answer questions or get paid to do case studies.

Yes, the program that I am going to discuss with you my friends, no matter where you are and your financial status, is the freedom to join survey membership called Survey Junkie.

This is a rather simple going type of program that paid members for their brain efforts in doing surveys,

So without further disturbing your precious time, I will start this review at right away.

Survey Junkie Review Summary

Program: Survey Junkie

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


The mobile internet these days plays such an important role as a program like Survey Junkie is using the mass advantage of the demand to bring advertisers to their platform by corresponding intelligently with their membership club.

What this usually means is the trend has changed in a way more and more advertisers get attracted to the mobile phone group of users that desperately need the strong wave to bring new ideas to their product campaign or a newly launched service.

This is when a program of this kind, Survey Junkie comes into action.

They bring a mobile digital platform to these users and then they connect interested members to the sailing advertiser’s campaign and they can achieve a lot by having the mass marketability.

When they come on board they will also get paid for their every opinion voiced through the various partner's campaign and that is a simple approach in checking through these advantages that all parties will get at the end of the day.

What Is Survey Junkie? 

Been the oldest survey paying program, their approach to business is straight to the point, that they are connecting interests within their platform to good use.

A platform that attracts the big budget companies to have a strong partnership with them as they share the common strategy to target audiences, in big numbers.

They remain active simply due to their assigned product campaigns are huge and they come in all year round.

Their mission is to bring 100 percent satisfaction for any clients that choose their services.

Because of this, they had collected more than 5 million members until this point and total payments are also reported in the mid-range seven figures in The United States Dollars.

Their existence boosted competition awareness as the big boy's companies are competing against the best when they market their products or services.

At the end of the day, the only thing matters most is, will consumers be buying their products after they have their logistics ready in all regions across the global market.

So my friends the only thing that makes you here is you want to voice your opinions because you are indeed one of the potential end users who might represent the mass market eventually.

Now that you have understood the business logic side of Survey Junkie, isn’t it right if you want to keep in touch about what they have on their hands to offer to you so you can know more about how much you can expect to earn using their platform.

What Does Survey Junkie Offer?

Before I begin let’s have a feel of what it is like in this membership members area.

Survey Junkie member's dashboard

Like any paid to do program in this arena, you are mainly offered a place where you can be connected with these advertisers.

There are a few things that you have to do first before anything else, that is to further proceed with this survey membership.

The registration is very straight forward as it merely takes only a few minutes for proceedings with the membership.

Survey Junkie signup page

Firstly, you will immediately receive a free 25 Junkie Points upon successful enrollment.

Survey Junkie welcome bonus points reward

Next, they will reward you another 50 points if you complete your profile, hey this is important as this is the reason why you are doing this, to take surveys and get paid.

The requirements for every survey is abstract and because of this, you have to carefully fill up your personal profile, the area of interests and your skills all in this section of the member's profile.

The criteria in the likelihood for members to receive a paid to do survey comes from the program’s big partners.

What they need and want are depended on where you belong and what is your interest in certain areas of field, and your qualification and also how likely you will be buying a product of theirs.

The surveys are in variation and some can be done in 4 to 10 minutes while the more complex ones will take you more than 30 minutes to complete.

Survey Junkie survey availability
Get started with survey task with Survey Junkie

Their mission from the start has not changed, that is to bring people in to shape their marketing product campaigns and this will reward both the partners and members.

The business approach philosophy of Survey Junkie

Do also take serious note that a survey that you are currently on course to complete, it could be disqualified at any time as they are closely monitoring the progress for each individual invited survey.

So meaning you will spend some time before you get booted out of a survey, like it or not this is part of the game in this get paid to do surveys business.

In such scenarios, you will either receive 0 points or you will receive pity points to prevent you from crying.

Survey Junkie pointless reward
Survey Junkie pity points reward

How Do You Earn With Survey Junkie?

Like you already notice, they pay members for doing surveys.

The rate that they pay to you is depending on the amount of the complexity based on their various needs from their advertisers.

Just to give you an example of how the payrolls estimation, let’s take a look at the diagrams below.

Survey Junkie payroll illustration
Survey Junkie payroll illustration  example

As you can clearly see for yourself, there is really not much that you could earn with this program, and don’t get it wrong that you came to this place looking for solid income so it is not going to materialize here.

Their proceedings page looks very glamorous but it is unreal once you have joined.

Right from the beginning, they clearly stated that this is just a place to have some fun doing questionnaires to spare some of your free time and then they will send reward as a token of thanks, and that’s it.

Nowhere did you ever read lines and phrases that said this program will make you a rich income.

To further make things worse is, the surveys are not frequently available, you would probably be booted long before you participate in any of them.

Worth taking note here that in the world of Survey Junkie, they reward members using their internal Survey Junkie Points.

Every point is equal to 1 US Cent, so every 100 points are 1 US Dollar.

In the financial side of the program, you either can choose to be paid using gift cards or using real cash.

For gift cards, they had some top rating merchandise where you can exchange for their products like shopping at Walmart.

As for cash terms, they will send payment to your Paypal account once you have collected the minimum of 10 US Dollars.

That’s something seems little yet it is not easy to get to that points, from my various research about the member's earnings feedback.

Your income estimation on a monthly basis can best be said, in the range of 10 to 20 USD.

Yes, this is how bad it is when it comes to the income side of this program, as you have fully understood at this stage that this place is not a place to gain dollars.

Getting paid with Survey Junkie

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The Pros - What I like About Survey Junkie

There’s always a catch in this arena to get paid surveys programs, some have more advantages while others had more ugly truths behind them.

From my research and understanding, there is literally nothing interesting that worth saying, it looks colorful from the outside but pale on the inside.

Even though they are this bad in all areas but let’s just quickly tell you that while others are setting it very high as part of their delaying members agenda to buy themselves more time and take full advantage from their partnership with these advertisers.

They don’t play these tactics as they set only the minimum 10 US Dollars, which is a more achievable target in approximately 60 to 70 days.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Survey Junkie

Well, the very real ugly truth that lies inside Survey Junkie is the frequent banning of members to stop them from getting paid. Before they ban you, they are already doing the ugly tricks of constantly kicking you out in the midst of doing the surveys.

There’s just too many reports of this sort from fellow members.

Member feedback of being blocked
Member feedback of flaws within Survey Junkie

You will probably be treated as badly as you could imagine because they make you work very hard to climb the income, and once you have submitted your surveys they just throw you out as if you are no longer important or needed anymore.

From their perspective, they already got their mission accomplished based on the terms set by their advertisers yet they are using this tricks to hold your payments or completely wipe you out of their system, means worst that could happen, you get paid zero.

Member feedback of disqualification before cashout
Member feedback of account termination before cashout

Is Survey Junkie A Scam?

Before I conclude anything about Survey Junkie, as this is not something that can be taken lightly, I have found many real-time members that just had so many bad experiences with them.

I eventually found out what are the dirty tricks that they are utilizing.

They will make you believe in every honesty within their program that you may work your way to earn as many points as you could and then they shut you down completely.

This kind of experience is even more painful than if they refuse to pay their members, because this requires mutual trusts but sadly, there is none trust here.

Taking full note about how they will make you call it a day when you happen to be one of the account holders that are under their radar.

They somehow will notice those members that will do all things to keep earning points and then one of a fine morning it all went sour for them as they are deleted from their membership altogether.

The below situation will likely happen to you once you are a good points collector.

Member feedback of unethical tricks used by Survey Junkie preventing you from cashout

So without further hesitation, I have to conclude this review by saying this program is not completely a scam but they are definitely a red watch out.

You should think carefully before investing your precious time with them.

My Final Thoughts

Let’s face it my friends, scam or not a scam does this even bothering you at all at this stage of your overall assessment?

Even if they hide all their scamming tactics the income here is just not justified at all, I mean are you waiting day and night to just hoping to do some silly questionnaires to get paid silly dollars and cents?

The chances of been kicked out during a survey are huge and they show no mercy to you at any given time because you are not the one in control so when they want you out they will kick you out.

This is something looking really bad as your income and payments are pending until if ever they are happy to release the payment.

A quick scan on their ratings found they are already long gone dust as some of the top rating sites don’t even bother to give them any ratings at all as they found the same thing that scams these members in a dark way.

Which is why I said they scam selectively and they do this behind the scenes.

I would definitely not be recommending this program because you are taking around 70 days just to cash out your first payment and that is just some dollars, let alone earning a consistent income.

So it is easy to simply say goodbye to them.

It is not what I wanted as my intention is to appreciate any good programs that contribute earnings to members but in this program, it is not worthy at all.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Survey Junkie, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

If you are are searching for ways to earn online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Survey Junkie, feel free to leave me comments below.

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