Is Survey Spotter A Scam? Source Of Quality Paid Surveys With Insufficient Choices

Hello all and welcome to my Survey Spotter review.

It is a good idea behind a platform that connects to people that wanted to earn income online by benefiting both the advertisers and the income earners.

More and more market research companies are looking for ways to market their products, and one of the best methods is using surveys to promote their strategies, whenever they have new products to sell or new services to offer.

The program that I'm going to review today is rather different as they are not the survey offerings company.

They are a bridge that source out these market research companies that need consumers to do survey studies and then link them to the consumers or simply put, people that also want to reap the benefits by getting paid for these survey studies.

This program that I am referring to is Survey Spotter.

So without further delay, let's commence the review about this program.

Survey Spotter Review Summary

Program: Survey Spotter

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


As the name of the program called the Survey Spotter, they are a platform that targets the advertisers to their community.

Because when we talk about paid survey programs, often they are dealing directly with their members, but Survey Spotter is not a paid survey program.

A better way to explain is they bring benefits to the advertisers by linking them with their own members.

The program's concept is using its platform to set up a membership, and then they can use the community to do survey studies.

Research companies can then get to know more about what they can do to better market their products.

Profits are made when the advertisers pay them, usually based on survey studies result performance.

So, my friends, this is how it works for a program like Survey Spotter.

What Is Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is a UK based survey bridging platform program, owned and managed by All Grove Ltd.

The program made the process of completing surveys much organized and more efficient by sourcing out for potential survey companies that need their services.

They are not directly inviting members to do the surveys but they are offering these companies a community with a large number of members.

These people will accomplish survey studies based on advertiser's need. In other words, Survey Spotter will stand by whenever a need arises.

The program claimed that by doing the surveys from their various survey sources, members can easily earn 300 Pounds or more per month.

We will study further if this amount is realistic to achieve or not but for now, It looks like the amount which you can earn is nowhere near that sort of amount.

Even though the connection of networks that can provide a good source of a survey from the other quality programs, the process of completing them is not that straight forward as it involves third-party companies to grant you the access to these surveys.

However, what's different with Survey Spotter is unlike the other similar survey sourcing programs, they source for only the quality companies.

I have extracted an image directly from the company’s website that explains the brief basics of who they are, so let’s take a quick look at them.

The about page of Survey Spotter

What Does Survey Spotter Offer?

My friends, things will get more exciting as now I will take you through what are the things that you can do with this program so you can start earning a potential income as what they claim, which is 300 Pounds or more a month.

Let’s do this in a precise step by step way, so the first thing is how you can register with the program.

Registration is simple as it takes just a few minutes by filling up an email address, personal information like your gender, and date of birth.

Let us take a look below about the overall registration process.

The signup form of Survey Spotter

After you have cataloged, inside the member's area, there are 2 steps that you need to complete.

The first step is selecting the list of the survey programs from their sources, which they called it survey panel list.

You have to make sure you select all of them, which is exactly 10 of them, to maximize your earning potential.

As I individually think you are not going to attain the revenue target that they say you can earn.

The steps to choose surveys

The instructions of how you can sign up with the respective survey sites will be sent to your email.

This program is saying they had it all covered whereby they will automatically bridge you to these sites to make your signing much easier with them.

However, it could be glitches in their system as members are reporting that they still have to register manually to each of the panel lists.

The more you register the chances of getting an invite by these panels is greater so technically speaking it will increase your surveys amount to earn a much better income.

The next step of completing the process in your member's area is checking the email that they sent you and confirmed the registration by clicking the validation link in your email.

Email confirmation of survey tasks

After you have done so, the survey companies will send you their welcome emails to let you know that you have successfully enrolled with them.

All you do is confirmed each registration with the emails sent to you.

This part is a little effort consuming as it takes more time to do it one by one but this will ensure you will get paid accordingly when you are conducting a survey with these companies.

The receivable emails of survey tasks

So this is basically what Survey Spotter is offering as a middle man platform.

The member's area is aught but these 3 pages. So what’s important here is your email is already in the survey company’s record keeping so you will eventually be bridged to them appropriately.

How Do You Earn With Survey Spotter?

Now my friends, in this segment I will disclose to folks like you on how you can earn with this program.

As I specified earlier, the program is nothing but a bridge between survey sites to their members. With this said, all you can earn are from these disparate companies.

Their pay plans work in simple terms where you participate in their panel survey sites and get rewarded directly from each and every one of them.

The step by step to complete a survey

So how much you can possibly earn with this program is varied, as you are dealing with different survey sites.

For a start, the program claimed that members can typically earn between 5 Pounds per survey to a monthly income of 300 Pounds.

Let me break down how the claim works in the diagram extracted directly from their website.

The earning potential of Survey Spotter

This is how they said you can acquire the 300 Great Britain Pounds.

It is no logic here because it is impossible that you will ever get 5 surveys per day.

It is not achievable realistically speaking, as most of the surveys that provided to you earn you just 1 to 2 Pounds.

You are considered lucky if you can get more than 2 surveys a day as that is also not a lot of surveys that are available based on various factors like your qualifications and your interest on certain criteria.

The survey sites will only come to you when you qualify for any survey that they think you can fit in well. A survey typically runs from 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on the type and length.

Now I will explain to you my friends, how you can get salaried from the program.

Because the program acts as a bridge, this means you will be getting paid individually by their panel of survey sites and not directly from them.

Each survey site pays differently, some use gift cards and some are payments to your Paypal account.

The reward system of Survey Spotter

Something worth noting here is there are terms that you have to meet before you can cash out and again each survey site has its own terms and conditions so you have to know each of them before you commit to do their surveys.

To do it the smart way is to try to source for survey sites that pay you more quickly via cash and not using points, because even though points have its own benefits but it is limited to exchange for products via shopping online.

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The Pros - What I like About Survey Spotter

Not much worth perceiving regarding the program with the only exception, it is simple to use.

Now my friends, isn’t it true our work and research are easier if there’s a platform that will bridge us to information or products that we want?

It has become easier as the program will provide a list of quality survey sites where you can earn with them.

Not very often will a program provides legitimate survey sites as most of them are potential scammers or with many problems.

So this is something worth praising as they are doing a good job in maintaining a good reputation of their own.

They win in the end as the numbers in the community can be a good target for any market in the current or into the near future.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Survey Spotter

I will start by saying even though it is a convenient way to start earning with their panel survey sites, there are just many ugly sides about the program as a whole.

Things get ugly when members need to spend the time to register to each and every one of the chosen panel and then to start to understand their terms.

After doing so it can also mean you will not ever get any survey to do because you are not qualified or they just don’t need you to do so.

This, in fact, means your earnings are severely narrowed and with no potential growth.

You are told to add many surveys to your profile, and yet the earnings are so little that it certainly has no logic in here, and it is unrealistic income potential.

Besides this, the payment is not centralized so this means you will probably wait a long time before these sites pay you as a reward.

You could be squandering your time seeing no result in doing so.

Is Survey Spotter A Scam?

My friends, we have come to the denouement part of this scrutiny where you want to know is this program a scam or not.

I would say the program is not a scam as they are keen and determined to deliver the quality paid survey sites where you can participate.

That does not mean you can earn income using their platform services, as it could well lead to more complications than you thought.

You see my friends, there are just so many similar survey sourcing programs out there and they basically do the same thing, to link you to paid survey sites.

They collect your information and particularly your valid email address so that they can use it to their advantage.

The thing here is even with this quality sourcing, it is not likely that you are able to earn anywhere near the amount of 300 Pounds as they said you will.

It is unfixed and it is unreal as you could possibly be getting like 1 to 2 surveys in a few days or a week.

Chances are these can’t even mean that you will get paid as most likely your options are limited within their scope of payments.

My Final Thoughts

I will wind up by saying that the program of this kind is not even valuable of your time.

If you can do surveys and get paid why not you do it in a more felicitous and useful manner?

What this means is you came looking for ways to earn using paid surveys so you are aware that you will probably get better results if you register directly with the survey sites, and not through their platform as this could lead to various disadvantage.

For example, your email address might get spammed when the program collects your data.

Furthermore, the earnings are so impractical and irresolute all the time. Instead of hurdle around, the most you can get some extra dollars here and there.

What you need to take note here my friends, is you don’t need all of the panels, you probably just need a few good ones then you are set to earn in a more efficient way.

This way also ensures nimble payments to your Paypal account.

The likelihood of earning in here is very limited to the extent you are likely to see 1 to a few dollars so are you into this kind of earning potential?

The simple answer here is there is no potential and you probably want to look for better ways with fewer complications to earn a good income.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Survey Spotter, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Survey Spotter, feel free to leave me comments below.

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