Traveling Vineyard Review: Can You Earn A Living With A Wine MLM Company?

If you are a wine lover, every sip of a genuine and authentic wine will spark your adrenaline, right?

The authentically brewed wine will be irresistibly sensational right?

Today, I will be reviewing a wine company known as the Traveling Vineyard.

Maybe you are here to discover its state of legitimacy.

Maybe you are seeking more information about its wines.

Or perhaps you want to discover whether this company is suitable to kickstart an MLM business journey.

This review will get you covered in these aspects.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Traveling Vineyard Review Summary

Company: Traveling Vineyard

Founder: Rick Libby

Price: The essential success kit - $99
The success kit - $179

Rating: 80/100


Honestly, Traveling Vineyard is one of the best MLM companies in my MLM discovery voyage.

It's solidly established within the unique winery niche market.

Generally, its trustworthiness is further strengthened with the awesome wines that are gaining market traction across The United States.

Product-wise, it has arguably the world's finest wines, you need to taste every sip yourself to feel the mouthful sensation.

Compensation wise, Traveling Vineyard doesn't disappoint as well with its fairly lucrative and acceptable bonuses.

For example, its retail bonus could potentially reach as high as 35%.

Overall, this is one of the MLM companies that deserve to be a candidate for your MLM business consideration.

A better alternative

Traveling Vineyard is excelling in every aspect undoubtedly.

The one thing that is deemed unattractive is its MLM implementation.

That means you will constantly find yourself doing a lot of face to face presentation and selling.

If you don't enjoy socializing and doing sales in person, then there's an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model with a website and content creation.

What Is Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard has its own winery story to share.

It all began with the realization of how the wine industry could make a huge impact on society and life as a whole.

Its founder Rick Libby traveled the entire United States with his team to discover the best winegrowers.

Their love for wines has also enabled the entire team to traveled the world especially the European countries to seek reputable winegrowers as well as sharing life touching stories and experience together.

As the saying goes like this, every sip has its uniqueness right?

The togetherness of this unbreakable wine community has embarked on a new chapter and a new journey for Traveling Vineyard.

Every sip of wine that triggers your deepest taste sensation doesn't come easy.

Here's the video explaining how the wines are processed and manufactured.

Today, Traveling Vineyard is headquartered in Massachusetts with more than 5000 independent representatives known as wine guides.

I'm sure the story of Traveling Vineyard will continue to be illustrated beautifully with plenty of colorful chapters to be written and shared with wine enthusiasts.

What Does This Company Offer?

Traveling Vineyard knows and understands every aspect of tasteful wines.

Let's discover its phenomenal wines.

Traveling Vineyard double date sweet rose wine illustration

This is one of the most desirable wines within the wine community. It has received hundreds of positive 5-star reviews.

Known as the double date sweet rose wine, it has a mixture of natural fruits such as watermelon blended into an irresistible tasty wine. Ideal to be consumed in the summer months.

Next, let's take a look at another flagship wine brought to you exclusively by Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard dessert style sweet wine illustration

Wanna experience the goodness of the genuine authentic white wine?

This wine could satisfy your craving for the best white wine in town.

Specifically mixed with essential fruits such as the mandarin orange and apricot, this is the wine that you don't want to miss.

Next, here's another irresistible premium wine. 

Traveling Vineyard Tria Reserve Mourvedre Syrah wine illustration

Take a look at its exterior appearance, unbelievably gorgeous right?

Known as the Tria Reserve, it's the perfect black wine that has the essential black earth mineral.

Blended adequately with black pepper, this is the wine that is worthy of a sip for the best sensational feel!

Traveling Vineyard also offers a complete package of a business kit with wines.

Here's an illustration of its success kit.

Traveling Vineyard essential success kit illustration

Pretty complete set of business kit to kickstart your wine journey right?

This business package has 10 wines to boost your wine tasting experience to a whole new level!

Traveling Vineyard's Compensation Plan

MLM companies usually have extremely complex compensation plans.

These plans are designed to be complicated intentionally.

Decoding its entire compensation structure into human-understandable language is even harder than piloting an aircraft.

It's no different with Traveling Vineyard.

It's unnecessary to comprehend and grasp everything right away which could potentially lead to confusion.

In this section, I will summarize all the essential ways to be compensated with Traveling Vineyard.

When you join Traveling Vineyard, you will be awarded the wine guide status.

The wine guide can also be called an independent representative.

With Traveling Vineyard, you are called the wine guide.

As a certified wine guide, you are given consent to represent this company to build a brand for yourself such as promoting its wines or business opportunity.

Here are the two essential ways of getting compensated with Traveling Vineyard.

The retail bonus

Traveling Vineyard adopts the MLM business implementation.
Meaning that you will be responsible to build your business independently.

One good aspect of it is that you can reap the retail bonuses as a result.

Whenever you successfully convinced someone to purchase any of the wines offered by Traveling Vineyard, you will reap the retail commission.

This part of the transaction is done independently.

Traveling Vineyard compensates retail bonus starting from 15% to as high as 35% based on your sales achievements.

Here are the summary of the reapable retail percentages based on sales achievements.

$1 to $399 sales - 15% reapable commission

$400 to $1249 - 20% reapable commission

$1250 to $2999 - 25% reapable commission

$3000 to $4999 - 30% reapable commission

$4999 to any amount higher than $5000 - 35% reapable commission

As you can see, the reapable commissions are significantly increased when you can generate higher and higher sales volumes.

It's one of the ways to earn an income based on your personal commitment and hard work.

The hard work that you have invested will be rewarded handsomely with the lucrative retail commission.

What you need to do is to purchase any of Traveling Vineyard's wines at the distributor price, then you promote it to your prospective customers at the retail price.

The price difference is your retail commission.

Never underestimate this retail bonus part, if you are hardworking and have the convincing skill, the income generated from retail commissions could make you laugh to the bank.

The residual bonus

This bonus is the exact opposite of the retail bonus.

You will be rewarded based on your ability to recruit while building a network of skillful recruiters at the same time.

Essentially, you start with an empty hierarchy.

Next, you need to recruit two wine guides each on your left side and the right side.

It's a binary system pairing that gets even replication into multiple levels down.

It's not an easy task to accomplish as you need to make sure your downlines are capable of delivering sales results.

How much you can earn with the residual bonus is highly dependant on the achievement of your entire network.

The residual bonus could potentially set you free financially with its lucrativeness.

If you insist on discovering the compensation plans in its entirety, (which by the way, it's not necessary at all at this stage), here's a video presentation that explains precisely.

How to join Traveling Vineyard?

I have a lot of respect for Traveling Vineyard because of its simplified memberships.

They are offering only two types of memberships as shown below.

The essential success kit priced at $99

This is the basic kit to kickstart your wine journey. It has all the necessary materials and tools for your business.

It also comes with 10 bottles of wines!

You can either sell the wines to reap the retail commission, or you can keep the wine for self-consumption.

The success kit priced at $179

This premium kit is similar to the success kit.

The only difference is that it comes with even more essential tools to ease your journey as a wine guide.

More importantly, it's packed with 10 bottles of wines!

That's the part that triggers the real excitement right?

The Pros - What I like About Traveling Vineyard

They are experts in the wine industry

Remember I mentioned earlier about the founder and his team traveled the entire world?

Their dedication and the love for wines have brought to the existence of today's Traveling Vineyard.

So whenever we talk about the wine industry, they are experts in every aspect of it.

Quality and phenomenal wines

If you have tasted Traveling Vineyard's wines before, then you know exactly how quality these wines are.

It's no secret that its wines are receiving positive feedback from the wine lovers community.

For example, its Fissata Sweet Red wine has received a 5-star review from over 774 wine lovers at the time of writing!

That's a phenomenal achievement, right?

I'm not an expert in wine but then based on the specific individual's reviews, Traveling Vineyard does produce arguably the world's finest authentic wines.

It's contributing to humanity

There are more and more MLM players who are beginning to give back to society and the community.

It's one of the ways to express gratitude and appreciation.

Traveling Vineyard has its unique ways of giving back to the society in various contributions.

For example, through its collaboration with The American Brain Tumor Association, Traveling Vineyard has donated $90000 to fund this nonprofit organization to fight the dangerous tumor formation in the human brain.

This is arguably the best trait any MLM companies possess that deserve a spot in the hall of fame recognition.

Well done to Traveling Vineyard for its selfless and continuous support making the world a better place.

The wine industry has positive growth potential

MLM companies usually have the tendency of venturing into the wellness and skincare industries.

That doesn't necessarily mean that other industries are not profitable or have limited growth.

The wine industry has huge growth potential.

Besides its uniqueness, it's also blooming positively.

According to IBIS World, the wine industry is predicted to gain an estimation growth of $25.9 billion annually.

This stat is only based on The United States alone.

Just imagine the yearly growth potential worldwide!

The Cons - What I Dislike About Traveling Vineyard

Low success rate

They say every business endeavor has some sort of risk.

It could flourish or it could end up not profiting.

I do agree with that.

With MLM, it's the worse scenario as it's confirmed that MLM business has the highest failure rate.

According to the due dot com, a staggering 99% of most MLM representatives lose money.

It's a heartbreaking fact and reality to swallow but then that's the nature of it.

Bothering friends and family members

One of the most fundamental ways to kickstart your MLM journey is to approach your friends and family members.

It's also encouraged by most of the uplines and leaders.

Now, this approach could simplify and ease your tasks but there's a big downside of it.

Friendships and relationships could be potentially ruined.
You certainly don't want to be in that position.

My Final Thoughts

After progressing thus far, you know that Traveling Vineyard is one of the most trustable companies to establish a wine business journey.

This is an MLM company that provides one of the most lucrative platforms to earn as an independent representative.

For example, its retail commission alone is lucratively satisfying.

If you are proficient and skillful in the art of convincing and persuasiveness, the retail bonus itself will generate a fountain of wealth.

However, I still think that there's a better alternative to creating wealth in the online world.

With Traveling Vineyard, the biggest obstacle has got to be the face to face direct selling approach.

Rejection will be following you closely waiting to confront, so that's the thing about MLM business.

Its reward is not proportionally matched with your effort and hard work.

If you are passionate about socializing and doing face to face presentation, then undoubtedly, Traveling Vineyard is an ideal platform to build a wine business.

If you are not a big fan of socializing in person, then I suggest you seek an alternative business path in the online world.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model combined with a website and content creation.

This is the business model that enables ordinary people to build an extraordinary income by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.

The best part of it is that it doesn't hurt your wallet to get started.

All you need is to identify your unique passion and the willingness to learn and take action.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Traveling Vineyard, feel free to leave me comments below.

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