Truvision Health Review: One Of The Best Wellness MLM Company Reviewed

Let me guess, are you looking for the viability of building a business with Truvision Health?

Maybe you have been approached by your friend to join this unique MLM company?

You do not want to disappoint your friend but then you are still doubting the legitimacy of Truvision Health?

Maybe you have been convinced to join Truvision Health because of its awesome products shared with you by your neighbor?

In this review, I will be walking you through the entire journey of discovering Truvision Health inside and out.

Are you ready for the exploration?


Let's get started without further ado.

Truvision Health Review Summary

Company: Truvision Health

Founder: Anonymously kept secret

Co-founder: Shawn Gibson

Price: New associates registration fee of $35
(Renewable annually)
Additional product packages offered from $125

Rating: 60/100


Truvision Health is not a new player within the MLM world.

It's an experienced company that is shaping the landscape of the wellness industry hugely.

In recent years, it has expanded its wings venturing into skincare as well as household industries respectively.

Truvision Health is also one of the best MLM company that offers top-notch products to kickstart your business journey.

It's one of the candidates capable of fulfilling your path to MLM riches.

However, doing sales especially face to face selling will be an integral part of your journey moving forward.

What Is Truvision Health?

Truvision Health is a United States-based wellness MLM company uniquely founded in 2014.

It serves the wellness and healthcare industry with revolutionary products that boost healthcare as a whole.

Despite some years of experience under its belt, Truvision Health doesn't disclose who is the real boss that runs this company.

That being said, apparently, its co-founder is Mr. Shawn Gibson, one of the masterminds who are responsible to scale this company to the success it owns today.

I am assuming there's a real founder, the duo combination of their expertise could potentially lead Shawn Gibson to achieve a greater success milestone.

What Does Truvision Health Offer?

It's a massive challenge for any MLM company that specialized in the wellness industry.

Firstly, it does take resources and time to innovate top-notch healthcare products that are beneficial to the consumers.

Secondly, the science and technology behind any product's invention don't happen quickly.

It takes a lot of clinical and laboratory research and development before the mass production phase.

Thankfully, Truvision Health is resourceful with expertise and with the vast experience of running the company since 2014, it has sufficiently provided plethoras of revolutionary products that serve the healthcare industry.

Let's take a look at one of its award-winning and flagship product.

Truvision Health truFIX premium and flagship product

This product is known as truFIX.

It' a fully trademarked and patented product under the brand of Truvision Health. 

Now, the importance of balancing our body's blood toxicity is crucial for maintaining optimum wellbeing.

This product specifically addresses the blood chemistry of our body.

It's formulated with all-natural ingredients deliciously packed in capsules form.

The capsule form also means that it eases consumption.

Perfectly ideal if you are always on the go with a busy schedule and lifestyles.

Next, here's another product categorized in its premium category.

 Truvision Health reFORM flagship product

If you are a busy person who emphasized in weight loss without compromising your daily diet, then this product fits right for you.

It's an energy drink blended and formulated with passion fruits.

Conveniently packed in a drinkable sachets packet, it's going to save your day without the hecticness of preparing the weight loss juice yourself.

By the way, it tastes great too!

Next, here's another premium product known as reNU.

Truvision Health reNU flagship product

Have you ever wondered the amount of toxic that has been accumulated in our body for years or even decades?

I am not a doctor nor nutritionist, but then one thing for certain is that the accumulated toxic definitely makes us feel uncomfortable preventing us from living healthily.

This product is specifically formulated to flush out all the toxins in our body.

For example, the waste stored in the body's colon gets hardened over time which causes difficulty of expelling from the body.

With reNU, colon cleansing will be simplified with its all-natural ingredients that also help in colon cleansing.

So, this product addresses detoxification and weight management to boost your wellbeing to a whole new level.

Let's take a look at another phenomenal product brought to you by Truvision Health.

Truvision Health truSLUMBER flagship product

This product is called truSLUMBER. It aids you to sleep soundly at night for a full-body recharge.

Sleeping disorder has become one of the biggest health concerns in today's hecticness.

The severity has worsened in recent times with the increase of emotional and mental stress.

I am sure you certainly don't wish to have sleepless nights while looking pale and tired in the day right?

It's unbearable and it makes us unattractive.

This product is claimed to boost your sleeping experience hugely.

Next, let's proceed to the essential oils side of Truvision Health.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends, Truvision Health does offer a wide range of essentials oils.

The essential oil has become a part of today's trend and necessity.

Here's one of the most popular essential flavor, the lavender.

 Truvision Health lavender flavor essential oil

The lavender is one of the most sought after essential oil flavor.

It's also famous for its calming and mood healing effect.

Next, let's proceed to the business side of Truvision Health. I

 will be walking you through its compensation plans, followed by the cost of joining its exclusive family.

Truvision Health's Compensation Plan

Understandably, MLM companies are famous for their complicated compensation plans.

The complexity may seem daunting to a huge extent.

Understanding and grasping the compensation plans in the entirety is like asking a doctor to decode programming languages.

It's completely unnecessary at this point.

Here, I will summarize the essntial parts of earning with Truvision Health.

These core compensation parts are sufficient for you to kickstart your journey flawlessly.

The Retail Bonus

One of the most fundamental ways of earning with Truvision Health is its retail bonus.

As an independent distributor representing Truvision Health, you are consented to purchase any of its products at the discounted distributor price.

Then, you can promote these purchased products to your friends or prospective customers.

The gap difference is your reapable retail bonus.

This part of the compensation depends on your ability to sell products independently.

The Fast Start Bonus

This part of the compensation rewards you for your work ethic of efficiency.

When you successfully sponsored someone to join in the big family, the entry point of the fast start bonus will be unlocked.

Next, your newly sponsored members need to purchase the fast start package within 60 days.

Additionally, they also must accumulate a minimum of 100 PV.

Income from the fast start bonus could add up relatively fast as long as you fulfilled the mentioned requirements.

The Recruitment Bonuses

The main course of the actual earnable income happens here.

The recruitment bonus will enable you to earn passively once your entire team of network flourished.

When you recruit someone to join Truvision Health, he or she is considered your direct sponsor.

It's a repeatable step to recruit as many people as possible to join under your network hierarchy.

When you successfully recruited two members, they can form a matching also known as pairing.

This process goes on and on into multiple levels deep. Your recruits will also be trained by you to repeat the same steps.

Soon, your entire network will have a team of powerful active recruiters.

That's the moment more and more additional percentage bonuses will be unlocked.

Here's the thing my friends, the main core of any MLM business lies in the recruitment part.

Residual income will be achieved when you implement this stage correctly.

By the way, your recruits also need to replicate your step by recruiting new associates on their end.

The summarized compensations I mentioned above are sufficient to get you rolling to earn with Truvision Health.

If you want to discover the compensation part in full details, here's the video walkthrough that explains everything precisely.

Next, let's proceed to discover the cost to join Truvision Health.

How to join Truvision Health?

Before you can represent Truvision Health, you need to become one of their independent distributor known as the associates.

The registration fee for the associates' membership is $35, renewable annually.

When you are one of its associates, you are allowed to purchase any of its products at a 20% discount rate.

If you are truly determined to make this business a success, then there are multiple product packages offered starting from $125.

Also, additional products are purchasable based on your own preferences.

If you would like to test out the offered products before committing in full gear, then there are membership options of the preferred customers and also the retail customers.

The preferred customer's membership enables you to purchase Truvision Health's products with a 10% discount.

The registration fee is waived for this membership.

There are numerous rewards for you if you choose to take part in its monthly Smartship option.

The retail customer membership is dedicated to Truvision Health's customers.

This membership will grant the flexibility of choosing any of your desired products at the retail price.

The Pros - What I like About Truvision Health

Established company

One of the good traits possessed by any MLM company is its ability to sustain the business for the long term.

Truvision Health certainly worthy to be recognized as a company that is long term driven.

It has built a solid foundation for positive growth with its unique products and business implementations.

Varieties of products

As an MLM company ventured into the wellness industry,

Truvision Health has one of the most selections of products.

Besides, its products are top-notch that address various health concerns to boost weelbeing.

As part of its rapid progression, Truvision Health is now offering products outside of the healthcare arena such as the skincare and essential oils products.

Opportunity to thrive with decent compensation plans

Opportunity to thrive with decent compensation plans

Most people have reluctancy towards MLM company due to the uncertainties of generating handsome income.

Now, Truvision Health is certainly considered one of the best MLM company that rewards handsomely and lucratively.

In fact, through its fast start bonus, you can maximize your earning within the shortest time.

Skincare at its best

If you think Truvision Health is excelling in the wellness industry alone, well, not exactly my friends!

Truvision Health is now capable of manufacturing a phenomenal skincare product that boosts the radiance and shiningness of your skin.

Commercially known as DERMAPRUV, this is the complete skincare set that will make your skin happy.

For example, its Instant Wrinkle Eliminator is phenomenally beneficial to boost your skin appearance to a whole new level.

Take a look at all the products in this skincare combination.

Phenomenally impressive right?

The Cons - What I Dislike About Truvision Health

Products expensiveness

Now, don't get me wrong here. Truvision Health offers some really awesome products like what I've just shown you earlier.

These products could be phenomenally sellable if you target the right audience precisely.

One thing I personally dislike about MLM's healthcare products is the priceyness issue.

It's becoming the norm nowadays and this trend doesn't seem to improve for the better interest of the consumers.

Let's take back the example of the skincare set example I illustrated to you earlier.

Known as Dermapruv, it's retailed at $284.

Currently, at the time of writing, it's having a discounted price at $159 for the entire skincare set.

Here's what I meant.

Truvision Health Dermapruv expensive retail price

As you can see, it's relatively expensive.

Understandably, there's a myriad of the investment cost involved such as the research and development of the products.

In my opinion, consumers' interest should be prioritized by rectifying the affordability issue.

That way, more potential consumers can experience the awesomeness of the products.

Questionable products' effectiveness

To make this part as transparent and as fair as possible, let's head to the Truvision Health product page on Amazon.

I will be taking some genuine product feedback from verified buyers.

Overall, Truvision Health received mixed reviews by these verified buyers.

It's summarized below.

Truvision Health summarized product review on Amazon

This consumer complained about experiencing stomach upset consecutively twice.

It was initially guessed that virus penetration into his stomach caused this issue, but then it wasn't.

Amazon verified buyer review of stomach discomfort

This consumer complains about the ineffectiveness of weight loss, he or she gains weight instead.

Amazon verified user review of weight loss ineffectiveness

This verified buyer has a story to tell about the product's ineffectiveness.

He was even refused to be refunded for the unopened box of the product.

So... the particular products work terribly for some consumers.

Amazon verified buyer complains about product ineffectiveness

As you can see from some of the examples I showed, there are dissatisfactions from genuine consumers.

In my opinion, weight loss and healthcare products' effectiveness is relatively subjective.

It varies from individuals to individuals, as there are so many variables that lead to the overall ineffectiveness.

That being said, there are cases of genuine ineffectiveness.

You are advised to consult your doctor or physician whether any healthcare products from MLM companies is safe for you to consume.

Bothering friends and family members

It's not a good feeling to bother your friends and family members approaching them about MLM products and opportunities.

Here's the thing my friends, as soon as you join any MLM company, one of the first things they teach you to do is to list down all of the approachable contacts.

Inevitably, that would be your friends and family members.

The situation could go ugly when friendships and relationships could be potentially ruined.

My Final Thoughts

I hope that you have grasped the fundamental information about the ins and outs of Truvision Health.

If you are determined to kickstart the journey with Truvision Health, one thing for certain is the necessity of doing face to face selling, presentations, organizing social events so on and so forth.

If doing sales seems unattractive to you, then there's an alternative to creating wealth in the online world.

I do recommend affiliate marketing.

It's a business model that enables you to partner with any established merchants who are gaining the consumers' trust.

For example, just think of any of your favorites beloved brands of any products you desired.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to deal with the tediousness of selling in person anymore.

Interested audience will be coming to you instead.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Truvision Health, feel free to leave me comments below.

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