Valentus Review: An MLM Company That Thrives In Weight Loss Coffee

Your love and passion for staying fit have attracted friends sharing awesome products and business opportunities to you?

Perhaps you have been introduced wellness products capable of boosting your fitness goals to a whole new dimension?

Or maybe you have been approached of an opportunity to earn lucratively on weight loss coffee?

Today, I will be reviewing an MLM company known as Valentus.

Maybe you are curious and convinced to give this MLM a try but would like to discover more before committing precious time, effort and money?

In this review, I will be showcasing the ins and outs of Valentus, its state of legitimacy as well as the viability of building a business with it.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Valentus Review Summary

Company: Valentus

Founder: Dave Jordan

Price: Various product packages offered.
The basic package priced at $59
The starter package priced at $129
The advanced package priced at $199
The business builder package priced at $499

Rating: 60/100


Uniquely founded in 2014, Valentus has been progressing positively under the leadership of Dave Jordan.

One of the main attractiveness of Dave is his high level of determination.

A determination that enables him to persevere in the entire journey to build an empire that is shaping the wellness industry hugely.

Product-wise, Valentus offers myriad of top-notch weight loss and fitness management products specifically in the sachets.

For example, its Prevail Slimroast coffee and Prevail Trim are preparable easily for convenient consumption.

The business side of Valentus demonstrates a high level of lucrativeness through its unique and complex compensation plan.

The complexity is daunting to a huge extent, but then once you get yourself familiarize within the culture of Valentus, I am sure you will indulge, enjoy and ultimately earn in the fabulous journey.

What Is Valentus?

Uniquely founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan, Valentus was officially created with the philosophy of prevailing in every aspect of life’s endeavors.

Here’s the brief history of how the idea of Valentus was sparked.

Being born in a family of 14 siblings, life’s hardship has steered Dave Jordan to work extremely hard to build a foundation for the long term inevitable success.

His level of determination and willpower narrated the ventures into the world of network marketing.

Since then, it’s no reverse gear.

Dave has been excelling in the field of network marketing with loads of experience and expertise under his belt.

Today, Valentus has been going through transformational progress as we speak.

Top-notch wellness products that address weight loss and fitness have been revolutionary invented and manufactured to enhance consumers' wellbeing to an unimaginable level.

What Does Valentus Offer?

Specifically targeting the weight loss and fitness niche market within the highly lucrative wellness industry,

Valentus has nailed it completely to identify its target audience precisely.

So does Valentus really offer robust and phenomenal products?

Yeah, it does.

It has products that tackle weight issues incredibly well.

Let’s take a look at one of their premium and flagship product.

Valentus Slimroast dark coffee flagship product

Commercially known as the slinroast optimum dark roast coffee, this product is going to aid weight management largely.

The specialness about this product is the easiness of preparing it for daily consumption.

The majority of us love coffee?

Aren’t we?

That’s why there are countless commercial coffee brands on sales in the market.

Now, the good news is that this phenomenal dark roast coffee has a unique formulation to cater for your coffee needs while helping in weight management simultaneously.

Imagine, the ability to lose weight while enjoying an aroma filled coffee on a day to day basis, it’s relatively satisfying.

The dark roast coffee by Valentus could be the new substitute for your existing coffee brand if you treat weight loss seriously.

By the way, I forgot to mention the core slogan of Valentus's products.

Its products are interestingly named as the prevail series.

Next, let’s examine another revolutionary product named the 24/7 carb burner.

Valentus prevail 247 carb burner flagship product

Now, this is the real deal of products that address weight management effectively.

Ever experienced the ineffectiveness of weight loss regimen that kept you scratch your head clueless?

I am sure everyone has their personal stories to share.

One of the main reasons is the lack of proper weight management.

With this scientifically-backed product, you are certainly going to experience results without doubts.

Here’s why.

The 247 carb burner tackle the weight loss in 24 hours hence your weight loss routines will be maximized for incredible results.

Imagine, the ability to lose weight even during sleep.

Amazing right?

Even better, this product has been endorsed by Dr. Joseph Ahrens, a scientist who received the Nobel Prize nomination twice. 

Besides, it’s also clinically tested and proven to maximize effectiveness.

Valentus also offers a product that boosts the immune system.

Let’s take a look.

Valentus prevail immune boost flagship product

Known as the immune boost, this product is claimed to enhance the body overall immunity.

Without a doubt, a healthy immune system prevents unwanted and unwelcome virus and bacteria intrusion into our bodies.

A good immune system also acts as a firewall that blocks infectious disease penetration.

Next, let's proceed to the business side of Valentus.

Valentus's Compensation Plan

The adaptation of the MLM model means that Valentus has two fundamental compensations at its core.

They are the retail bonus and the recruitment bonus.

Let me briefly go through each one so that you can get a glimpse and grasp the potential earnable compensation.

The retail bonus is the most fundamental method to earn with Valentus.

As an independent representative representing Valentus, you are consented to sell any of Valentus's products individually and directly to your friends, family members, and potential customers.

You will be buying the products at the distributor's price and sell them at retail price.

The difference is your earnable retail profits.

The next part of the compensation is the recruitment bonus.

This is the compensation part that rewards you based on your ability to establish a team of active networkers.

Whenever your team members progress through their journey, various achievement rankings will be unlocked.

The reapable recruitment commission also means that the power of teamwork prevails.

This is also the part where you will be earning massively through a team of performing networkers that deliver sales results.

Here are the achievable rankings that you and your team can potentially reach to reap the unlocked bonuses.

Before I proceed, let me illustrate to you the short abbreviations for BV which will be frequently used in the compensation part.

BV stands for Business Volume.

It’s the term used by Valentus to calculate and represent its compensation values.

Next, it’s IR.

IR stands for independent representative.

Next, it’s the monthly auto ship BV requirements.

Every ranking I am about to show you has the minimum monthly 100 BV requirements.

Either you or any of your direct or indirect recruits need to abide by this 100 BV monthly autoship.

Okay. Let’s proceed to the various rankings of Valentus.


This is the entry-level ranking. It will be unlocked once you have successfully recruited 2 independent representatives.

Also, you need to achieve a minimum of 50 BV.

Your entire network of recruited IRs also need to have the minimum 50 BV achieved.


This is the second tier of ranking reward.

You need to recruit 2 silver IRs and achieved the minimum 100 BV maintenance personally. 

Besides, your recruited silver IRs also need to achieve 50 BV on each of their legs. The left and the right.

Regardless of each leg hierarchy placement, whichever leg with lesser IRs needs to maintain at least 50 BV.


The third-ranking status offered. you need to achieve a personal monthly 100 BV requirement.

You also need to recruit 2 gold IRs to earn this ranking.

Additionally, your recruited IRs also require to maintain the minimum 100 BV in a balanced pair of the leg.

If any side of the leg is imbalanced, the lesser leg hierarchy needs to maintain a minimum of 1000 BV.


The fourth-ranking offered. This ranking reward will be unlocked when you successfully recruited 2 platinum IRs.

Also, you need to achieve the personal 100 BV requirement.

Then, your recruits hierarchy need to achieve the minimum 200 BV maintenance.

Imbalanced leg with lesser IRs shall also abide by additional 2000 BV maintenance.


This ranking will be unlocked once you have recruited at least 3 rubies IRs.

Also, your monthly 100 BV maintenance should be met.

Then, your recruits need to achieve the minimum 500 BV in a balanced leg hierarchy.

If any of the legs is imbalanced, there’s an additional BV requirement of 5000.


This ranking will be unlocked when you recruited 3 emerald IRs.

Then, you need to achieve a personal BV requirement of 100.

Next, your recruits need to achieve the minimum requirement of 1500 BV in a balanced leg hierarchy.

When any leg hierarchy is imbalanced with lesser IRs, then additional BV requirement of 15000 should be met.

Double diamond

This ranking will be rewarded to you when you have successfully recruited 2 emeralds and one diamond IRs.

The personal 100 monthly BV should also be achieved.

Then, your recruits need to achieve 3000 BV and additionally 30000 BV in the imbalanced leg of hierarchy.

Triple Diamond

The ranking rewards get trickier now.

This ranking will be unlocked to you when you have recruited 1 emerald and 2 diamonds IRs.

Also, the usual 100 personal monthly BV should be achieved.

Then, your recruits also need to maintain 10000 BV in a balanced hierarchy leg.

An additional 100000 BV is needed when any hierarchy leg has imbalanced IRs.

Blue Diamond

This level of ranking rewards will be given when you have successfully recruited 3 diamonds IRs.

The usual 100 BV personal monthly maintenance should also be met.

Then, your recruits must also maintain a total of 25000 BV added from both hierarchical legs.

If any leg has lesser IRs, then there’s another BV requirement of 250000.

Royal Diamond

This ranking will be awarded to you when you have successfully recruited 4 diamond IRs.

Then, the usual 100 personal BV maintenance should also be met monthly.

Next, your recruits must also meet the BV requirements of 50000 from both legs.

If any leg hierarchy has lesser IRs, then, there’s this additional BV requirement of 500000.

Black Diamond

This level of ranking will be unlocked when you have successfully recruited 4 diamonds IRs with personal 100 BV monthly maintenance.

Then, your recruits need to achieve 75000 BV from both legs.

If any leg has lesser IRs, then your team needs to achieve another 750000 BV on that particular leg.

Crown Diamond

This ranking will be unlocked when you have successfully recruited 4 diamonds IRs plus your usual 100 BV monthly requirement.

Then, your recruits need to replicate the same steps of recruiting to create legs of 100000 BV.

If any lesser leg condition happens, then, there’s an additional 1000000 BV requirement for that leg.

Crown Ambassador

This is the highest-ranking within Valentus.

It will be unlocked when you have successfully recruited 4 diamonds IRs with monthly maintenance of 100 BV.

Then your recruits must also achieve 150000 BV on their hierarchy.

If imbalanced leg occurs, additional BV of 1500000 must be met.

Wow, what a progress thus far!

As you can see, Valentus has relatively complicated ranking rewards.

If you prefer discovering the various ranking rewards visually, here’s a diagram that explains all.

Visual diagram of Valentus ranking reward

There are also other compensation plans designed by Valentus such as the first time recruitment commission plus the residual bonuses side of compensation.

Regardless of the complexity, there are two major bonuses that you need to know before proceeding.

They are the 25% retail bonus for any direct product sales, as well as the recruitment bonuses combined with the rankings reward shown above.

Its entire compensation plan surpases the usual acceptable level of complication.

Honestly speaking, most of the MLM companies have their compensation plans written fully in complex MLM language which is relatively annoying and misleading to a huge extent.

This scenario has become the norm nowadays with new and existing MLMs.

If you are determined to discover Valentus’s compensation plan in its entirety, here’s a video walkthrough that explains comprehensively.

Next, let’s proceed to the eligibility of becoming one of Valentus independent representatives.

How to join Valentus?

Valentus offers numerous packs of boxes for you to kickstart your journey seamlessly.

Whenever any product package has been purchased, you will be given Valentus’s independent representative status automatically.

Here are the summarized packages offered.

The basic Package

One box of products for $59.

The Starter Package

3 boxes of products for $129.

The Advanced Package

6 boxes of products for $199.

The Business Builder Package

16 boxes of products for $499.

When you purchase any of the above packages, you are then an official independent representative of Valentus.

Valentus Product Effectiveness

The weight loss discussion topics are controversially subjective.

This is because there are so many variables contributing to the effectiveness as well as ineffectiveness.

Here, I will showcase to you the effectiveness of one of Valentus’s flagship product.

It’s known as the SlimRoast Optimum Coffee.

Before continuing, let me be completely honest and transparent with you that it’s not biased product feedback.

Instead, it’s all about sharing values so that you can be informed of its effectiveness by a real customer of Valentus.

Here's the video by Margrette from her youtube channel.

Besides the effectiveness of losing 3 kilos of weight successfully, she also experienced an energy boost to power up her life hugely.

If you are determined to lose weight and the results disappoint you thus far, why not seek the natural alternative?

I highly recommend turmeric, a natural plant from the rhizome family.

Turmeric has been hailed as one of the best natural sources to boost the body's constitution.

Its health benefits are phenomenally contributing to a healthier and enhanced metabolic function.

Learn more about the awesome health benefits of turmeric and how it can effectively aid in weight management.

If you would like to watch the video presentation instead of reading the article, here's the video specifically prepared for you.

The Pros - What I like About Valentus

An opportunity to earn as pioneers

At the time of writing, Valentus is approximately 6 years old.

It certainly offers a great opportunity to earn massively as pioneer members.

Typically, any MLM players will be experiencing the peak of success during the first stint of the progression phase.

This is exactly the good news for those of you who are passionate about building a business with Valentus tackling the weight loss audience.

Positive product effectiveness

As I have mentioned earlier, weight loss is relatively subjective as there are so many affecting variables.

Effectiveness could also be affected by one’s lifestyle and diet habits.

So, that’s fundamentally the misconception about any weight loss product ineffectiveness.

Nonetheless, back to the scenario with Valentus, for example, its Slimroast optimum coffee has been receiving positive feedback from real consumers.

Credible Founder

Perseverance, hard work, and dedication are no strangers to Dave Jordan. 

As one of the enthusiastic kids growing up in a family with 14 siblings, Dave knows exactly the meaning of hardship and responsibility.

On top of that, his passion for mastering the art of network marketing has enabled him to thrive and gained valuable experience and expertise.

Therefore, if you are an MLM fan or if you are determined to make your network marketing business a success, then Dave Jordan is going to be the perfect mentor guiding you to the path of ultimate success.

Weight loss with conveniency

The slimming beverages brought to you by Valentus are conveniently packed in sachets form.

Meaning that you can conveniently begin your daily slimming routine effortlessly.

Tastiness that sparks your senses

If weight loss effectiveness “wow” you with jaw-dropping appreciation, then Valentus delivers the entire experience to a whole new level.

Its slimming beverages have been proven to stimulate your taste bud wonderfully.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Valentus

Recruitment involving friends and family members is inevitably challenging

Even though Valentus provides an incredible platform to thrive and shines, if you are determined to make this journey a success, recruiting friends and family members is part of the game.

Realistically, friendship and relationship could be potentially ruined as a result.

It's part of the trait embedded in the culture of any MLM business opportunities.

Product Priceyness

Regardless of how magnificent any product innovation from an MLM company, if the retail price gets tricky with expensiveness, then it’s a minus already.

It has been such scenarios for the majority of the MLM players. Unmistakenly always.

None escape. 

So It’s no different with Valentus. Its products’ retail price is relatively expensive which could potentially cause affordability issues.

Here’s an example of their flagship product the slimroast coffee sold on Amazon.

Valentus Slimroast dark coffee product expensiveness

As you can see, it’s relatively expensive retailed at $64.95 on Amazon.

Weight loss industry is insanely competitive

The weight loss and fitness industry are extremely competitive.

According to BusinessWire, the weight loss industry in The United States is worth a staggering $72 billion

This fact translates to the massiveness of market saturation.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to receive a fair share of the pie. 

Also, it’s going to take a massive amount of effort convincing the consumers that are already tied with their beloved and trusted weight loss commercial brands.

So if you are keen and determined to earn with Valentus, then the complete mastery of the art of convincing, salesmanship and persuasiveness is fundamentally required.

My Final Thoughts

After progressing thus far, we know that Valentus is uniquely one of its kind that thrives and grows rapidly and healthily within the weight loss and wellness industry.

If you are determined to make this journey with Valentus a success, then recruiting is fundamentally part of your daily routines moving forward.

Obstacles such as rejection and the potentiality of ruining friendship will be following you closely.

If selling and face to face meetings aren’t sparking your interest and adrenaline, then there’s an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

I do recommend the business model known as affiliate marketing

A business model that enables you to build a thriving business based on your passion with website and content creation.

One of the best parts about affiliate marketing is the flexibility for you to partner with any merchants that are already gaining market traction and consumer' trust and acceptance.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Valentus, feel free to leave me comments below.

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