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Isagenix Review: Can You Be Transformed Financially With This Unique Weight Loss MLM Company?

It’s no secret that everyone wants to attain the best wellness and live healthily.

When was the last time you tell yourself that you are determined and motivated to shred off that extra fat by losing weight?

When was the last time you tell yourself that you want to achieve the best complexion to shine radiantly and gorgeously

When was the last time you tell yourself to invest more time and resources to build up a physically charming and attractive appearance?

Well, I am sure everyone answers these questions subjectively.

However, I am relatively sure that these are the wellness goals that you are pursuing on a day to day basis.

Now, how about achieving optimum health while creating an income at the same time?

The ability to achieve the best of both worlds?

It certainly makes possible with an established wellness company that offers top-notch healthcare products as well as an opportunity to earn lucratively.

Today, I will be reviewing a unique MLM company known as Isagenix.

A well-known company that is fundamentally shaping the healthcare industry in a positive direction.

In this review, I will be showcasing to you their state of legitimacy and the viability of building a business with them.

By the end of this comprehensive review, you will be equipped with the necessary information to decide whether if Isagenix is the real deal for you to build a business within the healthcare industry.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Isagenix Review Summary

Company: Isagenix

Founder: John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover

Price: $29 renewable annually

Products purchase based on personal preferences and budget.

Rating: 60/100


Undoubtedly, Isagenix have been building themselves an unbreakable reputation globally.

From their top-notch products to the entire business implementation, they are excelling phenomenally.

If you are seeking to build a business in the weight loss industry, they certainly are your candidate to form a good partnership.

If you are unsure of excelling with an MLM business, there’s an alternative that could potentially build you a fountain of success through affiliate marketing.

Do check out my top recommendation specifically and comprehensively written for you.

What Is Isagenix?

Founded back in 2002 by three of the highly successful and intellectual healthcare enthusiasts, with the sole mission of creating a transformational impact on life to live healthily while blessed by financial freedom simultaneously.

Their journey of pursuing the highest success in the healthcare industry didn’t come easy.

The concept and the idea were originally showcased by Mr. John W. Anderson, who has a vision of transforming lives through the innovation of top-notch healthcare products.

Though, as the saying goes, an experienced and talented sailor doesn’t guarantee a smooth voyage as there will be many obstacles coming along the journey.

That's the case of John W. Anderson.

His brilliant healthcare products innovation soon sparks the attention of other entrepreneurs within the industry.

Their greediness of reaping the best profit while neglecting consumers' well-being has been rejected by Mr. John W. Anderson resulting in him to seek other alternatives.

His pursue and ventures came to fruition and soon he was able to form a partnership with Mr. Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover.

The year 2002 illustrated the birth of Isagenix.

Since then, they amplified their success with worldwide recognition, top-notch product innovation.

Today, Isagenix is impacting and transforming lives on a large scale globally.

What Does Isagenix Offer?

Since the healthcare industry is massively broad with plethoras of approachable directions, Isagenix have simplified their products categorization to serve a specific niche audience.

Every product offered are categorized into the following;

The Weight Loss

This is the part that is emphasized the most at Isagenix.

Their entire products line tackles and address the various health issues related to overweight and obesity.

The Performance

The products in this category focus on the fitness combined with wellness. For example, building those adorable muscles, staying fit while maximizing your workout and gym routines.

The Vitality + well-being

The products offered in this category take care of your youthfulness, energy replenishment and the efficiency of nutrition intake.

In another saying, your overall well-being will be well taken cared of.

The wide products in this category also claim to enhance your wellness as a whole.

The Isakid

Our kids are tomorrow’s heroes, right?

Taking care of a kid’s well-being is an essential part of parenthood.

That’s what Isakid is all about.
Specifically invented for the kid’s ultimate growth, this product is known as the superfood for the kids.

A smoothie dietary food consists of all the essential minerals and acid amino that help kids to grow up in the best form.

The Essential Oils

The essential oil has become one of the necessities in today’s modern society.

Essential oils manufactured by Isagenix can be applied directly to the skin or with a diffuser.

The Personal Care + Beauty

Everyone desires to look gorgeous and shine radiantly.

That’s when the personal care beauty products of Isagenix contribute to their role.

The above categorizations explain an overview of Isagenix's product lines.

Next, Let’s take a look at their flagship product.

The 30 days weight loss premium pack.

A complete weight loss package for the entire month.

It has varieties of other product combinations such as the IsaLean Shakes and IsaFlush responsible for optimum weight loss.

Besides, this premium pack also comes with plenty of sample packs where you can share with your friends and family members.

Isagenix weight loss flagship product

The effectiveness Of Isagenix Products

Whenever we talked about weight loss from the MLM perspective, people have the tendency of feeling discomfort and reluctantly willing to explore deeper.

Now, that’s not because of the weight loss industry, rather, the plethora of MLM companies venturing into this industry to reap profits.

This negativity mindset has set the benchmark for most of the MLM products and business opportunities rejection.

Also, thee are already an ocean of existing established healthcare supplements products available on the market.

Just take a visit to your local pharmacy and healthcare department stores and you know exactly what I mean.

So how about the effectiveness of Isagenix products?

Here are my personal opinions and arguments related to the health benefits of healthcare products.

The effectiveness of these products varies from individual to individual.

It all depends on individual body constitution and adaptive abilities.

So it’s relatively subjective.

There’s no specific right or wrong about the effectiveness of weight loss products.

You certainly have to try it for yourself to witness its effectiveness.

Based on my research, here are some of the real-life testimonials of Isagenix users and their honest feedback.

There are positive reviews and feedback about weight-loss effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive reviews by real Isagenix consumers.

Positive weight loss testimonial
Positive weight loss testimonial
Positive feedback about isagenix product and company
Positive feedback about losing 6 kilo in 2 weeks

Results are best achieved when you stay consistent and stick to the diet regime.

For example, In two of the examples above, the users mentioned about sticking to the diet plan consistently for 8 months, as well as 7 years.

On top of that, the entire diet regime has been boosted to be nutritional instead of starving to achieve the desired weight loss results.

However, there’s also the user who complained about the ineffectiveness.

Specifically targeted their smoothie shake, disgustingly making him felt uncomfortable.

Also, the detoxification process was causing nauseousness and headaches.

NEgative feedback about the weight loss effectiveness

As you can see, the effectiveness is relatively subjective.

There are positive reviews on successful shredding the extra weight.

There are also negative reviews complaining about the encountering of side effects during the cleansing process.

Personally, I do think that’s due to the individual's body constitution rather than the effectiveness of the products.

How To Earn With Isagenix? + Isagenix's Compensation Plan

As an MLM company that adopts hierarchical placement, there are two ways you can earn money with Isagenix.

They are:

Product Promotion

As an independent distributor of Isagenix, you can earn a retail bonus whenever you successfully promote and sell any of their products.

The gap between the distributor price and the retail price is the earnable profit.

Build A Team Of Network

I have mentioned earlier that Isagenix adopts a typical MLM hierarchy structure. 

That means your team of the network begins with the left-hand side and the right-hand side.

Whenever pairing occurs, you earn pairing commission.

Similarly, whenever your recruits sponsor new members under their hierarchy, and whenever pairing occurs, you and your recruits are eligible to reap bonuses.

These are the fundamental method for you to earn money with Isagenix.

How to become an associate of Isagenix?

Before you can represent Isagenix to enter the battlefield, you are required to become an independent distributor also known as a preferred customer.

Yeah, you read that right, my dear friends!

Isagenix adopts a unique approach in addressing their new associates called their preferred customers.

As a preferred customer, you are required to pay an annual fee of $29, renewable annually.

Additionally, you are also given an option to opt for their autoship.

When you officially become one of their associates, you are eligible and given consent to represent them on the battlefield.

That’s the moment you can share all the goodness of their incredible product and the business opportunity.

Also, after you join their party, you are required to purchase any of their products appropriately.

The products that you purchase are based on your personal preference and budget level.

To rev up the effectiveness of generating profit, you are also required to consume their product.

Yeah, you heard that right.

You need to become one of their consumers first before you are allowed to share this business opportunity.

It totally makes sense, in my opinion.

You will never really know how good are the products until you try it and consume it yourself.

This approach also ensures that you get the best confidence whenever you are battling in the battlefield promoting their products and opportunity.

When you successfully possess that muscular muscles and flesh that everyone adores, or when you look awesomely gorgeous without those ugly and stubborn excess fats, your friends and family members will be coming to you seeking the miraculous answer.

That's also the moment you can present these awesome products plus the business opportunity to them.

Result speaks for itself, that's the real wonder of it.

There’s a 25 % reapable retail profit when you become one of their preferred customers.

When you climb up the ladder and rank, more bonuses will be unlocked.

Here are the 5 types of ranking that you can potentially work hard to achieve.

- Associate
- Consultant
- Manager
- Director
- Executive

Whenever your direct sponsor achieves a certain level of achievement, bonuses unlock to them and you as well.

The entire business compensation plan part is relatively complicated.

To simplify the entire presentation of the details of the Isagenix compensation plan, I will prepare a comprehensive video walkthrough below.

You can grab a cup of coffee if you wish.

Sit back and enjoy the ride into the compensation world of Isagenix.

When you return here, you certainly are going to grasp a clear understanding of how the entire business side of Isagenix works.

Even if you still haven’t fully comprehended the in and out of the detailed compensation plan, you will be coached and mentored by their qualified and experienced leader during the business workshop.

Within no time you will be finding yourself in the position of an expert business associate of Isagenix.

Here's the part two of the in depth compensation plan.

The Pros - What I like About Isagenix

The completeness of wellness and weight loss industry

Isagenix don't just venture and contribute to the healthcare industry, they narrowed down one step further into the weight loss path.

Now, in my opinion, that’s a huge contribution to society and humanity.

We all know that obesity is one of the biggest health issues in this modern age.

People are working hard relentlessly to eliminate those excess fats.

Besides, the weight loss industry is massive.

Its massiveness is not going away in centuries!

An evergreen industry that provides lots of business opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to seek a more meaningful life.

They have been here for decades

Yeah, that's an inevitable fact.

Isagenix have been around for more than 2 decades.

That’s an enormous amount of business venture commitment and progression.

That also translates to the establishment of solid trustworthiness.

The requirement to consume it, feel it, and experience it

There’s no hide and seek.

This requirement is going to assist your journey massively.

When you are experiencing the weight loss results positively, that’s your biggest ace and advantages on the battlefield.

It boosts up your conversions and business to a great extent.

The opportunity to become wealthy

Yeah, that true.

I am not even exaggerating.

Countless Isagenix associates achieved success at the highest success peak.

Financially set free forever and ever.

They can do the things that they love doing and needless to worry about money for a moment anymore in life.

That's the achievable status that offered to every Isagenix associates.

Proven workable weight loss products

Now, even though I mentioned earlier that the effectiveness varies individually, but then there are already lots of consumers who are reaping the positive results continuously.

That’s the powerfulness of Isagenix weight loss products.

An opportunity to maximize satisfaction

Remember I mentioned earlier that you are required to test and self consume the products?

In the event of any occurrences of ineffectiveness, they refund you the product money within 30 days.

That’s another approach to boost the quality and values provided by Isagenix.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Isagenix

Competition from fellow compatriots

Since their inception some two decades ago, Isagenix have been establishing a good reputation within the weight loss industry globally.

That means the probability of facing stiff competition from fellow Isagenix's associates is extremely likely.

On top of that, there are lots of associates who are already achieving success at the highest level, the big pies certainly going to be reaped by the successful Isagenix associates.

Relatively expensive products

Yeah, many real-life testimonials show the result of the effectiveness of weight loss.

But then the main issue with the potential consumers could be the affordability part.

For example, their flagship products, the weight loss value pack is retailed at $840.49.

That could be deemed expensive for many of the potential consumers.

Besides, the market has lots of existing weight loss supplements products.

These products can be the substitute and alternative, hence potentially steer away many of your prospecting customers.

You need to go the extra mile to bypass this obstacle.

Which by the way, in my opinion, is relatively difficult due to the expensiveness.

The inevitable fact of bothering your friends and family members

Let’s face it.

I speak truth here and the truth is hard to enter our ears.

Typically, as soon as you join in the big families, your sponsor and leaders are going to suggest and teach you to list down a list of so-called contact checklist.

This list is certainly going to contain lots of your close friends and family members.

Now the tricky part is your trustworthiness last only once.

If you keep follow up and bother your close friends, the situation might turn ugly which can lead to the end of a friendship.

Or even worse, a never-ending repetition of bothering them and facing rejection again and again.

That ain’t a good feeling, trust me, my dear friends.

The unavailability of joining directly with Isagenix

If you are keen and determined to begin this business seriously, you are required to seek the one who introduces this opportunity to you.

That’s the open entry point to the wondrous world of Isagenix.

There isn't any area within the official website that allows you to join them directly.

That, in my opinion, is sort of inconvenient to a certain extent.

Also, there is the likelihood of joining under an unethical and irresponsible introducer.

My Final Thoughts

Here’s the untold truth whenever you are approached by someone who is representing an MLM.

They are reluctantly telling you that the ultimate success lies tightly with your ability to build a team of a network.

That’s an inevitable fact.

They might say this to you.

Test this product and experience for yourself its amazingness.

Then share it with your friends and family members by promoting these awesome products.

Now, the cruel fact is that to excel with MLM including Isagenix, you need to be skillful at persuasiveness.

You also need to be courageous enough to do face to face presentation and product promotion.

On top of that, rejection will be following you, ready to knock on your doors.

If you are good at doing face to face presentations fearlessly, then Isagenix could be the best candidate to spark that success fire.

If none of these are your cup of tea, then there’s an alternative to making money on the internet.

This alternative business approach is known as affiliate marketing.

Imagine and ponder for a moment.

Interested people will be coming to you instead of you going after them endlessly.

You have the luxury of promoting reputation products that are already gaining market traction and consumer acceptance.

A business that works for you non stop day after day forever.

You have the full flexibility to work whenever and wherever you like, a business model scalable to any level of success.

Yeah, these are the realities within your grasp with affiliate marketing.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Isagenix, feel free to leave me comments below.

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