It Works Review: Can You Earn A Living With Plethoras Of Revolutionary Products?

The belly fat formation has become a nuisance and prevent us from looking attractive and presentable to a huge extent. 

Regardless of how hard and how determined you are to get rid of it, it just doesn’t seem to disappear.

Instead, it grows little by little day after day to form a round shape that makes you scratch your head for solutions.

Now, maybe you have been approached by your friends and family members for belly fat elimination.

Maybe you are eagerly wanting to discover if the solutions presented to you work.

Maybe you have been presented with a revolutionary product that is capable of shredding off the stubborn belly fat while generating wealth simultaneously.

Today, I will be presenting you with a unique MLM business opportunity that emphasizes weight loss specifically on the elimination of belly fat known as It Works.

I will be showcasing to you the viability of building a business with them as well as does it worth your time, effort, and investment venturing to the world of weight loss with It Works.

Before I begin, let’s be completely transparent that I am not an existing associate of It Works nor am I representing them.

I am not here to pitch or trying to be salessy, instead, I am here to showcase and share with you my discoveries about It Works so that you can be well informed whether this company suits you or otherwise.

So without further ado, let dive right into it. Shall we? 

It Works Review Summary

Company: It Works

Founder: Mark And Cindy Pentecost

Price: $99 registration fee with $35 annual fee

$20 for personal website cost and maintenance

Product puchase based on your budget and preference

Rating: 60/100


As one of the MLM leaders within the wellness and skincare industries, It Works have proven themselves to be worthy of a spot in the top ten halls of fame.

Products side, they certainly deserve a big round of applause with their revolutionary products.

In terms of product effectiveness, there are mixed reactions and feedbacks and it varies from individuals to individuals.

It's also highly dependent on an individual's body constitution.

Next, if you are looking to build a business with It Works, they certainly deserve to be one of your shortlisted candidates, building a sustainable business and a full-time income are certainly achievable with It Works. 

What Is It Works?

It Works is an MLM company that serves the wellness and skincare industry. 

Founded back in 2001 by Mark & Cindy Pentecost.

Today, after almost two decades of its birth, It Works now serves most of the developed nations around the world such as the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada.

Expectedly, this company adopts the typical conventional MLM business implementation.

It means that their products are not sold in the major retail shops and department stores, instead, independent distributors are marketing and promoting It Works products individually.

Let’s take a look below to gain a better grasp of what It Works is all about.

What Does It Works Offer?

As a company that specialized in the wellness and skincare industry, It Works offer a myriad of products under its brand to serve worldwide consumers.

With plenty of experience and expertise within the dedicated industries, It Works have categorized all their products into different categories namely the beauty, nutrition, keto, weight management, energy and endurance, vegan, apparel and accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of their flagship products below.

The Enhancing Lash & Brow Serum

It Works Enhancing Lash And Brow Serum flagship product

Attractiveness is one of the most essential aspects that define the femininity of a woman.

This revolutionary product enhances the already gorgeously looking eyebrow to a whole new dimension.

It has all the essential minerals and ingredients to nourish the eyebrow from the root. The result is transformational.

Exclusively endorsed by Dr. Nassif of Botched, this product will boost the appearance of a beautiful eyebrow to wow all your friends and family members.

The Confianza

The Confianza flagship product

It’s relatively certain that all of us do have emotional and stressful moments in life.

When was the last time you lost your cool?

When was the last time you were having an emotionally attached moment?

Once, I was told that a hungry man is an angry man.

Now, as the world progresses to an unimaginable wildness, everyone seems to be angry and get emotionally attached easily.

Endless life's pressure is also responsible for the increase of such individuals in the society.

The world is an extremely hectic and unforgiving place to live, all of us do responsible for those ugly moments.

It’s relatively understandable.

Now with Confianza, stressful emotional moments can be minimized for a better and healthier life.

This revolutionary product has all the essential ingredients to maximize calmness such as the eleuthero root extract and golden root that responsible for balancing the stress level within our physical body.

Next, let’s take a look at one of the most talked about It Works product which is the ultimate body applicator.

This product is a wrappable woven cloth for an amazingly 45 minutes results.

The Ultimate Body Applicator

It Works ultimate body wrapper retail flagship product

Wanna improve waist appearance?

Wanna achieve the radiant facial appearance look?

This revolutionary product is deemed capable of achieving a significant result within just 45 minutes of application.

Just wrap this product onto your body part for a visible result.

It Works! Ketones

It Works! Ketones flagship retail product

The keto diet has become one of the most popular diets amongst the urban folks.

The idea of reducing carbohydrates intake while maximizing the fat consumption for the best fat burning effect has led to the innovation of this product.

It has all the essential ingredients that enhance the calories burning activities in our body, thus, boosting the weight-loss effectiveness to another level. 

Next, let’s take a look at the product’s effectiveness.

The most popular product of It Works is undoubtedly their ultimate body applicator.

There are countless information on the internet hailing this product works wonderfully and miraculously.

Undeniably, these information could be biased and written intentionally to boost exposure, awareness, and sales.

Now, let’s put this context simpler.

Let’s comprehend and ponder this question from a logical point of view and perspective.

In my opinion, weight loss is a continuous effort and it’s certainly a continuum.

Meaning that those excessive fats accumulated in the body will not just disappear or vanish with a piece of woven cloth wrap around the fat area of the body.

Now, interestingly, effective weight loss also depends on so many uncontrollable variables such as body constitution, DNA structure, diet, lifestyle, hormones reproduction.

I have seen individuals who consume 5 meals a day and 3 of the five meals are the main course.

With this sort of diet lifestyle, they still live a fit and stay clear of gaining excessive weight.

On the contrary, I have also seen individuals who skip meals for the sake of losing weight, it turns out to be ineffective.

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of science and biologically aspect of fat tissues production in the human body. 

There’s one absolute fact that will help in weight management and that is reducing the amount of calories intake and burns out as many calories as possible to stay fit and healthy. 

That’s an undisputed fact.

You will certainly achieve positive results of weight loss in the long term if you can comprehend calories intake and burns out in its entirety.

One thing for sure at the end of the day, weight loss is a marathon and a long term effort. It certainly will not happen overnight or instantly.

Now, back to the context of the product’s effectiveness.

Many of the It Works positive product reviews are biased and they are written by independent distributors of existing It Works associates.

Let us extract the product reviews from Amazon verified buyers for more transparent and unbiased feedback on how this product helps or otherwise.

Here I am within the Amazon review page of this specific product.

At first glance, these reviews are mixed with positive as well as negative comments.

Though, the majority of the real user of this product that provides genuine feedback complained about its ineffectiveness.

Here are some of the concrete examples of the real user’s testimonials.

Ultimate Body Applicator negative review about stomach cramp

This particular user complained about stomach cramping and the symptom persist even after one whole day.

Can you believe that?

The stomach cramping happened after putting on the cloth for just 15 minutes.

Now, this issue could be caused by many other reasons such as the user’s body constitution for example.

But then, the absolute truth is that it’s ineffective for this particular user. 

Let's take a look at another example.

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator negative reviewabout stomach measurement remains

This user was victimized by the product’s ineffectiveness.

Nothing works as advertised according to him. His measurement remains the same even after following all the recommended essential steps.

Here’s another real user testimonial.

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator negative review about fat remains

This user complained about the ineffectiveness disappointingly,

He or she even question their state of stupidity in believing that a wrap that smells like vapor could shred off fats upon application.

Next, let’s take a look at the positive feedback.

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator positive review about its overall effectiveness

This user praised the effectiveness of the product to a huge extent.

When combined with proper diet and fitness activities, this product works fabulously.

It doesn’t get rid of fat overnight, Though.

But then, the fat reduction has been significantly increased.

Next, here’s another positive feedback.

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator positive review about instant noticeable result

This user gave positive feedback straight to the point.

As soon as he peels off the wrap, he noticed positive results.

Here’s another positive feedback.

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator positive review flatten stomach

This user praised the effectiveness of just one usage and one application of the wrap.

The visible results even surpassed her expectation as though she has never given birth before. Wow.

Next, let’s dive into the money part of It Works. 

It works's Compensation Plan Plus How To Join Them

Expectedly, it works adopt the conventional MLM business implementation.

This translates to the following methods of making money with them.

Retail sales

This way of earning money with It Works is relatively straightforward.

As an independent distributor of It Works, you will be given consent to represent them to promote products to whoever that could be potential prospective consumers.

When sales occur, the gap between the distributor price and the retail price is your reapable commission.

The loyalty commission

This part of the compensation rewards you in your ability to sustain any existing repeating long term consumers.

If you are capable of achieving this, whenever your loyal customers buy any products, you will earn the loyalty commission.

The team commission

As an independent associate of It Works, you have the opportunities to build up your team of elite recruiters just like yourself.

Whenever you and your team of network successfully sell any products or recruits any new associate, your entire team including yourself will be rewarded with the team commission in different ways.

Typically, that’s how an MLM business works to sustain its members, both the existing and new members.

When everyone plays their role of contribution, it boosts revenues and everybody wins and rewarded.

Undeniably, the details of any MLM business compensation plan are complicated, and it’s certainly no different with It Works.

For the sake of the smoothness and clear understanding of how you can earn money with It Works, here’s a video walkthrough of their compensation plan in full details.

When you are done watching, I am sure you will have a better grasp of how the entire business side of It Works works.

Next, let’s proceed to discover how to join them.

Before you can represent It Works, there’s this mandatory one-time payable registration fee of $99.

This registration fee also includes a personal business starter kit that consists of some sample wraps as well as some other essential business kits such as product catalog.

Once you have paid this amount, you are now officially an associate of It Works also known "wrappreneurs".

Wow, what a title for every It Works associate right?

Besides, there’s a payable fee of $35, renewable annually.

Also, as an independent distributor of It Works, you will be given a personalized website to promote all their products on the internet.

This website costs $20 monthly.

Next, it’s the optional product purchases to sell to your potential customers.

This part is completely optional and you are free to purchase any amount of product based on your comfort level and budget.

The Pros - What I like About It Works

Genuine company

Since its creation in 2001, It Works has proven its good track record of near to two decades of business ventures.

A journey that passed the test of time for even more excellence.

In my opinion, that’s a good trait possesses by It Works.

On top of that, its genuineness is unquestionable.

Within this long period, many revolutionary products were created contributing to the landscape of the healthcare and skincare industries hugely.

They are contributing to humanity

As a flourishing MLM company, besides manufacturing products to serve the consumers, they are also contributing to humanity with their unique give back foundation.

For example, they have donated $70000 to families with pediatric cancer members to help to sustain basic living expenses.

An additional $95000 was also donated to invest in the research and development to find the cure for this cancer.

Another example is their huge dedication to humanitarian aid.

There is a total of $850000 meals donated to hungry children in 7 countries globally to combat poverty as well as addressing starving growing children.

In my opinion, these are good traits worth praising. 

Plethoras of products

As I have mentioned above, there are lots of revolutionary products invented by It Works.

Every product has been categorized accordingly to boost the variety of consumers' needs.

The 30 days refund policy

Now, the most joyful moment for any dissatisfied consumers would be the eligibility to return the goods to the merchants.

At It Works, you are given consent to return any unused and unopened products for a full refund.

Let’s take a look at their refund policy below.

It Works return policy
It Works return policy disclaimer

Your satisfaction and consumer's rights are well taken care of with their refund policy.

A complete kit to kick start your journey instantly

As soon as you become one of their associates, the starter business kit that you purchased contains all the essentials sample wraps, product brochures, order forms that ease your journey as a representative of It Works.

This translates to the increase of productivity, conversion efficiency and time-saving.

The Cons - What I Dislike About It Works

Endless recruitment

In order to start earning with It Works flawlessly, it’s a must that you need to recruit as many new members as possible.

And then your recruits need to replicate your tasks by recruiting as many members as possible as their direct downlines.

This inevitable recruitment process goes on and on endlessly.

As a new associate of It Works, you are highly advised to host a home party inviting friends, colleagues and even strangers to attend.

In this event, you will then need to try your very best to recruit new members to try out the many products that It Works offer.

When opportunity sparks, you might even need to recruit them to join directly as your downlines.

Relatively expensive products

Now, let’s take one of their famous flagship product as an example.

The ultimate body applicator is retailed at $68.95 for 4 wraps.

The ultimate body applicator Amazon retail price

That means every individual wrap costs about $17.23.
In my opinion, that’s relatively overpriced.

Paying this amount of money for a wrap that could potentially deliver an insignificant result, it’s deemed unacceptable by many consumers.

Potentially ruining of friendship and relationship

Let’s face it, the most obvious and straightforward method to maximize earning in the soonest timeframe is to approach your friends and family members.

Now, bothering close friends and family members could turns ugly.

On top of that, rejection is also the biggest issue along your journey.

My Final Thoughts

Achieving success with It Works requires you to do a lot of recruitment works.

Besides, rejection will be a part of your daily routine in your new career representing It Works

If you are uncomfortable with recruiting, promoting products face to face, then there’s an alternative to create wealth online legitimately.

I highly recommend affiliate marketing with website and content creation.

This is the path that enables me to build up a solid foundation and ultimately achieving a full-time income online passively.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to It Works, feel free to leave me comments below.

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