Juicy Jelly App Review: Can You Really Earn Money Playing Games?

If you play games on your mobile devices, then there's an opportunity to monetize your actions.

Yeah, I was talking about Juicy Jelly!

You might have heard of it, it's not foreign to many Android game lovers.

Today, I will be reviewing this app that claims you can make money just by playing it.

So, is there any money to be made here?

How much you could potentially earn with this app?

Is it even worth your time?

Let's find out together without further ado.

Juicy Jelly Review Summary

Platform: Juicy Jelly

Company: WINR Games Inc

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

Suitability: Those who love playing games

What Is Juicy Jelly?

Juicy Jelly is an Android-based app that offers the opportunity to earn money while having fun.

It's developed by WINR Games Inc game developer headquartered in Canada.

Since its inception into the world of the Android app, it has been downloaded over 100000 times!

Pretty phenomenal acceptance rate by global Android users.

Essentially, the concept behind Juicy Jelly is very similar to the Candy Crush Saga that everybody is familiar with.

Here's an illustration of the game itself. 

The game interface of the Juicy Jelly app

As you can see, it's the interface that we are familiar with, just that it has been revamped with various monetization implementations.

Do note that the type of games may vary depending on the collaboration between WINR Games Inc and its partners.

But just to give you an idea, this is the flagship game offered.

How Do You Earn With Juicy Jelly?

The money aspect of Juicy Jelly triggers excitement right?

Once you have logged in the game, you can start playing right away to start earning.

Fundamentally, there are three ways you can earn with Juicy Jelly.

Here are the summaries.

Play the game and collect the ticket

This is the core part that unlocks earning opportunity.

As you progress through the game, tickets will be rewarded to you based on your achievements as well as the amount of time spent in the game.

Here's an illustration of gameplay in action.

An illustration of Juicy Jelly gameplay

After a certain progression, tickets will be given to you based on your achievements and mastery level.

Here's an example of ticket rewards.

An example of Juicy Jelly's rewarded tickets

Next, let's take a look at the second way to make money with Juicy Jelly.

The unique lucky draw

This part of the earning depends on your luck.

Every time you have completed certain accomplishments, you will be placed into the lucky draw event.

Winners will be announced once the countdown ends.

Here's the example of the winners of a lucky draw event.

An example of Juicy Jelly lucky draw winners

As you can see, the prize money is pretty decent.

Juicy Jelly also encourages you to spend more time on the platform.

That way, you have a higher chance of various lucky draw participation.

Next, here's the last method of earning with Juicy Jelly.

Invite your friends and family members

Juicy Jelly has its proprietary in house referral system.

You can grab your unique referral code, share it with as many people as you possibly can!

This is one of the methods to maximize your earning with Juicy Jelly.

Whenever your referrals earn money, a certain portion of it will be rewarded to you.

Redeemable rewards will be given in the form of tickets.

Here's how you enter your unique code.

The place to enter Juicy Jelly's unique referral code

As you can see, this specific game rewards you 2500 tickets for inviting people to play alongside with you.

So, you have comprehended the core concept of earning with Juicy Jelly, the next question is "how do you get paid?"

Well, there's a minimum withdrawal requirement to be met before you can request for payments.

Juicy Jelly sets the threshold at $10.

Once your account has this sum of money, you can make a withdrawal via the PayPal direct deposit.

Simply click on the "withdraw" button to make a withdrawal request as shown below.

The button to make a withdrawal with Juicy Jelly

Can You Earn With Juicy Jelly?

Yes, you certainly can, my friends!

At the core, the amount of money that you could potentially earn is very limited, I mean, it's very fraction and may spark disappointment.

However, the wonderful part comes when you have the ability to invite as many friends as possible to join the gaming party.

That's the moment you will start to observe a significant increase in your earning.

Followed by, the jackpot event can make you smile for the entire month!

Though, this part of the earning is not in your control, rather, the luck side of the gameplay.

But then, who knows right?

You could be the next lucky draw winner!

Never say never, a chance is still an opportunity right?

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The Pros - What I like About Juicy Jelly


  • High acceptance rate
  • Provides an opportunity to earn money
  • Lucky draws event that boosts earning
  • Free to join
  • Serve global players

The Cons - What I Dislike About Juicy Jelly


  • Not worth the time and effort
  • Low income potential
  • App hasn't been updated for some time
  • It's not a viable solution for long term financial success

Is Juicy Jelly A Scam?

At the time of writing, Juicy Jelly is still doing quite okay.

It has fallen from its previous glorious days when active members are flocking on the platform to have some fun while making some side income.

One of the most obvious for this scenario has to be the inconsistent app development and updates.

Here's what I mean.

The image of Juicy Jelly last updated moment

As you can see, this app hasn't been updated for more than half year.

It's unacceptable given the competitiveness of similar apps found on Google Play.

Doubts could be raised as well and it may ruin trustworthiness to a huge extent.

The answer to this question is very subjective.

Here's my take.

Juicy Jelly isn't a scam, in my opinion.

It has a good trait of providing an earning opportunity for casual gamers.

My Final Thoughts

Playing games once in a while is good for mental and emotional growth.

That being said, playing games to earn money is not recommended especially the earnable income is so insignificant.

In my opinion, Juicy Jelly is not worthy of your time and effort.

I say this not because of its lack of quality, rather, your time is way more valuable than playing games for money.

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I hope that you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Juicy Jelly, feel free to leave me comments below. 

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