Kids Earn Cash Review: $500 Daily Or Pure Fakeness?

Have you heard of Kids Earn Cash?

Have you come across website links that brought you to know about Kids Earn Cash?

Regardless of how you get to know this program, chances are you are here to discover further and deeper what exactly is Kids Earn Cash.

Are you looking for the answers of how genuine Kids Earn Cash is?

Today, I will be reviewing this unique earn money website and let's discover and dive deeper who they are, and what is this program all about.

Most importantly, can you make money with them?

The entire company behind Kids Earn Cash has been revamped.

They are now known as cloutbucks.

Kids Earn Cash Review Summary

Product: Kids Earn Cash

Founder: Unknown


Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No


Clueless about how to elaborate further.

As time of writing, the entire platform behind Kids Earn Cash is built with the sole intention of cheating, scamming, fake and unreal. 

Their identity has been hidden and those unrealistic income claims are disappointing.

It's even more terrifying when I discover that they are fake and do not exist.

Despite the revamped version that increases responsiveness and aesthetically more appealing, the entire platform itself is built out of fakeness.

I highly recommend you to stay away from them and please do not provide any of your personal information to them.

If you are here to learn a way to make real money online legitimately, I suggest you seek other alternatives.

Kids Earn Cash is not worthy of your time and effort invested. 

What Is Kids Earn Cash?

Kids Earn Cash is a website based membership that promises to generate income for you by simply referring people to join them.

As simple as that. That's how the core of this platform works.

Besides that, you will also be given a one time sign up bonus of $25.

You might think that this is too fishy to believe, but the reality is that you will be receiving the $25 straight to your account upon signing up to be their member.

Recently, the entire website has been restructured with smoother navigation, improving usability and responsiveness to a new height.

Let's take a look at the newly designed homepage. 

As intimidating and it seems to be, Kids Earn Cash is grasping a good first impression with the revamped version design. 

How Do You Earn With Kids Earn Cash?

As soon as you join them, you will be credited with $25 instantly.

Which by the way is useless and meaningless.

I will be talking about this in just a moment. 

According to the owner of Kids Earn Cash, one of the main money-making parts is by sharing your unique referral link.

They also encourage you to share your link on the powerful social media platforms. 

I have summarized how exactly you can make money with them.

1. $25 one time fee for signing up.

2. Complete the tasks available to you. The pay rates vary based on the advertiser's budget and cost per click.

3. Share your unique link to as many people as you can.

4. Create a Youtube channel for yourself and talk about Kids Earn Cash, upon verification, you will be paid a one time $50 straight.

And that's it.

These are the methods claimed that you can make money with Kids Earn Cash. 

All you need to do is grab your link and share to anyone like there's no tomorrow.

So you got the whole idea here right?

Before we proceed, let's take a look at the member's dashboard once you join their party. 

Below, you can see the types of available tasks offered, as well as the $25 initial signup bonus credited to you.

Nothing unique and is designed with pure simplicity. 

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The Pros - What I like About Kids Earn Cash

None. Yeah, you heard that right, my dear friends!

Normally with any of my review and opinions about any make money online products, I would be able to identify and write down at least one good thing about them.

Sadly with Kids Earn Cash,It's built with pure fakeness and unethical practice.

My approach to review is unbiased, but with this kind of fake program, it doesn't worth giving appreciation.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Kids Earn Cash

Extremely unrealistic income claims

So right from the beginning, they show you that you can earn $500 with them.

As a clever and intelligent person, you would be able to debunk this fakeness right away.

I mean literally, it's insanely unreal.

Come on, are you telling me that I can generate an income that's as lucrative as $500 daily, simply by grabbing and sharing the link provided to me?

Are you kidding me?

Besides, you will be getting $5 for every successful people you recruit to their platform.

This is total crap and lack of genuineness. 

Fake virtual money  

So here's the thing, my friend, all those numbers that you see on your computer's screen are fake.

Yeah, I repeat once again, all the numbers that appear in your account are fake.

The money is not cashable and I have proof to support this. 

Let take s look at some of the scam alert specific individual testimonials.

That also includes the $25 cash bonus they credited to you when you first joined.

Oh my goodness.

They even go one step further to hurt you deeper by terminating your account.

Let's imagine all your effort are gone in pure vain. disappointment will arise and it certainly hurts. 

The abusive use of illegal sharing of a link on social media 

Here's the thing my friend, in today's highly advanced world, we are all surrounded by the power of social media.

We share our life moments with friends and family with social media.

It's a phenomenal trend that is not going to be disappeared soon. 

Some people can benefit from the social media trend.

On the other hand, some people are going to misuse this advantage for unethical purposes. 

To speak frankly, sharing of links is deemed illegal and unacceptable action within the social media platforms.

Not only you will be banned causing your account termination, but you will also be liable for law taken against you legally.

Yeah, so this technique is unusable, and yet the owner has misused their members helping them to reap the best benefits from your effort. 

Just imagine this for a moment, members do all the dirty works for them, they on the other side are reaping all the benefits as a result.

It does not makes sense neither does it sounds like fairness ever existed.

To sum it off, they are using their members to benefits them.

It's as simple as that. 

Ponzi type of business structure

So by now, I am sure you might already realize that the entire business model sounds fishy and fraud. How do they operate their business?

How do they sustain their business by providing values?

The entire system seems extremely fake to sums it up.

They do not operate it as a business.

They don't have any products and services.

They don't provide any values by asking people to join them. 

That's why the whole concept behind this website based platform is completely fake and untrustworthy.

Heck, we don't even know whether the team behind Kids Earn Cash is real and existed.

It could be coded and written by a bunch of unethical hackers!

A red flag to stay aware at all cost. 

Illegal ways of obtaining sensitive user's information without consent

I am sure you have come across a website that provides values, it sparks your appreciation and good first impression.

Then you sign up for their mailing list to receive even more future updates and valuable information. 

On one way or another, mutual consent of giving and receiving personal information has been reached.

A genuine relationship could also be built as a result of this.

With Kids Earn Cash, It's the other way round.

It's the opposite scenario. 

They cheat you to provide your personal information to them.

I hate to say the word cheat, but without any options on my end, I have to use this word to describe.

They are cheating you to obtain your valuable personal information. 

Unethical scarcity technique has been falsely implemented 

Here's the thing my friend, at first sight, as soon as you land on their homepage, they promise you lucrative potential income claims.

This is an unethical way to lure you in with the sole purpose of gaining your personal information for their use. 

Let's get real for a moment, do you think that $5 per sign up is possible, and then let's take a look at the $25, that's a disguise and disgusting way of luring people in.

Holy molly, I can't believe this is even happening right now. 

False income proof within their platform 

Let me ask you a question real quick. what will you do when you feel that any particular make money product is fishy and sound scammy?

You explore around seeking for more legitimacy right?

Yeah, that's right.

Heck, the unknown owner behind Kids Earn Cash has taken the entire fake system to an unbelievable new height.

These income proofs within their platform are fake.

The pure intention of this action is to make you believe that they are genuine, real and trustable. 

Is Kids Earn Cash A Scam?

I have reviewed countless of make money online products.

This is the real fake and unreal web-based program that's fake and ungenuine.

So is Kids Earn Cash a scam?

Yeah, confidently saying, they are a scam.

I would suggest you stay away at all cost.

Don't even bother to provide your private personal information to them.

It's a technique abused to lure you into endless suffering. 

They victimize people by making them share their links with endless loop, purposeless.

By the way, we don't even know whether they are real.

The unethical individuals who operate Kids Earn Cash might even make use of your personal information for unethical use to reap the benefits for themselves.

Besides, the entire concept built behind Kids Earn Cash doesn't seem to make any complete sense.

It's senseless to a certain degree immeasurable.

All I can think of is that this lousy platform is built with ponzi elements.

They are here to acquire confidential information without consent and illegally.

None of the earning written and explain within their platform is real.

There isn't any part within their website states the earning disclaimer and the so-called unrealistic income is crippled even further.

An unrealistic income claim could already be extremely hurtful.

To make it even more sorrowful, these income claims are faked and doesn't exist.

If you are still doubtful that there's still hope of earning any income with Kids Earn Cash, let's be more rational for a moment.

Can the actions of sharing of fake links be able to earn you any income?

There's no concrete business model exist here.

You shouldn't be surprise that they will be out of business. 

They are fake and don't exist.

How can something that is not real make you any income? Right.

I would suggest you stay away from Kids Earn Cash at all cost. 

My Final Thoughts

Here's the thing my friend, earning an income online is achievable and attainable.

It starts with building out the foundation that's scalable to any level of success moving forward.

If I tell you that a successful online business can be built overnight, I am lying to you and it's totally untrue. 

Grabbing and sharing of links unethically without any concrete marketing strategies and direction is a complete waste of time and effort.

Since 2015, I am fortunate enough to discover an awesome online community built around the affiliate marketing industry.

They teach affiliate marketing and online business to the very root.

Everything that's related to the effective ways of building a highly successful online business can be found.

Here, you will be trained to be an expert in online business specifically with affiliate marketing.

Regardless of your interest and expertise, any successful business can be built.

And achieving a full-time income is possible. 

On top of that, this is an all in one platform and community that help each other grow in our online entrepreneurship.

Instead of wasting time scouting for the shining fake germs to make money online, I highly recommend you to give yourself a chance to experience first hand by building yourself s real and solid business online.

If you are keen to establish your unique presence online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Kids Earn Cash, feel free to leave me comments below.

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