Lucky Scratch App Review: What Are Your Chances Of Winning Money With This App?

Your search to make money with Android apps has led to the discovery of Lucky Scratch?

Maybe your friends told you about this app that you can earn money while having fun playing games.

Or you have accidentally discovered Lucky Scratch out of the many "Lucky" app games?

Maybe you want to know more about it before committing your valuable time.

Today, I will be reviewing this unique app so that you can gain a better understanding of its overall trustworthiness.

Is there really money to be made with Lucky Scratch?

How much can you potentially earn?

Is it even worth your time?

Let's find out the answers together in this review.

Lucky Scratch Review Summary

Platform: Lucky Scratch

Company: Fort Mason Games Inc

Rating: 40/100

Price: Free

Recommended: No

What Is Lucky Scratch?

Lucky Scratch is a mobile game app developed specifically for the Android mobile operating system by Google.

It was written and designed by an American company called Fort Mason Games Inc.

This company is famous for developing various highly rated game apps, specifically in the fun and entertainment rewards industry.

Essentially, this is an app that offers an opportunity to earn money by playing scratch card games.

Let's take a look at its user interface.

The user interface of Lucky Scratch game app

As soon as you have done the registration, this is the area the greets you upon signing up.

How Do You Earn With Lucky Scratch?

There's a simple registration process needed before you can begin earning with Lucky Scratch.

You can choose to register with an existing Google Account or through your Facebook account.

Both methods are acceptable.

Do note that Lucky Scratch doesn't really offer any tangible tasks to earn money.

Instead, you will be playing the "scratch the cards" games to earn star points or win money if you are lucky.

Let's proceed to discover how you can possibly earn with Lucky Scratch.

Scratch the game cards

As soon as you log into the app, numerous scratch cards will be shown via scrolling down or up.

To play the game, simply choose any of your preferred card and tap on it.

Once you are in, swipe your finger on the screen to reveal your luck.

If you are lucky, cash prizes will be rewarded.

If not, you will be rewarded with star points at the very least.

Do note that there will be a timer to wait before any specific card can be replayed.

Also, there will be ads interval before you can proceed to the next game.

It could be annoying to wait for the ads to finish to proceed, but that's the reality.

Every time you want to continue playing the next card, ads will be displayed.

If you too are annoyed with ads, just be patient, and be understanding.

Hey, they need to earn a living as well right?

Here's an example of the scratch card game.

An example of the lucky scratch game

If an icon appears to be similar to one another horizontally, then you will be earning the cash prize rewards.

If luck is not with you, star points will be rewarded instead.

In this example, 500 star points have been rewarded.

An illustration of the star points offered in Lucky Scratch

The jackpot draw

You are given four attempts to pick your five lucky numbers daily.

If your chosen numbers match the system jackpot, you get the chance to win $10000.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends.

Ten thousand dollars ready to be won.

This part of the contest is purely based on your luck.

Let's take a look at how you can participate in the daily jackpot contest.

The example of the jackpot game offered in Lucky Scratch

Spin the wheel game

This part of the game also depends on your luck.

You are given a chance to spin the wheel for cash rewards once a day.

Here's an example of the spin the wheel game.

An example of the spin the wheel game in Lucky Scratch

As you can see, the maximum amount of money you could potentially win is only $1.

There's also a countdown timer before you can respin the wheel.

Refer your friends to join

If you have the skill to convince your friends to play this game, you get an entry ticket to win $100 for every people you refer to.

Do note that, you are only given a chance to draw for the rewards.

You need luck again to win the $100 referral commission.

This is also the first time I get to know about a referral system that pays with a random draw.

Just think about it for a moment, you have successfully recruited someone to join.

Instead of being compensated, you are given a ticket to draw for $100 prize.

It's such a peculiar feeling, right?

How Do You Get Paid?

There are two types of currency offered in the game.

First is the star points.

Second is the real money cash value.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $2.

You need to accumulate 3 million star points to unlock the eligibility.

There are also no direct cash withdrawals to your local bank account.

For example, the PayPal account. 

Your earned star points can only be exchanged for in-game cash value.

Then, you can exchange the cash value for various gift cards.

Here's one example of the gift card offered.

An example of a redeemable gift card offered in Lucky Scratch

Can You Earn With Lucky Scratch?

First and foremost, Lucky Scratch is not meant to let you earn money.

Instead, it was designed to offer you some fun and entertainment moments.

That's all about it from a member's perspective.

On the other hand, its partners earn through ads display.

It's a win-win situation between a player and an advertiser partner. 

So, I guess there's no money to be made with Lucky Scratch.

Even if there is money to be made, it's probably around the cents mark.

Our focus will be switched to the star points.

Remember I mentioned earlier that these points can be exchanged for cash values?

In this section, let's discover the star points earning potential.

A quick disclaimer: The following calculations are based on predictions. They don't represent the actual points that you can earn.

Say you have the mood to spend an hour or two in the game daily.

Let's assume you are offered ten scratch card games.

Here are the receivable points predictions.

Game #1 - 500 star points
Game #2 - 680 star points
Game #3 - 500 star points
Game #4 - 1200 star points
Game #5 - 500 star points
Game #6 - 700 star points
Game #7 - 500 star points
Game #8 - 250 star points
Game #9 - 800 star points
Game #10 - 350 star points

Your daily earnable star points are equivalent to:

500+680+500+1200+500+700+500+250+800+350 = 5980 star points

Let's multiply these points by 30.

5980*30 = 179400 star points

Remember I mentioned earlier that you need to accumulate 3000000 star points to exchange for $2?

Yeah, that right my friends!

Let's do the final calculation here.

We take 179400 star points to divide by 3000000 star points.

The final result is $0.06.

Also, why are there so many 500 star points predictions?

Well, the clear answer is that Lucky Scratch offers this amount relatively often.

Try to play the game and you will agree with me.

Sometimes, if luck is not on your side, you get an even lower amount in the 100 to 200 mark.

Also, let's not forget that there's a time interval before you can replay any specific game.

The time that you need to wait is usually around two and a half hours.

So, to answer the question, no, you can't make any money in this game.

I am very sorry to say but that's the reality.

Yes, you certainly can have some fun in the game, but no money to be made.

The game has been designed such that it can attract as many players to join as possible.

Then, the company can make money by displaying ads.

That's my take and personal opinion.

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The Pros - What I like About Lucky Scratch


  • Free to join
  • Aesthetically gorgeous game interface
  • A fun way to eliminate boredom

The Cons - What I Dislike About Lucky Scratch


  • Completely waste of time
  • There isn't any money to be made
  • Star points are hard to accumulate even for the minimum $2 withdrawal threshold
  • Luck dependency
  • Lots of annoying ads
  • Questionable worthiness

Is Lucky Scratch A Scam?

As far as legitimacy is concerned, I think that Lucky Scratch is not a scam.

At the time of writing, it's still available on Google Play

Also, this app has achieved a phenomenal download rate over a million times.

However, Lucky Scratch is not necessarily worthy from a user perspective.

It's not worth your time, in my opinion.

This app is merely for you to pass time playing some scratch cards.

That's all about it.

You are not going to make a fortune playing this game.

Yes, you certainly can earn some points, these points mean nothing compared to your precious time.

If you are a game lover, then surely, it's a place to have some fun.

If you are here to earn money, then I'm very sorry to say, you will be disappointed.

My Final Thoughts

After the exploration thus far, I'm sure you have grasped the significance of the unworthiness of Lucky Scratch by now.

You certainly are not going to make a living spending time in the Lucky Scratch app.

Your time could be spent elsewhere to do more meaningful activities.

For example, you could play your favorite PC games such as Guild Wars 2 Path Of Fire.

You can even spend your precious time accompanying family members.

For your own sake, just stay away from Lucky Scratch, this is my personal advice.

It's not worthy of your time.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Lucky Scratch, or if you would like to express your thoughts and experience about Lucky Scratch, feel free to leave me comments below.

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