Magicare Mofasoo Review: A Whitening Cream MLM Company Reviewed

Have you been noticing an explosive trend of a skincare product rocking the social media platforms?

Maybe you saw beautiful women taking selfies with the product for exposure and publicity.

Maybe you have even seen your millennial friends broadcasting this product live via Facebook.

Perhaps your neighbors, colleagues, or your family members are talking about this product triggering your curiosity.

Eventually, you have gotten to know this skincare product known as Mofasoo.

Today, I will be reviewing and walking you through the entire journey of discovering Magicare.

A newborn MLM company that combines the new era retail implementation known as the borderless retail concept.

I will be covering topics such as its opportunity suitability, product quality, ways to earn money through its compensation plans, my take on its pros and cons, and its legitimacy.

So are you ready to begin the discovery journey?

Let's get started without further ado.

What Is Magicare?

Magicare is a new skincare MLM company that joins in the skincare industry arena.

Launched in March 2020 by Mr. Jacky Tang Chou Meng, it's a Malaysian based MLM company that has been revamped to combine with the new era retail concept.

So what exactly is the "new era retail concept"?

Well, according to Magicare, it's the sophisticated mobile e-commerce platform that enhances the smoothness of its representatives' job on the battlefield.

Basically, the platform takes care of all the essential tasks related to product shipping, real-time downlines acquisition, real-time downlines' earning, real-time associates' earning, total PV accumulated, rebate bonus points accumulation, so on and so forth.

All in real-time, powered by proprietary mobile e-commerce app platform and technology.

Pretty fabulous technology implemented, in my opinion.

I was invited to attend its maiden business introduction event on the 1st of March in the business district at South City Centre.

The atmosphere was heartwarming.

Here's the picture of the founder Mr. Jacky Tang.

Magicare founder Mr Jacky Tang

Apparently, he has a team of elite powering the business forward.

Known as "the leader horde", it's the teamwork that contributed to the creation of Magicare.

To sum it up, Magicare is an MLM company backed by a team of elite known as "the leader horde".

It's also backed by sole and flagship product known as Mofasoo.

With the conventional MLM business structure at its core, Magicare takes the business leap to another level with the implementation of the new mobile retail integration.

What Does This Company Offer?

As I've mentioned earlier, Magicare has only one single product at the moment.

Known as Mofasoo, it's a flagship skin whitening product that claims to beautify you to be as gorgeous as the fairies. 

So without any delay, I'm honored to showcase this phenomenal product.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Mofasoo!

Magicare product front

Aesthetically, it's extremely beautiful.

Thumbs up to the design team at Magicare.

When you turn the product in 360 degrees, its gorgeousness is easily visible.

Here's its look at the back.

Mofasoo product back view illustration

According to Magicare, this product has a combination of five natural extracts.

They are:

- The snowdrop extract
- The calendula extract
- The peony extract
- The cherry blossom extract
 - The kiwi fruit extract

Let's take a look at the cream itself.

Magicare Mofasoo cream illustration

One of the amazingness of this product is that the cream is not sticky at all.

When you apply it on your skin, it doesn't look like makeup.

As you can see from the image above, it's a liquid cream that has superb absorption when applied evenly on the skin.

How to join Magicare?

Magicare offers five packages to join its exclusive club.

Here are the summaries.

The business associate - RM 558

This is the entry-level membership.

It comes with three Mofasoo products.

The entrepreneur - RM 3120

This is the more advanced membership.

It comes with 20 Mofasoo products.

The regional distributor - RM 14100

This is the flagship membership.

It comes with 100 Mofasoo products.

The master distributor - RM 37800

This is the most premium membership.

It comes with 300 Mofasoo products.

The RM (Ringgit Malaysia) is the official Malaysian currency.

Check your respective currency rate via the real-time currency converter.

How Do You Earn With Magicare?

Magicare offers some exciting compensation plans.

Here are the summaries of the most essential ways of getting compensated.

The retail bonus

As an independent representative representing Magicare, you are consented to purchase the product at the respective distributor's price, then you promote it to your prospective customers.

The gap in between is your reapable retail bonus.

For example, let's take the regional membership as an example.

You pay RM 14100 for 100 Mofasoo products.

Your distributor price is RM 141, and then you sell the product at RM 198.

Your reapable retail bonus is RM 57 for every sale.

The recruitment bonus

When you recruit someone to join Magicare, you will be rewarded handsomely.

How about RM 1500 for every person you introduce to Magicare?

It's accomplishable when you are capable to convince someone to join the regional and master distributors memberships.

Additionally, you will also be compensated with RM 600 and RM 180 for the entrepreneur and business associate memberships respectively.

The partnership bonus

This part is arguably one of the most lucrative bonus in its entire compensation implementation.

As a business partner, you will be eligible to earn a fair share of profit-sharing of the monthly revenue.

Every Mofasoo sales will generate RM 10 into the revenue pool fund.

For example, if the company achieved 20000 Mofasoo sales for a particular month, then a total of RM200,000 revenue fund will be set aside ready to be shared among all the business partners.

There are two ways to unlock eligibility.

First, you need to invest RM 37800 to be a master distributor.

Second, you need to recruit 3 people to join as the master distributor.

Additionally, your entire team must also achieve 300 Mofasoo sales monthly.

If you are keen to discover every compensation that Magicare offers, here's a pdf document that explains everything comprehensively.

The Pros - What I like About Magicare

The opportunity to earn as the pioneer

They say the early bird gets the pie right?

It's well said and in reality, it translates to the exact same scenario.

Magicare is still a baby within the skincare industry, so I'm sure you are clever enough to predict the massive lucrativeness that it offers.

Lucrative niche market

Wanna know how lucrative is the skin whitening industry?

Well, here's the staggering fact.

According to Grand View Research, the skin whitening industry is worth $8.3 billion in 2018 alone!

It has even more positive growth potential moving forward in the foreseeable future.

So rest be assured that if you are hardworking and have the will power to persevere, you certainly can reap a fair share of this lucrativeness.

Extensive training provided

Magicare isn't a company that has representatives knock on your door and say " Hey, join us and we will show you the path to great fountain of wealth."

When you join Magicare, you will not be left behind to walk the journey solitarily, rather, you will be coached and trained to be the absolute best marketer ready to thrive at the highest level of success.

Amazing product

I've tested this product personally and the result has been satisfying to a huge extent.

It's incredibly formulated to restore youthfulness and skin's radiance beyond expectation.

Still skeptical about Mofasoo?

You got to experience this product yourself to see the real difference in your appearance!

The opportunity to leverage the power of social media

Engaging and socializing with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has become the norm.

If you are ready to bring your skincare business to a whole new level by leveraging the power of social media platforms, Magicare provides an amazing platform for you to build a personal branding within the skin whitening niche industry.

New era of retail concept

Remember I talked about this earlier?

As a marketer, you need to work smart and productively.

With the introduction of this new concept, you don't have to worry about stocks and inventory, all you need to do is to go out there to pitch and make the sales, the rest of it will be well-taken care of.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Magicare

Unnecessary MLM implementation

Mofasoo is a phenomenal product, a class of its own.

It shouldn't be marketed with a direct selling method, in my opinion.

Instead, it should be commercialized to be sold in the retail stores like pharmacies and independent skincare retail merchants.

That way, it's more likely to gain better market penetration, consumers' trust and acceptance.

My Final Thoughts

The main course has been served.

You should grasp the overall business structure of Magicare by now.

This leads to the next heavyweight question which is "should you join Magicare?"

Is Magicare the real deal?

Well, from my perspective, the honest answer is YES and NO.

Let me explain.

At the time of writing, the world has been attacked by a deadly virus, an unprecedented scenario, we have never seen anything like this in modern civilization.

Businesses have been badly affected.

Jobs are lost.

Happiness has been robbed completely.

People are suffering and struggling for survival while battling this virus.

Recession is already happening.

If you are struggling to put food on the table, then it isn't the right time to join Magicare.

If you have other priorities such as providing basic living expenses for your family, then Magicare shouldn't be your consideration for now.

There are millions of industries that you can make a profit, it's not necessary to pursue the MLM journey in this crucial and uncertain moments.

For example, many people are adapting well with the situation, they went online to coach and teach students with affordable fees.

Moreover, it's not cheap to join Magicare.

Take a look at its most premium membership, it costs a hefty RM 37,800.

Just imagine how much financial support you could potentially provide for your family with this sum of money.

Now, if you belong to the middle class or wealthy group, then Magicare could be the potential candidate to build a brand for yourself within the skincare industry.

I would suggest you go for the business associate or the entrepreneur membership, scale your business slowly and steadily.

MLM endeavor is a long term marathon.

It doesn't guarantee an instant result.

If you are skillful in the art of convincing and persuasion, then Magicare could also be the candidate to embark on a marvelous journey.

Remember that you are not walking the journey alone, the entire team will be assisting and comforting one another in the pursuit to reach the ultimate success.

I hope you find this review article helpful and informative.

If you still have questions related to Magicare, feel free to leave me comments below.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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Antonio - June 3, 2020


The first question that comes to mind, is if the product is so great why do they go through the MLM route, as this often fails for everyone low on the ladder. It is still a new product and we cannot say if it does everything it says it does  but to have a business  based on this product, seems to be a no goer. I am disappointed  that direct selling via trusted websites was not used. I am shocked about this, as in general I do not trust MLMs at all.



    David Lau - June 3, 2020

    Hi Antonio,

    Yeah, you have a solid point there.

    Often times, new representatives will find a hard time adapting to the culture within any MLM companies they are representing.

    For example, familiarizing themselves with complex compensations is one tough part.

    The journey gets even tougher when one has to deal with the complicated recruitment aspect of the company.

    For many, the nightmare has just begun.

    The real daunting part comes when you have to recruit endlessly as well as doing face to face selling.

    The truth is, it ain’t fun at all doing these kinds of stuff.

    MLM endeavor could be described as a blessing and a curse, depending on how you approach the concept.

    As you mentioned, you don’t trust MLMs, that’s totally understandable.

    Usually, those at the top hierarchy will be reaping most of the fruition, for those at the bottom, sadly, it’s going to spark a lot of disappointments.

mondayjosep - June 3, 2020

Hello dear, thanks for sharing such an amazing article marked with brevity expression on statement. I really find this post helpful to me because this is exactly what my mom needs. she has been searching for such a website with a highly reputable platform that has a reward redeemable point to their members for airing their view. I believe this post is recommendable and she and her friends Will surely subscribe to it thanks for such post, it really has been helpful, thanks for the info…………


    David Lau - June 5, 2020

    Hi mondayjosep

    Thanks for your comment.

    Firstly, i don’t quite understand what you were trying to express.

    Have you mistakenly expressed your thought?🤔

    Secondly, this website doesn’t reward any redeemable points!

    However, Mofasoo is definitely a fabulous skincare product.

    It’s especially suitable for your Mom!

    Sooner or later, her enhanced gorgeousness will “wow” you,😲 my dear friend!


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