Octane Review: Bringing Video Marketing To A Whole New Level

People love media contents. That's an inevitable fact.

We consume media contents regularly, it's part of our daily routine.

Take a look at the phenomenal YouTube, billions of visitors are visiting YouTube to consume video contents for various needs.

On top of that, video marketing has become a norm for today's content marketing strategies.

Big names within absolutely any industry imaginable, they are leveraging the power of video content marketing to scale their business to even greater heights.

Surely, article written contents are still the backbone of any businesses, but then video marketing is playing the bigger role to push these businesses forward.

Just take s look at another example here, Udemy as the world's largest courses learning site, they are leveraging video tutorials as their mainstream of contents delivery. 

Today, I will be discussing an interesting topic on video marketing, specifically on a highly acclaimed product known as Octane.

I will also be walking you through what Octane is capable of and how you can benefit from this unique product.

So without any more delay, let's get started. 

Octane Review Summary

Product: Octane

Founder: Jono Amstrong

Price: $27.97

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes


Undoubtedly, Octane is a masterpiece product within the video marketing industry.

I would say it's a league on its own.

Traffic generation for profitability is proven to be workable and it certainly is going to generate income for you.

If you are passionate about video marketing, or you want to brush up your skills to even greater heights, then Octane is the solutions for you.

The entire Octane platform teaches you to monetize your video with a creative common re-edit of media contents.

Even though mutual consent has been reached and agreed, the only downside about building your audience with Octane is the issue of originality.

Sooner or later, your audience will discover that the video content created with Octane is created with other's people work as a baseline.

That would ruin credibility and genuineness as a whole.

What Is Octane?

Octane is a proprietary developed software plus membership that has the capability of combining various videos from the internet to make it your own unique media contents.

These edited and trimmed videos are then uniquely yours.

You can then use it for any marketing purposes on your end. 

There's a catch to this which I will explain in more details later on.

This unique software is created and invented by Jono Amstrong, a well known highly successful internet marketers with plentiful years of experience within the online business world.

His expertise is the guarantee that those resources that you will be receiving within the Octane platform are highly valuable.

Besides being primarily categorized as a software, Octane is also partially a membership type.

A membership that allows you to use the video software to generate videos for yourself.

Your user experience with them is boosted even higher, when you are also able to gain access to the contents of the highly valuable tutorials on how to get started to make money with Octane.

Octane is priced at a one time $27.97.

Before we proceed further, let take some time to discover the awesomeness of Octane.

The video presentation you are about to watch is presented by Jono Amstrong himself.

So button up your seatbelt and enjoy!

How does it feel?

Are you getting a good first impression with Jono Amstrong and his product Octane?

Pretty astonishing right? He can generate $200 overnight just by leveraging the power of video marketing. 

How Do You Earn With Octane?

As soon as you join as Octane member, you will be given access to use their advance video marketing software.

Besides, you are also granted access to their highly informative tutorials on how to get started with video marketing. 

It goes even sweeter when you will also be receiving the exclusive mentorship by the founder himself.

So how does Octane make any money for you?

According to Jono Amstrong, there are three major ways where he teaches you how to accomplish that. 

1. Leveraging the power of video marketing with affiliate marketing

Within these training modules, you will be taught the exact method of how to generate an income with affiliate marketing from the Clickbank affiliate program.

Meaning that, you will be shown and taught how to leverage video marketing to maximize profits as an affiliate marketer for the Clickbank affiliate program.

The potential of earning is pretty lucrative as we know Clickbank has thousands of products that are ready for a hungry audience.

2. Leveraging video marketing to reap profits from jvzoo and warriorplus marketplace

If you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, I am sure you are familiar with jvzoo and warriorplus.

These are the giant marketplace for affiliate marketers to earn an income via promoting products and services to the right audience.

3. Leveraging video marketing with email marketing

So we know that building a genuine relationship and connection with your audience is the way to go when it comes to long term business sustainability.

Jono Amstrong knows exactly that.

The best part is that he is going to show you his success recipe where you can excel tremendously within the email marketing space. 

Catered for the more advanced members, you are not encouraged to venture this part right away as a new online marketer.

The training modules are designed so that you can go through the learning part one step at a time.

This final part of earning opportunity is huge.

I mean it has limitless opportunity to earn. 

Email marketing has been proven to bring success within the online business world when implemented correctly.

It gets even better when you can combine video marketing to reach out to your highly relevant audience.

So you get the idea here, basically, these are the methods you can utilize Octane to make money online.

Despite the private recommendations of how to get started with Octane for the best result possible, you are not entirely restricted to the methods presented to you.

The flexibility of using Octane to leverage video marketing for your online business is given a green light.

You can even start venturing a new niche specifically on the video editing, and publishing topics.
An authority status within this niche can be easily achievable.

Are you grasping the idea on how you can go about tackling into any part of earning possibilities with Octane?

To sum it up, the video marketing industry is highly lucrative and growing as rapid as ever.

Octane is here playing the role to smoothen your path ever better. 

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The Pros - What I like About Octane

Genuine value is shown

So here's the thing, my friends, right from the beginning, Octane does not promise you a bed full of roses. It goes straight to the points what it is capable of and what is your realistic income expectation.

The owner followed by addressing in further depths within the video presentation, that you can generate an income with the 3 secret recipes that are available at your disposal.

Apart from that, nothing seems too gimmicks and salesy, scammy and exaggerated.

A good way to kick start your video marketing campaign.

Contents that are written in text form are irreplaceable at least for some time but then video contents are on the verge of conquering the digital world.

According to Forbes. video contents are going to dominate 80% of all website traffic by 2019

That's insanely powerful.

Let's imagine this, billions of websites traffic are redirecting the interest to consume video contents rather than any other types of contents. 

That's an unstoppable and uncontrollable phenomenon.

Having known one of this fact, are you still hesitating on kick-starting your online video marketing campaign?

People are already beginning to grasp the importance of video marketing and is implementing this technique to their businesses regardless of online or offline. 

Jono Amstrong possess a good trait of selflessly cares 

So good traits represent a good personality, right?

You might agree or you might disagree.

It's a value evaluation with a different mindset and approach.

But then, someone who has good traits possess the fundamental characteristics of being a good person.

Despite beings highly successful online, Jono Amstrong is still humbly caring for other online entrepreneurs alike that are still swimming in the middle of the ocean.

With his mentorship, you won't be flying to the moon, but then it at least guarantees you a foundation to build upon.

Rather than walking the journey directionless, you will be coached to excel.

This togetherness is going to ease your path to reach the ultimate success peak. 

Combination of affiliate marketing with video marketing 

The affiliate marketing industry is currently worth a staggering 6.8 billion dollars.

On the other hand, video marketing is projected to conquer 80% of websites traffic!

Let just take a moment to ponder, the effectiveness of these combinations to boost your business to a destination where you will be loaded with unlimited consumers!

Phew, terrific. absolutely terrific!

Picture this as the combination of Superman and Supergirl to save the entire earth and universe. 

The tediousness of video marketing has been simplified 

So video marketing huh?

Yeah right.

Let me just quickly show you a well known YouTube celebrity within the tech world.

She is an expert in pretty much everything that's related within the technology world.

Let take a look at the video below to have a glimpse of how a professional video recording studio looks like.

By the way, this is a new type of virtual reality video where you can scroll around with your mouse to view the full 360 degrees in many different angles. 

What would you think the possible cost of this type of video recording studio?

I am not a tech guy, but I guess it's costing a hefty load of money to set up such luxury video studio!

Back to Octane, with such a low-cost product investment, you are going to gain the benefits of maximizing the power of video marketing like a pro.

I mean what's the feeling of grabbing other's people video, edit them to be usable again with your personal touch.

If you are the type of person who anxiously wanna implement video marketing for your online business, Octane has you completely taken care of in this aspect.

The leveraging of creative common has been ethically used

Regardless of whether you are familiar with the term creative common, it's nothing more complex than having the consent of using someone's else work to be edited wholely or partially, and then the edited contents are uniquely yours.

Here's the thing my friends, creative common can also directly compared with private label right.

In short abbreviation as PLR.

PLR is very identical with creative common, the only difference between them is that sometimes creative common contents require you to credit your reedited work back to the source.

That way, the original content creator can gain exposure, and also it shows that you are an ethical person who expresses appreciation.

Whereas, PLR contents grant you access to re-edit whatever ways you like and then claim it to be yours.

Affordable product pricing

Truthfully speaking, Octane product and membership have been adequately priced. It's not expensive to a certain extent that it's hurting our wallet.

For merely the price of maybe a meal or two, you are gaining access to advanced software that is capable of enabling you to kickstart your video marketing journey right away.

An all in one platform for creative common video marketing

Let's talk about the phenomenal Youtube, shall we?

I am sure you are familiar with the search ranking within Youtube right?

Very similar to Google search results, the video results that shown to you are all based on complex algorithms.

It's based on criteria such as the number of views, comments received, impressions shown and so forth.

My point here is to tell you the search results within Youtube are saturated.

There are lots of content publishers that prohibit the sharing of their work.

So some of the videos are copyrighted and are not shareable without consent.

With Octane, your job as content creators has been simplified.

Every keyword that you perform within Octane is filtered with relevancy specifically on all the creative common contents.

These are the contents that you can reuse and make an edit to them.

Once you have grabbed any desired video content, the selected video is editable right away within Octane.

That's just how good and valuable Octane is.

It makes your life easier as media content creators.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Octane

Despite some of the pure awesomeness possess by Octane, this piece of software still has a flaw.

In my opinion, this is the main one.

Creative common isn't good for the long term

Here's the thing my friends, even though the consent has been mutually agreed that you can reuse the media contents in any way you like, it doesn't guarantee the monetization for the long term.

Sooner or later, your audience will discover that this is some piece of re-edited works instead of original contents.

In one way or another, it will harm your credibility and trustworthiness as a whole.

When trust diminishes, it's very hard to regain back.

Is Octane A Scam?

Congratulations for reading thus far, I appreciate your time and interest.

Frankly speaking, absolutely no.

Nope, Octane is not a scam product.

It's legitimate and as genuine as ever.

You can earn a living with the mentorship provided by Jono Amstrong himself.

On top of that, leveraging Octane software is an incredible way to help you to build up a sustainable income as you gain more authority and traction within your niche.

Besides, Jono Amstrong is a highly successful online entrepreneur with loads of marketing experience under his belt.

So what's the easiest and best way to achieve success?

You follow the steps of the successful people right?

My Final Thoughts

Despite the emerging trend of video contents popularity, it's still very viable to build yourself an online business.

I am talking about the online business that's built with affiliate marketing at the core.

Here's the thing my friends, the affiliate marketing industry is worth a staggering $6.8 billions!

Yeah, you heard that right!

The best part of all about the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to be involved with any of the hecticness of products creations or, product sourcing.

All you need to do is to identify your passion.

A passion that is good enough for you to connect with audiences alike who share the same interest as you.

Once again, thank you for your valuable time to check out my personal opinion about Octane.

I hope you found some values out of it. 

Are you an existing Octane customer?

Are you currently a video content creator?

What's your ups and downs?

Do share with me by dropping comments below.

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