Opinio Quest Review: A Distinctive Survey Platform Reviewed

If you are searching for an opportunity to earn within the market research industry, Chances are, you have discovered a platform known as Opinio Quest.

It looks gorgeous in terms of website design, a standard benchmark for modern websites.

But, is it a trustworthy place to earn?

Is it worth your precious time and effort?

More importantly, how much money could you potentially earn?

Today, I will be reviewing this unique platform to walk you through the journey of discovering Opinio Quest.

After that, you can decide for yourself whether Opinio Quest is suitable for you or otherwise.

I will also be providing my genuine opinions so that you can make a wiser decision.

So, are you ready to begin the journey?

Let's get started without further ado.

What Is Opinio Quest?

Opinio Quest is a survey platform that serves the market research industry.

Unlike many other similar platforms with the "get paid to" traits, Opinio Quest is relatively unique as far as earning is concerned.

Fundamentally, you will be offered an opportunity to participate in surveys to exchange for various rewards.

Survey participation is the only task you can earn money with Opinio Quest.

Before you begin the journey with Opinio Quest, there's a requirement to register as its unique member.

The registration process is relatively unique and interactively designed.

Instead of the traditional boring form, you will be presented with seven simple steps to secure your unique membership.

Let's take a look below.

The seven steps to register an account with Opinio Quest

As you can see, the first step has been selected for you dynamically.

The system is intelligent to identify the country that you are currently residing in.

The rest of the steps are simple to accomplish.

There are drop-down menus and buttons to assist you.

After completed all the steps, you will be brought to its member's dashboard.

Let's take a look below.

The member dashboard of Opinio Quest

As a token of appreciation, you will be rewarded with $2 which is also equivalent to 200 points.

Your next step is to complete the profile creation.

The system will guide you through in real-time.

This part is essential so that you will be offered with surveys that match your industry and interests.

Here's the illustration of the profile creation part of Opinio Quest.

How Do You Earn With Opinio Quest?

Opinio Quest offers the opportunity to earn through survey participation primarily.

One thing to take note is that after you were brought to the member's dashboard, a message will pop up for you to complete the entire registration.

Simply fill in your email address and set up your account with a password.

Then, you are good to go.

Interestingly, there's also a fun way to earn by playing games.

I will discuss it in more detail in just a moment.

Here are the different types of methods to earn with Opinio Quest.

In house survey participation

This is the task offered within the platform.

Meaning that you will be participating in the survey tasks directly inside Opinio Quest.

The survey availability is highly dependent on your profile creation.

So, make sure you complete the steps to set up your profile as precisely as possible.

That way, you have a higher chance of receiving surveys more frequently.

Also, the surveys' frequency may be determined by the area you are residing.

Meaning that it's geographical driven.

At the time of writing, there's no available surveys for me to participate.

Let's take a look below.

The availability of surveys offered by Opinio Quest

Third party survey participation

This part of the earning is relatively straightforward.

Also known as the "partner offers", you will be brought to the specific website that requires your unique opinions.

There are three types of "partner offers".

They are:

- Precision offers
- Innovate offers
- CINT offers

Play games

Remember I mentioned about earning with games earlier?

This is not the main earning opportunity offered.

Instead, it's a fun way for you to relax while doing the surveys.

It's fairly understandable as you deserve to take a break to recharge your battery before continuing.

There will be ad content that you need to see before getting started with the games.

Could be annoying but once you get started with the games, points can be earned.

Here are some of the available games at the time of writing.

The games examples of Opinio Quest

Refer your friends to join

If you are skillful in the art of persuasion and convincing, there's an opportunity to boost your earning by referring your friends to join Opinio Quest.

As a member of Opinio Quest, you will be given a unique referral link sharable on the internet.

For example, you can share via social media platforms.

One thing that I'm appreciative of Opinio Quest is that the link is not exposed directly on the platform.

Instead, there's a clickable button where your unique referral link will be copied to the clipboard ready to be shared.

Thumbs up to the team at Opinio Quest for this great feature.

Here's what I mean.

The referral link offered by Opinio Quest

How Do You Get Paid?

Opinio Quest offers the opportunity to earn points by participating in surveys and play games.

You will be earning points along the journey.

The accumulated points can be exchanged for various gift cards.

Here are some examples of its reward partners.

The rewards partners of Opinio Quest

The withdrawal threshold has been set at $10.

Meaning that you need to accumulate 1000 points to redeem your favorite gift cards.

Can You Earn With Opinio Quest?

Theoretically, yes, you certainly can earn money with Opinio Quest.

In this section, let's calculate the earning potential of Opinio Quest.

Then, you can decide whether this platform is suitable for you or otherwise.

Do note that the earnable income may vary based on many uncontrollable variables.

The calculations are based on assumptions so that you can grasp a better picture of the earning potential.

Say you are offered with six tasks weekly.

Here are the predicted points that you can potentially receive.

Task 1 - 60 points
Task 2 - 150 points
Task 3 - 250 points
Task 4 - 400 points
Task 5 - 200 points
Task 6 - 300 points

Your weekly earnable points are equivalent to:

60+150+250+400+200+300 = 1360

Let's multiply this amount by 4.

1360*4 = 5440.

Averagely, you will be earning $54.40 for an entire month.

Is it a life-changing amount?

No, it's not.

Can you supplement your living expenses with this amount?

Probably yes and probably no.

It depends but you get the idea of the earnable income potential.

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The Pros - What I like About Opinio Quest


  • Free to join globally
  • Interactive website design
  • Acceptable withdrawal threshold

The Cons - What I Dislike About Opinio Quest


  • No PayPal withdrawal option
  • Not a reliable and stable source of income

My Final Thoughts

Opinio Quest is one of the few unique survey websites that impress me hugely.

It has a beautifully designed user interface.

It also has the necessary traits to serve the specific niche market.

On top of that, it's progressing positively.

In time to come, I'm sure Opinio Quest will be a formidable force that thrives in the survey arena.

If you are a fan of doing surveys, Opinio Quest could be the potential candidate to satisfy your needs.

As far as earning is concerned, Opinio Quest isn't going to make you rich and wealthy, that's a definitive fact.

That being said, if you are looking to earn some pocket money in your free time, Opinio Quest certainly qualifies to satisfy you.

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