PartTimeClicks Review: Is This Platform Worth Joining?

If you are searching for an opportunity to earn on the side, there's a possibility that you have heard of PartTimeClicks.

At first sight, it looks extremely simplified.

Its website has only a section of information.

Yeah, that's right, my friends.

It's not a landing page nor an opt-in page.

So, what can you possibly reap from a website as simplified as PartTimeClicks?

Is it a trustworthy platform to spend your precious time and effort?

More importantly, is there any money to be made?

Let's find out the answer together without further ado.

PartTimeClicks Review Summary

Platform: PartTimeClicks

Company: Unknown

Price: Free to join (For United States residents only)

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is PartTimeClicks?

PartTimeClicks is essentially a get paid to platform that offers the opportunity to earn with task participation.

It's uniquely distinguishable from the rest of the pack.

For example, as I 've mentioned earlier, PartTimeClicks has a simple unique design of a single section website.

So, you will not be seeing a typical "get paid to" type of website on the internet.

On its website, there are only two options that needed your attention and actions.

Both are call to action buttons, you can either sign up or log in to the platform.

Surprisingly, there's no information about its founders, privacy policy, terms, blog articles, so on and so forth.

So, something just doesn't feel right, it certainly sparks a relatively peculiar experience while on its website.

Conventionally, we are used to browsing the internet namely the websites and published contents.

With PartTimeClicks, there literally nothing to browse, that's all about it.

Thankfully, there's a FAQ section that briefly explains the earning opportunity.

How Do You Earn With PartTimeClicks?

As the name of the platform suggests, PartTimeClicks offers the opportunity to earn on the side.

According to PartTimeClicks, you can earn any amount between $5 to $15 monthly.

So, you get the overall picture of the earning potential right away.

Here are the summarized ways to earn with PartTimeClicks.

Specific task participation

PartTimeClicks offers a unique way to earn.

Traditionally, any GPT websites require you to participate in surveys, click on ads, watch videos, sign up for offers, so on and so forth.

With PartTimeClicks, it's a completely different scenario.

You are offered the opportunity to earn through keyword searches and then visit the specific search results on the Search Engine Result Page.

As far as uniqueness is concerned, PartTimeClicks is arguably the very pioneer platform that showcases this fabulous idea.

Now, allow me to elaborate a little further.

The search engines are here to serve the consumers searching for anything on the internet.

For example, if someone is searching for how to lose belly fat without sacrificing on diet, he or she might be typing the following phases.

How to lose belly fat efficiently

How to lose weight without dieting

How to eliminate the stubborn belly fat without dieting

So, as you can see, the search intents are clearly visible.

When the search engines such as Google shows the most relevant websites on its first-page result, the users can check out more information about the needs to lose belly fat fast and efficiently.

Now, PartTimeClicks offers you to earn through this method as well.

Instead of you searching for what you need, it tells you to search for something its advertisers needed.

As compensation, you will be rewarded with any amount from $0.20 to $0.40 for every search tasks that you participated in.

Let's recap again on how to earn with the flagship task of PartTimeClicks.

First, you perform the specific keywords required by PartTimeClicks.

Second, you click on the specific search result.

For example, an article that ranks in the fourth position.

Third, visit the website and browse through that particular article also known as content.

Your job here is to pretend that you are the search consumers looking for that particular information written in the article.

Spend some time scrolling the article and if possible, engage with the author by leaving comments, asking questions, or offering valuable feedback.

Once the entire task has been accomplished, you will be credited with any amount from twenty cents to forty cents.

Pretty awesome and easy to accomplish right?

This unique task participation is uniquely beneficial to both parties.

So, it's a win-win for you and PartTimeClicks's partners.

Here's an example of the search task offer.

The search task of PartTimeClicks

Refer your friends to join

As a member of PartTimeClicks, you have your unique referral link which is sharable to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Alternatively, you can also share the opportunity by meeting your friends in person.

When your friends consented to join with your referral link, you will be rewarded with $1 per sign up.

Meaning that, for every person that you refer to join PartTimeClicks, $1 compensation will be rewarded.

Do note that your referrals need to participate in at least five tasks to unlock the referral earning eligibility.

How Do You Get Paid?

PartTimeClicks is a simple platform with unique earning opportunity.

It goes one step further by offering full flexibility in earning withdrawal.

With PartTimeClicks, there's no withdrawal threshold.

Any amount earned within the platform can be withdrawn to your registered PayPal account.

So, that's the coolest aspect of PartTimeClicks as far as uniqueness is concerned.

Think about it for a moment, the zero withdrawal threshold is unprecedented.

You can withdraw any amount earned in your account.

That's insanely astonishing!

A big thumbs up to PartTimeClicks for this phenomenal implementation.

Can You Earn With PartTimeClicks?

You certainly can, my friends!

In fact, this is one of the few platforms that I personally endorse to earn some pocket money.

It's a shame that this opportunity is not offered globally, but if you are residing in The United States Of America, you shouldn't be missing this out.

You can easily earn up to $15 per month with the search task alone.

Let's not forget the referral rewards.

Your earning could be potentially maximized if you are skillful in the art of persuasion.

As for the search task participation, its availability is highly dependent on the real-time scenario.

So, the mutual connection between members and advertisers plays a huge role in determining the frequency of the tasks.

I do suggest that you sync your Android device or your iPhone with the registered email address.

That way, you will be notified whenever a new task is announced.

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Can You Earn With PartTimeClicks?


  • Free to join
  • Unique earning opportunity through search task
  • Realistic income potential
  • Zaro withdrawal threshold
  • Attractive referral rewards

The Cons - What I Dislike About PartTimeClicks


  • Only available in the United States
  • Fairly simple website design with poor UX

Is PartTimeClicks A Scam?

As far as trustworthiness is concerned, no, PartTimeClicks is not a scam, in my opinion.

It's arguably one of the few GPT platforms that get straight to the point.

PartTimeClicks isn't playing the hide and seek game with you.

It tells you straight that you will be earning $15 at the maximum.

Now, that's one good trait worthy to be acclaimed.

It's the truth that the nature of the "get paid to" industry will not make you wealthy or even supplementing your income completely.

No, these GPT websites are not here to accomplish that.

Rather, a little extra income on the side to help in your financial expenses.

PartTimeClicks doesn't look very promising at first sight but the discovery journey has steered us to grasp its worthiness.

It's quite an impressive platform with true genuineness.

My Final Thoughts

They say never judge a book by its cover.

Well, never judge a person by his or her appearance look as well.

I guess PartTimeClicks is the rightful candidate to be described in this context.

Initially, we are absolutely clueless about what PartTimeClicks is all about.

We have no idea what values it's offering.

Now, after discovering thus far, we knew one fact that PartTimeClicks is a genuine platform for you to earn with the unique search task.

Additionally, you can also boost your income by sharing the opportunity.

The most amazing part is that it doesn't promise any hype or exaggerated luxury income claims to lure you in.

That's one of the most pleasing traits and it shows that PartTimeClicks knows the true meaning of honesty to its core.

Earning some extra income with PartTimeClicks is certainly achievable.

You might even treat yourself with a delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream for a weekend "rat race escape".

Now, you have grasped and comprehend that PartTimeClicks is the rightful candidate to earn some pocket money on the side.

If you are seeking for ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to PartTimeClicks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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