Payprizes Review: An Ocean Of Rewards Await You

The GPT industry is growing at an unstoppable pace in recent years.

Despite the spike in popularity, there are still many forceable and unforeseeable uncertainties.

Some thrive and continue to thrive even more.

Some disappeared without any signs.

So, it's essential to do your due diligence before venturing into any specific GPT platforms.

Today, I will be reviewing another GPT platform known as Payprizes.

So, is it a trustworthy platform?

Is it worthy of your precious time and effort?

What are the values offered?

How about its earning opportunities?

More importantly, is its worthiness directly proportional to your time and effort investment?

Let's find out the truths together in this review.

What Is Payprizes?

Payprizes is a revamped GPT platform founded in 2019.

So, why is it a "revamped" GPT platform?

Well, fundamentally, Payprizes is not a conventional GPT platform.

It doesn't offer all the tasks you normally witness with its competitors.

Rather, only specific tasks are offered for you to participate.

Besides, this is one of the few GPT platforms that's heavily focused on point rewards.

I will elaborate more in the next section.

With just two years in business, it has been progressing radically within the market research industry. 

Well done and a big thumbs up to the entire management team.

At its core, its uniqueness has been established by its massive reward options.

There are more than 10000 gift cards available at the time of writing.

With such accomplishment, it certainly deserves another big thumbs up.

How do you get started with Payprizes?

Well, to begin your journey with Payprizes, there's a requirement to register as a new member.

Signing up is free, simply enter your preferred email address to get started.

Alternatively, you can also sign up directly with an existing Google Account which saves you some time, as well as the easiness of future login. 

A verification link will be sent to your registered email address.

Clicking on the link will unlock the full unrestricted access to full membership offers by Payprizes.

By the way, it's completely free to sign up.

Here's its member's dashboard.

The member dashboard of Payprizes

Payprizes also has unique feed updates on its homepage.

So, you can easily find out the latest happening within the platform.

How Do You Earn With Payprizes?

I have given you a sneak preview of the revamped version of a modern GPT implementation.

In this section, let's discover the essential ways to earn individually.

Survey participation

The survey task is arguably one of the highest sought after tasks within the GPT arena.

It's no different with Payprizes.

As a unique member of Payprizes, available surveys will be shown right on the dashboard.

So, do make sure you check out the survey section regularly to maximize your points accumulation.

Yeah, you heard that right my friends, Payprizes has its proprietary compensation calculation based on points.

Also, do note that third party independent survey platforms will be conducting the surveys.

Meaning that you will be redirected to specific survey websites to participate.

After you have completed the task, these sites will compensate you accordingly with points.

Sign up for offers

From time to time, Payprizes will be offering you offers to participate.

These offers typically reward higher points due to the specific task requirements.

For example, you might be asked to sign up for a trial offer.

Another example would be subscribing to a digital membership for a certain period.

Thus, three digits points will be rewarded for your participation.

Typically, it's within the 100 to 200 points mark.

If you do enjoy checking out some cool things, the "offers" task is here to satisfy you.

Try your luck in spinning the wheel

Sometimes, you can have some fun time in the wheel of fortune game to eliminate boredom.

If you are interested in playing this game, then, a spin daily is allowed.

The price ranges from one point to a maximum of ten points.

So, depending on your luck, you might find yourself lucky to win ten points daily!

Though, this part of the earning is purely based on luck and fun.

You are encouraged to treat it like a fun game to play rather than getting too attached to it.

This mentality ensures you will not be getting too disappointed when luck is not on your side.

After all, it's just a game, right?

Watch video

The "watch video" task is arguably the easiest and straightforward to accomplish.

Whenever any advertisers need exposure through video content, you will be offered this task.

Simply watch the video in the entirety to redeem the points.

Typically the reward is between a single point to a few points.

Refer your friends to join

The referral system is arguably the most attractive compensation in the entire GPT industry.

The reason is fairly straightforward, the more members who agree to join, the higher exposure its advertisers receive.

As a member of Payprizes, you are given a unique referral link sharable on the internet.

For example, you can share in on your favorites social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can also share the opportunity in person.

Meaning that you will be meeting your friends to share this unique platform so that they too can be a part of the family.

How about recruitment compensation?

Well, whenever you have successfully convinced someone to join, you will be rewarded with ten points.

Do remember that your referrals need to verify their account to unlock the points redemption eligibility.

So, fundamentally, this is the only requirement in recruiting.

If you have the skill to convince, your points earning could be significantly increased.

How Do You Get Paid?

I'm sure you've grasped the significance of Payprizes by now.

Its core value is the plethoras of rewards offered.

So, as you've probably guessed, Payprizes doesn't offer any real monetary compensation.

Instead, you are given lots of reward options to exchange your earned points.

That's one of the most unique parts of this GPT platform.

How many reward options are there?

Well, the precise answer is a lot and still a lot, my friends!

At the time of writing, it has more than 10,000 redeemable rewards.

Here are some of the most popular rewards.

The popular rewards offered by Payprizes

The points needed to redeem for each reward varies.

For example, if you wish to redeem an Amazon gift card with a value of $10, you need to have 10000 points in your account.

Can You Earn With Payprizes?

As far as earning is concerned, yes, you certainly can.

Even though there are no real monetary values to be earned with Payprizes, you can still accumulate enough points to redeem the PayPal cash card.

So, practically, you can only accumulate points with Payprizes, but theoretically, you can earn by leveraging the various gift cards offered.

For example, you can redeem a gift card to exchange for a physical product.

Then, you sell the product on the product marketplace to earn.

In this section, let's calculate the earning potential based on the exchange of PayPal cash card with a value of $20.

For each cash card redemption, 2000 points are needed.

Say you are offered with ten tasks weekly to participate in various tasks.

Here are the examples of the earnable points.

Task 1 - 20 points
Task 2 - 100 points
Task 3 - 50 points
Task 4 - 80 points
Task 5 - 100 points
Task 6 - 60 points
Task 7 - 60 points
Task 8 - 40 points
Task 9 - 20 points
Task 10 - 150 points

Your weekly points earning will be equivalent to:

20+100+50+80+100+60+60+40+20+150 = 680 points

Let's multiply this amount by four to gain the monthly points accumulation.

The answer is 2720 points.

So, in this example, you have sufficient points to redeem for the $20 PayPal cash card.

The remaining points can be added with the subsequent task rewards earning.

As you can see, the amount that you could potentially earn is relatively limited.

This scenario is based on the assumptions of ten tasks weekly.

Earnable points could be significantly decreased if you are not offered with as many tasks as you've wished for.

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The Pros - What I like About Payprizes


  • Free to join
  • Bibendum ispum dolor elitis
  • Plethoras of reward options
  • Multiple tasks offered
  • Beautiful and responsive website
  • Live update feeds on the homepage

The Cons - What I Dislike About Payprizes


  • Limited earning opportunity
  • Still a relatively new platform within the GPT industry

My Final Thoughts

Payprizes is arguably one of the best GPT platforms in my discovery journey thus far.

Despite being a relatively new platform, it's still impressionable hugely.

So, if you do have the extra time to participate in the tasks offered, this is the ideal platform to pass time while earning points to shop for some awesome rewards.

Furthermore, there's the redeemable PayPal cash card ready to be redeemed.

All you need to do is to participate as many tasks as you can in your free time.

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As long as you are willing to learn, work hard and persevere, success is already within your grasp.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Payprizes, feel free to leave me comments below.

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