Pruvit Review: A Unique Company That showcases Keto Diet Product

They say you need to eat healthily to stay fit.

Some say it's all about the number of calories you consume versus energy burn out.

Others say physical exercise routine is vital to losing weight effectively.

You have tried everything but these methods just don't seem to work in your weight loss pursue.

But then, your dream of becoming as fit as Michael Phelps became realistic again when you were introduced to Pruvit's keto product recently.

Today, I will be reviewing a relatively unique MLM company known as Pruvit.

Maybe you are here seeking the truth to finally say goodbye to the fats in your body.

Maybe you are here seeking the MLM opportunity to build a business around the ketogenic diet industry.

Or maybe you are seeking for the answer to its legitimacy.

These are the topics that I will be covering in this article.

So are you ready to begin?

Let's get started without further ado.

Pruvit Review Summary

Company: Pruvit

Cost To Join: Affiliate registration fee - $37 (Renewable annually)
Additional products purchase required

Rating: 60/100

Suitability: Anyone passionate about the weight loss industry especially the keto diet.

What Is Pruvit?

Pruvit is a relatively unique MLM company that serves the keto diet industry.

Even though it's still within the wellness industry, but it has been further narrowed to the specific ketogenic diet niche market.

Founded by Brian Underwood, this company has been around since 2015, and it is progressing positively and rapidly with the new norm of weight loss technique.

Its flagship product is none other than the Keto NAT.

So you might be wondering what exactly is NAT?

Well, according to Pruvit, NAT is nutritionally advanced technology phenomenally researched and invented to boost wellness to a whole new level.

So now, you more or less grasped an overview of this company.

Next, let's talk about product affordability.

Are Pruvit's Products Affordable?

Any products from MLM companies are not directly comparable with commercial products.

This is because these products are marketed by independent representatives instead of been commercialized to be sold in retail stores.

That being said, I'm going to show you the closest match of the similar product, and then make the comparison in terms of price values.

Here's an example of the Pruvit's Keto NAT product sold on Amazon.

An image showing Pruvit's keto NAT price on Amazon

As you can see, it's priced at $119 for 20 sachets.

Next, let's take a look at another similar product.

An image showing Sunergetic electrolyte capsules product price on Amazon

This product is packed with capsules instead of sachets form.

That being said, its ingredients and possible effectiveness might not be necessarily below Pruvit.

It's an ideal swallowable keto diet supplements to help you achieve the best fitness as well as attaining optimum health.

It has more than 500 positive reviews too!

Here's what I just meant.

Sunergetic product postive review illustration

So let me ask you, if this is any typical product that is ineffective, do you think it can successfully satisfy so many happy customers?

The answer is quite obvious, right?

Now, let's compare the price and see the difference.

Pruvit Keto NAT (20 sachets) - $119

Energetics electrolyte capsules (100 capsles) - $16.1

The price difference is $119-$16.1 = $102.9

Take a look at that, not a small difference but a big one my friends!

Yes, no doubt Pruvit has proprietary NAT formulation, but then it doesn't necessarily translate to better effectiveness.

How Do You Earn With Pruvit?

Pruvit adopts the MLM business implementations. Meaning that its products are marketed directly by independent representatives.

If you are keen to join the Pruvit revolutionary family, you are offered 2 core ways of earning money.

Here are the three summaries of how you can make money with Pruvit.

Promote its products

One of the easiest ways to earn with Pruvit is to promote the products to your prospective customers and earn the retail commission.

Here's the thing my friends, as an independent representative representing Pruvit, you are consented to purchase its products at the discounted distributor price, then you sell these products at the retail price.

The price difference is your earnable commissions.

Recruit new member to join Pruvit

Pruvit's business concept is relatively unique and attractive.

If you love talking to people, sharing, socializing, and possess a good approachable charisma, people are going to have a good impression on you.

With such traits, majority of people will likely be listening to you willingly, that's how you can share the Pruvit opportunity and try to recruit new member to experience the Pruvit's culture.

Build a team of elite marketers

This is the main course of the MLM business opportunity.

The likelihood of achieving financial success is highly dependant on your ability to build a team of networkers.

This is the toughest part of any MLM journey but it's also the most lucrative one.

How To Effectively Promote Pruvit MLM Opportunity

In this section, let's talk about how you can effectively promote this opportunity to maximize the success rate.

There are plethora of ways to promote any MLM opportunity.

If you are skillful in the art of convincing and persuasiveness, then you probably have your unique approach to tackle your target audience.

One of the effective ways of tapping into the success path in Pruvit's business opportunity is to establish your uniqueness.

It's all about you, it's your stage to showcase your skill, expertise, persona, values, to stand out from the crowd.

Here's the thing my friends, many MLM representatives are practicing what their leaders told them to do.

For example, listing down a bunch of potential contacts of friends and family members, hosting a private home party, doing follow up, so on and so forth.

These techniques aren't that effective anymore in this era, they might work out in the last two decades, but sadly, in 2020 and moving forward, you need to have a concrete marketing strategy laid out instead of approaching people blindly.

You will be burned out and it certainly hurts.

This is what I recommend if you are keen to build a business with Pruvit.

Establish your uniqueness

Your unique identity in the eyes of your prospect is extremely vital.

Instead of approaching your target audience directly with products and opportunities, you need to showcase your unique presence by providing values first.

For example, if you are targeting prospects with belly fat concerns, your first task is to understand how to solve their problem wholeheartedly.

With this approach, you can proceed by offering values.

For example, you can explain and educate them about the importance of the keto diet and the benefits their body can reap.

Don't talk about product or opportunity at this stage yet.

Build up the relationship and continue to strengthen it by offering even more values.

When the timing is appropriate, you then recommend Pruvit keto products to them.

When they begin to trust you and consider you as an individual who provides values instead of hard-selling blindly, that's when all the magic happens.

So, you get the idea right? Nobody wants and likes to be sold.

That's the fundamental approach you need to have before venturing into the MLM endeavor.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Pruvit?

Pruvit offers an opportunity to join its exclusive family with an initial capital of $37.

This affiliate registration fee is renewable annually.

Besides, you are also required to purchase its products to kickstart your journey.

What type of product combination you desire to buy is completely customizable, the important part is that you need to pay the $37 initial joining fee combined with product purchases.

Also worth noting is that if you are determined to make the journey with Pruvit a success, you are also required to maintain your affiliate status.

What does it mean?

You asked.

Well, this is the so-called affiliate membership maintenance.

You as an affiliate are required to purchase a specific amount of product starting from $76 monthly.

You can self consume these purchased products or you can add them to your product arsenal for marketing purposes.

Also, as you climb up the ranking, the monthly product maintenance will be increased based on the respective ranking achievement.

The Pros - What I like About Pruvit


  • Low startup cost
  • Unique niche market
  • Phenomenal products
  • Scalable for long term success

The Cons - What I Dislike About Pruvit


  • Product priceyness
  • Monthly product maintenance requirement
  • Friendship and relationship could be potentially ruined

My Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Pruvit provides a good platform for you to build a business around the keto diet niche.

It has phenomenal products as well as good leadership that will help you to embark on a wonderful journey to conquer the ultimate success peak.

However, due to its MLM nature, not everyone is comfortable and desired to pursue the MLM path.

If you are someone who dislikes doing face to face presentation and direct sales, then there's an alternative to creating wealth on the internet.

An online business based on affiliate marketing combined with website and content creation.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Pruvit, feel free to leave me comments below.

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