PulseBucks Review: Lots Of Suspicious Traits To Be Alerted

You have discovered PulseBucks accidentally while searching for ways to make money online.

It says you can earn money from social media.

It even says you can earn just by sharing your unique link.

It seems too good to be true.

Is it a trustworthy website?

Is it even real and existed?

More importantly, can you really make money with this website?

Well, I'm as eager to discover the truths as you.

So, let's begin the discovery journey of uncovering PulseBucks.

PulseBucks Review Summary

Platform: PulseBucks

Price: Free to join

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What Is PulseBucks?

PulseBucks is essentially a GPT website that is slightly different from the rest of the players.

With PulseBucks, you are required to recruit new members to join directly to earn rewards.

It has been founded anonymously.

Meaning that we have no idea who is operating the business.

The first sign of shadiness to be awared of.

Before you can kickstart your journey with PulseBucks, there's a requirement to sign up to be its member.

I've signed up for the website to ease the walkthrough of this review.

Here's the member's dashboard.

The member dashboard of PulseBucks

As you can see, the member's dashboard shows you two sharable referral links.

For the sake of full transparency, I've blurred the links.

This is because I'm not associating with PulseBucks nor representing it.

I've decided to create an account for the sake of this review presentation.

Weirdly, there's an avatar picture assigned for my profile.

This scenario is extremely peculiar because that's not my face obviously.

So, something fishy is really going on within the platform.

How Do You Earn With PulseBucks?

Now, here comes the main attraction of PulseBucks.

PulseBucks offers the opportunity to earn primarily through the sharing of your unique referral links.
(I'm extremely doubtful if there's money to be made, more about this in a moment.)

So, the two ways of earning with PulseBucks are:

Share your unique referral links

PulseBucks gives you two unique referral links upon signing up.

First, it's a referral link that you can share on the internet.

It's a website URL with the referral id at the back of the website address.

This link is sharable through forum, blog article, listing websites, emails, soon and so forth.

The second link is the referral link to be shared only through Facebook.

PulseBucks has coded a special link specifically for this social media giant.

So, I guess this is one of the methods it is hoping you to actively participate in.

According to PulseBucks, you will be paid $1 whenever someone clicks on your unique referral links.

Regardless of their signup, you will still be paid this amount.

If someone clicks on your referral links and sign up, you will be paid $10.

By the way, I personally think that it's very unlikely to earn the promised amount.

I will discuss more in a moment.

So, you get the idea of the primary earning method with PulseBucks.

It was designed and coded for this sole purpose.

Participate in the Task Wall

The Task Wall offered by PulseBucks is very identical to the typical "Offer" task of any GPT websites.

Various tasks are available for you to participate depending on the advertisers' needs.

For example, you can earn by completing a survey.

You can also earn by downloading trial apps.

Or you can earn by signing up for a free trial.

It depends on the advertisers.

Here are some examples.

The examples of Task Wall offered in PulseBucks

Do note that each available task can be participated only once.

How Do You Get Paid?

I'm sure you have noticed the title of this blog post.

There's a high level of fishiness happening within the unattractive platform.

It's very doubtful that it will even pay you money for your effort in recruiting and task participation.

However, as part of the review, here's how you can get paid according to PulseBucks.

PulseBucks offers five options to be paid.

They are:

- PayPal

- Cash App

- Venmo

- Bitcoin

- Physical cheque

There's no information regarding its minimum withdrawal threshold.

Alternatively, there are also the options to redeem prizes instead of cashing out to the payment processor.

One point is equivalent to $1.

Let's take a look below.

The redeemable prize rewards offered by PulseBucks

Just take a look, you need to earn $40,000 to redeem the Apple Macbook Air.

Ain't that insane?

I mean, it will be extremely unlikely that you will be earning that much with PulseBucks.

The Hidden Truths It Doesn't Want You To Know

Anonymously created

As I've mentioned, PulseBucks is a shady website.

First and foremost. The owner's identity has been intentionally kept secret.

We have no idea and absolutely clueless about who is actually operating the business.

If something like this happens in the business world, it definitely sparks alarm to be careful.

Questionable trustworthiness

The entire website has been set up to be very misleading and suspicious.

It diminishes trustworthiness right away.

For example, its homepage has a contradiction related to the signup bonus.

At the top of the signup header section, it says you will be rewarded with a $5 sign up bonus.

The bottom of the footer section says there will be a $25 sign up bonus.

We don't even know which is the correct and genuine bonus.

Here's what I just meant.

The misleading sign up bonus of PulseBucks

The above illustration makes me scratch my head clueless.

So, let's seek the answer right away.

We will be going back to the member's dashboard.

The actual signup bonus of PulseBucks

The truth has been revealed.

You will be only be rewarded with $5.

By the way, it's still a big question mark whether this amount is withdrawable.

Unrealistic recruitment implementation

Here's the thing my friends, PulseBucks has been fakely misleading right from the beginning.

It requires you to recruit heavily as the main source of income.

I've shown you the member's dashboard earlier that there are referral links ready to be shared.

This is the first time I noticed a GPT website that shows your referral links right on the member's dashboard.

It's unethical and it's doesn't make anyone feeling comfortable.

Unrealistic income claims

It says you can earn money by the following actions:

Referring a friend to join - $10 earnable amount

Persuade someone to click on your referral link - $1 earnable amount

Download apps - $3 earnable amount

Complete a survey - $5 earnable amount

Create a Youtube video - $15 earnable amount

For those of you who prefer to see visually, here are the unrealistic income claims.

The unrealistic income claims of PulseBucks

Questionable source of fund

You have just witnessed the exaggerated and unrealistic income claims earlier.

Now, let's ponder deeper to discover even more ugly side of it.

It's relatively understandable that some of the claims are acceptable logically.

They still make sense.

For example, completing a survey for monetary compensation.

However, the suspicious part is actually the recruitment aspect of this website.

It says you can earn as high as $10 when you refer someone to join.

Is this possible?

I doubted.

Now, it gets even uglier when it says you will be paid $1 for every click.

Meaning that whenever someone clicks on your unique referral link, you will be paid $1 regardless of whether they join or not.

Now, this is the part that doesn't make any complete sense.

Is it even possible?

Again, I doubted heavily.

The genuine question is, "where is the source of the fund?"
Where does it get the money to pay you?

For example, if your referral link gets clicked a hundred times a day, does that mean you will be paid with $100?

It's easily accomplishable if you have a large social media following.

After all, your followers don't need to take any specific actions on their ends.

All they need to do is click on your referral link.

Something just isn't right here, my friends.

So, just be alerted and be careful of this fakeness.

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Is PulseBucks A Scam?

As far as trustworthiness is concerned, PulseBucks doesn't really impress from a member's perspective.

It has too many flaws within the system that you need to pay full alertness.

After the discovery thus far, we know one true fact that PulseBucks wants to acquire as many members as they possibly can.

That's its main agenda and we are fortunate enough to discover it.

The solid proof is its heavy dependency on the recruitment side.

I would suggest you stay away from this website even though it's free to join.

It doesn't provide any values at all let alone earning money with it.

Furthermore, we don't even know who is the anonymous owner.

Besides, its unrealistic claims that you can earn lucratively by recruiting is a total trap so that it can collect a mass user database.

My Final Thoughts

I hope that you have gained some valuable revelation after discovering thus far.

PulseBucks is not worthy of your time and effort at all.

It's a doubt that there's any money to be made with this website.

Besides, its unethical way to encourage you to recruit endlessly is fairly unacceptable.

Now, if you are seeking for ways to earn online legitimately, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This business model is arguably one of the best as far as scalability is concerned.

I hope that you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to PulseBucks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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