Pure Romance Review: Uniquely Stand Out From The MLM Crowd

If you are a fan of multi-level marketing, short abbreviation as MLM, there are lots of opportunities to thrive and build yourself a brand and ultimately earning a decent income.

Today, I will be walking you through a very special and unique MLM company known as Pure Romance.

We will be discovering the in-depth part about this business opportunity, the good and the bad, as well as its worthiness and profit suitability.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Pure Romance Review Summary

Company: Pure Romance

Founder: Patty Brisben

Price: $159 - Standard Kit

$399 - Deluxe Kit

$519 - Premium Kit

Rating: 80/100


Pure Romance is one of its kind, uniquely catered to individuals who want to pursue a business in the adult's sex toys industry.

Its legitimacy is excellent and I highly recommend this business to those of you who are seeking for MLM opportunities.

That being said, Pure Romance isn't just suitable for anyone.

Their business structure may contradict with some of our life philosophy.

Some might even describe as unethical, but it's left for the individual to decide their worthiness.

Still, Pure Romance provides a great way for serious people to earn within the specific industry.

What Is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is another MLM company that's quite different from the ordinary type within the MLM world.

Their products are mainly created to serve the specific audience within the intimacy leisure industry.

Flagship products such as sex toys, sensual lubricants are among their top sellers and favorites loved products.

Besides, they also offer a wide range of other sorts of a broader niche market products within the adult entertainment industry.

For example, their undergarments, lingerie, essential oils are highly sought after by a large audience.

Created and founded by Patty Brisben two decades ago, today, Pure Romance is a well-established MLM company that is shaping the economy as well as nurturing female entrepreneur to thrive and excel.

Also, Pure Romance is arguably one of the best to serve the very specific group of audience within the adult intimacy space.

How Do You Earn With Pure Romance?

Despite being an MLM company, Pure Romance adopts a special income opportunity for their associates also knows as consultants.

Before you are eligible to make an income with them, you are required to purchase any of their starter kit also known as romance kit.

They are:

Standard kit priced at $159.

Deluxe kit priced at $399.

And finally, their flagship premium kit priced at $519.

By the way, the kits contain all the essential tools to ease your life as a consultant.

Once you have been certified to be their business associates, the potential to earn an income is pretty much limitless.

Here, I list down the ways you can generate an income with Pure Romance.

1. 30 percent of products profit

Every time you sell any of their products, you get to earn a fabulous 30 percent profit.

This is a pretty satisfactory profit margin percentage.

2. Host an entertainment party

This is the primary recommended income source.

Upon successfully becoming their consultant, you are highly encouraged to host a personal in house party.

Typically, any party duration can last for 3 hours.

Within those 3 hours, you are free to entertain your potential customers and engage with them.

Activities such as sex education, products demonstration can be implemented to enhance the possibilities of making sales.

Typically, any consultants are projected to generate at least $600 in profits.

The potential profits could even be higher if you are good and expert in persuasive skill. 

3. Generate 15 percent profit from your dedicated online store

As a certified Pure Romance consultant, you are given a done for you website with online stores functionality.

Any online sales generated from your website will earn a 15 percent profit.

You are free to make good use of your creativity to enhance your online sales.

The Pros - What I like About Pure Romance

Unique niche market

As weirdly as it seems, the adult industry is an extremely profitable market to venture into.

Even though some people are reluctant to this sort of business opportunities, but then it doesn't mean that it's not acceptable by the vast majority.

According to BusinessWire, the sex toys industry is worth a staggering $23 billions and is projected to grow positively. 

That's an incredible fact and opportunities to reap yourself a piece of the pie.

Now, even though it can seem to feel embarrassing to promote these adults toys, it shouldn't be the obstacles that could potentially prevent you from excelling in this field.

I mean, realistically, people are reluctant of sharing these stuff right?

For example, using a replica to show all the different functionalities of the various sex toys and accessories could be an embarrassing thing to do.

But then, take a look at the positive perspective, those potential customers that you are about to engage, are subconsciously agreed of receiving the sharing you are about to present.

For example, you are planning to host an intimacy home party, those people that turn out for your event are most likely consent the purpose and motive, right?

I am pretty sure they are going to listen and absorb all your products demonstrations willingly.

Awareness of unethical child abandon

Now, here's the thing my friends, child abandon is happening frequently worldwide and this is not a good thing.

The reasons that lead to this inhuman act may vary, but I am pretty darn sure that one of the main reason is being the lack of unexpected pregnancy knowledge.

Now, Pure Romance isn't only providing a lucrative business opportunity, they are also helping and contributing to humanity in a big dimension.

Sex education is extremely necessary in today's world where immorality issue is at critical status.

Lucrative commission structures

As an associate of Pure Romance, you are eligible to earn a hefty 30 percent from any physical products sold.

On top of that, you are also allowed to earn an additional profit of 15 percent per product sold via your online stores.

The combination of both sums out to a healthily acceptable 45 percent. That's a pretty lucrative profit margin.

Now, let's do some maths here.

Say you can sell a total of $3000 within a personal party duration.

You are about to earn a profit of $900.

$900 from a single party duration that lasted for 3 hours is pretty decent.

Next, let's take a look at the website part.

Say the website sells various combinations of products amounted to $5000 sales.

15 percent profit is $750.

You will be earning a total $1650 of all profits.

A profit level that is deemed acceptable.

Not a typical MLM structure

The compensation part of Pure Romance is different and unique from those typical MLMs out there.

As we know it, most of the typical MLM requires you to do recruitment to earn a significant income. Typically, it's the networking part that failed most of us.

Now, with Pure Romance, it's different. As a consultant, you don't have to do any recruitment, the primary business concept is based on hosting a private party.

This hosting privilege has enabled you to be special and unique from other independent distributor representing various MLM companies. 

Bypassing the misconception of a pyramid scheme

As I mentioned above, typical MLM structures require recruitments to be sustainable.

Now, the main issue arises when the majority public might not be aware of the complexity of the respective individual compensation plan.

Thus, this scenario might cause the occurrences of the misconception of pyramid schemes.

That's the main reason most people are reluctant to accept any MLM company offers. 

They are having the mindset of the probability of fallen victim to pyramid scheme even though any particular MLM company has tangible products and services offered.

With Pure Romance, consultants can disregard this concern completely.

Integration with e-commerce

Despite being am MLM business structure at its core, Pure Romance also offer their consultants the opportunity to earn via an online store.

To ease your job as a marketer, this awesome website is prepared and crafted for you to kick start your awesome journey.

Yeah, a fully functional e-commerce website is at your disposal.

Upon joining as a consultant, you are given access to a personalized unique website that's live on the internet.

You can then leverage the power of e-commerce to drive your business to a greater height.

Comprehensive marketing kit

As an independent consultant, you are given a complete starter kit to simplify your journey.

Depending on the type of consultant grade, a different combination of products bundled with other promotional materials are all included with respective kits.

Hence, your job has been simplified to focus on getting targeted and to convert potential customers to customers.

There are multiple ways you can reap profit and you have full flexibility to choose any way you like. 

No more face to face selling

This is another plus point to a certain extent, even though it is not entirely unrecommended.

Here's the thing my friend, most independent distributor representing any particular MLM companies tend to hit a mental block with face to face selling.

Just imagine this, you are approaching strangers to promote specific products to them. Or you are promoting products to specific targeted potential customers and prospects.

Now, do you ever have the feeling of fear and discomfortness within yourself?

I am sure there must be a certain percentage of these psychological barriers.

This is also one of the main reason most MLM-ers are not getting the results they desired.

With Pure Romance, nah, you don't need to do any of these ineffective promotional styles.

You have the luxury to share products and injects knowledge and awareness while having some fun!

Yeah, you heard that right, hosting a private party is the way to go if you want to excel and thrive with Pure Romance.

Conversion rate is typically higher when you are doing products promotion indirectly while keeping the momentum of interaction and engagement.

Wide arrays of products at your disposal

You should know by now that Pure Romance is primarily focused on the adult intimacy industry.

The main specific audience has got to be sensual and mating lovers that enjoy sexual intercourses.

Now, they have nearly come to perfection in their product arsenal.

Any types of adults sensual in sex toys imaginable are offered with Pure Romance. 

Any specific target audience can reap the benefit of getting all their sexual entertainment needs all under one roof.

Meaning that you as a consultant, will be able to reap even more profit as a result because your customer doesn't need to go elsewhere to shop for their secretly night stuff needs.

Also, this type of adults toys is typically causing some sort of shameness issue.

If someone has the opportunity to buy all the sensational needs with any particular Pure Romance consultant, I bet he or she would avoid been embarrassed.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Pure Romance

Competition from independent merchants

Even though consultants can purchase any specific products at distributor price and market it straight to consumers within a profit margin of 30%, the final price that your potential customers have to pay is still relatively high.

With direct comparison with independent merchants, they have the flexibility to adjust the final selling price to gain sales.

As a consultant, sales could be affected by the pricing war and thus any consultant of Pure Romance must work even harder to make sure their prospective customers turn to purchase customers.

The existence of privately offered price loophole

So here's the thing, my friends, any independent distributor representing any MLM companies has been given the privilege of operating business flexiblely.

Sometimes, when sales are at stake, the action of offering prices below the standardize retail price can occur.

Now, this has nothing to do with the MLM company itself, rather it's more of the individual unethical business practice conduct. 

It could be embarrassing to promote sex toys

I don't know about you, but I am sort of felling discomfortness about this adult sex toys.

Even though you have many variations to go about it, but then the primary sales generally happen during a private party.

Now, think again, even with a fun and engaging environment of the host party, it could still be incredibly uncomfortable to promote adult sex toys.

Business opportunity limited to specific age group and gender

Now, since the nature of Pure Romance is structurize with adult toys as their core, that will also translate to a certain group of people are not able to be part of this game.

First, it's the underaged group of people such as teenagers and children.

Individuals who are under the age of 18 are prohibited from venturing this adult sex toys business.

Second, it's the potential male consultants.

As naively as it seems, Pure Romance is specifically built for females and women.

Therefore, males are restricted from becoming one of their associates.

My Final Thoughts

Even though I am endorsing Pure Romance as a legitimate MLM company to venture, still I am not a big fan of MLMs..

Instead, I am leveraging a very unique business model known as affiliate marketing

Now, many of you might already be aware of it.

It's becoming the norm in today online business world.

Why it's still a highly sought after business model to venture in?

Well, there are lots of benefits of being involved in affiliate marketing, one of the main attraction of affiliate marketing is the ability to provide an earning opportunity based on your passion.

With affiliate marketing, you can also bypass the hecticness of face to face selling, which can be quite suffering for many of us.

Affiliate marketing has also enabled me to build an income online that can be scaled to any level of success desired.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Pure Romance, feel free to leave me comments below.

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