Quick Dollar App Review: Can You Really Make Money With This App?

What are your favorite apps?

Some say PUBG and Mobile Legends.

Some say social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

If your answer is "get paid to" apps, then this post is specifically written for you.

Today, I will be reviewing an app known as the Quick Dollar App.

You might have heard of it.

Perhaps you are doing your due diligence before investing your valuable time and effort.

So is this app worthy to occupy your precious time?

Is this a trustworthy app that pays?

More importantly, how much money could you potentially earn with Quick Dollar App?

Let's find out together in this review.

Quick Dollar App Review Summary

Platform: Quick Dollar App

Company: QuickDollar Inc

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes

Suitability: Those with the extra time to do surveys.

PTC lovers.

What Is Quick Dollar App?

Quick Dollar App is essentially an app that allows you to make some side income for your time and effort.

It's downloadable via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

It also has a browser-based desktop version.

Though, the desktop version is less popular compared to the version of its mobile apps.


Well, this scenario is pretty much predictable.

Just look at the number of downloads with its mobile app.

It's phenomenally shocking and mind-blowing.

Besides, users are now adapting to mobile experience as it's the way to utilize apps with the easiness of portability.

At the time of writing, this app has achieved a shocking 10,000 mark downloads.

The download rate is increasing as we speak, so you get the idea of its popularity.

Quick Dollar App enables you to earn money primarily by doing surveys.

You can also earn with tasks such as trying new apps, surfing, playing games so on, and so forth.

But the flagship earning method is definitely none other than completing surveys.

It's fairly understandable as surveys offer the most values for your effort.

Before we dive into the earning aspect of this app, here's a video that briefly summarized what this app is all about. 

How Do You Earn With Quick Dollar App?

You know by now that earning with surveys is the way to go.

Your journey with Quick Dollar App will be kickstarted with a registration process.

Do go through this part slowly by paying some attention.

This is because the survey availability is highly dependent on the particulars that you provide.

Once this step is successfully completed, you will be rewarded with a $5 credit instantly.

However, this sum of money is not redeemable for cash, it acts as a bonus appreciation welcoming you onboard.

Next, you will be brought to an interface shown below.

The navigation interface of the Quick Dollar App

As you can see, available surveys are posted right on the dashboard, you can easily choose your desired survey tasks.

Typically, the surveys' pay rate range from $0.2 to as high as a dollar.

It depends on the difficulty as well as the type.

For example, here's a survey that pays $0.8.

The estimated completion time is approximately 10 minutes.

An example of a typical Quick Dollar App survey

There's a quick instruction to be abided such as the reminder of not rushing through the survey.

To participate, simply click on the "Start Now" button.

To maximize your earning, simply rinse and repeat this step until all the available surveys have been completed.

The types of questionnaires vary based on the industries that you are interested in.

Remember I mentioned the registration part earlier, this is the part where you fill up your area of interest.

Also, the number of surveys varies based on geographical locations.

Meaning that not every member will be given the same number of surveys.

For example, if you are residing in The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, India, or Germany, then you are likely to receive more surveys compared to members from other nations of the globe.

So, how about payment?

After all, that's all that matters right?

I'm glad you asked.

Well, the minimum payment threshold is set at $10.

As soon as you have accumulated this amount, withdrawal is made possible via the in-app cash out system.

There are various ways of receiving your money, the three most popular payment methods are PayPal, Amazon Gift Card as well as Google Payment.

Here's an illustration that shows more clarity.

The three popular payment methods of Quick Dollar App

Do note that the $5 bonus is not stackable with the minimum payment threshold.

The $10 requirement must be collected via in-app activities such as completing various surveys.

To sum up the earning part of Quick Dollar App, doing surveys is the primary source of income.

There are also other tasks such as playing games and testing apps, but then these activities are not often available.

You will receive them once in a blue moon.

Furthermore, the earning of these tasks is already very fraction.

So, you get the point here.

Can You Earn With Quick Dollar App?

Quick Dollar App offers you the opportunity to earn money, that's the truth.

Another truth is that you are not going to earn a lucrative income with this app.

Meaning that as far as income is concerned, you are only going to earn pocket money.

This sum of income is not going to secure you financially for the long term.

That being said, let's analyze the earning potential with a scenario.

*A quick disclaimer here.

The example that I'm about to show is based on assumption, meaning that a fictional scenario where potential income could be calculated more precisely.

It doesn't mean that this is the confirmed earnable income.

So, let's get started.

Say you receive multiple surveys on a daily basis.

To ease calculation, let's just say 5 surveys daily.

The rate for each individual survey is shown below.

Survey number 1 - $0.8

Survey number 2 - $0.2

Survey number 3 - $0.6

Survey number 4 - $0.35

Survey number 5 - $0.8

Your daily income will be:


Multiply this amount by 30 is equivalent to $82.5.

So your projected income for the entire month is $82.5 with an average of 5 surveys daily.

Now, this scenario is based on the good times of receiving 5 daily surveys with two pay rates of $0.8.

The number of available surveys fluctuates but then you get the idea.

This is the average income estimation.

$82.5 for the entire month.

What is your thought about this sum of earnable income for the whole month?

Is it acceptable?

In my opinion, it certainly can help to buy you a few meals for lunch.

Still, this sum of money doesn't excite me.

Let me ask you, what can you do with $82.5 these days?

Yeah, it certainly enough to pay for your entire month of Spotify subscription but then let's think deeper.

This sum of money is not life-changing at all.

You can't pay for your children's education.

You can't pay your mortgage.

You can't even treat your entire family for a Christmas holiday.

The list goes on and on.

Yes, you can earn a little bit of money with Quick Dollar App but sadly that's about it.

Let's not forget that the illustration above is based on a good time, how about during the low time when surveys are limited?

You get the idea right?

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The Pros - What I like About Quick Dollar App


  • Free to join
  • $5 bonus is given upon signing up
  • Has been around for some time
  • Phenomenal download rate
  • Accepts global audience

The Cons - What I Dislike About Quick Dollar App


  • Low income potential
  • Not a viable solution for long term financial security
  • Limited surveys' availability
  • Not worth the time and effort

Is Quick Dollar App A Scam?

The clear answer is no.

Quick Dollar App is not a scam nor does it possess any trait of illegitimacy.

It has been around for some time and has successfully paid more than 5.4 million members to date.

Besides, it's also one of the few companies that have been accepted by world-class payment platforms such as Google Payment and PayPal.

There are also many positive feedbacks about this platform making it a relatively decent GPT app.

Here's one example of a satisfied member's feedback.

A member gave a positive review about Quick Dollar App

My Final Thoughts

I hope you have understood the core aspect of earning money with Quick Dollar App.

This app is arguably one of the best GPT platforms within the industry, in my opinion.

However, the earning potential is still very limited due to the nature of the unpredictable surveys' frequency.

Sometimes, you will receive more surveys.

During bad times, you will receive less.

That's the nature of how survey GPT works.

With Quick Dollar App, there's some money to be made. In fact, if you are lucky enough, you could potentially earn up to 3 figures in an entire month.

Is this amount of money satisfiable?

The answers vary but you get the benchmark of how much the earning potential.

Now, if you are here looking to make money online, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue alongside countless aspiring online entrepreneurs embarking a journey to the long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Quick Dollar App, feel free to leave me comments below. 

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