Second Income Center Review: Guaranteed Income In 30 Days Or Pure Lies?

Who wouldn't want a secondary income to supplement living expenses?


Life is tough and challenging without financial security.

Today I will be discussing this independent platform known as the Second Income Center.

As tricky as it seems, this particular platform is quite misleading to a certain extent, I will be covering this in more details later.

So, are you able to earn an income with SIC?

Should you join them?

More importantly, are they legitimate and real?

You are anxious to find out right?

So am I.

Let's find out together.

Second Income Center Review Summary

Product: Second Income Center

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No


As disguisedly as it could be, the SIC is undoubtedly a potential scam, a scam or even fake as a whole in general.

There are lots of ways on how we can describe and voice out our final evaluation. 

Ultimately, it leads to the issue of trustworthiness and genuineness.

On top of that, even if they are not here to scam people, their platform is arguably valueless.

On top of that, the unknown founder is the big red flag here.

How do we even know who to turn to when something goes wrong and sideways?

Also, the unrealistic income claim and the guaranteed of making money within 30 days is unacceptable and it's pure stupidity.

What Is Second Income Center?

The SIC is a standalone ClickBank product that claims that it's possible to earn an income within the range from $500 up to $1500 daily.

It's a membership site where you will be given access to their so-called blueprints that is capable of making you an income within 30 days.

Unknown founder though, the objective and business structure is unclear.

There is also no adequate information that supports any potential income is earnable with them.

Based on my research, they are primarily set collect emails for other purposes, for good or bad, no one knows, but then the unethical intention has been revealed straight away.

Once you sign up by giving emails to them, you will be redirected to another page where you will require to submit your email address again. 

Here's the email sign up page.

How Do You Earn With Second Income Center?

As I mentioned earlier, the entire business structure is very mysterious and it doesn't look like a legitimate place to earn a legit income here.

That being said, even with all the falseness. there's still a slim possibility.

Let's find out how they claim to make you money.

Firstly, you sign up by providing an email address to them.

After several attempts to collect your email address, when you consent them to receive your valuable email on your end, once they reach their objective, you will be granted access to their unique make money online directories.

Here, you will be exposed to even more opportunities to make money within the make money online space.

Upon your interest and agreement, you can then grab those links to promote those products individually.

And when sales happen, you will receive a commission.

That's the core part of how they promise to make you money within 30 days.

To simplified the money-making process here with the SIC, all you need to do on your end is to promote any of your desired products actively.

Those link that you use to promote is known as an affiliate link.

These links are well programs with tracking technology within your internet browser.

When someone buys with your unique links, you are given full credit for the commission. 

The Pros - What I like About Second Income Center

As far as I am concerned, and as far as my beloved audience is concerned, there isn't any good thing that I have discovered about the SIC.

SIC is underserved of any praise and therefore there are no pros to be written.

So, yeah, none.

There are no pros here. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Second Income Center

Flaw homepage

As soon as you type in their web URL, a blank page appears.

And why is that?

Because this webpage is designed to redirect you to another page to obtain your email address.

Let's take a look here. 

When you type in the address with the / option, you will be shown a full homepage designed to collect your email. 

Dishonesty and untrustworthiness is pretty annoying 

Firstly they claim that you can receive the special blueprints to quadruple your earning to as lucrative as $1500 daily.

Nope, that's wrong.

There aren't any blueprints for you.

All that you will be receiving is the yet another email sign up, and then finally another email signs up forms just to get to the secret area of the mountain.

This is the moment you reap the reward to gain possession of the longevity fountain water.

With playable character in games, you will be able to receive a good reward after all the contribution and hard work, whereas here, all that you will be getting is a bunch of useless potentially scams make money online products.

It's an endless loop to lure you in so that you will fall into their big trap.

A trap that is enough to collect your email for other purposes.

There are many ways they can unethically abuse your emails address.

For example, they can sell out your email credential to their party lists company or individuals.

So as you can see this is s dirty tricks to intentionally collect your emails and other victim's emails to generate profit for themselves.

At the end of the day, if there are any income to be made, ultimately, they are the one who will be earning.

Fakeness in disguise 

Let me ask you a common-sense question.

What's the point of asking you to submit your email multiple times?

It doesn't make complete sense right?

After all, all the emails that are supposed to be collected are rooted back to the same source, and that will be that suspicious unknown founder of this SIC.

The answer is really simple, this is a psychology technique to make you believe that they are indeed a real deal.

And then, they followed by giving you false hopes so that you can be brainwashed to trust them even more.

The moment you completed the final email signup. that's when they more or less grasping you.

They roughly already identified you are serious about getting started earning with them.

You also subconsciously believe them and trust them already.

Bingo, once you have fallen into their trap, all the potential scam stuff will be exposed to you!

Oh, no, my goodness.

A bunch of smart people there, I would say.

But unfortunately, their talent has been implemented wrongly.

This psychology game will trash their reputation once and for all in my opinion.

Here's the truth my friends, there aren't any individual offer or programs for you to join.

This is the fake trick to mastermindly lure you in to trust and trust them even more. 

Annoying notification that is unavoidable 

Study shows that it typically takes any website visitors to visit any websites for at least 7 times.

That's the moment any potential customers could become customers.

It's pretty normal human behavior, as they are here without knowing much about the websites.

Now, how about submitting your email address in exchange for other good stuff in return?

It could be at least the same number of times or even more right?

That's because we are unsure what's going to happen the moment we type in our precious email.

We don't trust them.

Take a look here, as soon as I disagree to type in my email for the first time, this little notification pops up.

I am not sure whether this is s flaw or purposely done.

Let's take a look here. 

I was unable to proceed, the block button is unresponsive and it refuses to respond.

I am also reluctant to click on the accept button.

The only solution out for me is to click on the back button to escape myself away.

Again, this is unprovable but then it certainly hurts trustworthiness to a certain extent. 

Unethical real-time interaction

When you landed on their homepage, you will notice that there is a pop-up notification that rotates around displaying members joining them.

This is s type of scarcity implementation that ultimately trying to make you believe that they are the real deal.

People around the world are joining them.

When you are surrounded by this notification that keeps popping up, unrealizingly, you will join as well.

That's also part of their unethical mentality games. 

Let's take a look here.

Unknown owner 

So here's the thing, my friends, do you trust someone that doesn't exist?

The entire platform seems relatively fishy and scammy, to add up even more disappointing moment, we don't even know who is the founder and creator of this platform.

How are we supposed to trust them when this level of fakeness exists?

That's the biggest concern of all. 

Sharing of links without consent is unethical

So here's the thing, my friends, whenever you receive an unknown offer coming from an unknown source or individuals?

How do you feel?

If ruins your moment right?

It might even trigger emotional action leading to reporting that person as a spammer to the authority.

Spamming is unacceptable and it's also prohibited in the eyes of the laws. 

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Is Second Income Center A Scam?

In my opinion, and based on my research and understanding, the genuineness of this platform is questionable, its flawness is certainly defined.

Yeah, the SIC is a complete scam to be avoided.

On top of that, the entire platform is pretty much valueless.

I am doubting why are people even fallen into their traps.

The email address that you provided could be harmfully used for their purposes.

I don't have a good feeling about this whole thing.

Even more unimaginable, the act of spamming to promote other potential scam products
could lead to legal issues.

I am certainly bypassing this one and conclude that it's a complete ugly scam. 

My Final Thoughts

Many people think that building a business online is realistically complicated and seems impossible.

This type of mentality has lead to the endless searching of the next big shining things online.

Something that could be leveraged to earn big bucks and make big profits overnight. 

The truth is earning money is possible.

There are thousands of way where you can make money online legitimately.

The internet audience is growing dynamically and it's projected to reach an even bigger milestone in the future.

Tapping yourself into this revolutionary trends and gaining yourself a piece of the pie is certainly achievable.

So how could you possibly earn money online?

One of the best ways to build an asset online is by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, any type of business imaginable can be build and scales to massive success as days goes by.

I am sure you have heard of affiliate marketing, it's happening surrounding us in our daily routines.

Let say you are vacuuming your car, and then your neighbor observes the effectiveness of the mini portable vacuum cleaner.

He approaches you seeking for more information.

You then share your valuable knowledge, personal opinions as well as the benefits of this product.

He ends up buying your recommended vacuum cleaner.

Now, that's affiliate marketing in action.

Just imagine this, having the luxury of disregarding any tediousness of product sourcing, product creation, inventory and even manpower to operate the after-sales customers service.

How good is that right?

How about connecting with the very specific individuals around the world, who are also having the heartbreaking part whenever they are cleaning their cars?

There are thousands and thousands of these people around the world.

You get to earn money by just simply connecting and sharing your passion and hobbies with them.

That's the most amazing part of affiliate marketing that I love the most.

If you like watching the latest stranger things series, there are millions of strangers things fans around the world.

How about connecting with this audience by sharing your thoughts and opinions?

Wow, you get to earn money as s result. 

If you can't live a day without baking, then how about turning this hobby into a lucrative affiliate marketing business?

You can make money by sharing the latest recipes, oven choices for different types of cookies, biscuits, pizza, buns.

A luxury online business can be built with this passion of yours.

Are you beginning to grasp the full potential of how affiliate marketing can be combined with your passion to generate an online income for you?

Instead of searching endlessly for something that doesn't work and could potentially cost you to lose money or fallen victims to scammers, I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.

The business you build with your passion is going to sustain for the long term hence providing you financial security to live the life you are meant to be lived.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Second Income Center, feel free to leave me comments below.

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