Silk Road Effect Review: Is It Possible To Earn A Silky $1800 Daily?

The make money online opportunities come and go relatively fast within the online world.

So, have you ever come across any opportunities that have something to do with the ancient civilization?

Unique and it triggers your attention right?

Yeah, this is the case for me as well.

Are you interested to find out is it even possible to make money with the technique found in the ancient world?

An opportunity to make an insanely lucrative of $34000 monthly all with the long lost and buried ancient secret, particularly the silk road.

Regardless of whether you believe it or treating it as a laughable myth, the rich and wealthy people in the ancient world are stashing pile and pile of cash with the so-called silk road secret.

Wanna find out the truth anxiously right?

Without further ado, let's find out the silk road effect worthiness.

Silk Road Effect Review Summary

Product: Silk Road Effect

Founder: Unknown

Price: $17 - Gain access to their platform

$197 - Gain access to loophole to generate $5000 monthly (Deluxe package)

$197 - Gain access to secret hacks to generate $500,000 monthly (insanely unrealistic)

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No


The entire concept behind the Silk Road Effect is focused on the powerful business model known as e-commerce.

That's the pure simplicity objective of their marketing effort.

Straight to the point, what they want to deliver is the possible lucrative income achievable with an e-commerce business.

That being said, the e-commerce business model is not really beginner's friendly.

I would suggest you learn the basics of internet marketing and how the entire funnel works to gain a better understanding of how the process of earning money online occur.

A certain level of the dishonesty displayed by the Silk Road Effect team.

All in all, a platform to be avoided at all cost, the values that you are about to receive is obtainable easily on the internet. 

What Is Silk Road Effect?

According to the presenter during the video presentation, the long lost ancient secret of the silk road effect is capable of helping merchant and ordinary people reaching the peak of making money.

Silk Road Effect is a built-in members-only access membership.

Designed and coded with the sole purpose of helping you to reap the massive benefits of making staggering 34000 monthly income.

Let us take a look at its member's dashboard.

Their video tutorial contents s capable of helping you to source any product and make profits off it in 10 times fold.

Yeah, you heard that right.

It's possible to make an insane 10 times the amount of profit out of any products with the Silk Road Effect.

It goes even crazier when the so-called Silk Road Effect is capable of helping you to achieve the multiple fold profits without any capital.

Now, this is quite interesting.

Once you have signed up to join in their exclusive club, all the myths about the so-called ancient silk road effect for profit have been debunked.

The definition of comprehension at least to the creator of Silk Road Effect is the selling of products with the concept of e-commerce.

So all in all, this product and membership is consist of the set up of your e-commerce store in pure simplicity.

Nothing more complex than that.

So if you are eagerly wanting to find a solution to make an income online via the e-commerce concept, then you might as well check out what they have to offer.

How Do You Earn With Silk Road Effect?

As silly as it sounds, there's no secret to earning big bucks on the internet.

If someone promise to make you an insanely 500 thousands dollar monthly with the secret Silk Road Effect, would you believe it?

That's the bold claim of the creator of Silk Road Effect.

So here's the thing my friend, the entire concept behind the Silk Road Effect is laid out based on the concept of e-commerce.

Regardless of whether it is possible to achieve such a lucrative income, Silk Road Effect is going to nurture you step by step to excel and build a thriving e-commerce business.

As soon as you join them, you will be given access to all their database of contents based specifically on e-commerce.

Topics such as how to set up your personalized e-commerce store, how to integrate plugins to further enhance your knowledge and skills in the e-commerce space, how to effectively knock out your competitors and excel in e-commerce with dropshipping.

These are some of the main core components of the value you will be getting once you have decided to join them.

For you to reap any benefits from the Silk Road Effect, you need to stay focus and apply every step that the contents of the tutorials teach you.

Everything related to the e-commerce arena can be learned and applied so that you can begin to generate an income within the e-commerce space in the shortest time possible.

To make thing even sweeter, you are not only limited to the initial training contents, when you agree to purchase their so-called premium training contents, you will be exposed to the best industry experts advise and real case study scenario.

One of them is the assurance of sourcing product at the minimum cost and selling it at the highest price for maximum profitability.

That's what the entire Silk Road Effect promised to deliver. The way you are going to make money with them is undoubtedly selling products with your online store. 

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The Pros - What I like About Silk Road Effect

Low start-up fee to get started

As you know it, it's very hard for you to master the art of selling with e-commerce without any necessary skills and knowledge.

For you to taste any success with e-commerce, there's a learning, testing, implementing process involved.

These combinations are well geared to maximize your success rate within absolutely any niche you ventured with your e-commerce ventures. 

For a merely $17 start-up fee, you will be gaining access to the industry expert first handcrafted contents.

These valuable contents are not just for reading and absorbing, they are well organized so that you can follow along with your own pace and schedule. 

E-commerce industry at its core  

So here's the thing, my friend, you and I, we know that the e-commerce industry is growing at a staggering pace. It's insanely huge and unstoppable.

From the big giants such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy to the very independent merchants leveraging the power of e-commerce, the market equity and the probability of profit is pretty phenomenal and beyond words can describe.

Just take a look at Amazon, for example, Amazon is worth hundreds of billions dollar and the trend of the online marketplace isn't slowing down for any moment.

Amazon is also one of the highest-grossing company in the world. 

That is why the owner of Silk Road Effect illustrates that with just the ability to capture a tiny percentage of the pie, say 0.25% you are well on your path to earning massive hundreds of millions in sales.

That's just how powerful the current wave of online shopping.

60 days money back guarantee

So what's the best feeling of the feeling of been secured after making any product and service purchase?

It's none other than the promise of money back right?

Yeah, that's right.

Your money will be refunded in full if you ever discover that this silk road stuff isn't for you, or should you find out that these training contents are not as valuable as they seem to be.
You have all the peace of mind that they will refund all your money. 

Ancient civilization theory explained

So, when was the time you pick up a historical book whenever you visit a local bookstore?

I am not a big fan of history but through the introduction of the Silk Road Effect,

I can comprehend how the minority of the ordinary people make their wealth and expanding their legacy with this powerful and unique trading some centuries ago!

Unless you are pursuing some sort of historical niche or, you have a high interest in the history subject, I am sure it won't spark your interest and intention to grab any contents or article related to the ancient history.

With Silk Road Effect, like it or not, you will be exposed and taught of this unique trading system during the ancient times, hence increasing your intellectual capability to a new height. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Silk Road Effect

Unrealistic income claim

So here's the thing, my friend, right from the beginning, the spokesperson in the presentation mentioned that you can make a massive 34000 monthly all on autopilot.

Or an insane $1800 daily.

Let's be wise and realistic for a moment, would you believe that this is even possible?

Without any additional time investment and commitment on your end. 

It sounds fishy and it sparks a certain level of frauds.

Here's the thing my friend, every business and endeavor within the online world take time and effort to gain traction, it also requires consistent hard work on your end.

Without all of these combinations, it's very unrealistic for you to make an income with such explosiveness. 

Even with the unique trading system used centuries ago, applying this technique with your marketing campaigns doesn't necessarily guarantee such luxurious income.

This is the number one reg flag area and I suppose you are clever and intelligent enough to discover this is a totally crappy and unrealistic potential income claim.

I don't think this sort of income is even near to possible.

Unsecured and poorly designed homepage  

Have you heard before the saying "you have only a few seconds to convince your visitors that firstly land on your website homepage"?


When potential and first-time visitors land on your website's homepage, a certain level of professionalism must be shown.

From the initial contents structure, the layout, responsiveness, clarity, relevancy must be shown to gain some good first impression. 

So as you have seen it, the creator of Silk Road Effect doesn't care much about the overall quality and design of the homepage.

It starts off with a less than satisfied video presentation and some disclaimers paragraphs.

That's it. None uniqueness found at all.

Personally, in my opinion, it's unacceptable and it certainly ruins usability.

Heck, the domain isn't even secured with an HTTPS encryption for best privacy protection.

Any ethical and responsible marketers and webmasters would not behave and make these big mistakes.

That's the reason why this entire silk road stuff opportunity is lack of genuineness right from the beginning. 

Poorly illustrated video presentation

We all watch and absorb video contents, right?

Video giant platform from the likes of YouTube and Vimeo is considered the world's highest-trafficked websites.

This data shows that people enjoy watching and absorbing information through video more than ever. It's a phenomenon that will not go out of trend any sooner.

Let's recall what you found with the video presentation by silk road, it's poorly structured, lack of quality and the worst part is it's created solely with a white background with some human voice speech combined with text.

This type of video presentation that exist on the homepage is deemed unprofessional and poorly created. It doesn't provide any pure value nor does it possess any element of true quality. 

Unknown owner

Let me ask you a question real quick, whenever you decide to purchase a product, service or subscribe to any services, would you ever simply take out your credit card or wallet for people that you don't trust?

I'm sure you know exactly how to answer that question relatively quick!

Yeah, that's the thing my friend, right from the beginning, we have no idea who is the founder of Silk Road Effect, never in any part of their website or contents states who is the creator and owner.

This cripple part creates confusion and uncertainty.

I am reluctant to even provide an email address for the free system tour, let alone taking out my wallet to make the purchase. 

The e-commerce industry is saturated with a certain degree of complexity

Let's face the truth, there are no shortcuts in life.

If you are here trying to make money online, there are some learning and knowledge acquisition part involved. 

The eCommerce business concept isn't suitable for newbie and it requires lots of hard work, time, skill and resources to taste success.

I am not saying that it's not suitable for you, what I am trying to say is that the entire ecosystem of making money with e-commerce require you to gain mastery within the dropshipping, products sourcing, understanding of market trends, marketing, and economics at the very root.

You also need to be resourceful enough to make tweaking and perform testing constantly.

You must also be ready to accept losses and then move on with life.

If all of these seems convincing to you, achieving success within the e-commerce space is certainly within your grasp.

Fake testimonial 

Here's the thing my friend, the online world is full of freelancers trying to make some additional income.

It's no surprise that marketers and products owners are constantly seeking the service of such individuals leveraging their skills to achieve a certain goal in their marketing effort. 

As soon as you join their party, their in house introduction video shows individual success story within the Silk Road Effect world.

This is faked and untrue real testimony.

It's presented by a third party presenter who agreed to show themselves underlining all the benefits that this system has helped them to achieve their financial goal.

Here's what I just meant

Looks familiar right?

Voila, you guess that right.

A freelancer for hire within the Fiverr platform.

The ugliest truth ever exposed to the Silk Road Effect. 

Abuse and misuse of unethical scarcity technique

Have you heard of the injection of scarcity to maximize conversion?

I am sure you have come across many of those.

A marketing technique widely used to speed up conversion. 

This scarcity marketing could be good but when implemented wrongly and ungracefully, it could bring more harm than good.

In fact, it could even ruin your entire reputation at once, losing trust and genuineness right away. 

That's exactly what the Silk Road Effect is doing.

The injection of the false statement within their video presentation content. 

Let's recall what they mentioned during the video presentation, the spokesperson said the acceptance of members are limited to a certain number due to overwhelming response.

And this offer is closing soon. 

That's a false statement and scarcity been wrongly used!

Thumbs down to the Silk Road Effect team for their fakeness. 

Is Silk Road Effect A Scam?

Despite all the unrealistic and so many cons within my personal opinion and review, the Silk Road Effect is certainly not a scam.

It's legitimate as it's listed for sale within the Clickbank marketplace.

That been said, the entire system is truly untrustable in my opinion.

The accessible media contents can be easily found on YouTube, in fact, you can find yourself some pure awesomeness of e-commerce contents on the internet.

And the best part of all is that these contents are accessible for free.

Al in all, I don't think the Silk Road Effect has its uniqueness nor does it provide any significant values.

A complete waste of time rather than a place to learn to build a thriving e-commerce business. 

My Final Thoughts

After going through the entire Silk Road Effect evaluation, the only good thing you can gain is the entire e-commerce concept is taught and explained.

So that you can gain some fundamental knowledge and understanding of how exactly the game of the e-commerce industry is played.

They even recommend you to use their Shopify link within their platform to kick start your journey.

That's by the ways pure unethical.

Doubtless, to say, the powerfulness of the e-commerce industry is unneglectable.

Countless online store owners are currently earning big bucks as a result of this evolution. 

If you are curious and have the desire to learn and understand more about e-commerce, I would recommend you to start by understanding the basics of how the whole online business world works.

I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Silk Road Effect, feel free to leave me comments below.

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