Spin Rewriter 9.0 Review: Does It Really Replace Your Content Creation Part?

Hello all, welcome to my spin rewriter review.

In the world of blogging, content creation is the main core of your business.

I am sure you are well aware that creating quality content for your website is what drives your business forward.

But then doing the same repetition could affect our ability to consistently writing contents and it could be a hindrance to our business.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or seasoned bloggers, sometimes we really have to admit that we are hitting walls with contents blocks.

It slows down our productivity and this scenario isn't doing any good for our business.

Today, I will be reviewing a product known as Spin Rewriter.

The creator of this product claims that it's possible to regenerate any contents into brand new readable contents that will essentially save you valuable time and increase productivity.

So is Spin Rewriter really a salvation and gold mine for content creators?

Is this tool really automates contents and fully take over the content creation part?

Let's find out together.

Spin Rewriter Review Summary

Product: Spin Rewriter 9.0

Founder: Aaron Sustar

$47 - Monthly Subscription
$77 - Yearly Subscription
$497 Lifetime Membership

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes (For personal use and the research and learning of the English Language)


Spin Rewriter is undoubtedly an awesome tool to discover the different variations of any written contents that can be rewritten to another form without changing the whole context of the original contents.

It works best when you are researching contents for academic purposes.

Or simply to sums up, you can regenerate as many different variations of any specific contents as you wish, for personal use.

Commercially, if you are planning to use this tool to automates contents for monetization, then it does not serve its purpose anymore.

That being said, Spin Rewriter really does an amazing job easing your life as content creators.

You will be able to see for yourself how many different variations of the same exact contents can be used for your content preparation work.

And when creativity and inspiration strikes, these spun contents can be utilized for content creation ideas.

What Is Spin Rewriter?

As the name of the product illustrates, Spin Rewriter is a product that claims to have the ability to rewrite an entire content with an action known as spinning.

The final spun contents are claimed to be human readable right away.

It was originally launched in 2011, developed by Aaron Sustar and a proud product by Smileytec.

Over the course of nine years, Spin Rewriter has been evolving.

Currently, it is the ninth version which means that this piece of software is getting updates and improvements thus delivering usability and quality to a whole new level.

According to Aaron, there are already more than 500 satisfied customers who are submitting genuine positive reviews willingly on their end.

So is Spin Rewriter really worth the hype?

We are about to find out in a short while.

Before I proceed, let me show you an introduction video by Aaron walking you through his product and what it is capable of.

How Does Spin Rewriter Works?

This product is a web-based, in house developed software with the core function of generating different variations of any existing written content.

The process is also known as "spinning", with a click of a button, the system will generate different variations of contents that are claimed to be readable while preserving the context of the original content.

Let's take a look at the control panel of Spin Rewriter.

This is the member's only access when you are logged in to your account.

How To Use Spin Rewriter?

Firstly, you grab any of the desired content text and insert into the text box shown below.

Then you have the option to tweak the text spinning further by enabling the ENL semantic feature.

Finally, click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button to begin the spinning task.

Let's take a look at the final spun content.

As you can see, the software will show you the total words, characters as well as the level of uniqueness.

You can then further enhance the new version of content by a relevant youtube video or images before exporting the content to your local computer.

Let's continue to discover the types of membership they offer, shall we?

The types Of Memberships Offered

Spin Rewriter is a subscription-based product and there are 3 types of memberships offered

Let's take a look below.


With a monthly payment of $47, you will be granted access to all the features offered by spin rewriters.


This is by far the most popular package offered.

It grants 5 days of free trial access and immediately followed by the pure awesomeness of discount with the final price of $77.

A total discount as high as 60%!

Pretty cool right?

There's a catch for this membership.

You need to take advantage of the 5 days free trial in order to qualify for this massive discount.

When you meet this requirement, you will be billed $77 yearly.


This is the third and most expensive package offered.

You will be billed a one-time payment of $497.

This membership unlocks access to every feature of Spin Rewriter forever.

If you are here for the long run, the lifetime membership is by far the best and most value for your bucks.

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The Pros - What I like About Spin Rewriter

A Generous 5 Days Free Trial

There's a saying goes like this:

You don't really know something until you try it personally right?

The team behind Spin Rewriter is granting a full 5 days access to a fully unlocked version of this software.

You will be able to test out every feature and see for yourself how powerful this tool is capable of.

If you love this product at the end of the 5 days duration, they will be offering you an irresistible offer so that you can reap the incredible values offered.

If you dislike and not feeling comfortable with it, you can leave as a happy test user without any hassles or commitments on your end.

A win-win situation, in my opinion.

You are able to test out Spin Rewriter in its entirety without having to hurt your wallet nor providing any of valuable private credit card information.

And then they are able to showcase their brilliant tool to their prospecting customers just like yourself.

Spin Rewriter Is Fully Web-based

Simplicity is the way to go in today's hectic world.

An account is all you need to get started.

Every content spinning activities are done right within the powerful platform itself.

Valuable time can be saved without having the needs to download a large executable client file that can potentially slow down your PC.

It makes you a happy person and when you are happy, productivity is on the rise as well.

State Of The Art Level Of Security

All your contents and activities within the platform are secured with end to end data encryption.

Regardless of whether you are doing some features tweaking or getting some awesome contents rewritten, you surely have peace of mind that all your activities are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption.

An Ocean Of Thesaurus

Aaron together with his amazing team has revolutionalized the integration of thesaurus and content spinning.

The powerful in house build grammar tool is bringing the awesomeness of Spin Rewriter to a whole new level.

If you are keen on mastering the English Language, this tool works best allowing you to understand the structuring of sentences, verbs, and nouns in no time!

Build In Manual Synonyms

Sometimes, any particular word can be changed to another version of synonyms to best suits the context of the whole sentence.

Spin Rewriter has you covered in this aspect.

Let me show you what I just meant.

Those highlighted texts in greens are changeable to another synonym words based on your own preference.

You are able to polish the final spun contents by manually changing any word in its synonyms form.

The Capability Of Spinning Multiple Contents Simultaneously

The built-in advanced algorithm within Spin Rewriter platform is capable of spinning any amount of contents simultaneously!

Absolutely insane and mind-blowing. 

In fact, Aaron himself has successfully passed the time challenge to generates 500 unique contents within 45 seconds!

Wordpress Integration

WordPress is the number 1 sought after publishing platform for content creators.

One of the many awesome features of Spin Rewriter is its ability to work seamlessly well with WordPress.

Every spun content can be edited, checked and published right within the platform.

You don't even need to login to your WordPress admin to publish your contents!

To add up the spice, It also has Youtube and loyalty-free image integration before you publish your content.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Spin Rewriter

Unrealistic Content Readability claim

So, the main purpose of this tool is to help you save time on content creation part right?

It's true on paper but not entirely true practically.

In fact, most of the spun contents require manual correction and it definitely ends up wasting more time and decreases productivity.

Even though the so-called emulated natural language is claimed to enhance the content readability, but it's still artificial and robots, right?

If every spun content requires correction at sentence structure level, it's far more efficient to write the entire content from scratch yourself.

Unethical Way Of Content Creation

Let's take a moment to ponder, say you are an author of a novel and you found out someone else is copying your idea by rewriting all your original content.

It ruins your moment and it's totally unacceptable, right?

Publishing contents on the internet doesn't work any differently.

Any content duplication regardless of direct copying or rewritten to carry the same meaning is deemed duplicated content and is prohibited in the eyes of the search engines.

At best, you will be penalized by the search engines with low ranking within the search ranking result, and at worst, your entire content can be deindexed completely.

It can be even more disastrous when the real author files a lawsuit against you.

Is Spin Rewriter A Scam?

We have come to the part where you eagerly want to find out whether this product is a scam or otherwise.

To answer the question straight, Spin Rewriter is not a scam product.

In fact, this product can be considered a revolutionary invention.

Since its introduction in 2011, Spin Rewriter has been evolving and making improvements constantly.

It certainly helps bloggers and content creators to better comprehend the English Language as well as content creation part as a whole.

Another thing is that Aaron Sustar is really a trustworthy business owner and has been around in this industry for a long time,

Every customers and affiliate are well taken care of.

No doubts and questions go unnoticed.

Besides his awesome invention, he has also assembled a top-notch support team ready to assist.

One thing I personally disagree with him is that Spin Rewriter is capable of making you a publishing machine.

I will talk about this matter in just a moment.

Who Is Ideal To Reap The Benefits Of Spin Rewriter?

Remember I mentioned just now that I wasn't in the same league with Aaron regarding a specific part of Spin Rewriter?

I'm referring to its capability of making you become a publishing machine.

After evaluating this product, I found out that Spin Rewriter works especially well for students, academists and content creators.

Basically any profession with the core work of writing English.

It works best for individuals who are pursuing mastery in the English Language.

It's most beneficiary for personal use.

Let's take a look at an example here.

A college student can grab any contents from an encyclopedia, a novel or even an academic book, partially or in its entirety.

And then he inserts the contents into Spin Rewriter and let this software does its job.

The final spun and rewritten contents should be able to achieve a readability score of at least 70%.

He can then be able to read through and identify another version of the original contents rewritten in a different form.

Spin Rewriter was built with a technology known as The Emulated Natural Language.

This artificial intelligent algorithm is capable of identifying the nouns, verbs and even the entire sentence structure.

After identifying the context of the entire phrase, it can then rewrite the whole sentence into another variation with the same meaning.

Any word within the spun contents can also be changed with the build in synonyms to spice up your rewritten contents.

If you are a student, academist or someone who are passionate about the English Language, Spin Rewriter works best for personal mastery and comprehension.

You are able to grab any contents and rewrite to any possible different variations imaginable.

My Final Thoughts

All of us know that content is the meat and flesh of your online business.

The search engines rank good quality contents.

The search engines will also reward ranking to average written contents.

One thing for sure is that the search engines will not rank content that does not exist.

Creating contents for your business can be a real hassle especially if you are not knowledgeable about the topic that you want to write about.

Even if you are familiar and knowledgeable about the specific topic, it can still be very time consuming writing an entire content from scratch.

So does spin rewriter really ease your content creation and save your day?

In my opinion, no it does not help.

Creating content is tough but Spin Rewriter does not make your day any easier.

Regardless of how many different variations of content rewritten with Spin Rewriter. the final spun contents still carry the same meaning thus not providing any additional values for your readers.

In my recent article about the art of keyword research, I mentioned the importance of creating quality contents that provide values for your readers.

That's how you go about attracting visitors organically and achieving a good ranking.

Using software and tools such as Spin Rewriter to generate contents with existing published contents is unethical and it's not doing any good for your business.

In fact, search engines might penalize the unoriginal spun contents with the punishment of contents deindexation.

Here's the thing my friend, building your own online business takes time and hard work.

There are no short cuts and utilizing article spinner tools to generate contents should be avoided at all cost.

I hope you find this article useful. Are you an existing Spin Rewriter user?

What are your opinions and the level of satisfaction?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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