Stella And Dot Review: An Opportunity To Earn Lucratively

If there's a way for you to keep in touch with the latest trends, to accessorize yourself to be amazingly gorgeous while making a lucrative income?

Does it spark your interest?

How about having some fun in the midst?

Yeah, I am referring to the jewelry, fashionable bags, apparel industries.

Now, before I proceed, let's take some time to ponder the scalability and potential growth of these billions dollars industries.

Big players from the likes of Gucci, Pandora, Louis Vuitton, are fundamentally shaping the norm for new players who are keen to join in the party.

These big brands are dominating the trends and their customers base are phenomenally large.

How about a brand that is injecting the combination of entrepreneurship and product to serve you better?

Yeah, I am talking about Stella And Dot.

Today, I will be showcasing to you this unique and phenomenal MLM company based in the United States.

We will be discovering the details about Stella And Dot such as does it worth your time and more importantly, could it be profitable for you.

Let's get started then.

Stella And Dot Review Summary

Company: Stella And Dot

Founder: Jessica Herrin and Blythe harris

Price: The essentials starter kit - $199

The more to love it kit - $499

The ultimate kit - $699

Rating: 80/100


Undoubtedly, Stella And Dot are shaping the landscape of the fashion and jewelry industry.

I highly recommend you join them to be part of the revolutionary trend moving forward.

An evergreen industry combined with stellar products, the opportunity to earn a lucrative income with them is limitless.

On top of that, the implementation of Trunk Shows serve as the unique selling proposition to be leveraged to scale your stylish business to greater height!

What Is Stella And Dot?

Stella And Dot is a jewelry, fashion and apparel MLM company based in San Bruno, California.

It's co-founded by Jessica Herrin and Blythe harris.

It was founded in 2004, and near to a decade later, the founder and co-founder of Stella And Dot are already a self-made multi-millionaires.

Besides, they are also an icon and one of the most influential females entrepreneur who is nurturing young and aspiring independent entrepreneurs to thrive and excel.

Today, Stella And Dot is extremely popular and highly sought after business opportunity especially to jewelry and fashion lovers.

So what makes Stella And Dot uniquely different and stand out from the typical MLM?

Well, the core belief of this company is the bonding partnership between females who are shaping tomorrow's world.

Besides this unique selling proposition that stands out from the crowd, their ventured niche market is not saturated at all.

The specifically targeted fashion and jewelry industry are offering lots of growth potential for every female individual from all walks of life to pursue a dream to thrive and excel.

Besides being different, they are also nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate health and happiness in life.

What Does Stella And Dot Offer?

Stella And Dot is an MLM company that is quite different from the rest of the conventional players.

Their niche market has products that serve the majority of females.

Just think about it, are there any women who dislike sparkling jewelry and fashion products?

Even though people behave differently, but then it's very rare we see any girl who dislikes been gorgeous by the jewelry makeup.

As part of their niche market ventures, Stella And Dot offer products categorized by jewelry, fashion bags, apparels and also accessories.

Let's take a look at their jewelry flagship product category.





Absolutely gorgeous and simply irresistible right?

That's the real beauty and quality of the products offered by Stella And Dot.

You will be blown away by their uniqueness.

How To Join Stella And Dot?

Every successful recruit and business associates of Stella And Dot is known as stylists.

As an independent stylist, you are allowed to represent them to exploit your potential to the fullest.

Before you can unlock your full potential to enter the battlefield, you are offered 3 options.

They are:

The essentials starter kit - $199

This is the entry-level of the fundamental kit. You can choose any combination of their product with a total value of $350.

The more to love it kit - $499

Their mid-range intermediate kit.

With $499, you can grab home any combination of their products with a total value of $1000.

The ultimate kit - $699

Their flagship package kit. By paying $699, you have the luxury to pick any combination of products up to the maximum value of $1500!

As you can see, there are lots of values right there.

Just imagine the potential to earn an income with these additional bonus values given to new sign up and recruit.

On top of that, besides getting the products of your choice, you are also going to be unlocking yourself an ocean of other benefits attached to your new membership.

These includes:

- The consent to host your private and personalized Trunk Shows. (I will be elaborating about this Trunk Shows in just a moment.)

- Your e-commerce website

- Proprietary smartphone app to keep track and smooth up your journey and progression.

- Every essentials training and print out materials to ease your job as their new stylist.

Wow, that's even more values right there.

Stella And Dot's Compensation Plan

So this is the part that triggers my interest and I am sure many of you are just as eager as me to find out what exactly they are going to pay you.

Yeah, you are going to be paid handsomely well, my dear awesome new stylists!

As part of their big family, you are able to market and promote any of their products to reap a 25% minimum base commission.

That's the norm as a new stylist and you can promote and implement your marketing techniques unconditionally.

Meaning that you can choose any type of marketing implementations that work best for you.

Apart from the base commission of 25%, there's also a bonus that rewards stylist who are aggressive sales achievers.

They call it the power seller bonus.

The requirement to achieve the poser seller status is to achieve the specified sales volume also known as PV. (Personal Volume)

There are three types of power seller bonuses.

1. Successfully achieved 2500 PV. 5 % power seller bonus will be rewarded. 

2. Successfully achieved 5000 PV, 7 % power seller bonus will be rewarded. 

3. Successfully achieved 10000 PV, 10% power seller bonus will be rewarded.

The maximum point of bonus earnable for any stylists is max at 35%.

That's a pretty astonishing commission structure.

Even if any stylist is unable to achieve the power seller status, she will be rewarded with a 25% base commission.

In my opinion, that's still an acceptable commission rate.

On top of that, as a team player, there is another 12 percent commission from each of your downline members.

The true earning potential will be explosive here.

We do know that the power of teamwork will prevail.

Say if you have a steady number of active downlines who are also contributing to sales and achieving the required PV achievement, then certainly the sky is the limit here.

Just imagine and visualize, how much money you are going to earn with active downlines.

You will be earning 12% commission from every sale that your downlines make.

Together combined with your personal 35%, the earning exploded at this point!

But then every good thing comes with a price tag right

There's a catch here for you to earn massively.

You have to achieve the minimum monthly personal sales volume of 500 PV.

When you achieve this requirement, the full potential to earn unlocks here.

The Pros - What I like About Stella And Dot

Distinctive niche market

Why are Stella And Dot business model so insanely lucrative?

Let us take a look at the trend and worthiness of this fashion and jewelry industry.

According to Mckinsey, the global market of the fashion industry is worth 2.4 trillion

How about the jewelry industry?

Let's find out.

According to statista, the jewelry industry is worth a staggering $18 billions euros!

According to grandview research, the jewelry market trend is expected and projected to reach an even greater milestone by 2025 with $480.5b global market worth estimation

Are you beginning to grasp the vast opportunity to thrive and excel with Stella And Dot?

The earning opportunities are pretty much limitless!

Established company with genuine owners

Stella And Dot have been around for a long time and they have established their reputation within the industry.

On top of that, Jessica Herrin and Blythe harris are genuine and highly influential owners and are contributing to the fashion and jewelry industry tremendously.

Besides, Stella And Dot have been acclaim for their high level of media exposure which saw them featured in some of the world's most powerful publication and media network such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Limitless earning opportunities

Wherever you go and whenever you see a woman, she is your target audience right away!

Just visualize this scenario for a moment, are there any women who dislike looking more beautiful and astonishingly gorgeous?

I bet there's no one!

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right

Personally, I feel that women deserve to look stunningly beautiful exactly as well!

Now, picture yourself the potential earning opportunities.

Exclusive stylists Trunk Shows

Remember I mentioned about the Trunk Shows earlier?

Now, as an independent stylist representing Stella And Dot, you are given consent to host your personalized private party known as the Trunk Shows.

Now, don't get me wrong here.

It doesn't mean that you will be going to present yourself as a host in a celebrity talk show.

Nah, it isn't like this.

Trunk Shows allow you to organized your private party "your way" uniquely your style!

You will be able to showcase your talent in fashionista to your prospects who attended your Trunk Shows.

For example, you can arrange a one to one makeup and beautify session, here's your opportunity to present and demonstrate all the wonderful products that Stella And Dot offer.

The good things about this Trunk Shows are you will be earning 50 % discount for every product sold.

On top of that, you will also be given free products items.

The more you sell, the more free items you will be getting.

Wouldn't you want to have some fun, showcase all the wonderful jewelry stylish while earning lucratively at the same time?

Then Trunks Shows is the answer!

Values on top of values

Wow, that's what I called pure awesomeness!

As a stylist, you are getting products values equivalent to higher than the amount of money you paid.

For example, their flagship kit priced at $699 comes with total products values of $1500.

Now just imagine this, $699 itself is already full of values, by getting $1500 worth of products when you pay $699 is undeniably values full of values.

This scenario translates to even more profitability for your Stella And Dot business.

Personal website to boost your sales

The world has gone digital, we all know that. Stella And Dot have you covered in this aspect.

Just imagine the potential for your sales growth when you implement your online stores to showcase all the fabulous products that they have to offer.

To spice up the excitement even further, your online store will be operating 24 hours for you.

That's the luxury you will be getting as a Stella And Dot stylist!

Indistinguishable unique design

If you are concerned about the competitions and market saturation, don't you worry and be too concerned about it, my dear friends.

Undeniably, people behave differently, some individuals stick and loyal to specific brands, but hey friends, the products offered by Stella And Dot are uniquely irreplaceable.

Every product is in house designed, patented and are exclusively belongs to Stella And Dot.

On top of that, physically, the materials used for products creation are genuine and crafted by their in house designers. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Stella And Dot

Opportunity exclusively for the females

As you know by now that Stella And Dot's business opportunity is meant for women.

Personally, as an individual who fancies and a lover and fanatic of shining beautifully designed jewelry, Stella And Dot spark my interest.

Their level of fame and professionalism have been an inspiration for many wannabe future entrepreneurs.

Regardless of whether you are a male or female, Stella And Dot are showcasing themselves as one of the most influential brands within the industry.

If you are someone passionate about the latest trend and happening around the jewelry and fashion world, then undoubtedly, Stella And Dot is your top choice to establish yourself a personal brand alongside the industry leader. 

My Final Thoughts

If you are reluctant and not a big fan of selling, socializing and networking, then there's still hope to be financially independent with various way to generate an income legitimately.

Personally, I adopt a business model known as affiliate marketing. You might already be aware of this unique business model. 

For those of you who are still new to affiliate marketing, the best part about the uniqueness of affiliate marketing is the flexibility of bypassing the need to sell in person.

With affiliate marketing, you don't have to do face to face selling anymore.

An entire affiliate marketing business begins with your passion and hobbies. Interested people will come looking for you themselves.

On top of that, you have the luxury to promote products and services that are already established in the market.

Isn't that amazing?

A full-time income business is achievable just by sharing and connecting with like-minded individuals just like yourself around the world.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Stella And Dot, feel free to leave me comments below.

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