Success Bux Review: How Good Is This Platform?

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet is definitely through PTC platforms.

If you are searching for ways to earn within the PTC industry, chances are, you have heard of a relatively unique PTC platform called the Success Bux.

Today, I will be reviewing Success Bux to discover its worthiness to make some extra money.

So, is it a trustable company?

Is there really money to be made?

How much money can you potentially earn?

More importantly, is it even worth your time joining?

I'm as keen as you to find out the answers.

So, without further ado, let's begin our exploration journey to discover Success Bux.

What Is Success Bux?

Success Bux is essentially an old school PTC website since 2012.

Yeah, that's right my friends, it has been eight years since its creation.

This platform is uniquely separable from the rest of the PTC websites as far as uniqueness is concerned.

It has a combination of GPT traits as well as PTC.

Therefore, Success Bux can be deemed a hybrid "get paid to" platform.

At its core, it offers an opportunity to earn money through various tasks participation.

Let's take a look at its member's dashboard.

An image of the Success Bux member's dashboard

How Do You Earn With Success Bux?

Before you can get started with Success Bux, there's a requirement to register as a new member.

Registration is a seamless process and it doesn't even require you to verify your email address.

After the registration, you will be brought to the backend straight away.

Interestingly, Success Bux doesn't offer the survey task which is quite a pity.

This is because the survey task typically has a higher pay rate and is one of the favorites among the GPT fans.

Next, let's discover what are the other methods to earn money with Success Bux.

Offers participation

The offers task is arguably the main flagship task available within the Success Bux platform.

This is because it has numerous third parties offer partners that provide the opportunities to earn through respective offers.

So, if you are interested to earn through the offers task, the system will redirect you to the respective third-party websites.

After the task completion, points will be rewarded based on the types of offers that you have participated in.

These points can be accumulated to redeem for real money through PayPal.

Sometimes, real money will be rewarded as well depending on the advertisers' decision.

Let's take a look at one of its partner's "offers" tasks.

The examples of third party offers in Success Bux

Click ads

This is the most fundamental task offered in most of the PTC platforms.

Essentially, various ads tasks will be available for you to click.

There's a timer to confirm any specific ads that have been qualified for rewards.

The amount of money that you could potentially earn is extremely low with this task.

Typically, you will be paid one-thousandth of cents.

Yeah, you heard that right my friends, you will only be earning fractions of cents.

To give you an idea, the click ads pay rate is around $0.0001 cents to $0.0006 cents.

The amount is so little that this category of the task is skippable.

Let's take a look at the "click ads" task below.

The click ads tasks offered in Success Bux

As you can see, the typical pay rate is around the $0.0001 mark.

This amount is relatively dissatisfying to a huge extent.

Meaning that you need to click on one hundred ads just to earn one cent.

Surf websites

This is a unique task offered by Success Bux.

All you need to do is to surf the advertisers' websites through its traffic exchange platform.

There's also a timer to make sure you stay on the specific websites for that time duration.

After that, you rinse and repeat until you call it a day.

This task could be extremely boring due to the untargeted website contents.

You will be rewarded with points for your participation.

Again, don't expect to earn a big amount of points, it's just unrealistic to think that way.

Let's take a look at the example below.

The website surfing task offered by Success Bux

As you can see, the shown website does not provide any values at all.

It's full of the banner and flashing ads.

Refer your friends to join

Success Bux offers an opportunity to earn through its proprietary in-house referral system.

As a free member, you will be earning 10% of your referral task participation.

Besides, you can also earn a 3% commission if your referrals upgrade their account.

Remember I mentioned about the various membership options earlier?

That's right, if you are skillful in the art of persuasion, referring your friends to join Success Bux is one of the ways to unlock higher earning.

How Do You Get Paid?

If there's one good trait about Success Bux worth praising, that would be its low withdrawal threshold.

Success Bux has set the minimum withdrawal amount to $1.

To simplify the withdrawal process, there's only one payment processor accepted which is PayPal.

Can You Earn With Success Bux?

Theoretically, yes, you certainly can earn money with Success Bux.

I don't particularly recommend you to earn money through this platform due to its low-income potential.

That being said, I will still provide the benchmark of the potential income in this section.

A quick disclaimer: The following calculations are based on assumptions. They don't necessarily represent the actual amount of money that you can earn. Earnable income can be affected by many uncontrollable variables such as the task pay rate and availability.

Do note that I have disregarded the click ads task due to its low pay rate.

Fractions of cents are not going to significantly contribute to the monthly earning.

Also, my prediction is that there are not going to be many tasks available.

This is because Success Bux has passive advertisers that have ceased the collaboration.

Here's one example.

An example of an offer partner ended collaboration with Success Bux

As you can see this particular third party offers advertisers have decided to end the partnership.

So you get the idea of the task frequency.

Let's get back to the calculations.

Say you are offered ten tasks weekly.

Here are the points and pay rates predictions.

Task #1 - $0.25
Task #2 - $0.12
Task #3 - $0.08
Task #4 - 220 points
Task #5 - 130 points
Task $6 - $0.11
Task #7 - 88 points
Task #8 - $0.15
Task #9 - 60 points
Task #10 - $0.35

So, your weekly estimated earning is equivalent to:

0.25+0.12+0.08+0.11+0.15+0.35 = $1.06

220+130+88+60 = 498 points

Every point is equivalent to $0.0001.

So your earning from the points accumulation is equivalent to $0.0498

To sum it up, your weekly earning is equivalent to 1.06+0.0498 =$1.1098

Let's multiply this amount by 4 to get the monthly income estimation.

Here's the calculation result.

Your monthly estimated income is $4.43.

This amount is not the direct representation of the actual income.

Earnable income could be increased or decreased depending on your luck.

What is your thought about the monthly $4.43 income?

Is it less?

Is it too less?

Or is it ridiculously less?

You are a clever person.

I think you should grasp the idea that earning a substantial income is impossible to achieve with Success Bux.

Disappointed With Unpromising "Get Paid To" Websites?

Discover a phenomenal Platform that:

  • Has been established for more than a decade
  • Pays members unfailingly all the time since its existence
  • Offers income scalability for the short and long term

The Pros - What I like About Success Bux


  • Free to join
  • Has been around for a long time
  • Simplified user interface

The Cons - What I Dislike About Success Bux


  • Extremely low income potential
  • Not a solution to secure long term financial success
  • Questionable worthiness
  • A waste of time and effort
  • Privacy concern without the SSL encryption

My Final Thoughts

Success Bux is arguably one of the most respected PTC platforms that existed today.

That being said, its most noticeable flaw is none other than the low income potential.

I have mentioned this numerous times in the article and that's the main point I want to express.

Your valuable time could be potentially spent on other more meaningful ways to earn money.

I hope you have grasped that Success Bux isn't a place to earn any desirable income.

Your time is way more valuable than clicking ads that pay pennies.

Now, if you are here seeking for ways to make money online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model. 

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is also the business model that is scalable for long term financial success.

It's the path that I pursue alongside with countless online entrepreneurs journeying to the ultimate success peak.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Success Bux, feel free to leave me comments below.

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