Survey Freedom Review: The Unattractive Truths Revealed

It says the hourly wage of $40 is achievable.

It even says there's a possibility to earn as high as $15 per survey task.

If you were enticed by these claims, unmistakenly, you should know what I was talking about.

Yeah, that's right my friends, I was referring to a survey website known as Survey Freedom.

Today, I will be reviewing this survey website to uncover its bold claims.

Is this the ultimate platform to earn lucratively?

is it even trustable?

Can you really achieve financial freedom by participating in survey tasks?
(That's exactly what this company is aiming to accomplish!)

Are there any ugly truths hidden in the unbreakable safe box?

Lots of question marks are pending to be answered, so let's dive right in without further ado.

Survey Freedom Review Summary

Platform: Survey Freedom

Company: Unknown

Price: Technically speaking, it does not exist
There are no memberships nor survey tasks offered

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What Is Survey Freedom?

Survey Freedom is one of those typical GPT websites that serve the get paid to industry.

Unlike its competitors, this website is specifically focusing on market research to gather valuable opinions.

Meaning that surveys are the only core offers of the opportunity.

When you land on its website, it has smooth navigation with a clear objective and call to action

It has a relatively unique website design structure that looks exactly like modern websites.

However, there's no precise information about its parent company or who is running the business.

So, that's the first suspicious part to be alerted.

According to Survey Freedom, it was founded back in 2018 to help ordinary people to achieve the dream of financial freedom.

Now, that's one bold claim I'm anxious to find out.

Before you can begin your journey with Survey Freedom, there are simple questionnaires walkthrough that you are required to follow along.

It begins as shown below, let's take a look.

The questionnaires to begin earning with Survey Freedom

How Do You Earn With Survey Freedom?

After I've completed all the pre-registration questionnaires, the system generated me with the following message.

The availability of the tasks offered by Survey Freedom

That's really interesting, let's find out what it has to offer next.

The misleading part of the survey tasks offered by Survey Freedom

Apparently, the system brought me to another page with three unique third party survey companies.

Now, that's sort of uncomfortable as far as honesty is concerned.

At its core, Survey Freedom offers the opportunity to earn through its own affiliated third party survey companies!

How insane and unbelievable right?

Let's proceed to verify the truth.

After clicking on three of the buttons, they led me to an independent URL with errors.

Here's what I just meant.

An error page loaded by Survey Freedom website with an affiliate link

As you can see, the three links that are provided brought me to a similar page with an error.

Predictably, there's also an affiliate code attached to the link.

I've blurred the entire URL so that it doesn't look spammy and displease you.

Even worse, removing the affiliate code to the original domain address triggered the redirection to another independent website!

How strange and absolutely speechless!

Let's take a look below.

The unethical redirection to another website by Survey Freedom

The entire platform has been unethically redirected to a website shown above.

That's all that Survey Freedom has to offer.

We are in the midst of clueless about its intention.

There's no money to be made with Survey Freedom with the shocking discovery moments ago.

The Hidden Truths It Doesn't Want You To Know

The entire website serve a wrong purpose intentionally

I consider this scenario very tough to swallow and accept.

Just think about it for a moment, the website shows that you can earn money by survey participation.

But then, you know the truth, it wasn't coded and designed to serve this purpose.

There's no money to be made

Now, this one is even harder to accept.

We are here seeking for earning opportunity but were misled right from the beginning instead.

Firstly, the three links provided contain relatively unacceptable affiliate codes.

Secondly, we thought that the anonymous owner wanted to make a profit off from your effort in survey participation.

The truth is, we were wrong!

Survey Freedom actually wants to make money from you by redirecting you to an irrelevant website, hoping that there will be purchases made by you.

An unethical trap that is beyond the acceptable threshold.

It's unacceptable hugely!

High level of greed that is totally unacceptable

We were misled that Survey Freedom wanted to earn affiliate commission from you, hoping that you will participate in the three recommended survey companies.

Yeah, it's true that the recommended companies are legitimate.
But then, unfortunately, Survey Freedom isn't.

The whole scenario turns out to be Survey Freedom has a bigger ambition to make a profit by redirecting you to another merchant's website.

It was created anonymously

The truth is, we are clueless and have no idea who is running the company.

We don't even know the company that is responsible to manage this website.

Since this website serves a purpose commercially, (offering survey task which is entirely fake) it's mandatory to reveal the company, owners, business progression on its website.

Sadly, none of these existed.

Unrealisitic income claims

Remember I talked about the $40 hourly wage and the potentiality to earn as high as $15 per survey earlier?

Now, the claims are extremely unrealistic and fake.

You have grasped the truth of its ugly side that the entire website has been designed to mislead you.

Its ultimate intention is to lure you to click on the affiliate links.

That way, the unknown owner will be earning commissions from your effort.

I consider this intention to be extremely unethical.

It even says you should achieve financial freedom by doing survey tasks.

The status of financial freedom is possible to be achieved but definitely not through this website.

Earning with survey participation surely earns you some money here and there but it would be a miracle to achieve financial freedom through this path.

By the way, Survey Freedom doesn't even offer survey tasks. It lures you to earn affiliate commissions off you instead.

That itself diminishes its values right away let alone trustable to help you achieve financial freedom.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are good to establish trust but when it's manipulated and misused, that can cause damage to the consumers.

Now, Survey Freedom does exactly that.

The testimonials you witnessed on its homepage are fake.

Let's take a look below.

The illustration of the fake testimonial in Survey Freedom

A simple search with an image search engine with image recognition technology reveals the truth instantly.

The person who appears above has been featured on several websites.

Let's take a look below.

The illustration of the fake testimonials featured on several websites

Now, that's the ugliest truth to be revealed.

Can you imagine a company leveraging fake testimonials to build trust?

A cunning trait that is totally unacceptable to a huge extent.

Can You Earn With Survey Freedom?

Fundamentally, Survey Freedom offers you the opportunity to earn through survey participation, specifically in the market research industry.

The entire concept is not flawed at all.

In fact, many legitimate survey companies offer the opportunity to earn some side income in your free time.

But Survey Freedom implemented it the wrong way.

You will be helping them to earn money unknowingly instead.

Since the truths have been revealed, you know that Survey Freedom is not a trustable website.

If you are keen to earn some additional income to supplement your living expenses, I would suggest you visit the specific websites directly.

That way, you have peace of mind that no unethical individuals are manipulating behind the scenes.

Also, you can earn freely without the uncertainties on your shoulders.

I have prepared some recommendations below.

Feel free to check them out.

If you are uncomfortable to begin right away, you can read through my reviews to discover whether they are suitable for you or otherwise.

Disappointed With Survey Websites?

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Is Survey Freedom A Scam?

The word "scam" is heavy and can be very damaging if applied without solid evidence.

After progressing thus far, you can decide for yourself whether Survey Freedom is illegitimate or otherwise.

However, it certainly has many unattractive flaws that could prevent you from trusting it.

Some of them are really annoying and unacceptable to a huge extent.

I'm sure you feel the same as well.

Furthermore, it doesn't offer any survey tasks at all.

This flaw is definitive.

With that alone, you should be avoiding this website at all costs.

It's not worth a fraction of your time.

If you love participating in survey tasks, I highly recommend you visit the trustable survey platforms directly.

My Final Thoughts

Initially, Survey Freedom looks relatively impressive.

It has awesome website design, smooth and responsive navigation.

But then, as you explore deeper, it shows that Survey Freedom isn't as awesome as it seems to be.

I guess this is similar to the famous saying "never judge a book by its cover".

You need to explore deeper to discover something right or wrong that is happening.

In the case of Survey Freedom, I'm sorry to say, something is terribly wrong with it.

It's not even a place for you to participate in survey tasks.

So, this is one of the extremely unattractive platforms that I will avoid personally.

I suggest you do the same.

It just doesn't have any values that are worthy of your time and effort.

Now, if you are here seeking for ways to make money online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

The best part of it is that it's highly scalable for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Survey Freedom, feel free to leave me comments below.

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