Surveys4rewards Review: How Good Is This Survey Platform?

Doing surveys to earn some side income has become relatively popular these days.

If you are residing in The United States and The United Kingdom, there's one unique survey platform to be added to your portfolio of GPT earning platforms.

Officially known as Surveys4rewards, It's a GPT platform that offers an opportunity to earn primarily through surveys participation.

So, is Surveys4rewards a trustworthy platform?

Is it worthy of your precious time and effort?

How much can you potentially earn?

What are the types of surveys offered?

Let's find out the truths together in this review.

What Is Surveys4rewards?

At the core, Surveys4rewards is a simplified survey platform that serves the market research industry.

There isn't much information available on its homepage such us the "About Us".

So, we are absolutely clueless about when it was founded and who are the founders.

That being said, its simplicity of web design is relatively satisfying.

Unlike the conventional platforms with the "get paid to" traits,

Surveys4rewards simplifies the earning opportunity by offering only survey tasks.

If you are big fans of survey participation, Surveys4rewards is here to serve you unfailingly.

Before you can begin your journey with Surveys4reward, there's a requirement to sign up as a new member.

Depending on your country, there will be an American flag and a British flag showcasing the country-specific registrations.

First ad foremost, you need to fill up your desired email address.

Next, you will be brought to another registration part where you fill up your particulars.

Let's take a look below. (I'm using The United States registration version).

The registration form of Surveys4rewards

Next, you will continue to take part in the verification questionnaires.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not some sort of evaluation test.

Rather, a process of getting to know you more such as your area of interest, industry involved, gender, products, and brands that you love, so on and so forth.

This part of the walkthrough is deemed necessary and it's fairly understandable.

That's the quality control of acquiring the best opinions for its advertisers and partners.

How Do You Earn With Surveys4rewards?

At its core, the only method to earn with Surveys4rewards is through survey participation.

Remember I mentioned the evaluation questionnaires earlier?

Well, there will be sample questionnaires for you to participate in to gather some information before the actual survey participation.

So, you need to go through the entire survey slowly and precisely.

This step is mandatory in making sure that the most relevant surveys are offered.

The same process will be repeated every time you choose to participate in any available surveys.

So, it could be quite frustrating when you are disqualified after spending valuable time answering the evaluation questionnaires.

It's embedded as part of Surveys4rewards's culture and implementation, so, that's the reality that you need to live with.

Despite the initial uncertainties of acceptance rate, Surveys4rewards does compensate handsomely and satisfyingly.

Even better, cash values will be rewarded for your kind participation.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends, Surveys4rewards rewards you in real cash values instead of redeemable points.

How Do You Get Paid?

One of the main uniqueness possesses by Surveys4rewards is its low withdrawal threshold.

That's one of the coolest aspects of Surveys4rewards and it's certainly impressive.

If you are from The United States, the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $12.50.

If you are from The United Kingdom, the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at £8.

There are only two options to redeem your earning.

Let's take a look below.

The options to redeem your rewards with Surveys4rewards

As you can see, Amazon gift cards and PayPal payment are the only options to redeem your earning.

Can You Earn With Surveys4rewards?

The GPT industry is famous for its low-income potential.

This scenario is due to the prioritization of satisfying the advertisers.

You see, merchants are working hard to improve their products and services from the consumers' perspective.

One of the most productive ways to scale their business innovatively is through your unique opinions.

So, the "get paid to" platforms are designed to serve this purpose.

Unmistkenely, Surveys4rewards doesn't offer much earning fundamentally.

How limited is the earning?

Well, let's discover the answers together.

A quick disclaimer:

The following calculations are based on assumptions and examples. They don't necessarily represent the actual earnable income. Actual income could be determined by many uncontrollable variables such as demographic and survey availability.

Let's begin, shall we?

Say there are ten surveys for you to participate on average.

Here are examples of the estimation values.

Task 1 - $0.50
Task 2 - $0.60
Task 3 - $0.48
Task 4 - $0.56
Task 5 - $0.70
Task 6 - $0.35
Task 7 - $0.75
Task 8 - $0.65
Task 9 - $0.40
Task 10 - $0.75

Your weekly income is equivalent to:

0.50=0.60+0.48+0.56+0.70+0.35+0.75+0.65+0.40+0.75 = $5.74

Multiply this amount by 4 is your monthly estimated income.

$5.74*4 = $22.96

As you can see, your projected monthly income is estimated to be $22.96.

Not really an impressive earning as far as earning is concerned but that's the reality.

The reality that you have to accept and live with.

This amount is certainly not going to make you rich and wealthy, instead, a side income as your pocket money.

Do note that the calculations above are merely benchmarks for you to grasp an idea of the earning potential.

Your earning could be increased or decreased based on survey availability.

So, is $22.96 makes you happy and satisfied?

You certainly can decide for yourself.

Disappointed With Unpromising "Get Paid To" Websites?

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  • Has been established for more than a decade
  • Pays members unfailingly all the time since its existence
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The Pros - What I like About Surveys4rewards


  • Free to join
  • Offers a simplified way to earn through survey participation
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Cash values for survey offers

The Cons - What I Dislike About Surveys4rewards


  • Only available in The United States and The United Kingdom
  • Awkwardly less information on its homepage
  • Unknown founders
  • Extremely low income potential

My Final Thoughts

Surveys4rewards is not entirely an underserving GPT platform, in my opinion.

Its most notable positive trait is none other than the cash values rewards for survey participation.

Another truth that we have discovered is the highly unacceptable uncertainties in the survey availability.

We are absolutely clueless about the frequency of any surveys that match your area of interest.

That itself is fairly discouraging to a huge extent.

In simpler saying, it's beyond your control of achieving any significant earning with Surveys4rewards.

That's a hard fact that you need to absorb and live with.

Personally, I will be avoiding Surveys4rewards not because of its legitimacy, but rather, the uncertainties as well as the limited earning potential.

Now, if you are searching for ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on websites and content creation.

Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the most sought after business model.


Well, it's because of its scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Surveys4rewards, feel free to leave me comments below.

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