SurveysForU Review: Let’s Find Out Its Worthiness

Your search for "get paid to" opportunities has led to the discovery of SurveysForU.

At first sight, it looked ideal but does it really offer any values?

You were clueless and decided to seek more information about this platform.

It's fairly understandable as there are tons of similar websites claiming to offer earning opportunities to their members.

So, is SurveysForU a trustworthy platform?

Is there really money to be made?

More importantly, is it even worth your time and effort?

Let's find out the truths together in this review.

What Is SurveysForU?

SurveysForU is the familiar GPT platform that offers earning opportunities through various tasks participation.

There's no "About Us" page on its website, so we are absolutely clueless about who are the founders as well as the company that manage this platform.

It sparks a peculiar feeling right away, as a legitimate company shouldn't be making this sort of silly mistake.

Perhaps it has been hidden intentionally.

That's the tricky truth that seems quite impossible to discover.

SurveysForU has a Facebook page integration located at the bottom of its website, the footer section.

That's a good sign possess by SurveysForU as it showcases its social media presence.

A quick look at its page showed that the most recent published post by SurveysForU was on the 6th of May. (At the time of writing).

Here's what I just meant.

The Facebook page of SurveysForU

So, if you are looking for its most recent updates, do keep track of its Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

How Do You Earn With SurveysForU?

Before you can begin your journey with SurveysForU, there's a requirement to sign up as a new member.

The registration process looks exactly like a typical website form that you fill up online.

Let's take a look below.

The registration form of SurveysForU

Click on the green "Register" button to get started.

Do note that the system will send a verification email to your registered email address.

Then, you need to grab the verification code that's attached to the email.

Followed by, you paste the code in the verification box as shown below.

The text box to enter the verification code of SurveysForU

Alternatively, there will be a clickable link that bypasses the need to paste the code manually.

After this step has been accomplished, the system will bring you to its member's dashboard.

It looks like this.

The member dashboard of SurveysForU

Annoyingly, the referral link has been displayed right at the top of the dashboard.

That doesn't impress me and it's a sign that recruitment is a big aspect of this platform.

I've blurred it for the sake of an ethical review presentation.

I will elaborate more on this in just a moment.

Next, let's proceed to discover the core ways to earn with SurveysForU.

Surveys participation

The survey task is arguably one of the highest sought after task in any GPT platforms.

It's the same with SurveysForU.

There are two types of surveys to participate in.

First, it's the survey offered within the SurveysForU platform itself.

This part of the task participation can be done right within the platform.

Second, the third-party survey websites.

Now, this part of the task participation requires you to leave the platform to other specific survey websites.

Once the tasks have been completed, you will be redirected back to the

SurveysForU dashboard, which is fairly cumbersome.

The rewards for survey task accomplishment vary.

You could be rewarded with cash value or points.

Here are two examples of the survey tasks that can be participated right within SurveysForU.

The survey samples of SurveysForU

For the third party survey tasks, there will be a requirement to register again to set up your personal profile with those companies.

Here's what I mean.

The third party profile registration of SurveysForU

This profile creation step is identical to the SurveysForU registration part.

Simply fill up the required information as precisely as possible to unlock even more survey eligibility.

From then on, it's relatively self-explanatory.

For example, choose any of your desired surveys to participate.

Remember that the specific third party survey companies will be rewarding you instead of SurveysForU.

Offers participation

SurveysForU has many offers that are ready for you to participate.

There are numerous of them existed within its platform.

Here are some of the participating offer partners.

The offer partners of SurveysForU

As you can see, there are quite many offer partners.

Commonly known as "The Offerwalls", this part of the task participation also requires you to leave the SurveysForU platform.

The task requirements vary based on the specific advertisers' needs.

It could be signing up for a new account.

It could be subscribing to a newsletter offer.

It could also be purchasing an offer, pre-launched products, and services.

Sometimes, it could also be a survey for you to voice your unique opinions.

There are myriads of tasks that you could potentially participate.

That's the wonderful part of the Offerwalls.

Here are some examples of one of its participating partners.

The examples of the offer tasks by SurveysForU

Watch videos

Sometimes, everybody deserves a relaxing break time to recharge the battery before continue hustling.

SurveysForU does offer an opportunity to earn by watching videos.

The videos will not be your favorite Netflix blockbuster though.

Instead, advertisers' videos will be available for you to watch.

The video tasks of SurveysForU

Refer your friends to join

As a member of SurveysForU, you have your unique referral link sharable to your friends.

When you have successfully convinced your friends to join, you will be rewarded with 10 percent of their earning for as long as they remain active.

Meaning that if they are actively participating in tasks, you will be reaping 10 percent of their earning.

Pretty awesome add on to your income if you are skillful in the art of persuasion.

Additionally, you can also share your referral link to all the phenomenal social media platforms that are rocking the internet.

For example, Facebook and Instagram.

How Do You Get Paid?

SurveysForU offers multiple options for you to redeem your rewards.

The minimum threshold also varies depending on your withdrawal choice.

Here are the options to withdraw your earning together with their respective withdrawal thresholds.

The monthly payout

This is the easiest option if you are an active task participant.

There will be no withdrawal interval after making the withdrawal request.

$30 is the minimum payout and the fund will be credited to you monthly.

You can request the withdrawal to your PayPal account, Amazon Pay as well as your local bank.


The minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal money transfer is $3.

Do note that there will be an 8 percent transaction fee that will be deducted from your earning.

Amazon Pay

The minimum withdrawal threshold for this option has been set at $5.

There will be a 2% processing fee deductible from your earning.

Local bank account

The minimum withdrawal threshold for this option is set at $5.

There will be a 2% withdrawal fee to be deducted.

Also, you need to comply with the regulation of your government and bank authority to verify your identity.

Once you have passed the verification, the requested amount will be transferred to your selected bank account.

Important to take note:

If you are residing in India, you are required to submit the UPI verification to smooth the entire withdrawal transaction.

Can You Earn With SurveysForU?

Theoretically, yes, you certainly can earn money with SurveysForU.

In fact, you can easily earn a little extra pocket money if you are hardworking to participate in the offered tasks.

In this section, let's calculate the earning potential of SurveysForU so that you can grasp an idea of the achievable earning.

A quick disclaimer: The following calculations are based on assumptions.

They don't necessarily represent the actual earnable income. Earnable income varies and could be determined by uncontrollable variables.

So, let's assume you are offered six tasks weekly on average.

The rewards are a combination of cash and points.

Here are the assumed and earning examples.

Task 1 - $0.6
Task 2 - 440 points
Task 3 -$0.8
Task 4- 300 points
Task 5 - 500 points
Task 6 - $0.5

Averagely, you will be earning 0.6+0.8+0.5 = $1.9

Next, it's the point calculations.

440+300+500 = 1240 points.

One point is equivalent to $0.008.

So, the accumulated points equivalence is $9.92.

Let's add up the amount.

Your combined weekly earning is equivalent to:

$1.9+$9.92 = $11.82.

Multiply this amount by four is your monthly estimated income.

$11.82*4 = $47.28.

$47.28 is your monthly earnable income based on the above examples of illustration.

Your earnable income could be increased or decreased based on many other factors such as the survey availability, frequency as well as the pay rates set by advertisers.

Disappointed With Unpromising "Get Paid To" Websites?

Discover a phenomenal Platform that:

  • Has been established for more than a decade
  • Pays members unfailingly all the time since its existence
  • Offers income scalability for the short and long term

The Pros - What I like About SurveysForU


  • Available globally
  • A good platform to earn some side income
  • Various option of tasks are available
  • Many withdrawal options
  • An opportunity to maximize income by sharing the platform
  • The existence of social media presence

The Cons - What I Dislike About SurveysForU


  • Unknown founders
  • Not a viable solution for long term financial sustainability

My Final Thoughts

SurveysForU is arguably one of the top promising "get paid to"platform that certainly impresses many of the industry fans.

To spice up the goodness, it has oceans of active participating advertisers who are ready to rewards their members.

So, if you are looking to earn some extra bucks in your free time,

SurveysForU fits well as a qualified candidate.

Now, if you are seeking for ways to earn online, then,  I highly recommend you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative, if you still have any questions related to SurveysForU, feel free to leave me comments below.

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