SurveyU Review: Let’s Find Out What It Has To Offer

Undoubtedly, one of the highly sought after opportunities on the internet is none other than survey participation.

If you are seeking an opportunity to earn on the side within the market research industry, there's a platform that could be fitted right for you.

Today, I will be reviewing another survey platform known as SurveyU to discover its overall worthiness.

So, it is worthy of your time and effort?

How about its earning potential?

Can you really earn with SurveyU?

More importantly, is it a valuable platform to stick around for the long term?

Let's find out the answers together in this review.

What Is SurveyU?

Fundamentally, SurveyU is a unique survey platform serving the market research industry.

Created by a team of intellectual millennial researchers and technologists, it has traits that are distinctively unique from the rest of the crowd.

Firstly, Its simplicity is really impressive.

Secondly, it has been around for near to two decades.

Lastly, its progression is positively shaping the market research industry to a new height.

For example, the partnership with Ypulse is relatively applauding.

SurveyU offers an opportunity to earn by participating in survey questionnaires for research and innovation purposes.

Signing up with SurveyU is easily accomplishable and it's free to join.

Here's an illustration of the signup form.

The sign up form of SurveyU

After filling up the registration form, a verification email will be sent to your registered email address to verify your identity, as well as to retrieve more information about yourself.

The verification email of SurveyU

Clicking on the red button will begin the verification process.

Alternatively, you can also click on the blue link to verify your account.

Next, a "get to know you" session will begin.

This step is to ensure only the most relevant surveys are offered based on the information acquired.

Here's what I mean.

The questionnaires to get more information about yourself by SurveyU

The questionnaires that are assigned have radio buttons for you to select.

So, you can easily complete the pre qualification survey task.

Let's take a look below.

The pre qualification survey task of SurveyU

Proceed to answer the questions precisely and patiently.

Remember not to skip any part to maintain the smoothness of the entire process.

How Do You Earn With SurveyU?

SurveyU offers the opportunity to earn primarily through survey participation.

The requirement to participate in the pre qualification survey ensures that you are offered with relevant survey tasks.

At the end of the qualification questionnaires, the system will notify you with multiple options for your upcoming survey tasks.

Here are the types of surveys for you to participate.

Kindly select appropriately based on your interests.

 The different types of surveys offered by SurveyU

It's essential to select as many options as you can.

This action ensures you stand the highest chance of receiving any current and future surveys.

That being said, do remember to weight your capability with the specific tasks.

For example, if you choose the on-site studies, relevant researchers will be conducting the research studies in person.

Meaning that there will be no pre-written script prepared for you.

You will be having a research study session in real-time.

An example would be the calculus study if you are proficient in the mathematics field.

So, the entire opinion evaluation session will be conducted in person.

If your confidence level is only adequately sufficient, there's a typical survey task known as the online survey.

With the online survey, you will be presented with questionnaires in an orderly style.

Personally, I feel that this is the task that suited me the most based on my confidence and comfort level.

Then, there's the assignment task.

This task requires you to accomplish certain objectives based on the chosen topics.

Typically, you will be asked to complete the task by creating video and photo content.

Treat it like what you would normally be required to accomplish in an academic study.

Next, SurveyU also has surveys to be completed in mobile format.

Meaning that you can use your mobile phone to accomplish any survey tasks offered.

Internal points will be rewarded whenever you have successfully completed a survey task.

The amount of earnable tasks varies based on the advertiser's needs and requirements.

So, the points that you could potentially earn is unfixed.

Typically, it's within the three digits mark.

How Do You Get Paid?

SurveyU's proprietary internal point system is the official earning representation.

Every completed task will reward points that can be exchanged for various gift cards as well as PayPal withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal threshold has been set at $5 which is relatively satisfactory.

To achieve this threshold, all you need to accomplish is to accumulate 150 points.

If you would like the alternative ways to redeem your earned points, there are also various gift cards available such as the Amazon Gift Card.

So, as far as diverseness is concerned, you will be given the luxury of choosing your desired way to be compensated.

Can You Earn With SurveyU?

Essentially, it's extremely possible to earn some side income with SurveyU.

But then, how much can you potentially earn?

Let's find out together in this section.

A quick disclaimer:

The following calculations are based on assumptions and predicted examples. They don't necessarily represent the actual income. Earnable income may be determined by many uncontrollable variables such as the tasks' availability as well as the advertisers' needs.

Say you are offered with eight tasks to participate weekly on average.

Here are the assumed examples of the potential earnable points.

Task 1 - 100 points
Task 2 - 150 points
Task 3 - 200 points
Task 4 - 80 points
Task 5 - 50 points
Task 6 - 100 points
Task 7 - 60 points
Task 8 - 150 points

Your weekly points earning will be equivalent to:

100+150+200+80+50+100+60+150 = 890 points

Let's multiply this amount by four to gain monthly income estimation.

890*4 = 3560 points

Remember We've discovered the number of points to withdraw $5 to your PayPal account earlier?

I use the PayPal example due to the assumption that it's the widely preferred choice of receiving payment.

I'm sure you are more interested in receiving payment to your PayPal account rather than gift card redemptions right?

So, we will divide the earned points by 150 to obtain the earnable amount.

Let's proceed with a calculator app.

Well, the amount is $23.7.

Let's round up to be $24.

As you can see, this is the amount that you could potentially earn.

Now, this illustration is not definitive.

Meaning that your earning could be increased or decreased depending on many variables involved.

Also, if you are hardworking to take part in every type of task offered, your income could be significantly increased.

Is $24 a satisfactory amount?

The answer is relatively subjective.

Personally, it's not a very good amount to be earned.

It's too little and very limiting.

Certainly, it's not a life-changing amount nor an amount that is sufficient to supplement your living expenses.

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  • Has been established for more than a decade
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The Pros - What I like About SurveyU


  • Simplified web design
  • Managed by a group of intellectual researchers and market research company
  • Has been around for almost two decades
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Free to join
  • Has numerous options to be compensated

The Cons - What I Dislike About SurveyU


  • Only serves the specific niche audience
  • Extremely low income potential
  • Unavailable globally

My Final Thoughts

SurveyU is one of the few survey platforms with impressive progression.

It's not because of its unique niche market, rather, the professional management behind the scenes.

It's ideally suited for students with the extra time to express their unique opinions.

If you are students who love to express your unique thoughts, you might have discovered arguably one of the most promising survey platforms to earn on the side.

Earning wise, it could be a massive disappointment for some.

Now, if you look at the bright side, SurveyU is still a quality platform to enhance your comprehension and communication skills.

So, it's still a consolation for those who are here solely for the earning.

You see, the market research industry is not meant for you to generate massive wealth, that's not the reason for its existence.

Rather, it's prioritized to gather valuable opinions to make improvements on products, services, and even the academic fields.

So, you should be grasping an idea of the nature of this industry after progressing thus far.

Now, if you are here searching for ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on websites and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

It's also one of the most sought after business models by individuals from all walks of life.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to SurveyU, feel free to leave me comments below.

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