Thrive Architect Review: Pure Awesomeness. Arguably The Best Page Builder For WordPress 

The world is evolving rapidly with modernization.

Soon, humans will be able to live beyond planet earth.

Every industry is growing at an unstoppable pace, so is the world of WordPress and website design arena.

You see, WordPress was originally built as a simple blogging platform for bloggers and content creators to showcase their talents and creativity.

More importantly, it was built to deliver solutions and help to any specific audience seeking information through website creation.

Over the years, WordPress has been evolved to be so powerful, more than 30% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Isn't that amazing?

To spice up the fun, WordPress is now capable of endless customizations imaginable.

If you can draw it on your surface pro, it can be built with WordPress!

Perhaps you are a website designer, your clients want you to build a website that has the first impression of "WOW" that makes your audience's jaws dropping.

All the beautiful design elements that you sketch out, are achievable with WordPress alone without even have to touch on third party coding integrations.

That's the true powerfulness of WordPress.

That being said, advance designs elements require you to be familiar with some basic knowledge of HTML coding.

For those of you who are web developers, it's going to be easy peasy.

Since most of us are new to WordPress here and I'm sure you are not a big fan of an ocean of HTML coding text right?

It makes you bored.

It makes you scratch your head.

It can be quite complicated for beginners to master the art of programming.

It slows you down, project implementations can be delayed and that translates to the decrease in productivity.

Thankfully, Thrive Architect has come as salvation.

In today's post, I'll be showcasing to you a plugin known as Thrive Architect and what are the wonderful customizations and its design capabilities.

In case you haven't already made aware of, plugins in WordPress are empowering all the tweaks to happen in any websites built with WordPress.

I'm an existing user of this plugin for a couple of months now and frankly, the number of functionalities that simplified every detail of my design implementations have been blowing me away.

It's insanely powerful, a class of its own and unmatch for any competitors to even come close at all.

So what makes Thrive Architect so unique, a class of its own, a benchmark for the supremacy throne?

Instead of the old school ways of review, today, I will make a little tweaking on this special Thrive Architect review.

I will be listing the features that I felt good that are indeed top-notch and incomparable.

This is not a biased review, Truthfully, I have been creating with Thrive Architect for nearly a year, I have been there and done that.

Incomparable awesomeness.

That's how I describe Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Review Summary

Product: Thrive Architect

Founder: Shane Melaugh

$67 - Single license for one website
$97 - 5 licenses for 5 websites

$19 - Monthly subscription to gain access to every Thrive products

Rating: 95/100

Recommended: Yes


Crafting and creating a website can be a daunting task.

With Thrive Architect at your disposal, not only can you experience first hand the easiness and flawlessness design experience, but you are also going to be boosted one step ahead of your competitor when your website is powered and designed with Thrive Architect.

Arguably the most powerful and advance visual drag and drop editor for WordPress, Thrive Architect is undoubtedly a class of its own.

Unmatchable and it's top-notch.

Wanna have the edge within the website and graphic design arena?

Thrive Architect is capable of empowering you to exploit your full potential of talents.

With Thrive Architect, the best of both worlds is accomplishable. 

Thrive Architect is even more powerful when it is capable of empowering your website primarily focused on conversion.

The result is a beautifully designed website that is fully optimized for conversion while taking care of responsiveness.

That will translate to visitors' satisfaction and a good level of trustworthiness will be established right away.

With Thrive Architect, it's no beating around the bush.

It's simplified.

It's optimized.

It's engineered for conversion.

It's clean and sleek.

This togetherness ensures that your website is worthy of its presence on the internet.

Want to design a beautiful website?

It's achievable with Thrive Architect.

Want websites that are optimized for conversion?

Thrive Architect is built for that. 

Here are the 25 reasons why I describe Thrive Architect as the most powerful drag and drop visual editor for WordPress.

So here we go, let's get started.       


Endless customization possibilities

If you are a web designer or a WordPress enthusiast, you will agree that sometimes we just need to enhance the design to satisfy our needs as well as to entice our audience visually.

Thankfully, Thrive Architect is built to meet all your design needs.

Every element that you use to build your website with Thrive Architect is customizable.

Meaning that, regardless of what you want to achieve with your design goals, these goals are achievable with Thrive Architect.

Yeah, you heard that right.

Let me show you some examples of what I just meant.

Let's take some of the most frequently used design elements and I will illustrate to you what Thrive Architect is capable of.

Here are the customizable options of the text element.

As you can see, these are the options where you can tweak to make your text even more beautiful.

Next, let's take a look at another example.

The image element.

Here, as you can see, there are lots of different options for you to customize and change the image setting in various forms.


Draggable drag and drop design elements

One of the main unique selling proposition of Thrive Architect is its ability to be draggable right onto any area within your website editor page.

These draggable actions are so easy to be accomplished practically.

Just drag and drop any of your desired design elements by holding your mouse button, and then release it on to the page you are designing.

It's as simple as that.


Design elements are shown and updated in real-time

Previously, I mentioned about the easiness of the simplicity of drag and drop functionality.

Now, it gets one step ahead of the game.

These designs element that is placed on your webpage are reflected straight away instantly.

Wanna change some design area after placing elements on your webpage?

Just simply do the edit and voila these edits are updated in real-time.

You don't even need to save or refresh your page to see the effect changes.

Wow, that's awesomely awesome.

A league of its own.

The team behind Thrive Architect has taken its capability to a whole new level.

Arguably unmatchable for any other product to even come close to this perfection.

Unsatisfied with your final text and color effect?


Go ahead and do some changes and it's updated instantly. 


Plenty of design elements at your disposal

Different people are inspired by different design satisfaction and needs, right?

Yeah, you can spend the whole day and night brainstorming and crafting out the draft for your upcoming project.

If you can craft those design on paper, they are achievable for your website with Thrive Architect.

Now, that's what I call pure awesomeness.

Let's take a look at all the design elements available to you.

Here are all the foundation blocks elements.

These are the building blocks plus the newly updated content block. 

With so many design blocks at your disposal, building any type of website imaginable is pretty much achievable.

Now, it gets even better as you will be getting tons of future updates that also include new additional design elements.

For example, I started using Thrive Architect since November 2018 and over the months, new design elements have been added to the library of design arsenal.

Let's take a look at this particular design element.

It is added at some part of the updates.

This element is especially useful for you to implement repetitive usage of any of your favorite design elements. 


Conversion focused to boost your conversion rate 

No one likes the feeling of being rejected right?

Yeah, that's an inevitable fact.

Rejection can be heartbreaking and it might even cause a psychology negative effect.

Not only is Thrive Architect technologically advance, but it is also as humanly intelligent as ever.

The entire Thrive Architect was built to boost conversion.

Yeah, it's built to help you craft highly aesthetically pleasing website.

It's also built to serve one ultimate purpose in your marketing campaign.

And that is boosting your conversion.


A big round of applause to the team behind Thrive Architect.

They know the art of marketing.

Thumbs up to them.

Plentiful of design elements such as the call to action buttons, templates, a/b testing of visitors' behavior is geared to boost your ultimate success for your business. 


Integration with other Thrive products seamlessly

Thrive Architect is one of the award-winning plugin design for WordPress lovers.

They have plenty of other remarkable products such as Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Themes just to name a few.

As soon as you installed this plugin to your WordPress database and upon activation, you will be able to see the Thrive products integrations within your Thrive Architect design interface.

All of the other products purchased by you will be visible here.

Here's what I mean.


Plenty of predesign templates

If you are a design fanatic, then you surely love the different variation and tweaking of web design to suits your taste as well as gaining a good first impression from your visitors.

As far as creativity is concerned, it could still be very hectic and tedious to craft out design from scratch.

With Thrive Architect, you can completely trash these concerns and boost up your productivity with all the pre-design templates available to you.

Plenty of beautifully designed template that is optimized for conversion is available to you.

To spice up the satisfaction, these templates consist of designs specifically tailored for various industry.

They include health and fitness, food, constructions, personal blog and many other industries imaginable!

Let's take a look at how awesome the templates at Thrive Themes make your life easier.

Regardless of what industry you are pursuing, there's certainly a piece of predesign templates that suits your taste and needs.

These templates are awesomely designed.

It's designed with conversion-focused.

On top of that, they are aesthetically beautiful and responsive!

These designs are terrific and ready to be implemented straight away to your online campaigns.

These templates get even better when some of them are expandable for even more design possibilities.

Let's take a look at this personal branding example.

Clicking on the expand text will redirect you to the entire library of professional pre-designed templates.

Let's take a look below.

Isn't it amazing?

Your websites look even more professional when these templates are coded for the best responsiveness.


Autosave features

When was the last time you lost your valuable work due to a sudden power failure?

I was victimized by this unexpected scenario quite a few times in recent years.

Thrive Architect doesn't have the feature of synchronization and cloud-based real-time backup, but then it still possesses a powerful reminder pops up every 10 minutes of unsafe works in progress.

You can then remember to save all your work before some unexpected things happen.

Not the best of all but then it's still pretty astonishing given that Thrive Architect is a complete stand-alone visual editor for WordPress. 


Affordable and reasonable pricing 

Priced at $67 per license to use on a single website.

I think it's a reasonable price.

And if you opt for their multiple licenses, they have even better pricing for you which is $97, for 5 licenses activatable on 5 different websites. 


Lifetime future updates

One of the biggest consumers concern in the tech industry is the constant changes being made relatively fast.

With Thrive Architect, this concern is well covered.

You will be receiving a lifetime future updates.

One single license to eligible for such exclusiveness, I feel that it's pretty fabulous.

Updates enable your version of Thrive Architect is the most updated with security patches and patches and new features updates.

Hence, you will be possessing a Thrive Architect that is empowered to build even more awesome websites.


Cleans and optimized plugin

Thrive Architect is coded with pure simplicity.

It is not loaded with bloatware, adware that could potentially harm your website and web hosting server.

This is typically not found with other third-party WordPress plugins, even the paid ones. 

Plugins that are loaded with upsells and ads are pretty normal these days within the WordPress plugin database.

With Thrive Architect, you are well protected to have peace of mind.

It's clean and lights out of the box to serve only one purpose.

That is to craft out your awesome website.


Plenty of free tutorials resources

Even though Thrive Architect is beginners friendly, it can still be a complicated plugin for some of the newbies to experience the drag and drop type of visual editor.

Some of the elements have a tiny small tutorial to explain their functionality in more details.

Sometimes when inspiration strike and when you are getting stuck with Thrive Architect, there are plenty of tutorial resources available to you inside their tutorial database.

These tutorials can be accessed via their official knowledge base.


Values on top of values

If you haven't already aware, Thrive Architect is a proud product by the Thrive Themes.

They have a better option with even more value for those loyal and design fans. 

A monthly subscription-based membership that grants access to every Thrives products and themes.

On top of that, members can also gain access to their exclusive in house training resources library.

So if you have the needs to use Thrive Architect multiple times on many different websites, then this monthly subscription-based membership is a must grab.


Completely overrides third party WordPress theme

Regardless of whether you have tried Thrive Architect, it works seamlessly well on its own.

With a single installation of Thrive Architect license and plugin, whenever you create contents with page or post, the default editor will be overridden completely.

Let's take a look at what I mean here.

By clicking the green button, you will be redirected to a blank design page powered by Thrive Architect.

From this moment on, pretty much any webpage designs imaginable can be accomplished.

What you need on your end is creativity that matches the final puzzle piece.


Stackable design capabilities

Whenever you are creating with Thrive Architect, it begins with building blocks.

The contents block within Thrive Architect has the capability of stacking elements within elements!

Wow, you heard that right. 

That's another level of amazingness.

Let's take a look at what I just meant.

As you can see clearly, I can add text element on top of an image that was already right inside a building block itself.

The top navigation bar also illustrates that the stacking of blocks is taking place.

Amazing feature within this plugin.


Website responsiveness are well taken care of

So what's the point of creating a website when it's not responsive?

It doesn't make sense right?

It certainly ruins usability as well.

Thankfully, with Thrive Architect, this aspect of complete responsiveness has been well taken cared of.

Whenever you are creating with Thrive Architect, by default, the responsiveness of the pages you created is accomplished automatically.

Here is what I mean.

Say you are creating a page with Thrive Architect with a desktop computer, by default, the resolution has been set to 1080 pixel.

As soon as you are done with the design, its responsiveness is automatically adjusted across multiple resolutions imaginable.

Namely for other mobile and portable devices such as your smartphones, tablets and portable pc.

So this is another powerful feature of Thrive architect.

And by the way, you can also customize the look of the responsiveness manually for different display resolutions.

Feel like deleting an element within the desktop resolution on the mobile resolution?

Well, it's certainly accomplishable!

Feel free to test your imagination and web design talent to the next level.

It can be done with Thrive Architect!


Beautifully designed retina icons at your disposal

When was the last time you stare closely and unbelievably at a super beautiful website?

Those slide in and retina icons that are stunningly displayed on your laptop screen.

And you said to yourself "Wow, that was freaking awesome website."

Now, the same level of professionalism can be showcased by you as well.

As a content creator and web designer, you are not restricted to those unimpressive third party creative common icons.

You have lots of HD retina icons proudly brought to you by Thrive Architect.

All of these icons are highly responsive and eye candy.

They are designed to suits a modern website with aesthetically high definition.

To make your design life even simpler, these retina icons are customizable to suits your needs!

Thrive Architect also take one step further by associating with a well-known icon company known as icomoon.

Let take a look below the various retina icons available to you.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting time and start designing with Thrive Architect!

Just start creating my dear friends!


Integration of major autoresponder and email marketing companies

Here's the thing my friends, email marketing is the norm in today's highly advanced business world.

With Thrive Architect, there are super productive building blocks designed to take email marketing to a whole new dimension.

What's even better is that the email opts-in element is integrated to work seamlessly and flawlessly with all the major email marketing companies.

Big names from the likes of GetResponse, Aweber, ConvertKit, Mailchimp are among those autoresponder providers that can be connected with Thrive Architect to multiply your email marketing journey to even greater folds.


Showcase yourself as professional designers

If the content is describable as the tea and coffee, then I suppose the visual design is the creamer that sweetens the aroma and taste.

These two are close to one another tightly. 

They coexist to create the ultimate effectiveness of content marketing.

But then, design is a skill that takes talent and time to master, it also takes the valuable time of practical actions.

Thankfully, Thrive Architect has taken the approach of website design to an entirely new dimension.

A dimension that ordinary web designer could only dream of. 

Typically, whenever a website design campaign is actively in progress, any webmasters would need a combination of several tools and products to make the entire thing presentable and looks great for the audience.

With Thrive Architect, everything that's related to website design can be created and achievable.

That surely includes the design part.

That's the sweetest thing of all.

As website designers and content creators It saves you lots of valuable time and increases productivity and result as a whole.

Imagery tweaking and edit are amongst those tasks accomplishable with Thrive Architect.

You don't even need to be a designer nor do you need to possess graphics design skills.

The best feeling of all is that you don't even need any third party design suites such as Adobe Photoshop. Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator to aid you in your website design journey.

Your client will be amazed at your work.

Your visitors will stay at your website in real astonishment.

It's a jaw-dropping experience to enjoy.

Take a look at the example below.

I will be illustrating to you why Thrive Architect is your blade and katana in the battlefield.

I will be using the visual background building blocks to craft out this graphics tweaking capability of Thrive Architect.

Here I am, within a blank page with a clean sheet of design to begin with.

First, I will be dragging and dropping the background to the page, as shown below.

Then I will insert an image right inside the content box area.

Remember I told you just now that this is one of the best features of Thrive Architect?

From here onwards, you have all the flexibilities of endless design tweaking possibilities.

The sky is the limit here my dear friends. 

To simplify this illustration, I will be tweaking the look of the background, and readjust the level of brightness and transparency opacity of the top layer of the section.

Here is the final design look, take a look at that.

I have made changes to the opacity and adjusted the transparency.

And then I add another layer of text box on top of the redesigned background.

Are you able to grasp the potential of the design capability of Thrive Architect?

In fact, normally with such tweaking capabilities, you easily can't escape the need for illustrator tools to make it that visually pleasing on a webpage.

Now, these beautiful design functions are made possible with Thrive Architect.

Phew, the awesomeness that is indescribable.

Before we proceed, let's take a look at the comprehensiveness of design possibilities by the founder Shane Melaugh

He will be showcasing to you all the advance techniques of website designs without the need for Photoshop!

This is an in-depth and detailed video presentation.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.


The capability of checking mobile responsiveness in real-time

Whenever you are creating with Thrive Architect, there are three little beautiful icons at the bottom of the interface.

They are desktop or laptop, tablet or handheld pc and then finally smartphones. 

Clicking on those icons will instantly bring you to check the responsiveness of each particular resolutions in more details.

You can see for yourself in first sight how do your content and layout looks like across various resolutions.

To spice up the design adrenaline, you are also able to make additional tweaking in each different resolution individually.

Let's take a look at the example below.

I took one of the predesigned templates as the illustration to show you here.

Here is the visual appearance of each resolution size.

Desktop and laptop

Tablet and handheld PC


Not entirely happy with the visual look?

Perhaps you are unsatisfied with the slightly bigger font with the smartphone resolution?


Just simply make the changes within the smartphone resolution page and make the tweaking.

Once you exit back to your screen, you can see that the changes you made on the smartphone resolution do not even affect the look of your desktop resolution layout look.

That's why I said earlier that each changes made are specifically changed.


Tables creation with ease

Building tables is an inevitable part of your online business.

Thinking of building a table for your products comparison post?

How about building a table to showcase the top recommendation of your list of reviewed products?

Or perhaps you want to build a table to present all the incredible feature of your products?

The table element of Thrive Architect has you covered.

Regardless of the purpose of building a table, rest be assured that all your needs can be fulfilled with this table element.

Here's the thing my friends, there are plentiful of table plugins available, but none of them ever come close to this. 

If you've tried to build tables with third party plugins, then you surely know what I mean here.

Cumbersomeness, unresponsiveness, out of alignment for different resolutions.

Just to name a few.

To make things even sweeter, every table that you create with Thrive Architect will be optimized for any devices straight away!

It will save you lots of valuable time making sure all your tables are looking good on all devices.


Seamlessly create e-commerce store with ease

The online marketplace is on the verge of ultimate dominance.

Hanging with friend in a coffee shop?

You start to observe the surrounding tables customers are browsing the Amazon marketplace, shopping for goods.

Perhaps you have also personally encountered people who are obsessed about online shopping.

I have friends who spend countless hours looking at various online stores for the best makeup products as well as enjoying themselves reading reviews.

Want to add a button that will bring your visitors to a specific product page seamlessly?

Sure you can.

Want to leverage Thrive Architect functionality with the integration of products comparisons or perhaps even pricing comparisons?

Sure you can too.

With Thrive Architect everything that you need to kickstart your e-commerce campaign is accomplishable.


A new level of personalizations

As content creators, sometimes we do come across moments of needing a specific repetitive design implementation.

That's when Thrive Architect will ease your job and enhance your productiveness to a whole new level. 

Every satisfied sections design, the partially finished individual designs are saveable.

These saved designs templates are then accessible right within Thrive Architect interface while creating your work.

They are also accessible by going to your Thrive dashboard section. 

Let's take a look at what I mean.

Isn't that amazing my friends?

Every effort has been ensured to ease your life as a website designer.

This approach certainly boosts up your productivity to a greater height.


Trusted and endorsed by affiliate marketing guru Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young successful online entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success at the age of 21.

Today, Jerry is a mentor, a live video instructor, affiliate marketing guru that plays a huge impact and contribution within the online business world.

His blog, smart affiliate success is fully powered by Thrives technology. 

And Thrive Architect is the tool that empowers him to create this awesome web presence.


Bypass the needs of knowing any programming

Java, CSS, C++, Python, PHP, if any of these foreign words seems daunting to you, then Thrive Architect is a blessing of salvation.

Every beautifully designed website can be crafted with Thrive Architect alone.

You don't need to understand and comprehend any of the programming languages to get going with your productivity.

So there you have it all.

The 25 reasons why I am in loved with Thrive Architect.

I love it and I use it to craft content and tweak my website daily.

It makes crafting and design worthwhile, pleasurable and it's fun designing websites with Thrive Architect.

Before I conclude this review, let me illustrate to you the values of the Thrive Membership.

An all in one tool that is capable of amplifying your online business growth.

You know by now that Thrive Architect is massively powerful.

It empowers you to create beautiful conversion focus websites.

How about boosting your online business to a whole new level?

It can be accomplished with Thrive Membership!

If you are here looking for Thrive Architect, then I highly recommend you to check out the Thrive Membership.

It is best suited for the online business owner with a portfolio of several websites.

It's also ideal if you are venturing into other niche projects in the future.

Thrive Membership costs only $19 per month and it's a monthly subscription membership.

With Thrive Membership, you will be granted full access to all the themes and plugins.

The best part is that these themes and plugins are usable on 25 of your websites!

Yeah, you heard that right!

For as little as $19 per month, you will be getting an all in one online business package that will magnify your online business to an even greater height.

Let me quickly summarize what you will be getting with Thrive Membership.

Thrive Architect - Flagship product

An ultimate all in one visual page builder for WordPress.

Thrive Leads - Flagship product

Email marketing with Thrive Leads has been made simplified.

Boost up your conversion with Thrive Leads integration.

Thrive Ultimatum - Flagship product

The best scarcity plugin to amplify your sales and conversion.

Different variations of specific countdown timers can be shown to relevant products offers.

Thrive Clever Widgets - Flagship product

The ability to display targeted widgets for your audience.

Relevancy is the unique selling proposition here.

Specific widgets can be shown to a specific audience to boost engagements, click-through rate and ultimately sales.

Thrive Comments

The ultimate commenting plugin ever built for WordPress.

It enables you to boost engagements while also displaying a beautiful layout.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Make your website even more presentable and interactive by having some fun and social moments with your audience.

Thrive Quiz Builder empowers you to gain valuable and genuine feedback while maintaining values for your audience.

Thrive Apprentice

Creating online courses has been simplified with Thrive apprentice.

Wanna build stunning online courses to establish yourself a genuine reputation and personal branding?

It can be accomplished with Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Ovation

The ultimate testimonials plugins designed for establishing trustworthiness.

Thrive Optimize

Gain insight into your visitors' behavior by testing different variations of project implementations.

It leads to a better understanding of your visitors' behavior hence boosting conversion.

Gain access to Thrive University

An ocean of resources are available to brush up your skills and thus increasing your productiveness as a whole.

On top of that, members are also granted access to their exclusive in house weekly live webinars.

Gain access to future products and updates

The thrives Themes is constantly evolving and growing dynamically.

You will be gaining access to all their future awesome products as long as you remain as an active Thrive Member.

10 beautifully designed themes

Rushing for projects implementation?

It's totally understandable.

Grab yourself any of the 10 beautifully designed themes that are responsive and optimized to kickstart your project right away!

Unparallel support

Feeling of getting stuck and clueless on what to do next?

The Thrives support will be here to give you genuine helping hands.

Are you ready to bring your website to a whole new level?

Your websites will be unstoppable when they are powered and created with Thrive products!

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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