TutorVista Review: A Unique Online Tutoring Platform Reviewed

Are you interested to showcase your talent in the education industry?

Perhaps you want to earn some side income with your skillet and passion?

It's made possible with an online tutoring platform known as TutorVista.

Today, I will be reviewing this unique platform so that you can have a glimpse of its uniqueness.

By the end of the review, you should grasp whether this opportunity is suitable for you or otherwise.

More importantly, can you really make a decent income with TutorVista?

Is it worthy of your time?

Let's find out the answers together in this discovery journey.

What Is TutorVista?

TutorVista is essentially an online tutoring platform founded in India since 2005.

It has been around for more than a decade, that's an astonishing achievement, in my opinion.

The concept behind this platform is very identical to the online freelancing platform known as Freelancer

The only difference is that TutorVista is catered specifically to individuals who have the skillset in their respective industries.

For example, the field of calculus, chemistry, science, engineering so on, and so forth.

These are just some of the examples.

There are a plethora of industries imaginable that TutorVista is serving.

If you are skillful in a specific industry, this is the platform that could potentially earn you some side income.

Before we proceed to the next part, let's take a look at its overview.

How Do You Earn With TutorVista?

Fundamentally, TutorVista provides an opportunity to earn through online tutoring.

Meaning that there's a requirement to prove your qualification before you can start earning.

First, you need to send your curriculum vitae to them.

Upon successful verification, you will be accepted to become one of its unique tutors.

The pay rate also varies based on your industry.

On average, you will be earning from $8 an hour if you are accepted and hired to be its online tutor.

One thing to take note of is that you must be proficient in the spoken English Language.

Imagine this is like the real physical classroom, just that it will be conducted virtually in the online world.

There will be students listening to your lessons.

Once you are accepted into their family, you will be expected to fulfill its requirement to teach at least for a few hours daily.

Depending on the capacity of the demands, at the least, four hours are required.

There are also training sessions for you to get prepared before you can start teaching in real-time.

Meaning that the professional team at TutorVista will be coaching you so that you are familiarized with its platform.

Once the familiarization process has been accomplished, you are good to go to teach live.

As a qualified online tutor, do note that you must also be prepared to do some pre-teaching work.

For example, if you are teaching calculus, you must know exactly what's the topic that you want to teach on a particular session.

This is the live video class, the contents that you are about to present is fresh from the oven.

For sure, there will be obstacles such as nervousness but you will get used to it as you practice more.

Can You Earn With TutorVista?

This is arguably one of the most anticipated answers you want to know.

Honestly, yes, you certainly can earn money with TutorVista.

Since you are a professional online tutor, the amount of money that you can make is relatively higher than the typical freelancer for hired platforms.

Remember that you must go through the online interview process?

Yeah, that's right my friends.

Once you are accepted, you will be earning at least $8 an hour.

Plus, depending on the subjects that you teach, the working hours also vary.

In this section, let's calculate the potential earning so that you can get an idea of the benchmark.

A quick disclaimer: The following calculations are purely based on assumption scenarios. They don't necessarily represent the exact earnable income.

Say you are hired and accepted into its big family and you will be teaching the Physics subject.

Also, let's assume there are students registered for your courses 10 times in a month.

Here's are the calculations based on the average pay rate and the four hours daily working hours requirement.

Your every single session earning is equivalent to:


Let's multiply this amount by 10.

10*32 is equivalent to $320.

Averagely, you will be earning $320 in the entire month working just 4 hours per session.

Not bad at all right?

The above scenario is based on ten sessions.

How about if you are offered more than ten sessions?

For example, twenty sessions per month.

Your earnable income will be doubled.

So, I hope that you have grasped the concept of the earning aspect of TutorVista .

As you can see, if you are a skilled and professional online tutor, your income is much higher compared to other unattractive freelancer platforms.

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The Pros - What I like About TutorVista


  • Free to join
  • An established and trustworthy company
  • Relatively satisfying hourly pay rate
  • A good way to generate a secondary income
  • A platform that enhances your skill while providing earning opportunity

The Cons - What I Dislike About TutorVista 


  • Only available in India
  • Uncertainties in the number of sessions offered
  • You will be trading your time for money
  • Not everyone will be accepted, you must be skillful and pass the interview part

My Final Thoughts

I'm sure you are aware that TutorVista is a relatively decent online tutor platform for you to make money.

Its requirement that only the skillful applicants are accepted means there's quality control.

Its pay rate is also satisfactory if your industry has a big demand for online teaching.

If you are living in India, this is the reputable online tutor platform to consider.

Now, if you are looking for ways to make money online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is also one of the most unique businesses that are scalable for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative, if you still have any questions related to TutorVista, feel free to leave me comments below.

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