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Wealthy Affiliate Review: The Best Platform To Build An Online Business?

Hey friends, welcome to my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate.

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your time and effort in checking out this review.

Before I begin, let me be completely transparent with you that I am an existing premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

That means with your consent and decision to join as one of the premium members, I will be earning an affiliate commission.

Also, rest be assured that this content is not written to be salessy with a sales pitch.

Rather, I am here to showcase to you everything about this unique platform so that you can be well informed of the sheer values and its uniqueness.

I will be uncovering everything about Wealthy Affiliate since joining them back in 2016, and then you can decide for yourself if this platform is suitable for you.

So without further ado, let’s begin the exploration journey into the wondrous world of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Company: Wealthy Affiliate

Founder: Kyle and Carson

Price: Monthly - $49/Month

Yearly - $495 for 12 months inclusive of:

- A .com domain to kickstart your online business

- $50 community credits to use in the community platform

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes


Designed for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs from all walks of life, Wealthy Affiliate is shaping the landscape of the affiliate marketing industry.

If you are passionate about building an online empire with websites and content creation, well, they are certainly the perfect candidate to be your companion to reach the chequered flag.

If you are clueless about how to get started building an online business, they will be your best coach guiding you to reach the highest peak of success.

Unmistakenly endorsed by a dynamic community of near to 2 million members and growing, it’s not a magic wand that sprinkles their phenomenal success.

Rather, it’s their pure values, business approach, and philosophy that stand out from the crowd.

Uniqueness that’s worthy to be acclaimed.

Most importantly, the system and business implementations techniques Wealthy Affiliate teach work amazingly with proven results.

The Core Concept Of Wealthy Affiliate

In pure simplicity, the entire concept and business model presented and offered are based on affiliate marketing.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing and why is this business model so phenomenally sought after?

Well, affiliate marketing is a specific type of business model where you will be paid an affiliate commission by promoting merchant’s products.

This is the core definition of affiliate marketing.

From my perspective, affiliate marketing is actually a complete scenario where a group of audience need help and solutions to solve specific problems.

You on the other end is the middle person who connect with these audiences by providing helpful solutions, which also include relevant product recommendations.

When a conversion occurs, you will be paid a certain amount of commission by the merchants that you are partnered with.

The whole concept of affiliate marketing is not any more complex than this.

There’s a plethora way of implementing this unique business, and that is the core of what Wealthy Affiliate provide and offer.

So what’s the difference between affiliate marketing compared to any typical conventional marketing techniques?

Well, one of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that you have full flexibility to choose who are the merchants that you want to partner with.

On top of that, you have the luxury to promote reputable products that are already gaining traction on the market.

For example, if you are passionate about gaming, you could potentially promote products from the likes of PlayStation console, Logitech gaming headset, Razer gaming keyboard, and mouse.

These are the manufacturers that are already gained consumer's trust and market acceptance.

By providing valuable product recommendations, and whenever conversions occur, you will be paid affiliate commission accordingly by the merchants or affiliate network that you are associated with.

That’s the core concept of affiliate marketing.

Besides the main advantages, here are some other reasons why this business concept is so powerful and highly sought after. 

The affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly at an unstoppable pace.

According to mthink, the affiliate marketing industry will reach an estimation worth of $6.8 billion

That’s a staggering growth with plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers to reap profits.

Eliminate the necessity of selling face to face

This is one of the plusses of affiliate marketing.

Nobody likes to be a salesperson if given an option.

With this unique business concept, you can ditch promoting and selling in person.

Instead, the interested and like-minded audience will be coming to you, hence increasing your chances of converting them into buying customers.

Bypass the tediousness of product creation

With affiliate marketing, you can bypass the tediousness of product creation and testing that consume massive resources and time to gain market traction.

As a result, you have the luxury to save countless of valuable time and resources with affiliate marketing implementation.

The freedom of working wherever and whenever you want

With affiliate marketing, you have the luxury and flexibility of working anywhere and anytime.

It’s your choice and freedom.

Vastness of earning possibilities

With more than 550 million products available on the market, the opportunities to earn as an affiliate marketer are pretty much limitless.

You get to decide what to promote for the best profitability.

These are the core benefits of why affiliate marketing is so phenomenally powerful and lucrative.

Do check out my in-depth affiliate marketing guide to grasp a better understanding of affiliate marketing in its entirety.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an all in one affiliate marketing platform designed and built specifically for affiliate marketers.

It was founded by two highly intellectual individuals Kyle and Carson 15 years ago.

Back then, the entire business was geared as a unique and sophisticated keyword research platform.

It was geared to provide the gems of long-tail keyword search queries to maximize the efficiency and productivity of fellow internet marketers.

During their entrepreneurship journey, Kyle and Carson have a great vision to create the most advanced affiliate marketing platform that is intuitive, and inclusive to serve the specific niche audience who are passionate about building an affiliate marketing business.

Together with a close buddy Jay Neill, they steer a new direction for Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

Today, this magnificent platform is the world’s most advanced, powerful and dynamically driven affiliate marketing platform.

At the time of writing, they are still unmatchable in terms of mass acceptance by fellow online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers around the world.

Currently, they have more than 2 million active aspiring online entrepreneurs that are shaping the landscape of the affiliate marketing to greater heights.

In my opinion, this is an accomplishment that is worthy of a big round of applause.

What they have accomplished over a decade and a half is phenomenal and astonishing.

Here’s the picture of the founder and co founder Kyle and Carson with their lovely family and kids.

Kyle - Co founder of wealthy affiliate
Carson - Founder of wealthy affiliate

Here's the picture of Jay Neill, he is also the genius that hosts the weekly live webinars class within Wealthy Affiliate.

Jay - wealthy affiliate live webinars host

What Do They Offer?

You have just being briefed of an overview of Wealthy Affiliate and how the entire puzzles come together.

In this section, I will show you every product offered so sit back and continue to enjoy the ride.

By the end of this section, I am pretty sure that you will be blown away by the completeness and the sheer values that are offered within this platform.

Due to the vast array of products offered, I will categorize every product into a specific category to simplify the content presentation and ease readability.

Are you ready to discover everything that Wealthy Affiliate have in store for you?

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s dive right into the heart of Wealthy Affiliate.

World-class Education

Wealthy affiliate offer myriads of training education specifically tailored for online entrepreneurs.

Every topic and field related to the online business are offered within the platform with affiliate marketing at the core.

I have categorized their entire education system into the following categories. They are:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Short abbreviated as the OEC, this is their main course of the education training offered.

They are crafted and tailored to aspiring online entrepreneurs that are passionate about building an online presence with affiliate marketing.

The OEC has five modules named as level one to level five comprehensive trainings to get yourself rolling within the affiliate marketing industry.

Each phase has complete 10 lessons with task-based checklist so that you can progress based on your own schedule and adaptability skills.

Let’s take a look at the training modules offered below.

Online entrepreneur certification level 1 trainings
Online entrepreneur certification level 2 trainings
Online entrepreneur certification level 3 trainings
Online entrepreneur certification level 4 trainings
Online entrepreneur certification level 5 trainings

As you can see, there are a total of 50 lessons for you to complete the entire course that will grant you enough ammunition to enter the affiliate marketing battlefield.

Each lesson is presented in a combination of text-based and video walkthroughs.

At the end of the lesson, several tasks needed to be accomplished before you proceed to the next lesson.

Let’s take a look at one of the examples below.

Task based checklist

The Affiliate Bootcamp

This is unique training modules that educate you to be an expert within the blogging and make money online industry.

Often, when a new member joins this platform, they are clueless about the precise direction on how to go about choosing their first niche to kick start their entrepreneur journey.

The affiliate bootcamp is geared specifically for these people as well as those who are ready to begin their journey into the wondrous world of the blogging and make money online industry.

There are seven phases offered within the affiliate bootcamp course that sums up to a total of 70 lessons.

Let’s take a look at the entire overview of the affiliate bootcamp to grasp a sneak peek how the lessons offered.

The affiliate bootcamp level 1 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 2 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 3 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 4 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 5 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 6 trainings
The affiliate bootcamp level 7 trainings

Wow, pretty astonishing right?

These lessons are carefully written and prepared so that you can follow along flawlessly.

As usual, the lessons within the affiliate bootcamp also have task-based checklists to track your progression.

Also, by joining this bootcamp course, you will officially become one of their in house affiliate marketers!

Do Wealthy Affiliate offer an affiliate program?

I heard you asked.

Yeah, you are right, my dear friends.

Wealthy Affiliate do offer their in-house affiliate program and it’s relatively lucrative.

I will discuss the details in just a moment.

Let’s proceed to the next education offered.

The Weekly Live Video Webinars

Now, this is my favorite place to hang around to acquire the necessary knowledge to advance and sharpen my skill set.

Remember I mentioned about Jay Neill earlier during the introduction part?

Well, he is the official live video coach of the weekly webinars hosted within Wealthy Affiliate.

I am one of his faithful and loyal students for years now.

I am really amazed and blown away by his mastery and intellectuality abilities and skills.

Every presentation is well structured with pure values and awesomeness.

The live video classes cover varieties of topics such as live case studies, SEO, keyword research, social media marketing, local marketing, video marketing, conversion optimization, content creation, niche research, client acquisition.

These are just some of the example I showcase here, Jay has built fountains of live webinars over the years and the opportunities to learn are pretty much endless.

Personally, my favorite webinars are live niche research, as well as case studies.

These live webinars presented by Jay are priceless and full of values.

Every webinar is presented in a clear and precise conversational tone.

These webinars are also recorded live, so for those of you who are unable to attend the live event, there will be replays that are rewatchable to maximize the learning.

Also worth mentioning is that the contents of the live presentations are structured carefully so that they are practically implementable.

By the way, the weekly webinars are broadcasted live every Friday night based on the Eastern Standard Time (The United States and Canada time zone).

Depending on the part of the world that you live, it varies respectively.

Typically, it will be on the Friday to Saturday period.

Every webinar will last for an hour and a half to approximately two hours.

There will be a live Q and A session at the end of the presentations.

Also, due to the wide array of topics that are covered by Jay, there are plentiful of past webinars that you can potentially learn and apply to scale your business.

To ease the learning process, there’s a search bar for you to search for relevant content based on your personal preference.

Here is what I just meant.

Live webinars contents search

Let's take a look at one of my all-time favorite webinars - the Facebook Ads mastery series.

Facebook Ads mastery courses

The entire live broadcast will be streamed in full HD video resolution for maximum visual satisfaction and learning efficiency.

After each of the webinars, you are allowed to write a personal review of the training you just attended.

Here's an example of what I mean. 

Members positive feedback

Just take a quick look at the positive rating that was provided by fellow satisfied students.

Amazing right?

Next, let's continue to the next education offered.

The Classrooms

The classrooms offered within the Wealthy Affiliate platform are specifically tailored to further strengthen your skill and mastery on a various array of subjects within the internet marketing space.

Let’s take a look below.

education offered by wealthy affiliate

As you can see, the classroom arena is categorized into several specific topics.

Each topic is well covered with written content tutorials, video tutorials as well as the questions and answers thread.

The classroom is also a place for you to gain answers whenever you feel stuck.

Questions are answered relatively fast by the community and you certainly can gain more knowledge by engaging within the discussion thread.

It’s something similar to the forum, but the classroom is much better and advanced with dynamic tutorials and active discussion happening all in real-time.

Members Created Tutorials

Remember I mentioned earlier that Wealthy Affiliate have near to 2 million active members and the number is growing rapidly as we speak?

Yeah, that’s right.

Each member within the platform has the privilege to create valuable tutorials content to help other fellow compatriots.

The only requirement though, is that you are required to be a premium member for a minimum duration of three months before you are allowed to create tutorials contents within the platform.

There are two types of training contents brought to you by fellow members within the platform.

The first one is the text written long-form contents.

They are typically written with relevancy that is structured into multiple pages.

There’s this button where you can click to continue to the next phase of training.

Here’s an example of a long-form tutorials contents.

Trainings tutorials created by wealthy affiliate member

The second member-created tutorials are primarily focused on video presentation content.

The entire training will be presented to you in video form with a brief introduction written in text.

Here’s an example.

video tutorial content created by wealthy affiliate member

As you can see, there's a short introduction written in text with a frame of video ready to be played.

Clicking on the play button will begin the training session.

Now, you might be thinking and wondering if these member’s tutorials are trustable and workable to be effective?

Well, personally, as a member of this platform, I can assure you that these trainings are gold and gems.

They are certainly going to benefit you massively to scale your online business to a new height.

Here's what I mean.

Member video tutorials contents

This is the in-depth comprehensive training presented by one of the awesome members of Wealthy Affiliate.

He created trainings teaching fellow members how to scale their online business in an unstoppable way by outsourcing.

In these thoughtful trainings, he outlined all the essentiality of hiring writers for your content creation aspect of your business.

Also, do take a look at the number of likes, it’s phenomenal! 

Awesome number of likes for a member created video tutorial content

Fellow members are reaping vast benefits as s result of these trainings.

Wow, that was quite a ride right?

I was just touching on the tip of the icebergs.

I have plenty more to cover. 

So let’s continue to the next section.

The Website Arena

In this section, I will be walking you through the website aspect of your business.

In this space, multiple products are going to amaze you in pure awesomeness.

Let's dive right in.

State Of The Art Managed WordPress Hosting

An online business will be directionless without web hosting.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate have you covered completely to build your personalized online presence.

The mighty powerful website hosting offered here is known as Siterubix and it powers website built with WordPress content management system.

Siterubix website hosting allows you to host up to 10 domains.

Pretty fabulous features offered.

Imagine yourself the ability to grow and scale a portfolio of profitable websites with Siterubix.


On top of that, Siterubix also includes the following: 

SSL Encryption

Every website hosted with Siterubix is secured with an encryption of 256 bit SSL certificate.

It ensures your websites are fully encrypted to enhance the security and privacy of your visitors to a whole new level.

For example, the website that you are landing right now is powered and hosted with Siterubix, hence it’s secured with the maximum security measures policies on the web. 

Optimized For Speed

Speed does matter when it comes to establishing an online presence with your websites.

The websites hosted with Siterubix is not only fast in loading time, but they are also optimized for accelerated loading speed.

Hence, your visitors and the search engines will be happy.

Enhanced With Mirroring Technology

If you are wondering what does it mean by mirroring technology, well, it can be simplified as double hosting. 

Yeah, you heard that right!

My dear friends! 

Every website hosted with the Siterubix is double hosted in case of anything that goes sideways.

All your data are backup in real-time dynamically as you progress.

For example, if you break some HTML codes and encounter flaws within your website, the previous work before the flaw happened can be restored right away.

It’s some sort like the undo button you normally find within any word processing or illustrator software.

The only difference is that the undo step here is slightly different.

It doesn’t just restore your previous work, everything can be undone!

This is an awesome double hosting technology exclusively invented by the geniuses and tech guys behind the scene at Wealthy Affiliate.

30 GB Of Optimized Website Storage

This feature is pure awesome by itself.

Imagine the amount of work and data that you can host with Siterubix?

That’s insanely mind-blowing.

500k Monthly Visitors Bandwidth

Now, let me make it clear and precise here.

Most of the web hosting companies on the market are using the marketing technique to maximize customer acquisition and conversions.

They say, unlimited visitors.

Now, the word "unlimited" can be defined individually based on the philosophy of business approach.

With Siterubix web hosting, everything is crystal clear and transparent.

They don’t lie and implement unethical tricks just to make sales.

That’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Siterubix has a monthly visitors limit of 500 thousands.

Now, with this amount of traffic, you have all the possibilities to reap a relatively satisfying income and profit.

500 thousands monthly visitors to your website set a benchmark for a thriving and successful online business.

Preinstalled With Essential Plugins

Every website hosted with Siterubix will be preinstalled with some of the most powerful plugins to maximize your productivity and smoothen your journey instantly.

Take a look at what I mean here.

Siterubix web hosting preinstalled plugins

As you can see, these are the essential plugins to ease your life as a webmaster and content creator.

The ability to customize your website to suit your taste.

There are thousands of themes and plugins that you can choose and pick to implement into your online business.

A luxury proudly brought to you by Siterubix website hosting.

With these plethoras of customizations at your disposal, you certainly are going to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Make your websites unstoppable exclusively with Siterubix.

Unlimited Domain-specific Email Address

Everyone uses email nowadays, right?

Our smartphones that are powered by Android are synced with a default Gmail at its core.

Now, with Siterubix web hosting, you can create an unlimited amount of domain-specific email addresses effortlessly!

Here’s what I just meant.

Domain specific email address with Siterubix website hosting

As you can see, I have created a personalized domain-specific email address associated with my website.

On top of that, the process of accessing your email address has been made super convenient with the build-in auto encrypted password generator.

You can Log in to your email right within Wealthy Affiliate platform seamlessly and flawlessly.

Without even realizing, you are on your way to creating that productive email content!

To spice up the values it provides, this email platform is capable of displaying media contents such as JPEG and PNG.

Instead of the old school ways of displaying the filename, any incoming content attached with media files is clickable to show instantly right within the email platform also known as SiteEmail.

SiteFeedback - Receive Feedback Seamlessly

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

Now, valuable feedback from a real-life visitor’s perspective unlocks an ocean of tweaking and scaling possibilities.

That’s the pure awesomeness of the SiteFeedback product.

With SiteFeedback, gone are the days of doubting any designs and contents implementations are visually and meaningfully accepted by real humans.

SiteFeedback offers the best values for your bucks when you can receive unlimited feedback on your website in terms of design, readability, usability, content smoothness, and everything related to your websites imaginable.

Here's an example of a member requesting feedback.

Offering and receiving feedback at wealthy affiliate

The more frequent your request for website’s feedback, the better you can scale and optimize your business campaign.

The simple reasons are because people behave differently, as everyone's taste, opinions and goals vary.

Also, with SiteFeedback, you do have the luxury to implement testing and experiment to maximize the quality and value to serve your visitors with the best user experience.

That’s a real deal undoubtedly.

SiteComment - Engagements That Establish Trustworthiness

This specific sub-product within the Siterubix hosting is by far the most sought after within Wealthy Affiliate.

The reasons are pure simple, people love to interact and socialize, an isolated content without any engagement can ruin the user experience and trustworthiness to a certain extent.

Comments within a specific blog post spark engagements and engagements lead to trust and genuineness.

With SiteComment, you have the luxury to request for real human comments with credits known as Wealthy Affiliate credits system.

I will elaborate in more detail about this unique credit system in just a moment:)

To spice up the sweetness, every comment received is editable to best suit the context of that specific content.

Upon your approval, the final version of the comments is published instantaneously right on your websites.

The SiteComment within the Siterubix is by far the first and the only product in the world that offers real human comments for websites.

A technology features brought to you exclusively by Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteDomain Domain Registrar Integration

Known as the SiteDomain, this product is incredibly awesome!

Before you can establish your unique online presence, first and foremost, you need to purchase a domain that represents your uniqueness.

Domains are purchasable with tech companies known as a domain registrar.

These companies must also be ICANN certified partners.

Wealthy affiliate is an all in one online marketing platform.

When I said, all in one, I wasn’t even exaggerating.

This inclusiveness makes Wealthy Affiliate remarkably awesome and unique.

SiteDomain is the place where you can purchase a unique domain for yourself to showcase your web presence.

With SiteDomain, every desired domain is priced at $13.99 yearly which comes together with domain privacy protection. Here are the top features of SiteDomain:

 - An ICANN certified domain registrar.

- The domain price fixed at $13.99 forever.

Every domain purchased within the SiteDomain is locked at $13.99 for eternity. That means regardless of how the domain industry evolves, your purchased domains are renewable at the price of $13.99 yearly.

- Domain privacy protection ready out of the box

- Advance DNS capability to maximize the flawlessness of connecting to the webserver.

- Desired domains are searchable right within SiteDomain for a seamless domain shopping experience.

Let take a look at the phenomenal SiteDomain below.

Domains available for purchase with Sitedomain

As you can see, I searched for my desired domain and it’s available.

The results show exactly all the available extensions such as the.Com, .Net. Org.

A super-advanced technology implementation here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Community Support And Help

They say selfishness is a sin.

Personally, in my opinion, I describe selfish people as unattractive and unworthy to be friends.

It’s the exact opposite here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The majority of the members here are humble and selflessly care.

No questions go unheard and unanswered.

With a dynamically growing ambiance within the platform, you will be seeing people asking questions relatively often.

Very seldom will you see ignored questions.

These questions are answered relatively quickly within seconds and minutes!

So whenever you feel like stuck and not knowing how to progress, you can easily get unstuck with the help of this awesome community.

It’s a helping community that cares.

There are several ways of getting help within the community.

I will be illustrating to you individually here. 

The Live Chat

This feature is by far the easiest way of asking questions and be answered quickly.

I am sure you are beginning to grasp the vastness of the entire community of Wealthy Affiliate.

Members are from every corner of the world.

Hence, the live chat feature within this platform is operational 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

Let’s take a look here.

Live chats happening in real time at wealthy affiliate

This is a screenshot of the current live chat happening in real-time as I am writing now.

Besides the highly efficient place to ask for anything related to the online business world, you have the opportunity to meet and greet with awesome members around the world, make friends, hang out and chill out taking a break before continue hustling.

Coaching and Mentorship With Co-founder Kyle

Wow, this is the real deal, my dear friends.

Very seldom will you get to see co-founder reaching out to give a helping hand.

That’s a fabulous trait that is embedded within the community.

It’s showcased and led by Kyle himself.

Whenever you feel like getting help and mentorship by Kyle, he is reachable and contactable via the following methods.

The personal coach, contact Kyle button

This is the easiest way to reach out to Kyle.

The button is located at the top left-hand corner within the dashboard interface.

A new window will pop up below with a text box.

The private message

I am sure you are familiar with the PM abbreviations.

PM stands for private message.

You can certainly send private messages to Kyle by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the dashboard area.

Kyle replies to all of the questions related to Wealthy Affiliate platform and the online business world.

Posting a question on his profile page

Every member within Wealthy Affiliate has their unique personalized profile page.

This is the area where you introduce yourself, receive achievements as well as socialize with other members.

Live chat

I still can’t enough of the live chat lol.

Yeah, Kyle himself hangout at live chat occasionally!

When he is around at the live chat, he answers all questions and has a little moment chit-chatting with fellow members too.

The blogging platform within Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate provide a blogging feature within the platform.

Members can publish any contents related to the online business world, and that also includes posting blog posts asking questions.

Arriving in the next section, I will be showcasing to you Wealthy Affiliates productivity tools for your business.

We have covered quite a distance in the journey of discovering Wealthy affiliate.

If you need a break or prepare yourself a new cup of coffee and tea, go ahead and when we return, we will begin the next phase of exploration.

Are you ready?

Let’s continue journeying into the productivity tools brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate.

Productivity Tools

Content Creation Tool

The core philosophy taught within Wealthy Affiliate certification courses is establishing an online business with affiliate marketing and content creation.

That means content creation is an integral part to scale and maximize success.

Known as SiteContent, this fabulous content creation platform is designed and coded for the best usability thus increasing your productivity to a whole new dimension.

SiteContent is a writing platform right within Wealthy Affiliate to craft your perfect content for your audience.

Here are the top features of SiteContent and I will be presenting these features with illustration examples.

Simplicity combined with a modern user interface

At first sight, the SiteContent doesn’t spark any extraordinary aesthetically.

It seems like a typical old school word editor.

Now, that’s untrue and it certainly confirmed that never judge a book by its cover, or perhaps never judge a person by his or her appearance look.

Analyzing deeper and being using it, I discovered that this content creation tool offers incredible values and packed with jaw-dropping features.

Let’s take a look below to see for yourself the user interface of this amazing writing tool.

Creating content with Sitecontent

As you can see, the interface is simple and it grants you the ability to dive right into creating content instantly without having to digest and learning to use it.

Simplicity is the key to achieving maximum productivity,

SiteContent enables you to get right into work instantly.

Predesigned templates to ease content creation

Sometimes, in the course of your content creation journey, you do come across specific writing styles that are reused multiple times.

For example, a product review template, structured informational contents, these personalizations are customizable with SiteContent.

Here are the examples.

Predesigned templates with sittecontent

With these customizable and savable templates, it makes your life as content creators easier.

The autosave feature

I am sure everyone has their frustration moments when some unexpected scenarios happen.

Thankfully, SiteContent has you covered completely in this aspect.

Whenever you are creating content with SiteContent, your works are saved automatically in the cloud.

This cool feature ensures the maximum peace of mind while maximizing productivity as a whole.

Imagine the number of accomplishable works and time saving with this powerful feature.

If you are a person who fancies and prefers the old school way of saving work, there’s also this physical button where you can click to save your work instantly.

Manual save and autosave feature illustration

Millions of royalty-free images at your disposal

Imagery plays a huge part in your content creation.

The team behind Wealthy Affiliate knows its weight of importance exactly.

They created SiteContent with millions of royalty-free images insertable on your content without having to save the files to your computer hard drive and then upload to your content.

That’s a lot of time saved thus maximizing productivity to a whole new level.

In the world of online business, you know that time is the essence of luxury that we do not possess, therefore the speed and efficiency of creating contents are extremely vital for scaling a successful business.

Here's an example of the top search results of the online business images.

Build in royalty free images integration

Reversible saved contents

Remember I mentioned earlier about the autosave feature?

Yeah, that’s right my dear friends.

The remarkable team behind Wealthy Affiliate has taken this technologically advanced feature to a whole new level.

Every time the system saves your work automatically, it also creates backup copies known as revision.

Regardless of how many times the system autosave, every works before the save is reversible.

Just simply click on the revision link at the right-hand corner within SiteContent to retrieve back every previous work before the autosave.

This feature is especially useful for those of you who are writing draft contents and wish to revert to the previous versions.

Here’s the revision example.

Revision feature at wealthy affiliate

Contents are publishable right within SiteContent

Wow, that’s what I call pure awesomeness.

Wealthy Affiliate has taken the technological aspect of SiteContent to an unimaginable height.

Every content written within SiteContent is publishable without even need to log in to your WordPress administration dashboard.

That translates to efficiency and increased productivity.

Real-time word count

This is another pure awesomeness as far as content creation is concerned.

Here's the thing my friends, the words do matter to a certain extent in the eyes of search engines.

Valuable long-form content is preferred and loved by major search engines.

Tracking the word counts certainly increases your expectations as well as the ability to see the word count happening in real-time as you are typing.

Personal writing goals and all-time written words

As you scale your business and as you increase in contents creation, you will be notified with the all-time written words as well as the accomplishments.

Here's my personal accomplishments.

PErsonal goals and all time written words with sitecontent

We have just reached a new zone on our adventurous journey.

Let’s explore the awesome keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool

Every successful online entrepreneur would agree that keyword research plays a huge role in optimizing and scaling businesses to massive success. 

Even though the importance of a direct impact on stellar ranking within the SERPs is relatively subjective, it plays a part in your online business.

The keyword research tool offered at Wealthy Affiliate is known as Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy lite is part of the premium membership product.

By the way, Jaaxy is a standalone keyword research tool.

It’s sold separately as a digital product within the keyword research industry.

Since it’s also a proud creation of Kyle and Carson, this unique tool is integrated directly within Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Let’s discover the Jaaxy lite keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Lite

This is the lite version of Jaaxy offered exclusively to the premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s not sold separately even though Jaaxy is also a standalone product on its own.

People asked me about the importance of keyword research.

They asked:

"Does it matter"?

"Does keyword research promise guaranteed and good ranking"?

"Why should I do keyword research when I don’t even know the search queries that are happening in real-time"?

Let me answer these questions real quick.

Yes and no to a certain extent.

No. It doesn't.

Yes, you should, to acquire a better understanding of your audience's needs and wants.

Also, people behave differently.

Trust me, with billions of searches been performed daily, the keywords that you are targeting certainly help you to grasp a better reference before venturing into the battlefield.

To elaborate further, I will be showcasing a real-life result of myself achieving maximum success with the help of this incredibly powerful Jaaxy lite keyword research tool.

Before that, here’s a further elaboration of the above answers.

It’s all about getting ranked within the major search engines namely Google, Bing, and yahoo.

Not only you want your content to be ranked, but you also want them to rank as high as possible for maximum exposure to attract more visitors to your website.

Since no one knows and grasps the exact algorithms specifically to rank high unless you are a part of their highly intelligent geniuses working at the technology lab.

Also, even though search engines artificial intelligence still exist, but they have evolved over the years due to the technology revolution.

So the exact match keyword doesn’t weight that significant compared to, say a few decades ago.

But then they are still relatively essential to grasp an understanding of your audience's search intent.

If you are interested to find out exactly why the search engines are so intelligently advanced.

An artificial intelligence that is almost like humans, here’s the comprehensive keyword research mastery and comprehension blog post I have written exclusively for my beloved readers.

Let's take a look at its user interface and the dashboard.

Jaaxy lite keyword research user interface

Pretty awesome simplified keyword research tool powerful enough helping you to potentially rank highly within the SERPs.

Next, let’s identify the features of the Jaaxy lite keyword research tool.

Unlimited Keywords Research

With Jaaxy lite, you have the luxury of unlimited access to research keywords indefinitely.

Relevant Metrics Data That Accurately Define Pursuable Keywords

Let me illustrate an example to you here.

Say you are venturing the weight loss industry.

Here’s an example of a keyword typically typed into the search engines.

How to lose weight without dieting.

Keywords examples searched with jaaxy lite

As you can see, the result shows all the relevant data that you can reap to scale and maximize your contents creation campaign.

Relevant Suggested Search Queries

This is the real gold and gems of the Jaaxy lite feature.

When you type in your desired keyword for research, it also shows relevant related keywords that match your initial search.

This feature opens up even more keyword gems for your content creation journey.

Siterank- Simplifying Contents Ranking Tracking

The Jaaxy lite goes one step ahead of its competitors with its capability to track your ranking in real-time.

Wow, ain’t that awesomely awesome?

Yeah, that’s correct my dear friends!

Let’s take a look.

Page one ranking tracked with jaaxy lite

This is the result of Jaaxy lite showing the ranking position of one of my posts within Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With Siterank, you have insightful data to tweak and scale your business to new heights.

One-click To Uncover All The Alphabet Soup Keywords

"What does It mean by that"?

I heard you asked.

Well, if you have read the post about the art of keyword research above, you should be gaining a grasp of what exactly is alphabet soup techniques types of keywords.

It’s keywords that are typed into the search boxes of search engines with an ending word in an alphabetical manner.

If you would be doing this manually, it could take you anywhere from minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity and the popularity of that particular keyword.

With Jaaxy lite, this process has been simplified with just a mouse click.

Let’s take back the weight loss keyword I mentioned earlier.

Typing the keyword how to lose weight shows the following results for the alphabet "B".

Notice that some of the results do not make grammatical sense.

This is due to the keywords data been extracted from real humans searches.

Alphabet soup technique keyword results

This process is tweakable as long as the keywords make grammatical sense.

A keyword process simplified to minimize your productivity saving you valuable time of doing it manually.

A Plethora Of Keywords Collection And Portfolio

Whenever you are researching keywords with Jaaxy lite, any desired keywords can be saved into a personalized list for easy future reference.

This is one of the features that I think you will love most about Jaaxy lite.

It enabled you to build a portfolio of keywords gems for your content creation campaigns.

Here's an example of a keyword list I build with Jaaxy lite.

Keywords list example saved with jaaxy lite

Pretty fabulous right?

Next, let’s take a look at the effectiveness of Jaaxy lite.

Here’s my results achieved and it’s an achievement that is made possible with Jaaxy lite.

The Siterank within Jaaxy lite shows that this specific post that I have written back in March is now ranking on the first page and first spot on Google.

It has been raked on the first page since July and not long after, the ranking gets promotion to the first spot at the time of writing.

Let’s take a look at the real-time ranking on Google.

Realtime page one ranking on google

It's on the first page and the first spot.

Undoubtedly, Jaaxy lite works wonderfully, it works even better when you apply the knowledge you acquired on your business.

Coming next is an incredible product offered by Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Free Websites To Kickstart Your Online Business Journey

Understandably, some people would like to test drive the entire system before revving up in full acceleration.

Some people are relatively tight on budget but show the keen interest and desire to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate cater to individuals from all walks of life, therefore they are helping to kickstart your online journey wholeheartedly.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a new starter member for free, you will be given one profit ready website to kick-start your journey right away.

These two websites that you will be getting are ready for profits and you have the luxury to scale it to any level of success desired.

That’s a pretty fabulous product offered to every aspiring entrepreneur determined to begin their affiliate marketing business without procrastination.

Wealthy Affiliate offer one Siterubix subdomain website to build your business.

I encourage you to take the leap of faith by joining.

In times, you will be documenting your personal success stories.

That's the beauty of taking actions combined with the right mentality.

We are approaching the new continent of our wondrous journey.

Next, I will be showcasing to you the exact process of making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

So sit tight and embrace the adventures ahead.

How To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

I am sure you know by now that Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

The entire money-making process has been simplified into these four core parts.

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Choose An Interest

This is known as the niche selection, and you are recommended to follow your interest and passion.

If you are passionate about a specific topic and subject, that would be a perfect and ideal niche to kickstart your journey.

To ease comprehension and the smoothness of this part of the presentation, I will be applying the entire process of making money with Wealthy Affiliate with a niche example.

Typically, when you are choosing a niche, it’s essential and important to choose a niche that’s not too broad with enough space for growth.

A relatively narrowed niche is an ideal way of getting started.

And you will be serving a specific audience based on your chosen niche.

In this example scenario, I will be using a niche based on acne solutions for young adults.

The acne solutions in an evergreen industry as acne is a common skin disease that is affecting the youth, young adults and even the adults and elderly.

The niche audience that I will be serving is going to be teenagers and pre-adults.

Build The Foundation

Once you have identified your target audience, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a website based on your audience.

In this phase of business implementation, they will teach you how to identify the specific needs of your audience.

It could be solutions to solve their burning pains, relevant information that is beneficial to your audience.

Also, you will be introduced to the world of WordPress and building your asset on the internet which is none other than your website.

Attract Visitors

In this phase, you will be learning all the essential and proven strategies to attract visitors to your website organically.

What I mean by that is you will be learning all the skills to effectively attract relevant and targeted visitors to your website.

These are the people that are coming to you seeking answers, solutions, help, and information.

Your website will be the exact portal to serve this very specific group of like-minded people who shared the same interest in your niche.

Generate Revenues

This is the most exciting part that sparks interest.

In this phase, you will be learning all the skills to effectively monetize your traffic to make money.

At the very core, affiliate marketing will be your main monetization option as this business approach is emphasized heavily throughout the entire certification course.

Along the journey, you will also be introduced to the more advanced monetization options such as media ads placement, social media marketing, as well as paid ads.

From there onwards, you will be trained to efficiently scale your business to achieve maximum success.

The entire money-making process does take time, hard work and determination.

With the right mentality, building yourself a thriving affiliate marketing business is predictable and certainly within your grasp.

Everything that you need to get started to build an empire of online business is provided here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The education, the tools, and support.

This inclusiveness is sufficient to equip you with enough ammunition to conquer your new world known as affiliate marketing.

Next, let’s discuss the second method to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Earn With Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate is the best all in one affiliate marketing platform in the world.

It would be strange to see they don’t offer an affiliate program.

Nah, that’s not the case.

They have their unique in house affiliate program open for every starter and premium members.

Wealthy Affiliate offer a monthly, half-yearly and yearly membership.

Whenever you successfully recruit someone to join the community, an affiliate commission will be paid to you.

Here’s the summary of the receivable commissions.

Monthly subscription - $23.5

Yearly subscription - $235

The above illustrations are only based on one single new member that you successfully recruited.

Just imagine and visualize the vastness of earning potential and opportunities, when you learn the skills of effective persuasiveness.

Next, it’s Wealthy Affiliate internal credit system.

Their in house brewed credit system.

Earn With Wealthy Affiliate Credit System

In my opinion, this is one of the most creative business implementation ideas.

Whenever you create training content within the platform, you will be earning the community credit based on the level of helpfulness, popularity, and engagement.

Community credits are exchangeable for real money and internal shopping within the platform.

Next, it’s the cash credit.

These specific credits are earnable whenever your referral completed their profile creation.

When they accomplished this task, you will be earning 2 cash credits equivalent to $0.5 each.

The next way of warning with Wealthy Affiliate is by giving comments on fellow member's websites.

This is also one unique way to earn money within the platform.

Earn By Becoming A Certified Commenter

When you become one of their premium members, you will be allowed to earn through the SiteComment platform.

This is the unique place where members get to request for authentic human written comments to boost ranking.

As a certified commenter, you will be earning $0.25 for every approved written comment.

Wow, what a journey right?

My dear friends!

Congratulations on progressing thus far!

Thank you for your patience.

Next, I will be touching on the suitability of Wealthy Affiliate.

Sit tight, the voyage is still on course journeying into new territory.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

I am sure you are beginning to grasp the values offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is indeed catered to individuals from all walks of life because everyone desires additional income to supplement living expenses.

Here are some of the specific audiences who will be benefiting from everything that Wealthy Affiliate have to offer.

- Aspiring online entrepreneurs

- College graduate

- Work at home moms

- People who fascinate writing contents

- People who love helping others

- Webmasters 

- Affiliate marketers

- Local business owners

- Brick and mortar store owners

- College drop out

- Unemployed

- Retirees

- Professional copywriters

- Bloggers

- Writers

The list goes on and on…

Essentially, everyone who is passionate about building a thriving online presence, and anyone who wants additional money is suitable to join Wealthy Affiliate.

However, there are certain groups of people who will be unlikely feeling comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate.

They are:

- People who desire to be wealthy overnight.

- People with the mentality of setting it up once and forget.

- People who believe there’s a magical button pressable to gain an instant result.

I am not saying that these people are disqualified from joining Wealthy Affiliate, what I am trying to convey here is that these are the people who will quit sooner rather than later.

They are subconsciously thinking that success within the online world is attainable easily.

On the contrary, if you are serious about building an asset online and are ready to invest the hard work and time, success with Wealthy Affiliate is relatively predictable and attainable.

That is because no one ever came to Wealthy Affiliate and failed by not taking action.

This entire platform is crafted with one sole purpose and that is to nurture and assist you to thrive and flourish.

Next, let’s get into my personal opinion of likes and dislikes.

Wealthy Affiliate already provides an ocean of values, that’s unquestionable.

Here, I will be illustrating to you the features that I like most about this amazing platform.

Also, there’s a saying that goes like this:

Perfection is impossible to attain.

And why is that?

Well, it all rooted back to human's behavior.

Everybody behaves differently and that translates to a plethora of different opinions.

Even if you are striving for perfection, someone will always find flaws and pinpoint your weaknesses in their perspective.

In this regard, I will be showing you the negative side of Wealthy Affiliate based on my personal experience of being an active premium member.

So let’s dive into the likes and then the dislikes.

The Pros - What I like About Wealthy Affiliate

A complete all in one platform

Since their inception back in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been growing rapidly and making progress dynamically.

The progress that enables them to reach a marvelous milestone of domination.

As of today, Wealthy Affiliate is proven to be the world's largest affiliate marketing community empowering more and more people to build a thriving online business.

An opportunity to try for free

Wealthy Affiliate offer a test drive session for people to test out.
Known as the starter membership,

It’s loaded with a bunch of values such as the 2 free websites, 30 searches with Jaaxy keyword tool.

The best of all, they unlock comprehensive certification course contents of the entire level 10 for free.

You can grasp a solid understanding by the end of the level one training modules and they are loaded with unmatchable values.

The opportunity to socialize while building your online business

This is the part that sparks adoration.

A friend in need is a friend indeed right?

With the awesome dynamic community, members can reap the reward of socializing with fellows members and make friends along the journey.

I am sure no one can measure friendships with a price tag, so this is one of the best features I liked most.

The opportunity to earn as you progress

Remember I mentioned all the earning opportunities available to you?

Yeah, you will be earning money along the journey if you stick to the training and apply the acquired knowledge to your business.

The entire certification courses are structured in a way that by level 3, you are supposed to be gaining traction and generating income steadily.

Fastest website builder in the world

Building websites with Siterubix website builder is seamlessly easy and time-saving.

It only takes approximately less than 30 seconds plus and minus to build an entire website live on the internet.

On top of that, it goes one step further by auto-configuring all the essential website databases in the server.

All of these are accomplishable with just a few mouse clicks!

Yeah, you heard that right, it’s easy and convenient to build your WordPress websites with Siterubix, this is a technology implementation that I adored and fascinated.

It speeds up your productivity in a big way so that you can fully focus on your business.

Typically, even with some of the high profile players within the WordPress hosting industry, none come close to even matching the speed and convenience of Siterubix.

Besides, Siterubix also makes your life easier by organizing all your websites for the ease of accessing.

The build-in artificial intelligence search technology

They say the search engines open the doors to endless opportunities and information.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate certainly worthy to join the hall of fame club.

They have their proprietary search technology allowing you to search for any resources quickly and effortlessly.

Simply type in your search query at the search bar and all the relevant results will be displayed.

Here’s an example of a typical search in action.

The search feature at wealthy affiliate

Free SSL certificates for every website

This is one of the coolest technology implementations that I admired and enjoyed.

SSL certificates ensure all the data transmissions are secured with 256-bit security encryption.

Also, search engines love websites that protect the security and privacy of their consumers, thus boosting trust and good ranking.

The best part is that the SSL certificate feature can be enabled with just one click of your mouse button.

Here’s what I mean.

Enabling SSL certificate easily with siterubix

Pretty awesome right?

Website speed acceleration simplified

This is another awesome technologically advanced implementation that boosts the website's loading speed to a whole new dimension.

With just a swipe or a click of your mouse, specific websites can be accelerated individually.

Let’s take a look here.

Boost website speed with sitespeed

An ocean of affiliate programs

Choosing an affiliate program can be a daunting task and time-consuming.

Thankfully, the team at Wealthy Affiliate has done a fabulous job by categorizing every affiliate program on the market for every industry imaginable!

Yeah, that’s right, my dear friends.

Regardless of your niche direction, potential affiliate programs are well organized in detail for your reference.

Take a look below.

Affiliate program inside wealthy affiliate

This is one of the legitimate affiliate programs that you can potentially promote to generate profit for your business.

It's ranked number one within the wellness niche affiliate program inside Wealthy Affiliate.

The daily motivational posts

Regardless of your achievement status, everyone needs a shoulder and a chest to lean to, a sip of motivational beverage to strengthen and boost your fighting spirit to reach even greater success.

It’s also a phycological advantage to tame and conquer all the fears, doubts, and negativities that confront you as you progress the journey.

Here’s what I mean.

The daily motivational posts from wealthy affiliate members

The 247 live chat

I am sure we all need some break from time to time to recharge before continuing the journey.

The live chat implementation at Wealthy Affiliate is a phenomenal and brilliant idea.

It enables members to socialize, getting to know one another, getting help and support, and also to chill out chit-chatting about topics related to the online business world.

The highly lucrative affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate give you the freedom to choose the path for your online business.

If you are directionless and clueless of the niche to pursue, there's this pre-chosen niche which is the make money online niche focusing primarily on the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Its lucrativeness is mind-blowing.

I have shown you a sneak preview of the potential earnable commission earlier on.

Also, due to the values of Wealthy Affiliate, the high retention rate is going to boost and maximize your earning to greater heights.

A plethora of resources

Wealthy Affiliate provide an abundance of resources that you can reap to maximize your skillset in your journey.

The type of resources ranges from useful informational contents, tutorials, regular soup of the day contents, motivational contents as well as jokes!

These resources are highly valuable that are beneficial to every member.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Wealthy affiliate

The unavailability to test drive the premium membership for free

In my opinion, this is the area that Wealthy Affiliate are lacking at the moment.

Honestly speaking, most of the established companies within the technology world have their flagship products and services to be tried for free.

That way, consumers can test out the entire products with unrestricted access.

If they are satisfied, it certainly creates a scenario of boosting conversion.

Since Wealthy Affiliate offer so much values, I am sure many pre consumers are more than happy to test out the entire premium membership, and then decide for themselves if this is their cup of tea.

The sole reliant on one particular live webinars coach

The weekly live webinars hosted by one of the most influential and experienced coaches lack backup coaches.

At the time of writing, Jay represents Wealthy affiliate to host the weekly in house live webinars.

I do think that they should be recruiting more experts that are on par with Jay's expertise to join the club.

That way, Jay can have more time for his business implementation.

Also, sometimes even Superman needed a rest.

It’s not a bad decision to have candidates ready to substitute the roles.

This business approach will also ensure that members are well taken cared of.

Everyone will be happy with all the quality and uninterrupted weekly live events.

Next, it’s the questions and answers session.

The exploration journey is approaching the destination.

Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

This is the question that gets asked most.

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

They don’t possess any characteristics of scammers.

Instead, they have been in business for over a decade.

15 years to be exact.

Over the years, they have nurtured countless successful online entrepreneurs and the numbers are increasing regularly.

As of today, plenty of successful online entrepreneurs are achieving the highest success thanks to the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate.

They have good traits of helping ordinary people to reach for the stars.

On top of that, the values offered here at Wealthy Affiliate is immeasurable.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a get rich quick scheme program?

Understandably, many people are doubting that Wealthy Affiliate is a potential platform that teaches shortcuts to get rich quick.

Now, being a member of this platform for several years, I am here confidently trashing this concern once and for all.

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick program.

They don’t teach you to be rich overnight.

That is an unnecessary concern, and I am here giving my sincere and honest assurance.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build a thriving online business starting with the foundation.

The entire education offers here is based on this philosophy.

That's the core principle of Wealthy Affiliate and it remains solidly since its inception 15 years ago.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

This is also one of the most commonly asked questions.

Understandably, many people are concerned about been victimized by pyramid scheme programs.

The main reason is that Wealthy Affiliate have a relatively large number of members and this number is growing rapidly.

No, I am answering this question confidently that Wealthy Affiliate is not another unethical pyramid scheme company.

First and foremost, they don't rely on the money of new members to pay the existing members.

Wealthy Affiliate also offer legitimate digital products, an inclusive all in one platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to build their thriving online business.

On top of that, Wealthy Affiliate sell products and membership, they are not an investment company based on recruitments.

So, it clearly shows that Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM company?

Wealthy Affiliate do not adopt multiple tiers of hierarchy placement referrals system.

Even though they have their in-house affiliate program, but the recruitment process is a different approach.

With Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, whenever you recruit a new member to join in the party, the compensation part ends right there individually.

Meaning that you are eligible to receive a one time commission whenever a new member signed up the premium membership.

If this specific member continues to stay as a premium member, you will be receiving a recurring commission as a result.

This answer clearly that Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM company.

How effective is the certification course offered?

To be completely honest, the certification course offered at Wealthy Affiliate is top-notch and second to none.

They are well structured for every individual from all walks of life.

As long as you can fully comprehend the basic English language, you are going to reap an ocean of mastery skills to build a thriving business online.

How long does it take to see result with Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, the clear answer is it really depends.

There are so many variables and the results vary individually.

Achieving success with Wealthy Affiliate is highly dependant on your hard work, determination, patience, and desire.

That being said, statistically, people who are serious and take regular actions applying all the knowledge acquired here at Wealthy Affiliate, these people typically see good traction taking place within the 3-month mark,

By the half-year mark, they are earning a consistent income.

Within one year, a full-time income is unmistakably achieved.

That’s the real gorgeousness of building your own online business.

Success will eventually come to you when you stay focused, take massive actions, persevere, eliminate procrastination, stay positive and work hard.

The above example is a typical benchmark so that you can get a glimpse of how fast you can generate income with Wealthy Affiliate.

Certainly, there are also uncontrollable and unpredictable variables such as market trends and customer's behavior.

However, if your will power is strong, the benchmark showcased above is achievable.

I am not a good writer and the English language is not my mother tongue language, can I still succeed with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yeah, absolutely!

You will succeed and you certainly are capable of conquering the highest peak of success, my dear friends!

Wealthy Affiliate teach a unique approach of identifying your target audience to its root, and then provides relevant solutions to solve their problem!

The entire online marketing funnel implementation doesn't require you to be an English professor or expert writer.

As long as you can communicate, connect and engage with your audience, building a thriving business with Wealthy Affiliate is achievable relatively easy at your fingertips.

I don’t like to write and writing is not my area of interest and expertise, how can I reap benefits from a consumer's perspective?

Well, that’s an awesome question.

Wealthy Affiliate core training fundamentally provides a direction for your business moving forward.

Once you are capable of grasping the core business implementation and its weight of scalability, the sky is the limit.

There are a plethora of training resources offered with the power of outsourcing to scale your business to any level of success desired.

I simply don’t have the time, I am busy with a hectic life. How can Wealthy Affiliate help me in this aspect?

Well, if you are keen and determined to build yourself a thriving business for the long term, it’s all about your personal decision and prioritization.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

I am sure you are capable of squeezing that extra time for your business. 

Your sacrifice and hard work invested today will flourish in time to come.

It’s all about self-discipline and how much you want to achieve your dream of financial freedom.

You reap what you sow.

That’s the beauty of cultivating your little infant now and watching your baby grows day after day.

I am not so confident that building an online presence is workable. It seems likes a fantasy to me. What should I do if I still want to join the party?

Everybody starts with an empty page, right?

Those highly successful online entrepreneurs were there at this phase of doubting, hesitating or even not courageous enough to take the first step.

Now, let me assure you that you are more than capable of achieving success.

If there's anything that can intercept changing the wheel of fortune, it’s your willingness to learn, implement and thrive.

You are meant to achieve greatness.

Everyone possesses uniqueness and specialness.

Embrace it and amazing fruition will happen.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a real deal?

Real deal.or not is relatively subjective.

However, the truth is Wealthy Affiliate do provide top-notch values, combined with proven business implementation.

In my opinion, Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

My dear friends!

If you are passionate about building and securing a better financial future, let’s join in the ride.

The decision you made today will pay off huge in the foreseeable future.

It pays off huge dividend!

I don’t have a credit card, can I still join Wealthy Affiliate?

Yeah absolutely!

Wealthy Affiliate accept major worldwide recognized credit card, debit card, as well as PayPal.

Still have questions?

No issues at all.

Simply click on the button below to join Wealthy Affiliate for free!

You can either send me your questions via the private message option or on my profile.

I will be answering all of your questions wholeheartedly.

We are almost approaching the shores of Wealthy Affiliate wonderland, my dear friends!

Sit tight and enjoy some fresh air.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wow, what a journey thus far!

In this section, let’s uncover the pricing structure of the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Wealthy Affiliate offer some attractive pricing structures.

Let discover them one by one.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Price: FREE

Wealthy Affiliate offer free membership also known as the starter membership.

Starter membership enables you to join right in to build a thriving business right away with a comprehensively crafted level one core training at zero cost.

Here are what you will.be receiving with the starter membership.

  • 10 lessons of level one training to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey
  • One free Siterubix profit ready website. Hosted with the world's most advanced and sophisticated hosting technology
  • 30 free keyword searches with Jaaxy
  • In house blogging functionality
  • Live chat access
  • 10 lessons of the level one affiliate boot camp certification course
  • In house lucrative affiliate program incentive unlocked
  • Domain marketplace via SiteDomain
  • A website builder that build websites in less than 30 seconds
  • The opportunity to reach out to the founder and cofounder Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership


Monthly: $49.00/Month

Yearly: $495 for 12 months

Yearly Premium Membership Exclusive Features:

- One .com domain of your choice to kickstart your online business

- $50 community credits to use within the community platform

Purchasing a premium membership will unlock every awesomeness.

Here are the summaries.

  • 24/7 live support
  • 50 lessons of comprehensive online entrepreneurs course
  • 70 lessons of comprehensive affiliate boot camp training
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Unlimited access to an archive of previously recorded live video classes
  • Personal mentorship with founder and co-founder, Kyle and Carson
  • Jaaxy lite keyword research tool
  • World-class WordPress hosting for 10 domains
  • Awesome community help and support
  • The opportunities to connect with dynamically growing members
  • SSL certificate for every hosted website
  • A plethora of additional training resources within the classroom platform
  • An ocean of members created educational content resources
  • Enhanced and accelerated websites speed with proprietary hosting technology
  • Domain marketplace via SiteDomain
  • An ocean of affiliate marketing programs resources
  • Unlimited domain-specific email addresses
  • SiteContent content creation writing platform
  • Thousands of plugins and themes for website customizations
  • Opportunity to boost ranking with human written engagement comments
  • Opportunity to receive feedback to tweak every aspect of your website
  • A website builder that build websites in less than 30 seconds
  • Future updates implementations

Next, here’s the beautiful part.

Let me breakdown to you the vast values that you will be reaping as a premium member.

My Final thoughts on its values

In this section, I will list down the sheer values of Wealthy Affiliate, as well as the estimation of market values.

World-class Education

An entire online certification course specifically designed and created by one of the most influential and successful online entrepreneur Kyle.

On top of that, this unique certification course is proven to deliver results.

Countless members are achieving success at the highest level as a result of its implementable knowledge.

Normally, any established institution would be charging in the thousands to tens of thousands for this sort of education.

Weekly Live Webinars

An industry expert Jay Neill is broadcasting the weekly live video classes to boost your skills to a whole new level.

Typically, any established professional live video coach will be charging anywhere between $50 to $100 an hour.

That’s only one single live video broadcast.

Wealthy Affiliate live weekly broadcasts are recorded in full HD resolution, replayable and rewatchable with unlimited access.

A Plethora Of Tutorial Contents

There are hundreds of high-value tutorial contents created by fellow members.

As a benchmark, any individual course available at Udemy will easily cost you from $20 to above $100.

State Of The Art WordPress Hosting

The website hosting technology at Wealthy Affiliate is top-notch, optimized for speed and performance.

As a premium member, you can host up to 10 websites.

Comprehensive Seven Phases Of Affiliate Boot Camp Certification Course

Wealthy Affiliate provide a comprehensively crafted affiliate boot camp course specifically to build an online business in the online marketing space.

SSL Certificates

SSL encryption is mandatory for today's modern websites.

As a premium member, SSL certificates are given and applied to all your domains hosted with Siterubix.

Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Lite is a unique keyword research tool that surpasses its competitor in every aspect.

It’s lightweight, simplified and proven to be effective.

Content Creation Suite

Known as Sitecontent, it’s one of the proud creation of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s an essential tool to maximize your productivity to a new height. With built-in WordPress publish integration, Google indexing status notification, millions of royalty-free images, real-time word count, grammar and plagiarism checker.

This tool is going to make you a professional publisher.

Access To Industry Experts, Private Mentorship With Owners, Community Support

This is one of the traits that make Wealthy Affiliate so uniquely stand out from the crowd.

An established unique selling proposition that admired and adored by fellow aspiring online entrepreneurs.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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